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  1. From the looks of it it looks like all you've done is change a bunch of things with no regard to what the effects of those changes would actually be. Most of the stuff just doesn't make sense. Like Kyrios said...you should have a goal in mind. Interestingly enough, sometimes the less you change at first, the better. It is much easier to use what the game already has as a baseline and build from there. Start with small tweaks to weapon power or defense across the board. Although it depends on what kind of combat you are looking for. Longer battles overall? Easier random battles but a focus on longer, more challenging boss encounters? Just a more balanced experience overall? What i'm getting at is that it is really hard to tell what you are trying to do, all of these changes seem to be all over the place and don't make any sense from a design perspective, well any perspective really. I will say it seems like you have put some time into this so I would love to hear your thoughts. I am always down to give my input as I have thought about these type of things a lot. To go off on a tangent...Kyrios talking about HP got me thinking about a good philosophy with regards to damage vs late game boss HP. The biggest problem there is that many attacks can easily do close to 9999 damage, which would kill a boss in 7 hits. This would lead to a problem of making boss battles at the end game hard to balance. I'm not sure if you can code the AI or use any ASM for enemies to go past the 65535 HP limit, but for the sake of this discussion I will assume you cannot. The best way to approach this from my perspective would be to balance endgame damage to be at least half as low. Not saying there wouldn't be any way to do high damage, but otherwise it seems like it would be too easy to rush down bosses. That being said, I have only played through FFIX once and that was a LONG time ago, so i'm not too familiar with the details on how the end game fleshed out in vanilla.
  2. Beta Testing Inquiry

    How didn't I know this existed before? This should generally work for me except that I may need to account for some custom effects I made for weapons that will change their damage.
  3. insanedifficulty.com is down

    I would only think that to be possible if the ID Facebook and Youtube were not also removed. In my opinion Arch is just moving on for his own reasons, which is unfortunate. As someone who had joined ID early on its pretty disappointing but in the end i'm sure the admins will do what's best to either host the archive, make a sister site, etc. The community will live on
  4. Subforum Photos

    Thanks for looking into this for me
  5. Beta Testing Inquiry

    I'm with you there. I have a fair amount of custom content added that I believe works correctly because I've already thoroughly tested it. In the WoR I'll probably have a couple areas to add some map and event edits but I've got some stuff done there already as well so that part shouldn't be too bad. I feel like I'm not that far off from being done, but the enemy part is just going to take some time. Much of that is due to the fact that I've changed a lot of numbers to the point to where I have to individually edit and test each enemy and encounter to make sure it feels right. If I put my mind to it I could probably have WoB fully playable within 2-3 weeks but I tend to underestimate the time it will take or my motivation. In any case I plan on putting some documentation together as well for when I have a large enough chunk of the game(up to the FC) playable because that feels like the right time for a public beta. Anything before that will just be private to whoever is open to test. Thanks to all that have offered so far btw.
  6. I guess I've technically had this discussion in the past, but I want to bring it up again because it is relevant. I was thinking of beginning work on my project(A FFVI mod) again. My biggest barrier here however is asking myself "Is what I have made so far going in the right direction?" I have a lot of core concepts in place, but I'm the only one that has tested anything. The majority of what needs to be finished are the enemies and encounters(I have a lot of the WoB enemies laid out AI wise, but the numbers need tweaked or it won't be playable) which is why I have been playing through everything myself first. The main problem with asking people to test is that people want a finished product before they play. This is understandable but I'm going to ask everyone anyway if they would be interested in doing some beta testing. If you aren't interested, what would make you interested? I'm confident that I can have the game fully playable up to the end of the 3 scenarios by next weekend. This isn't a lot of the game to test but it is enough to start to paint the picture of what i'm trying to do. I'm really just looking for feedback either way, so please let me know what you think
  7. Tweak: Leap Anywhere

    I like this patch a lot and am heavily leaning towards including it in my release. I think it works especially well with a large rage list which is what I am likely going with. Thank you for creating and sharing
  8. Is there any type of functionality on the site for adding subforum photos like there were in ID? I personally found these to be a nice touch, but I don't think we should require them by any means.
  9. SGDQ Discussion Thread

    Thanks for the input, I'll probably catch a couple vods at some point.
  10. SGDQ Discussion Thread

    I have a question for those who have been following GDQ over the past few years. Is it still as engaging and enjoyable as before? I remember a really great 2-3 years of what looked like a fun event with great runs but for this and the year or two previous to it the events just seem more...flat to me I guess? I enjoy watching people do speedruns but I dunno, GDQ doesn't grab me in the same way it used to anymore. Part of me thinks it is because the event is more "mainstream" now, and they seem more strict about how they are handling the room. I really enjoyed the smaller, more casual approach where they had a week or so of bonus runs after the main event. It just seem really streamlined and samey to me at this point. Would love to hear what you guys think though.
  11. Section for misc mods/hacks

    A thread can be started for discussion about any specific mod that someone wants to talk about already. This negates the need for a specific section to talk about it IMO. It seems like general or development is perfectly acceptable depending on the development status of the mod.
  12. Sent $20. If anyone speaks to him give him my best. I've been homeless and it's no fun
  13. FF6AE: The Poll

    Although I would really want to monster AI, maps, and events, I voted for everything that was marked easy because I feel like at the very least that is a great core to work around. You can do a lot to the game just editing those things, so if the new version has at least those, it is enough while the more difficult things are being worked on.
  14. Music Suggestions and Discussion

    I am probably being a bit harsh on the album. I like some of the songs like Jambi but it's difficult when I look at Lateralus and think "That is overall on another level" and then I look at ├ćnima and think that its on another level above Lateralus. The scores here are objective and would hardly be gauged the same way by everyone but I would say 10k Days is a 6, Lateralus is an 8, and ├ćnima would be a 10. Give or take a .5 on each score probably, i'm not concrete on it tbh. A score like a 6 probably doesn't seem that great, but for me it is still positive.
  15. Final Fantasy VI: Meltdown

    When I think about how long many projects like this one and mine have been in development, I always remember there is also Pandora's Box. That allows me to tell myself that mine hasn't been in development THAT long.