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  1. I've wanted to do something with Luck and Flirt for a while, but the leftover available commands don't leave much room for it. I wanted to give Kain a sort of on-demand elemental strike capability (using MP), but I couldn't get it to work properly. Kain's builds are both DPSish, but one is more defensively focused (shield+spear) than the other (halberds). I'm not really sure what command Rydia could make use of. Maybe something that enhances her physical builds?

    I've thought about adding more optional bosses, but unfortunately, I think additional dungeons are off the table. There's not many spare maps in the game and I'm already afraid I'm getting close to blowing out certain sectors of the ROM. The world map is also notoriously difficult to edit (and the triggers/events that happen on the world map along with it).

  2. Glad to hear you revisited the mod and ended up enjoying it! Endgame balance was a tough subject for me to approach. Some of the late bosses are pretty rough and it can be a challenge to get offense in. Because of that, I tried to make certain characters capable of dealing a lot of damage quickly (mostly Edge and Rydia). Edge does kind of run away with stats toward the end since I inflated the stats his gear gives. He hits 99 agility pretty easily around level 50. I might need to reel back on his item stats a bit in a future update, so we'll see.

    As far as Fury being very strong, it definitely is one of the best statuses in the game. I think this mostly happens because berserked characters will jump to the front of the ATB queue to attack when their turn comes up. This leads faster characters (like Edge) to get tons of hits in. I don't think giving any one particular character berserk immunity in an attempt to reel them back would be quite the right thing to do.

    With that said, I would like to take put out another balancing patch at some point since the last time I did it was a while ago. Just have to find the time first. :P

  3. 22 hours ago, SWhite said:

    1.08 look neat with the atb and all... but there's a bug that's bugging me lol

    Whenever a battle occurs, the battle bgm doesn't start, the map bgm plays instead

    This isn't a bug, it's a design choice I made. I felt like a lot of the BGMs were barely heard because whenever you get into a battle and complete said battle, the BGM resets. You end up hearing the same 7-8 seconds of the BGM over and over and over again.

    The regular battle music is still there; it just isn't as common.

  4. On 8/17/2018 at 7:15 PM, BitiumRibbon said:

    So I'm just about done and really enjoying it, and I could probably write a dissertation or two with all the things I could think of to talk about if you're into extensive constructive criticism - I think this hack has awesome potential, and I'd love to be helpful in that pursuit, but I am also content to have played and enjoyed and leave it alone from there. So... yeah. Let me know if you want me to put my thoughts into a long-ass post and I will!

    Either way, for the imperfections and nitpicks, I had a great time with it and it was a very refreshing new take. :)

    Feel free to give some criticisms! Glad you enjoyed it.

  5. Glad to hear you maybe, possibly enjoyed it? :P

    The mod you're thinking of is Unprecedented Crisis. I toyed around with trying to get party swaps late-game, but the technical limitations are too vast.

    I've thought about adding more content into the mod, but at this point I've been pretty busy and it wouldn't be more than some superbosses or other minor content. I did tool around with the idea of a sequel using FFVI as the base game, but I just don't have the time to learn another editor and the quirks for another game.

    Also, seeing as you're the first person to comment in quite some time, I don't feel terribly motivated since my project is probably the least popular on the site. :P

  6. Game is about the same length as the original, maybe slightly shorter if you're familiar with the mechanics.


    I would imagine the running option of the mod would work, but I'm not too sure about the other stuff. I didn't do too much to the battle engine, so I'm skeptical to say yes or no. All I'll say is if you try it and weird stuff starts happening that it probably doesn't work. :P

  7. Your Cecil may have been wearing the FireWard shield, which makes him weak to Ice (this status flip-flop is hard-coded to the game). Ice and water share elements in FFIV, so that could explain that.

    Thanks for pointing out the typo. I feel like I did a pretty good job with the text and dialogue in the game, but every now and then someone points out a dumb mistake I made. I did a lot of work on this game in the wee hours of the morning, so the corrections are very much appreciated.

    Red Worms use both Drain and Vampire. Drain is a spell (noted by the icon next to it when cast), but Vampire is not. Silence will prevent Drain, but you cannot silence enemy skills like Vampire.

    The Baron gauntlet used to be brutal until I was convinced to tone it back some during beta.

    You can always put Rosa, Rydia, and Edge in the back row with the rest of the party in the front. Edge is pretty strong as it is, and it doesn't affect his damage too terribly. He also has ranged weapon options as well as Throw and Ninja ignoring row.

    The inventory management in FF games before V was really bad. I think IV was the first to introduce buying of multiples, so it was a bit clunky (just like the whole shop interface). It's also the reason I made access to the Fat Chocobo free. It can be a bit bothersome to have to lug your stuff around to the Fat Chocobo every now and then, but it's worth it over the hassle of playing inventory Jenga constantly.

    FFIV is one of the shorter FF games, but you still have a bit to go as well as quite a few optional sidequests. Very happy to hear that you're thoroughly enjoying it!