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  1. same name as here: Praetarius5018
  2. none try a pm here or on discord
  3. errr.... can you give me your save file (.srm) from before the fight? Also you can cure the doom counter with Life or similar, no need to kill them off before. And he should be weak to holy (!Scan is your friend on pretend-to-be-neutral fiends).
  4. "element display above enemies", let's see what the README says about it So if you have earth - bolt - water - holy - fire and use an ice attack (that produces a message at the top, e.g. not !Fight), the earth icon gets removed and it becomes bolt - water - holy - fire - ice with that future ice attacks would be a bit stronger than before. That's probably where your damage swings come from. "bosses are insanely difficult" Did you try the config menu? It has a difficulty slider where the defunct message speed was. If you set that habitually to 1/high then... yeah. The crab boss is supposed to take minimal damage from weapons that are not his weakness to make sure players have grasped elements at least a little - y'know, use either !Scan or the element chart from the zip to figure out a weakness and then abuse it, as a start, not as the only solution, mind you. One more idea; if you've continued your save from the old version in the new version... you might have the NG+ flag set since that was one of the job abp values before the move.
  5. Yes, a huge one. Meaning most comments from the old version are useless to me as feedback... ABP is base exp gain / 64 Looks right, the 10 new jobs are currently just placeholders, no abilities, just stats, all but one have no palette yet even. And because my graphical skills are non-existant they'll just stay palette swaps of existing jobs. 19/5 means you have 19 ABP and need a total of 5 for a job up, so jsut win a battle and you get it. This is a result of why I said the new patch is not compatible with old save data. I had to move some data around (job levels) and change the logic of how ABP is kept track of. Specifically it is shared between jobs but gets cut in half when you switch a job. I found it more important to add a few jobs and have room for other stuff than accurate per job ABP tracking. What are you farming that you need that ability? Oh yes, right... forgot that one when I changed the exp gain stuff >.< Other feedback is welcome as well, btw. Dunno, despite Four Job Fiesta being a big thing, FF5 doesn't seem too popular. And the one hackng site I know of that had something on it... is down for quite some weeks now.
  6. Same as confuse - the characters are kinda moody. Sometimes they don't attack, other times they attack 20 times in a row. Dunno what causes that bug, yet. Added download link for new version to first post.
  7. 99% yes. Equipment selection is kinda restricted by equip weight - which'll be based on STR. You can wear as heavy as you want but higher weight gives significant penalties to speed.
  8. Of course it is rough - you're supposed to need only around 25 job levels, in fact it'll cap at 30 next version (or at 70 for NG+).
  9. Not at that point, though the full version will have 10 extra jobs. No, WIP I hope not. No one's reported anything yet. Can I just say, RTFM? (Item cooldown, MP=ATB, job restrictions/changes, element changes, ....) Jup, freelancer is useless; every job has now every innate ability. Still same as vanilla. Please explain what you mean. pff, 1k damage is NOTHING. Add spellblade for x2 damage if you can match the weakness (does NOT consume a turn, only MP to activate). Power/Hero song, !Black/Tempr (or !Drink a power drink, same but only on user), something else I'm forgetting... I stopped buffing when my Lv8 char hit 20k damage. (admittedly he had a maxed Brave Blade) But then later bosses can get 6 digit HP values so it isn't even near overkill. Controllable Berserker is intended. Level cap is still 99. Though HP (and damage) growth slows a lot after Lv30. I've had a few non-reproducable bugs as well... let's hope I have them accidentally fixed? Just as a warning: I've one more bug to fix, then I can release a new version - which won't be compatible with old save games.
  10. Small status update: 1) I found a use for the status screen, elemental affinities (replaces the "equip: any" part): 2) I can now add up to 10 new classes, but that's irrelevant, right? Though they'd just be palette swaps, no unique sprites. 3) I've expanded my collection of square mechanics by something from Chrono Cross, field elements: That are the 5 symbols above the enemies' names. Matching icon gives +10% damage/heal or slightly increased chance to inflict a status effect, the opposing element reduces the same. !Summon (the ability, not the spells!) is affected in a more extreme way. 4) Title Drop! A New Game Plus mode. Character levels, job levels, items, magic and abilities carry over, cap of total job levels increases from 30 to 70 (NOT enough to max all jobs of a character) and enemy stats increase; enemies cap at NG+15. Can be accessed at any time by holding L/R. when loading a save game. 5) Escaped monster grant 50% exp instead of 0. Multi-killed monster (e.g. via Life, Gargoyle respawn) now grant the exp for each kill instead of only once. Total exp gain per battle is capped at a measly 8,388,607 - though that was enough to go from Lv8 to 95, so...
  11. Not in the slightest. If you have 1 element voided and 1 neutral, my suggestion gives you 0.5 times base damage, pokemon would give you 0 since they multiply everything. The power of spells wouldn't have to be changed, it would be taken care of in the formula via: damage = damage / number of elements; Though it would indeed be a simply 50:50 split. If you'd want something like 70:30 it gets much more complicated. Actually, that depends on how the negative is handled. I've seen our -1 displayed as $FF and other times as $81 ($80 as negative bit), for those it could go either way depending on implementation.
  12. I'd suggest stepping away from the fixed weak/resist/null/abosrb categories and instead using a "affinity score" as the next damage multiplier; reasoning behind this being that I know a lot of games treating multi-element attacks as several smaller attacks with one element each and then adding the result. Also with the current model, getting weakness damage is only possible if the target is weak to ALL included elements. Some pseudo-code:
  13. If it proves a problem, give her a Rajin's Staff from the elf village or the Tree Spirit Ring from the ice town. Same MP steal effect but stacks with other sabers for magic element boost. Also much earlier available.
  14. can this typo finally die please? I've read my name wrong in exactly this way so many times, it ceased to be funny 3 years ago. Angela (main character) as Arch Mage, Duran as Lord, Kevin as Dervish. I'd suggest Kevin as Godhand instead and then the armor that inverts (de)buffs on him. Duran stays the main healer, Kevin can help throw one when Duran is out of mana. Carlie (main character) as Bishop, Kevin as God Hand, Lise as Dragon Master. Looks good. Hawk (main character) as Ninja Master, Lise as Vanadise, Duran as Duelist. Alternatively: Ninja Master, Star Lancer, Bishop Bishop's final weapon runs on PIE, so is roughly as strong as Duelist on a medium weapon, while still having some spell damage to boot
  15. hold Y when selecting the spell, not when selecting the target
  16. What I'd recommend? Check the download section here. That's as biased an answer as you'll get from me. What I've personally created? My current project is a FF5 hack though that is in no playable state right now. Desert town. Dude doesn't look like the regular traders.
  17. What OS do you have? In case of Win10 - delete the spyware and get a real OS. Win7: get LunarIPS, that might already associate .ips files with it. If so, just double click on the appropriate patch (depending on whether you ROM is headered or not) and then select the ROM in the file select dialog. If not, double click on LunarIPS then apply patch, select the patch and then the ROM. Other OSes: sorry, you'll have to look that up with a search engine of your choice.
  18. That's the MP economy, but you can also look at the turn economy and risks; just imagine that Fire barely does not kill the target and Ice just barely does. Then you'd need 2x Fire or Fire + anything else, using more turns and MP, maybe even risking eating a counter attack. And I guess the deal gets better at the higher tiers. Fire -> Ice is +50% MP cost Fire2/3 -> Ice2/3 only +25% while damage ratio stays the same (+1/9)
  19. The game has potential counterparts for power up in power down, etc, but there is no opposite of black curse. That's what I meant. Well, the game uses the same function to "get" the spells for your ring menu and for checking against already learned spells; if I'd really replace power up with power down, on the next level up you'd learn power up again and the armor would change that then to a second power down, repeat until you know 12 times the same spell. Not a good end point for characters that have 12 spells already. This can go either way; I think that if you'd choose the inversion armor it grants you a real advantage over just using the "boring" wendel armor (which was supposed to be the point of reference for an "average" armor).
  20. No, that is the intended effect. The alternative would have not worked with black curse and messed up spell learning. That's why the effect reads as "change buff effects into debuffs and vice versa" and not just "exchanges buff spells with equivalent debuff spells" The intent was stuff like that, especially to have more options for a "full buff" char that isn't yet again for the billionst time light Lise. And now the big question is which is the typo? in the txt or in the ips?
  21. what types? there are none. sorry, but this comparison is completely ass-backwards. how is it harder to learn 100 types over 8 elements than 700 with 18 elements!?? you can/have to look up a type chart in both cases. in pokemon you have potentially over 700 monster types for which you'd have to either learn or look up their types. and you absolutely MUST follow those types AND learn a type chart. here you have only about 100 monster types. there is NO type chart you have to learn. every monster has their own "type logic". plus you have several non-elemental options. "it's not very effective, the opponent still died in one hit because of move power, STAB, EV, genes and other crap" vs "wrong type, you deal 0/1 damage, the end", sorry but the later is more consistent. How so? What is the stereotype of a rock-like enemy in gaming? Maybe unreasonable resistant to (physical) attacks? Let's equate that to physical immunity here. What can you do in the scope of this hack then? Anti-magic? These hints are not meant as a straight forward cheat sheet. I mean if I gave you every solution to this game there'd be no game left - boring. outside of the seed-only weapons, all items are identical across characters. the weapon in forcena for Duran has the exact same properties as the one for Hawk. the only difference is the name and who can equip it. There is no type chart. Each enemy type has a unique setup of elemental strength/weaknesses, according to what I thought made sense - and a few diviations to make certain elements not universally dominant, I'm looking at you holy and fire. Cockatrice is not weak to earth because it can petrify others. It is not weak to air because it can evolve into a bird which would be massively unfair when you start casting an air spell while it is a cockatrice but finish casting when it has evolved into its Cockabird form which is immune to air. I had about 5 enemies weak to ice at the time and 12+ weak to fire, and deep frozen beings have a hard time to "evolve" or adapt to life changes. The general idea is ok but it can't be done. The most stupid reason: the game only has 4 colors for such text popups (yellow, green, red, purple). I tried the "5th" color and got a screen full of rainbows spit at me. The second stupid reason: there's a big disjunction between where the damage is calculated (start of a swing for all enemies that are "currently close enough but might not be anymore when the attack finishes") and where the popup happens. The gap is so big that the game doesn't even know yet if the attack actually hits the target. It just throws the potential damage number on a per-character pile. For the current crit/lv1 tech indicator this is a bit different because I still know when the hit happens who is currently attacking (for Lv1 tech) or what "kind" of attack it was (a crit has a bit different routine than regular) Plus it'd be impossible to show at the same time whether a hit was a crit or effective. And there is no other indicator for crits except higher damage. Also it'd be yet another chart you'd have to study: "what did purple numbers with green border and white dots mean again?"
  22. yes to both
  23. There are even two "counter" mechanics. 1) The retaliation spell enemies/bosses had; from vanilla: usually when you hit an enemy's weakness via spell or any Lv2/3 tech at all they'd "counter" with a strong attack of their own. This has been changed to an incremental built up (let's call it aggro) instead of a 1:1 trade but now also includes normal hits and Lv1 techs; "weaker" types (normal hit, lv1 tech) take longer until they trigger a reaction than stronger types (lv2/3 tech, spells). 2) Completely new, a counter attack by the player; if you hit an enemy with a lv1 tech during their attack animation or shortly after (I think up to 3 secs after), you deal increased damage (how much more depends largely on weapon and to a minor degree on enemy type) and reset the aggro of enemy's counter. Certain weapons or accessoires give additional benefits to this, like permanently reducing defense (stackable even) or healing the party.
  24. More or less the same as before. Only major change that you should be able to get some from enemies' rare drops (e.g. from Boulder, Evil Shaman). On most physical resistant regular enemies you should be able to just ignore them, for everything else there's damage spells. just for damage: other effects: often mistaken for physical immune but aren't:
  25. Is counted only once.