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  1. The Leech sword was something I added around the time I made the Dark Knight fight an actual fight. I just wanted there to be a couple ways to heal yourself in the event you don't have items.
  2. I went with DrkWv instead of Dark to describe it a bit better. Five character limits really suck. The beginner equipment for most characters is just to give you an idea of what they can use. Stats are also only able to be increased by +3/5/10/15 or negatives of those (which only one item has). Edge is pretty decent at clearing flan encounters early-on, but you'll likely need to use MP restoring items. With regards to Edge's power, yes, he is very strong offensively. He is also the most defensively weak (though back row makes him a bit less squishy). It's difficult to buff other characters without making the game feel too easy or nerfing Edge and making him feel useless. I tried to have Cecil's gear stick to his character when he becomes a Paladin, but it lead to issues such at the game ignoring his Paladin starting equipment among other things. I mean, the Excalibur is a giant hunk of metal, so... The Adamant Armor is obtained the usual way. I upped the drop rate on the tail, but left the encounter rare. I'm not too concerned with the readme being slightly misleading for that one piece of gear. Thanks for playing! Hope you enjoyed it.
  3. Thanks for bringing this up. I'll have to look into it, though I hadn't heard about this particular bug before (I had heard about the crit one though).
  4. Updated the topic/initial post for the release of 1.07c.
  5. Always load from a hard save, never from a save state, when altering the ROM in any way.
  6. Sometimes certain mods have trouble running with certain emulators. Maybe try another one, like SNES9x?
  7. Glad you found your way back to the Underworld. Always feels rewarding when you're able to figure things out on your own. The note about King Eblan not being present was because his character index is shared with the King of Baron's. If I enabled one I would have to enable the other, so I just had to "conveniently" write him out.
  8. You would take a picture with a poo.
  9. I still have those files. The password is the usual one for completing the game. You can download the file here.
  10. I don't think that's a terribly common emulator (I had to look it up to know what is was). Seems like most people use SNES9x.
  11. Yea, the 1.0 ROM and 1.1 ROM differ in very few places, but after some time in the game... odd things start to happen. You can re-use the same saves, just make sure you name the new ROM the same as the old one.
  12. That's been a patching issue in the past. Make sure you're patching the correct ROM as indicated in the readme. Edit: And for further posterity, I tested on the most recent version and it's still working correctly.
  13. Wow, looks like you have a lot of good stuff planned. Looking forward to the mod!
  14. Checking in and glad to see that the site is very active thus far. Glad to have you all with us.