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  1. Who's watching? What are you looking forward to the most? Who only remembered that SGDQ started today because I said something?
  2. Huh. How'd you work it to where you can only leap on Veldt formations? Also, how does it work with re-recruiting Gau in the WoR?
  3. He was on for Super Metroid, as well.
  4. I've been enjoying it. It really just depends on the runners and the commentators. Patty has been a godsend to every run he commentated on, and the Super Metroid race was a real nail-biter.
  5. Not anymore, they ain't.
  6. Ugh, thank you *so* much. This update has gotten way out of hand.
  7. Yeah, today and tomorrow are pretty dead... Thursday night is really what's going to be great - Zelda 2 is an excellent speedrun game. New SotN WR got set last night, though, that was pretty cool. The movement tech in that game is sweeeeeeeet.
  8. Sweet tapdancing Jesus on a pogo stick, man. That's a massive fucking soundtrack.
  9. Uh... got a savestate or something? That's weird.
  10. Like most other things they did, the biggest question is "why did they implement this stupid retarded shit in the first place?"
  11. If you're asking about how *vanilla* handles it, then it's a flag in the code since they have to disable Shadow leaving under certain circumstances (i.e. he will not leave during the Imperial Camp sequence or once you get on the Soul Train). It's all eventing, so it's not treated as a status or anything - it literally targets Shadow himself.
  12. We ditched that mechanic because it was trash, so that's how we handled it
  13. I'm not sure if choosing the Goggles trips the event flag or not, so no clue.
  14. Water Rondo is still missable, yeah. We haven't really found an elegant way to add a water battlefield to the WoR. Mog does bitch at you if you don't recruit him at all in the WoB, though.
  15. There's a few, but it's set up so that nothing missable is unique (i.e. an extra Life Bell from the banquet, the Power Glove at Mt. Koltz, etc.)
  16. I realized the quote thing, too. That's why I responded in the format that I did >.> X-Zone never prevented enemy drops in vanilla except in the one notable case of Wrexsoul, and this is because Wrexsoul does not count as "dead" when possessing you, ergo you do not get his drop if you end the battle without killing him. Dark is actually quite different from Holy, most notably in that it does not ignore defense like Holy does. Celes's stamina option can be fairly good, but it does revolve around capitalizing on some... lesser-known options. It's definitely not a beginner-friendly build like Terra's stamina option is. Sketch is more useful now in that it uses Relm's stats instead of the enemy's. It's still situational, though.
  17. The auction house guy says "that wackjob up north"... not sure how you got Zozo out of that. The EL respecs are from talking to Ultros in the WoR. The first time costs 25k, each subsequent respec is 100k. The only other espers that have been moved are Crusader and Ragnarok. All characters have the same HP/MP growth; all that separates them is the base, any EL bonuses, and access to equipment that boosts it. Time stops when Bushido is charging. The Bushido skill itself has a longer command delay than just regular Fight does, however. The exact delay for commands (including Jump) are listed in the Readme.
  18. Celes is the only character without a strong damage option vs. Dadaluma and she's basically there for support. Locke and Shadow have Butterflies, Sabin has Poison Claws, Cyan has Dispatch, and Gau has Wild Rat. Edgar's damage options are relatively weak, but he's useful for Bio Blasting Dadaluma's Fighters and is the only character with a targetable sap option. He and Shadow are the only two I think are more useful than the others, and both require a significant money investment to claim that title.
  19. As many of you are now aware, one of our own is currently going through some rough times. He has lost his home and is currently living in a shelter in his hometown of Hot Springs, Arkansas trying to find his way to Seattle where he can try to get back on his feet. Our good friend Madsiur of FF6hacking has graciously allowed us to use his Paypal donation system to help arrange for an outreach of our two communities to help D on his way. If you are able to help and wish to do so, we are very grateful: (donations closed - thank you all for donating!) I understand that many of us are strapped for cash in these tough times, but at the very least a kind word will go a long way right now. Thank you all for being such a great community. -BTB
  21. Topic title is correct. NGPlus *does* rule.
  22. I just want to say how proud I am of this community right now. Seeing how quickly we all came together to help out one of our own in need really makes me proud to call myself a part of this place.
  23. Yeah, Cyan is easily BNW's best OOB patch-up guy. As for Setzer, my opinion is that he's the bulkiest of all the game's primary healers.
  24. Tumbleweed is actually a bit better since it comes with inherent Regen and status immunities.