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  1. SRAM data transfers between emulators.
  2. Probably. Even I think I rolled a 1 on it
  3. Because Haste is a status that you can set with a spell, and the Sprint Shoes don't really give you much in the way of other benefits. They're really only useful for randoms or on a character you have a hard time keeping alive.
  4. In the original game's code, the only thing that the Relic Ring did was set the "undead" flag, which reversed healing and instant death. Pretty shitty, all things considered. Brave New World expands it to include the full undead package - a quick glance at the Printme will show you what the undead all have in common. I really don't get the love for Sprint Shoes, honestly. I consider them underpowered as hell, but a lot of people think they're great. *Shrug*
  5. Mog is a hidden character in the WoB.
  6. Early on, the most common complaint was the amount of swearing in the script. Since so much of it was done in piecemeal fashion, we didn't realize how much of it there was until we did a text dump and ctrl+f'ed "fuck" For the next update, we went back over the entire thing and toned it down, pretty much doing away with any gratuitous language. Clean New World was written as a personal "thank you" to Funnyman, one of our resident boy scouts and a longtime fan/supporter of the mod. You can switch between the two all you want - all that changes between the two versions is the script.
  7. The less prior knowledge you go into this game with, the less misconceptions you'll have and the more willing you'll be to learn.
  8. Shadow is the highest potential DPS in the mod, not to mention excellent support. So, yeah, definitely worth the effort to keep alive. No major updates are planned for any time in the near future. I have notes for a minor update, but even that is a ways off. I'd give you the long answer if you hadn't caught me on my way to bed - I'm sure someone else will step in and elaborate.
  9. Relm's evasion is actually above average. It's just nowhere near as good as her father's.
  10. 1. Strago and Relm both have passable magic defense and are at risk primarily from physical damage, which the game just so happens to give you lots of ways to mitigate, and good use of rage can protect Gau from a lot of magical damage. The only super serial squishy of the lot is Shadow: professional dirt tester. 2. BNW's espers are deliberately front-loaded with all of the important offensive bonuses: magic, vigor, and speed. Late-game espers provide defensive boosts (several of which would be overpowered early on) almost exclusively. 3. You still need to have the esper. You just don't have to play "magical magicite" with the party to make sure everyone's getting the intended bonuses. 4. Although a lot of the conversations around here focus on end-game builds when talking about them, there are only a few that really don't exist until then: Stamina Setzer (arguable), Magic Locke, and Crusader Celes. And unless you're one of those wackos who likes to run 25 Terrato Sabin (in which case there's an EL reset option), be assured that the entirety of the game was designed with builds in mind, not just the end of it. 5. Easy to find, costs some money the first reset and a LOT of money for any subsequent resets to prevent spamming it. 6. Minor updates don't require a restart, only major ones. 7. There is no short answer to this question, and it varies from character to character. 8. I'll let someone else answer this one. As the mod's designer, my opinion on its difficulty is somewhat skewed.
  11. 1.4? You didn't download BNW from Zophar's domain, by any chance... did you?
  12. @Mishrak I believe you had a different experience with this, yes?
  13. I see the problem. That will be fixed in the next release.
  14. I asked you about it in Discord the other day because the last I heard from testing of your patch, it wasn't working.
  15. I'm a helper.
  16. Vegetable stir-fry with extra Monsantos and chemtrails. Can post the (rather simple) recipe if anyone thinks it looks tasty.
  17. That may be something worth fixing.
  18. This would be something for @Synchysi to look at.
  19. I'd prefer to be stingy with stamina-based attacks. They're certainly not something everyone needs, or else the characters that do have them become much less unique and stamina builds end up universally better than others (which they already are in many cases).
  20. Edgar already has a stamina-based weapon; making it behave correctly with Jump is backburner'ed wishlist item.
  21. Yes, he does. I'm guessing Strago was blind at the time.
  22. Actually, it's pretty common to hear people say that they lost interest in FF6 around the WoR. It seems like a frequent stopping point for a lot of players. The hard genre shift doesn't seem to resonate so well with people expecting a straight-up JRPG, and the character homogeneity really starts coming into play around then. God help you if you're a completionist. Anyway, glad you enjoyed it. Toss a vote in the MVP thread if you haven't already. Thanks for playing.
  23. The Mystery Egg does not affect rods.