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  1. I understand though. I've been a bit burnt out from working on it, which is why aside from a few bugfixes, I haven't done much on MT in the past few months. Also, other games...
  2. FFT (vanilla) has one of the worst difficulty curves I've seen. Assuming the player doesn't grind excessively in the beginning, ch1 is one of the hardest parts of the game due to the player essentially being even with one of the best AI's in video games. Both the player and the AI has starter classes and only a few, likely not optimal, abilities learned; random br/fa, and are approximately at the same level. AI has a terrain advantage in Dorter, and the advantage of not having Algus or Delita as its allies. When the player starts to know what they are doing, which usually coincides with when they start to unlock more classes and/or have more abilities learned than the AI, the game becomes easy. AI still is primarily knights and archers and has no relevant abilities learned, while the player usually has access to overpowered classes such as Ninja or Calculator. Outside of a few difficult battles such as Wiegraf/Velius and the rooftop, the rest of the game is trivial. This is the exact opposite of what you want as a difficulty curve. A good difficulty curve is relatively easy in the beginning, and becomes harder in the end. On difficulty scope, the best way to do a high difficulty game: 1. No surprises in terms of mechanics - No "kaizo blocks," traps where the game will softlock if you do something wrong, run killers, things that can't be figured out from in game cues or a faq packaged with the game. The game should be consistent within its own rules. Not everything needs to be spelled out to the player in some genres but it should be easy enough to figure out (for example, spikes killing you doesn't need to be explained, since the first time the player dies on one should be enough explanation). If it's not easy enough to figure out without an explanation, it warrants one, whether in a faq or in game tooltips or tutorial. 2. Absolute hardest stuff should be optional - sidequests are a good place to put borderline bullshit level difficulty, if you must. Some players will say "there's no such thing as optional content" in the sense of, everything must be attempted at some point, but a player should be able to beat the game without doing these. Note that if an item, ability, switch, etc. is required for any non-optional fight/level in the game, that makes it not optional anymore. 3. Introducing a concept and then building upon it - I see this a fair amount in platformers, but this could apply to other genres too. Usually would make the first level have some easy to avoid hazards, such as spikes, pits, or mediocre enemies that are very easy to avoid; and then later in the level and/or in later levels you'd see harder to avoid spikes/pits and enemies that are less mediocre. How this could apply to something like an rpg would be the introductory enemies/bosses designed to teach the player how basic ai scripts work before introducing a more dynamic ai script.
  3. Some modders have made cutscene skips as part of all the changes that they have made (such as in FF7 New Threat), or things that speed up the ability to mash through display text (the "cross skip" hack for FFT). I'm sure if skipping cutscenes is a feature of a mod you've played, that the smaller hacks used to do that are available (or could be made as so if you ask the mod creator nicely).
  4. Why so many posts instead of editing one larger one? Anyway, the amount of fixes that were made to it were detailed in the readme. There are hundreds of changes, if you're looking solely at code; and thousands of changes if you're looking at rewritten ai, effects of items, etc. If you want to know exactly what went into this, read the readme. Play the game how you want to. But why not give it at least one playthrough without any of your edits to it, so that you can see what BTB had in mind when making those changes?
  5. That is something that exists in vanilla, and to my knowledge no one has attempted to remove it in any mod. It's not so much intentional as it is likely a pain in the ass asm hack to write to fix vanilla's bug.
  6. I think it has something to do with an ai hack I was using, which is supposed to make characters ignore Golem's processing if Golem isn't present, along with increasing frequency of stat changing moves; but it seems to have other negative consequences. Not sure if the hack was busted or if it just doesn't work alongside other changes that I have made, but I'm going to be reverting those changes in 3.01. Thank you for letting me know.
  7. No new commands for Quina? 0/10, will not play
  8. This would be excellent for the people who use Twitter. I don't, but people who do could bring us traffic.
  9. Now have an official download section! Thanks Kaffe! Version 0.04 up. Change logs of this and subsequent versions will go there now.
  10. Not Easy Being Green tells the story of Verdigris after the events of VVVVVV. A new dimension has several people trapped because they have never learned or are too afraid to flip! Will Verdigris be able to save them all? This is not complete (about 1/4 - 1/3 done) but the part that is done is fully playable. http://jmp.sh/hSQ54Mw
  11. Not Easy Being Green

    Version 0.06


    Not Easy Being Green tells the story of Verdigris after the events of VVVVVV. A new dimension has several people trapped because they have never learned or are too afraid to flip! Will Verdigris be able to save them all? This is a long player level (20x20 map) with internal scripting. Version 0.04 changes: 1. Game is now 99% stable! All sections have been tested except for part of a very hard secret section. Everything works as intended in these sections except for one cutscene which just doesn't show up for some unknown reason, and some weirdness with a scene in the secret section. 2. Toned down a lot of stupidly difficult rooms, such as those in the green ? section. 3. Fixed a few rooms that were impossible due to broken scripts, poor platform placement, etc. Everything in the normal part of the game is now possible. 4. Hellevator section is now possible! Moderately hard but loads of fun. Unfortunately the special scene (which is supposed to trigger upon beating it) doesn't show up and the characters just stand there. 5. First part of the secret section has been confirmed as possible. This is HARD (I died 1767 times in testing this). Haven't tested after that point in the secret section yet though.
  12. Version 0.03: http://jmp.sh/kouav0D Changes: 1. Areas 2-7 focused on in this update. Most of the rooms in these areas have been cleaned up a bit in appearance. Warp Zone/Branching Out are now numbered. 2. Several rooms that were impossible before due to buggy scripts or bugs from the original game are now possible. Notable examples: Jaws, Meet Me Halfway, On A Pedestal, Pushing My Buttons, Perseverance, On A Tangent. 3. Several rooms have been toned down in difficulty. Notable examples: Son of Beast, Arctic Conquest, Don't Close Too Many Doors, This World Will Do A Number On You, Long Division, Now Think Outside The Box. 4. Several rooms that were a bit boring were just remade. Notable examples: Cosine Wave, Go Bananas, Verruckt, Ahead Of The Curve, Gemini. 5. Several rooms that have poorly synched enemies or odd enemy behavior due to room scripts have been reworked. Notable examples: A Slight Detour, Hope You Made The Right Choice, Foreclosure, Carve Your Own Path.
  13. Just in case you're not familiar with VVVVVV: http://store.steampowered.com/app/70300/VVVVVV/ Due to the way the game works, I had to wait until my map was completely filled before testing again, otherwise trinkets/crewmates might disappear. This is version 0.02, which is a filled map. It is only partially tested. http://jmp.sh/kouav0D Screenshots:
  14. Replace Tetra Master with Triple Triad
  15. Good idea. This could also be useful for new projects that aren't established enough to get their own download in the main section. Such as if a new user came to the site and wants their mod hosted, or established user is working on a different mod.
  16. 1. You need a game that isn't run by one of our community members, otherwise it'll be a blowout. Probably either a short category or a short game in general also, since a longer game/category will be a huge time investment to learn and watch the tourney for. 2. I like the modding contest idea better. Something with an intuitive enough editor that a beginner modder could create a stage of a game in a day or 2.
  17. Any chance maybe of having some random location be considered water tiles? Such as Dinosaur Woods, or putting a random oasis in the middle of the desert?
  18. You'd have to know the base raw values and growths, and how to level them to whatever level you want. These have been changed from vanilla. Otherwise it's pretty much the same.
  19. Sent you an edited save through Discord. I tested it, so it should work on 3.00.