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  1. Brave New World: Stormtroopers vs. A-Team edition
  2. So, for the next RC... • The game will no longer crash when Relm is recruited • The Zephyr Cape will now case Haste on low HP (instead of whatever it does now) • Dog Block will be disabled while covering • The Soul Sabre's BatPower will no longer be hidden in the extended equipment info screen and it and the Blood Sword will no longer be ignored by the optimize routine This *may* get put out tonight, otherwise it may be a little bit.
  3. It would be much more elegant to, say, take one of the rooms in Ebot's Rock and edit it into an actual underwater room. Unfortunately, map editing is not our strong suit. @Lockirby2 is the person I'd consult about that.
  4. seibaby - Today at 3:51 PM It's a simple matter, but I'd rather leave it to synch I don't know what causes the crash, but I'm willing to bet it's a simple as a typo
  5. The current 1.9 beta seems to be good to go. The only significant bug is that the game hangs when Relm is recruited, and I'm pretty sure @seibaby can whip up a quick fix if Synchysi doesn't put out a new RC in the next few days.
  6. Well, why don't you come over and have some video game metal and some nachos? And then some beer. As many of you may know, I am the proud caretaker of the internet's largest and best collection of video game metal, which I make a point to share about once every other year or so. Said collection has grown steadily over the last 15 years and has just hit a major milestone of TWO THOUSAND tracks of metal goodness. So bust out your favorite torrent client, strap on your dancin' shoes, and get ready to rock. (DISCLAIMER: for those of you concerned with the legality of this since you see "torrent" and automatically think "pirate", this collection is... wait a minute, this isn't GameFAQs. Fuck the man, let's sail the seven seas and have some rum.)
  7. So, Relm event and Zephyr Cape fix for RC9. Are we missing anything else?
  8. I'll be leaving it up on my end for about two weeks or so.
  9. I'm gonna put up a new ROM that switches the indexes of the Omega Wepaon and Soul Sabre, since the Soul Sabre's index is currently hard-coded to be treated like how the Omega Weapon should be (shows up as ??? BatPwr, is ignored by optimize, etc.) This will just simplify everything so that the only change necessary on YOUR end is to switch the suit of armor in the Figaro Castle Basement from item #22 to item #23. Looks like Seibaby is just going to send you a fix.
  10. Arch took his ball and went home.
  11. Uh... ID isn't back up >.>
  12. The connection between Sabin and Rei is the aloofness factor. Rei doesn't really fit in anywhere he goes because he's an outsider, but rather than feeling self-aware, he just kinda shrugs it off. Sabin, although royalty, has spent the last decade of his life living in isolation and thus behaves in the same manner. The fact that he *is* of royal blood is (at least partially) what gives him confidence to behave in this manner since nobody can question the fact that he *does* belong.
  13. Is the random encounter patch in this? I've kinda lost track of a few things, myself.
  14. Ok, this is acceptable. You are worthy of bearing the mantle of "Serj".
  15. So, something else that's come up from watching LPs is the encounter rate. After discussing things in Discord, it was proposed to make an adjustment that, in simple terms, raises the minimum number of steps you can take without triggering a battle while leaving the overall rate unchanged. Seibaby has coded this change and it will be present in the next Frankenbeta patch he puts out. If I could get some testing on that, it's one less thing Synchysi will need to do when he puts out a proper beta.
  16. 1.8.6 is the most current version. 1.9 is mired with a nonfunctional beta until Synchysi can get a new one out.
  17. That's fine with me, then. I'll upload a new ROM with the name reverted and a few dialogue changes I made to the Beginner's School in response to some of the LPs I've been watching when I get home, and that's about it for the loose ends for me.
  18. Nobody has commented on it, no. It's just something I wanted to change for the sake of consistency.
  19. I would want to avoid Cloak on the sole basis that we already have a cloak as a relic. That said, Mirage Suit or Mirage Gear are both acceptable candidates. EDIT: Mog getting Odin would be *way* OP. MT death attacks are much stronger in BNW than anyone gives them credit for, and they are thus balanced by only being available to the two slowest characters in the mod.
  20. Some stay dry and others feel the pain... (Also, the Tritoch/Maduin thing was discussed at length in chat and was decided against unless someone else can provide a *very* compelling reason to the contrary) On a separate note... since Stealth Suit has been vetoed, I'm still looking for a different name for the Mirage Vest the drops "Vest" since vests are equippable by everyone and this is instead the top of the line for "light" armor. Here are some more suggestions, most of which are clearly inspired by Circle of the Moon: -Night Suit -Soldier Garb -Fatigues -Zero Suit (lulz)
  21. Also, following some discussion in chat, I'm going to make some slight statistical alterations to the Hobos in Zozo to prevent the occasional double Acid Rain from fucking up your day like it currently does.
  22. So, just letting the group know that we're still alive over here, just been rather busy lately. As we've been waiting for the next update, I've been pondering an oft-repeated suggestion from @thzfunnymzn to swap the EL bonuses on Tritoch and Maduin. This will have an overall positive effect on Mog as it gives him back his +2 stamina esper, thus allowing him to meaningfully hybridize stamina levels with vigor. The only concerns would be 1) Mog's healing dances may be somewhat OP with access to a +2 stamina esper, and 2) Terra's magic esper gets pushed back to Tritoch. My knee-jerk reaction is that there are worse things that Terra's magic build can invest in than early MP levels from Carbunkl. In fact, I would dare say that extra MP is much more valuable to her in the early game than +1 magic is. I don't like the idea of her only magic esper being pushed *so* far back, though... even though she was deliberately given only a +1 magic esper since her magic is plenty powerful enough on its own. Thoughts from the community?
  23. And to answer these really quick... Sabin is a wholesale copy of Rei from Breath of Fire 3. If you're at all familiar with the game, it's pretty easy to compare Rei to vanilla Sabin and see some striking similarities in their outlook on life. So, I just went ahead and matched them up. I'm... guessing that the scenes you're talking about with Edgar are the ones where Setzer is being kind of a dick to him? And it would stand to reason that Setzer would really be the only character in the game who would have no reverence for royalty and be a complete jerk to the guy. Setzer, as I mention in the Unlockme, is a very different character in the Japanese and American versions. The only character trait common to the both of them is that he's kind of a dick, so I took that one and dialed it up a few notches. It wasn't particularly difficult to write for a chronically depressed person like Setzer being a chronically depressed person myself (at the time, anyway). Mog may be my direct mouthpiece in Brave New World, but Setzer is my spirit animal (and Sabin is my homeslice).