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  1. Vagrant Story Rebalance Mod

    No sweat, I'm loving the mod so far.
  2. Vagrant Story Rebalance Mod

    Anyone else gotten to the Zombie Minotaur yet? He won't die even if I reduce his HP to 0. He just kind of stands around like a dummy and doesn't do anything
  3. Vagrant Story Rebalance Mod

    Tried a few different things so far. Seems like it's only the Beetle core that doesn't like the scene transition in Chamber of Fear, the one after Ashley says "This is a big one!". Works fine in the base game, but that room + Zenith causes the emulator to hang. No idea what might be causing this, since other emulators don't have a problem with it. Additionally, if I get past that transition on the PCSX core, save, then swap to Beetle, going back to that room after the transition has occurred will still cause a hang. Not a big deal, since I can just switch cores if I ever need to be in that room. Just thought it was interesting.
  4. Vagrant Story Rebalance Mod

    Yeah that'd be great if you wouldn't mind. He might've been using the PCSX ReARMed core which works fine, but, like you said, is pretty barebones and only outputs a software render at native resolution. I'll keep experimenting and see if I can't get Beetle to work; it's really accurate and has a lot of cool features. If not I can always go back to Ol' Reliable aka ePSXe Thanks!
  5. Vagrant Story Rebalance Mod

    Ah okay, that makes sense. I'm excited to play this mod. I always like to try out things that are made by people with a thorough understanding of the game they're working with, which you definitely have. To that end, I actually have another question. What do you guys use to run VS? I've tried the Mednafen libretro cores - Beetle PSX and Beetle PSX HW - but they always hang when I get to the quake in the Chamber of Fear. My guess is that it has something to do with the level geometry changing, but I'm a total layman so I really have no idea. ePSXe seems to handle that event just fine, but I'd really prefer to not use ePSXe if I don't have to.
  6. Vagrant Story Rebalance Mod

    Quick question: What's the purpose of removing the Escapeway area? I haven't played this game in years, so I don't remember anything about it. Was it problematic for some reason? Isn't it just a shortcut locked behind a Rood Inverse door? Thanks.