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  1. Same here. I've always been lurking the news of this hack because I want it to be a blind playthrough of the game.
  2. Welcome there. Hope you enjoy your stay.
  3. First of all, I approve of you making a thread instead of bleeding into the Mistery Egg thread. Second, don't take it too personally if they've edited out that small detail. No one said you weren't trying to be helpful, it's just that it's a part of the community's culture to not massively divulge it in the forums. And yeah, we're pretty down to earth and we like intelligent posts. We try to steer away from the asshole aspect that some communities could tend towards. Hell, we sum up the first rule we have as "Don't be an asshole". Personally, my view of an ideal site also is one where we don't tend towards elitism. Why am I saying all of this? Because you asked for the rules, but in fact you seem to be interested / concerned about how the community is, and not about its rules per se. So yeah. Give it some time, don't be quick to judge, and just accept that what happened is, someone asked a question, the creator of the mod didn't want to particularly spread that little piece of info, you tried to regardless, and the content got removed. I hope that perspective helps you a bit.
  4. It's a hard tradition, but it's a traiditon nonetheless. And I'm sure the theme of it is to not divulge it in the official forums. Even when people will post explaining their experiences, they'll implicitely respect that rule. It's a little part of the BNW culture.
  5. You forgot the most important part - All teams are controlled by the AI.
  6. But I look so handsome!
  7. My stance is the exact same as Bauglir's. Excellent post there. Both ID and NG+ have a history of being a self regulating community, and what you say proves it and encourages it, and it's the healthiest and most mature way a community can act. Mods or not, the community simply points that guy out, it's our main strength as a small, close community. And I agree, the content you soeal of is the same as we did back in the dau in what we called "ID late night chat". It's unfortunate we run with tiny bumps like this, but we are blessed with an intelligent community, which in the nqme of NG+ is still very young. We have time to polish the edges where it's needed, like in this case. I'd love to read other people's opinions on this.
  8. fft 1.3

    I find it hilarious that a user named Squaresoft asks about a mechanic that comes from vanilla. The irony is so real.
  9. Hey hey hey, I remember you. Welcome! Well, I'm sure we can find a spot for that! We don't have a designated challenge forum like in ID, but the Let's Play forum should do well for discussing that!
  10. Hey! Welcome - kinda, since you'll find a lot of familiar faces from ID here. If you liked Requiem and FFVII NT, then I think you'll be hyped to hear that NT's modder, Sega Chief is brainstorming to make FFVIII New Threat! I know I am stoked about that one. Be sure to post your feedback there!
  11. Downvoted because light theme
  12. I don't get exactly which types of jumps you mean Augestein, and I'm interested. Which jumps there (and maybe in the old Hard Type?) are you talking about?
  13. Exactly. The upgrades will have different locations and orders (haven't decided on the specifics yet), but the whole habing Dash from the beginning is meant ro tell the player about the non linearity of the game. The stages will try to keep a more homogeneous difficulty as well (that doesn't mean easy though) instead of the old Hard Type, where difficulty varied quite a bit more. Bosses will be as tough as they come, though. You will have to earn every single thing.
  14. Update time! This is going to be a somewhat lengthy post. Something that's helped me get back and started was to replay vanilla's levels and analyze certain aspects of their theme and design. This is all for personal reference and it's not supposed to be "right" or "wrong", but it's just what I was trying to analyze within the stage. Chill Penguin: Theme: Infiltrate base of Chill Penguin in the mountains. Enter a back entrance to the Maverick's factory within the base of the mountain, which leads to a main ascending path leading to Chill Penguin. First section: - Exterior - Horizontal - With small hills, playing around with enemy combinations and types of attacks - Enter Cave Second section: - Cave Little room to menuver - Descending, bats chasing you slowly - Combining bats and spikeys, ascending with falling spikeys - Tight wall jump and ascending section to make sure the players knows the mechanic well - Get capsule Third section: - If you die, you get to do the whole level again: To re-experience the level again with dash, or to change levels and use dash in them if you Game Over - Horizontal section - Small jumps to learn how to dash - Combining dash with enemies you already know (Jammingers) - Introduce Flammingers - Use them with elevated platforms to get in their range - Descend with combination of Flammingers and Jammingers - Checkpoint Fourth section: - Get Ride Armor - Branching path: Either jump off the Ride Armor mid-air, or get into the lower path - Higher path rewards you with no enemies - Lower path has pits that require dashing - Ride Armor awaiting after a pits: If you don't dash jump, you get punched into the pit - All combined with firefly enemies - Get into ascending mountain Fifth section: - Ascending horizontal section - Jumps get harder - Introduce snowballs - Introduce snowball thrower. He has a blind spot under him - Introduce combination of the two - Get to boss room Now! with that said, and after doing the same for another stage (which I'll post some other day) I decided I had a solid idea for what to do on Chill Penguin's stage. In New Hard Type, I'm thinking the theme will be to climb a smaller mountain, get to a cliff at the end, then make a leap of faith jump to a second mountain, which you'll climb, either from the exterior of the mountain or by going through caves. At the peak of the second mountain, Chill Penguin waits. Here's an alpha preview of the second, bigger mountain. This would be after making the leap of faith jump, and there would be a checkpoint after said jump. You'll notice the cave in the middle that gets you further up. Note the red tiles are spikes. Tell me your thoughts, and let me know if that gives you ideas like these for this stage or any other in the game! Your ideas help me create better stages!
  15. I was actually given a very similar idea, I want to say it was by Yuyu or Nowea in chat, for Flame Mammoth's stage. A stage that's about descending, starting as a factory, and transitioning into a lava filled volcano (Very Mega Man X / Mega Man Zero like). And it could end up as you propose, in the "core" of the volcano / factory.
  16. Quick edit with mouse all over the place to make you all cringe, for bonus points.
  17. Prepare for a guy who's never played FFV to destroy, or be destroyed by your mod.
  18. I applaud Kyrios decision to share it.
  19. Given the nature of how ID went down abruptly, if any of you see someone ask for ID, I'd ask anyone reading to reach them (with prudence) anf spreading the word on NG+.
  20. This hack is independent from"Old" Hard Type, but I don't mind (and would be neat) if some of the new designs are sort of inspired by Old Hard Type. Same deal with vanilla, it would be cool to take a concept for a stage from vanilla and expand on it. There are literally no preferences there. It sounds lame, and it kind of is, but figuring this out in a way that the whole game wraps and explores all of the cool ideas is my main roadblock at the moment.
  21. That's really good to hear. I didn't actualy know that, about the uncommoness of several landfalls.
  22. The reason to not have all buffs be party-wide is related to character sinergy. For these things you have to consider that you play with a full party, each one fulfilling different roles. Zidane, for example excels at speed, which makes him useful for quick reactions to different situations. When your party is pushed, he can quickly recover the team with item spamming. Then you have to consider that in FFIX, you have two basic acts in a battle: You either deal damage to be closer to ending the battle, or you heal or buff or debuff the enemy, to gain tempo to theb do the former. Every action fits in one of those two categories. Considering that the White Mages in this game are not really White Mages, but Red Mages (because they can fulfill every role that is not tanking: Damage, Healing, Buff and Debuff to an extent), then having party-wide buffs offsets their role, makes them too powerful. The balance of a jack-of-all-trades cones when each action loses power. Also, garnet is crazy fast. Even more powerful. My solution? Keep Dagger as is, lower her damage. Lower slightly her HP. Lower slightly her speed. Consolidate her as a Red Mage Have Eiko be equipped with party wide spells. Protectga, Hastega, Shellga, and so on. Make her really squishy. Make her really slow. Consolidate her as a pure White Mage. In conclusion, whenever you're discussing a certain character design in a RPG, you always have ti consider its role in a battle. Vanilla FFIX did it wrong, where they made two identical characters with the same role. Which is terrible if yoy consider the richest thing about FFIX is that it forces you to play with vastly different clases.