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    Too many to list, but currently playing randomized Pokemon Crystal, Monster Hunter, Soul Calibur 6 and hoping for a confirmation of a new Armored Core game, to name a few.
  1. Vagrant Story Rebalance Mod

    Have you used the newest 0.92? Yesterday we had 3 versions flying around one after another Also, make quadruple sure you're isntalling on a fresh unmodded .bin file.
  2. Vagrant Story Rebalance Mod

    Aparently third time's really the charm, since it works. Anything you'd like me to check?
  3. Vagrant Story Rebalance Mod

    You truuly are doing Tzeentch's work, my friend. Alas, there must be some foul curse cast upon the 9.2 version, since according to the patcher, it is not a valid ppf file. The 9.1 version works, though, and I'm instantly in love with it. The early mimic definitely caught me off guard, my thoughts at the moment were "wait, that chest was on the other side of the rooOHGODWHATTHEFFFF"... and then the mino killed me in one shot. Glorious, just glorious
  4. Vagrant Story Rebalance Mod

    Made this account just to reply here and tell you how I absolutely LOVE the -idea- behind what you are doing. Mind you, I would love what you're -doing- if only I could get it to work I got double sure the .bin I got is US, and I'm using the program you linked, it tells me that all is fine and dandy when I patch the file, but when I get into the game itself, none of the changes seem present, well, except for the fact that the mobs in the "this is a big one" room are glitched and don't aggro on me, in stead, they freeze in place and refuse to die whenever I hit them. Otherwise they just fly/run around like blind little puppies, it's almost cute. Been trying the 0.92 version, could you perhaps reupload the 0.91 version so I can see if it has the same issue? Would be great, love your work and THANK YOU SO DAMN MUCH for reviving this great little gem!