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  1. Just ask me for the source dialogue, and I'll gladly provide it. All you'd have to do is go through every line and change it as you see fit while making sure to keep the final product just as large or smaller than the source, since the dialogue bank is currently full. As it stands, the only "serious" translation effort that has been ongoing for awhile now is Fantome Ghost translating it into Spanish.
  2. I, um... how do I put this... No >.> As was stated on Discord, I actually do like the name Mirage Vest. My only reason for wanting to change it is that Vests are a class of armor that all characters can equip while the Mirage Vest is the highest tier of "light" armor, so I wanted to pick a consistent-ish name. Of course, now you just have me thinking about what would happen if everyone could use the Mirage Vest.
  3. Back to yon drawing board, then. Or I could just ask @Rynzer. He's the one that ends up naming all of our shit, anyway >.>
  4. So,m I was having a look over the new changes and I realized that I have the new "Scimitar" weapon set to the same BatPwr as the Full Moon - which is available earlier. I also realize that dual Boomerangs are the current standard for early-game power, and thus deemed it necessary to give a power boost to the early swords on the whole. See new settings here:
  5. It's also thematically appropriate, since it favors a magical approach to taking him down. That said, it's also fitting that Strago is very ill-equipped to taking it down on his own (since Hidon absorbs his most powerful magic), and Relm is one of the best support characters to have in that fight.
  6. Hidon has his magic defense lowered, so you can burn him down with the quickness that way.
  7. Most common criticisms are aimed toward the script (which is purely objective), the difficulty (which tends to go hand in hand with people who refuse to try any tactic other than direct damage), and the durability of end-game bosses (perfectly valid, and something we respond to with each new version on a case-by-base basis). One thing of note is that I keep track of all of the feedback I get, but I also consider the source. Brave New World is rather unique in that it has a very wide audience for a ROMhack, so I'm getting feedback from everyone from hardcore vets (like the people who hang out around here) to total scrubs (what you tend to see on Twitch). I always consider the source of feedback, because otherwise I'm just going to end up with a complete mess.
  8. Yeah, I actually watched him stream BNW. His complaints are pretty standard from what we tend to get from the Twitch community.
  9. The first respec is relatively cheap (25k), and affects only the active party (up to four characters). Each subsequent respec is considerably more expensive (100k).
  10. He asked if Stam Gau had better DPS with the Stam rages, not overall
  11. Life was to make the spell itself more useful; 1/4 max HP still usually resulted in a character getting knocked right back down as soon as they got up. This makes Life effectively equivalent to Life 2 in the early game and keeps it at least mildly relevant in the late-game - the Phoenix Down change was just to drive this point home.
  12. Some call it dedication, some call it madness.
  13. I hope you wiped that Chee-toh dust off after that picture was taken.
  14. He'll die less mostly by virtue of triggering less counter-attacks from bosses. Other than that, the main thing is getting triggered less by status effects.
  15. For the stam rages, Stam Gau definitely gets better DPS without even factoring in the fact that he will die less.
  16. Cover and Counter were both tied to stamina as a way of introducing synergy between Vigor and Stamina, specifically for builds that are high in both (i.e. Phantom Celes). RE: Swords, it's mostly the store-bought ones that are being changed to offer better early-WoR choices. The Rune Edge is the new Crystal and the Falchion is dual-wieldable.
  17. Both of those sound like a bad patch job.
  18. WoR also has Mesosaur, which is the strongest healing rage for stam Gau.
  19. 1.8.6 should make running a bit more easier for faster characters... slower ones still want to rely on warp to get out of fights, though.
  20. What typically happens with the FC is that the randoms are overwhelming when you first get there, but a combination of a few levels and figuring out how to shut them down quickly makes them very manageable by the time you get through it. Running being more difficult is an unintended side effect of nATB. It has been brought up on numerous occasions. Are you running 1.8.5 or 1.8.6? Gau more than any other character rewards experimentation. He's fragile, but he's also fast and has access to a lot of attacks that can disable enemies. This goes hand in hand with my above point about dealing with randoms. And you have all of the WoB espers, yes.