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  1. FFhacktics doesn't seem to be down. What did they tell you over there?
  2. False. FFT's scaling depends on the highest team member on your party roster, including those outside the battle. So in 1.3, when you recruit a new character like say Marche or Agrias, they also join at a higher level, resulting in an inmediate increase of difficulty via enemy scaling. Lame in my opinion. I enjoyed 1.3 a lot, but its design in certain aspects is severely outdated. Sigh, I wish someone redid 1.3 in a proper manner, without doing something completely different.
  3. Added a link to SMW Central's thread which has an alternate list of utilities for modders.
  4. This FFXII mod sounds fucking awesome. I've been wanting a IZJS mod for years, so you got a new player here. And I coincidentally bought FFXII not so long ago. Cheers. Also, btw. Which link should I download, the one in your last post, or the one in the original post? I'd recommend always keeping an updated link in the original post.
  5. Reposting a fragment of what I posted in Discord chat today: -- Howdy there gents. I've been AWOL for the past several months, because I had a huge burn out of it all. I know some of you have tried to reach me (including Kaffe today), and I really appreciate you being so kind to me. My life's been the same, except that I got a new job about the same time I went AWOL, which I love doing and it was a huge step forward for me. That, and college which is the most demanding yet, took a big toll in me, and my self-taken pressure to develop MMX and also be updated with the forums reached a boiling point and I handled it poorly, simply leaving NG+ to the rest without giving any explanations. I truly apologize because I've always loved this community, as the elders here know, and you'll always be at a special place in my heart. -- Seriously, I love you guys and I've missed you a lot. What I can offer as a learning experience, is that you have to learn to lose that fear of returning to where you belong, if you truly care for that place. Anyways. Have a good week yall. See you around.
  6. BP shows up once in a while in chat. Can't make any promises, but if he ever stops by I'll ask him to share a link.
  7. I will check it today and respond here. Thank you!
  8. Version 0.1.0 released! What's New in Version 0.1.0: Level changes: Chill Penguin's stage redesigned. Boss battle is the same as vanilla - will be modded in a latter version. General tweaks in already released stages. Enemy changes: Rebalanced speed values of enemies present in all stages. Engine changes: X's dying animation is a lot shorter. READY text animation when spawning is a lot shorter. Both changes allow for faster respawning and gameplay. Leg Capsule in Chill Penguin's stage now adds: Higher jump, slower sliding down of walls, and break breakable blocks by kicking. Dialogue changes: Dr. Light's dialogue with the Leg Capsule was redesigned to reflect the new changes. As always, a lot of background work with misc changes that is not worth mentioning.
  9. Congratulations on the release zombero! Sorry I wasn't able to catch the stream.
  10. I want to publicly thank @GrayShadowsfor his gift. I haven't heard from artemi, but this guy right here made the most original gift right here, and he deserves a cheers from the rest of the community. It's not much, but I hope that we can return the good vibes in 2018. Everyone, thank you for participating, it was a blast as always. I wish you all a happy New Year. Here's a cheers to y'all.
  11. What do you mean with this? As a general reminder, we only host mods in .ips or other patch-type of formats in this site. Also, about the PMs, that includes us Admins us well. We have been long trying to contact you, not only through this site, with no answer.
  12. Progress is being made. Enemies are all designed and tested, and now I'm slowly changing the graphics towards its final version. Here's a preview of the first part of the stage with its final graphics. I make a lot of progress in my development streams. Be sure to follow the thread to know when I stream so you can catch the changed being made live!
  13. Streaming more NHT development in 5 minutes! https://www.twitch.tv/harthunt