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  1. Vanilla had an attempted failsafe against this sort of behavior where it basically tacked on another 50% evasion check to everyone hit by it. That... didn't go well in practice.
  2. NG+ Member Pictures

    That or you've got a pit in your basement.
  3. Dude, Letha busted a nut over the regen change. Something about Stamina Strago being "your new god..."
  4. It won't be TOO significant - just enough to be worth considering. I'll let Think talk about it, though, since he's the one working the logic. ANYWAY... more changelog updates. Big one as of now is an update to the Regen formula which relies less on the character's max HP. It's a minor change for most characters, but it's a significant buff to high stamina squishies (Relm/Strago) and a huge kick in the nuts to 25 Terrato Sabin. Also of note is switching the 3/16 step on Earth Blues to Wind Slash so that it's no longer a wasted turn in boss fights, some elaboration on WHICH bosses are getting their HP slashed, and some other stuff I can't remember. Seriously, the changelog is fucking 30 kb of raw text right now. My changelog needs a changelog. Fuck me.
  5. Thank you! That is correct, yes. And Crusader also has Demi/Quartr while Alexandr now only has Holy.
  6. Yeah, I dropped the idea of the Lazy Shell being a mass prevention tool for everyone. On the other hand, setting it to "dark" damage means that the Ghost Ring is a prevention relic that anyone can use. If you're going to go gimmick, go big or go home.
  7. More changelog updates. Alexandr and Crusader are being swapped (details inside), Merton becomes a fire/"dark" elemental spell (instead of fire/wind), and shop edits are elaborated upon.
  8. Mog Mascot with Attitude, Kupo BASE STATS Vigor: 30 / Magic: 36 / Speed: 36 / Stamina: 30 HP: 156 / MP: 0 BatPwr: 24 / Def: 36 / M.Def: 36 / Evade: 18 / M.Evade: 18 EQUIPMENT Weapons: Spears, Rods, Thrown Weapons --- Shield: Heavy Shields, Light Shields, Elemental Guards Head: Helmets, Crowns, Hats Body: Heavy Armor, Medium Armor, Light Armor, Parkas, Robes, Vests SKILLS (Dance) Wind Song (plains) - focuses on healing (Stamina) and multi-target wind damage (Magic) Desert Aria (desert) - focuses on evasion with multi-target earth/wind damage (Magic) and some healing (Stamina) Forest Suite (forest) - focuses on status healing (Stamina) with assorted damage (Magic) Earth Blues (mountains) - focuses on single-target Earth damage (Magic) and Healing (Stamina) Dusk Requiem (caves) - focuses on fractional damage and instant death Love Sonata (town/factory) - focuses on restoring Mog's HP/MP with assorted damage (Magic) Water Rondo (river/underwater) - focuses on entirely on direct damage (Magic), mostly water and bolt Snowman Jazz (snow) - focuses on heavy ice damage (Magic) with some evasion (Note: the "home" dance of the current terrain will always succeed; success of non-native dances is determined by Stamina) ---Jump (replaces Fight) - Fight (Vigor) + 100% damage (spears) or 50% (other weapons); ignores row ---X-Magic (replaces Magic) - cast two spells instead of one ESPERS Maduin - Magic+1/Stamina+1 --- 24 MP: defense-ignoring wind damage (Magic) on all foes Shoat - Magic+2 --------------------- 36 MP: sets Stone on all foes Palidor - Vigor+1/Speed+1 ----- 24 MP: party attacks with Jump (Vigor) Terrato - HP+60 ------------------- 64 MP: earth damage to all foes (Magic) SPELLS Sap - Magic Poison - Magic Break - Magic Quake - Magic Doom Drain - Magic --- Muddle Mute SleepX SlowX Haste Float
  9. So, to make up for the increased cost, along with the general enemy defense changes I'm making (which shouldn't include many end-game bosses), Break and Quake both are getting an 11% power boost.
  10. Changelog updated again. Of note is the re-branding of the "poison" element to disassociate itself from the status of the same name (which tended to cause confusion) and move it toward being a "dark" counterpart to the holy element, moving Crusader to a cash gate instead of a boss gate along with swapping Holy and Merton on it and Alexandr, and some changes to the Bio Blaster (now available later) and Flash (now weaker since the "Blind" status will be much more effective). Raze also gets weaker and loses the "dark" element, thus making it more of an all-purpose midgame damager until Dark shows up. Also of note are some buffs to Break and Quake to make up for their increases MP costs along with the fact that "standard" enemy magic defense will be lower in the coming update (although bosses will tend toward the current value, so this is an overall buff in that regard).
  11. You're free to whatever ideas you get from BNW, my friend.
  12. Relm Arrowny Age Is Just A Number BASE STATS Vigor: 24 / Magic: 42 / Speed: 36 / Stamina: 30 HP: 6 / MP: 45 BatPwr: 16 / Def: 24 / M.Def: 30 / Evade: 12 / M.Evade: 18 EQUIPMENT Weapons: Paintbrushes, Rods --- Shield: Light Shields, Elemental Guards Head: Crowns, Hoods, Hats Body: Hides, Dresses, Vests SKILLS Sketch - use a foe's own attacks against it (relevant stat varies depending on attack used) ESPERS Ifrit - Speed+2 ----------------------- 32 MP: fire damage (Magic) on all foes Zoneseek - MP+20/Magic+1 --- 48 MP: sets Shell on party Starlet - Stamina+2 -------------- 80 MP: restores party's HP to max & lifts *all* bad statuses Bahamut - MP+40 --------------- 99 MP: massive non-elemental damage (Magic) to all foes; ignores defense SPELLS Fire Fire 2 Flare Meteor Drain (All of Relm's black spells scale with Magic) --- Osmose - Magic Warp --- Cure 3 - Magic Rerise (???) Remedy - Stamina RegenX - Stamina
  13. Updated for 2.0. Magic Relm will enjoy the extra MP that Zoneseek provides, Stamina Relm (AKA "Love You Long Time" Relm) will enjoy her new rod (giggity) that's basically a 1-handed Mutsunokami that triggers a stamina-based wind attack and a new regen formula that favors stamina over maximum HP (resulting in a huge buff for her), and pretty much any Relm will enjoy the MP bonus (re-)added to the Radiant Gown. But what REALLY changes for Relm in this update are her brushes. Improved stat boosts aside, brushes now hit twice (i.e. X-Fight) to improve the chances of getting a random spellcast. Further, the Ross Brush now procs Reflect instead of Haste in light of the hack which makes Reflect behave like Image instead of being a "timed" status.
  14. Gau Rage Against the MagiTek BASE STATS Vigor: 42 / Magic: 36 / Speed: 36 / Stamina: 30 HP: 12 / MP: 0 BatPwr: 128 / Def: 30 / M.Def: 24 / Evade: 24 / M.Evade: 18 EQUIPMENT Weapons: Clubs --- Shield: Light Shields, Elemental Guards Head: Hoods, Hats Body: Light Armor, Hides, Parkas, Vests SKILLS (Rage) (Note: Rage grants all inherent statuses, resistances, and elemental weaknesses of the selected enemy) Adamantite (WoB) - 2/3 Strong Attack (Vigor) | 1/3: Holy Wind Albatross (WoB) - 2/3: Fireball (Magic) | 1/3: Strong Attack (Vigor) Anemone (WoR) - 2/3 Discharge (Magic) | 1/3: Attack +Poison (Vigor) Antlion (WoB) - 2/3 Stop (Attack) | 1/3: Snare Behemoth (FC) - 2/3 Strong Attack (Vigor) | 1/3: Meteo (Magic) Belladonna (WoR) - 2/3 Moonlight (Magic) | 1/3: Raid (Magic) Bomb (WoB) - Exploder Brainpan (FC) - 2/3 Blow Fish | 1/3: Rerise Buffalax (WoR) - 2/3 Landslide (Magic) | 1/3 Stronger Attack (Vigor) Cephalid (WoB) - 2/3 Tentacle (Stamina) | 1/3: Attack +Slow (Vigor) Chickenlip (WoB) - 2/3: Attack + Muddle (Vigor) | 1/3: Net Chimera (WoB) - 2/3 Aqualung (Magic) | 1/3: Fireball (Magic) Conjurer (WoB) - 2/3 Rerise | 1/3: Attack +Sap (Vigor) Crawler (WoB) - 2/3: Magnitude (Magic) | 1/3: Attack (Drain HP) (Vigor) Doggo (WoB) - 2/3 Stronger Attack (Vigor) | 1/3: Step Mine Exocite (WoB) - 2/3: Rock (Stamina) | 1/3: Strong Attack (Vigor) Eye Goo (WoB) - 2/3 Lode Stone| 1/3: Glare Flan (WoB) - 2/3 Life | 1/3: SlowX Gargoyle (FC) - 2/3 Sun Bath (Stamina) | 1/3: Quake (Magic) Griffin (WoR) - 2/3: Giga Volt (Magic) | 1/3: Air Blast Grizzly (WoR) - 2/3: Cave In | 1/3: Stronger Attack (Vigor) Hornet (WoB) - 2/3 Stronger Attack (Vigor) | 1/3: Blink Io (WoB) - 2/3 Atomic Ray (Magic) | 1/3: Diffuser (Magic) Jinn (WoB) - 2/3: Discord | 1/3: Attack +Mute (Vigor) Leafer (WoB) - 2/3: Wind Slash (Magic) | 1/3: Air Blast Locust (WoB) - 2/3: Gale Cut (Magic) | 1/3: Mirage Lich (WoB) - 2/3: Rasp (Magic) | 1/3: Elf Fire (Magic) Kudzu (WoB) - 2/3: Raid (Magic) | 1/3 RegenX (Stamina) Magic Pot (WoR) - 2/3: Cure (Magic) | 1/3: Strongest Attack (Vigor) Mantodea (WoR) - 2/3: Shrapnel (Stamina) | 1/3: Attack +Sap (Vigor) Marlboro (WoR) - 2/3: Bio Blast (Magic) | 1/3: Bad Breath Mesosaur (WoR) - 2/3: Holy Wind | 1/3: Landslide (Magic) Nastidon (WoR) - 2/3: Snowball (Magic) | 1/3: Absolute 0 (Magic) Ninja (FC) - 2/3: Wave Scroll (Magic) | 1/3: Vanish Onion Kid (WoB) - 2/3: Brown Note (Magic) | 1/3: Attack + Bserk (Vigor) Osteosaur (WoR) - 2/3: Doom | 1/3: Petrify (Attack) Rain Man (WoR) - 2/3: Acid Rain (Magic) | 1/3: Bolt 2 (Magic) Raven (WoB) - 2/3: Break (Magic) | 1/3: 1/3: Attack + Sleep (Vigor) Repo Man (WoB) - 2/3: Step Mine | 1/3: Vanish Revenant (WoR) - 2/3: Holy (Magic) | 1/3: Blaze (Magic) Rhydon (WoB) - 2/3: Strong Attack (Vigor) | 1/3: Sun Bath (Stamina) Rocky (WoR) - 2/3: Harvester (Stamina) | 1/3: Rock (Stamina) Sand Ray (WoB) - 2/3: Sand Storm (Magic) | 1/3: Strong Attack (Vigor) Scarab (WoR) - 2/3: Starlight (Magic) | 1/3: Mega Volt (Magic) Scrapper (WoB) - 2/3: Strong Attack (Vigor) | 1/3: Chakra (Stamina) Sewer Rat (WoB) - 2/3: Poison (Magic) | 1/3: Attack + Bserk (Vigor) Shokan (WoR) - 2/3: Dark (Magic) | 1/3: Raze (Magic) Soldier (WoB) - 2/3: Cure 2 (Magic) | 1/3: Strong Attack (Vigor) Spirit (WoB) - 2/3: Demi | 1/3: Quartr Stray Cat (WoB) - 2/3: Snowball (Magic) | 1/3: Stronger Attack (Vigor) Tek Armor (WoB) - 2/3: Barrier | 1/3 Strong Attack (Vigor) Templar (WoB) - 2/3 Stronger Attack (Vigor) | 1/3: Remedy (Stamina) Titan (WoR) - 2/3: Avalanche (Magic) | 1/3: Stronger Attack (Vigor) Troll (WoR) - 2/3: Stronger Attack (Vigor) | 1/3 Refract Tumbleweed (WoR) - 2/3: Cure 3 (Magic) | 1/3: Attack (Drain HP) (Vigor) Tyrano (WoR) - 2/3 Stronger Attack (Vigor) | 1/3: Firestorm (Magic) Vagrant (WoR) - 2/3: Flash Rain (Magic) | 1/3 Stronger Attack (Vigor) Vaporite (WoB) - 2/3: Plasma (Magic) | 1/3: Blind (Attack) Vulture (WoB) - 2/3: Razor Leaf (Magic) | 1/3: Harvester (Stamina) Weedula (WoR) - 2/3 Quake (Magic) | 1/3: Razor Leaf (Magic) Werewolf (WoR) - 2/3 Stronger Attack (Vigor) | 1/3: Regen (Stamina) Windrunner (WoR) - 2/3 Aero (Magic) | Attack +Bserk (Vigor) Witch (WoR) - 2/3 Refract | 1/3: Fire 3 (Magic) Zombone (WoB) - 2/3 Cave In | 1/3: Zombie (Attack) ESPERS Stray - Stamina+2 --- 24 MP: sets Muddle/Slow/Sap on all foes Fenrir - Speed+2 ---- 24 MP: sets Image on party SPELLS Imp Sleep HasteX Float Warp --- Regen - Stamina
  15. Updated for 2.0 Buffs to Gau's base Vigor and Magic make him better right out of the gate. Further, a buff to his base BatPwr aims to make his physical attacks more relevant early on (where they were completely overshadowered by magical damage). His late-game physical damage is now balanced around 3x attack multipliers, which gives him a lot more options than the single 4x he had before, as well as helps keep them from completely overtaking his magical damage once he gets his hands on the Bone Club. Also helping keep his late-game magic damage alive is the fact that the Magic Bone is now a Colosseum trade (for the Bone Club, natch) rather than a hidden item. Oh, yeah, and at least half of the rages in the game have been changed, too. There's a lot more variety now, particularly in regards to healing rages.
  16. Edgar Roni Figaro Hail to the King, Baby BASE STATS Vigor: 36 / Magic: 30 / Speed: 30 / Stamina: 24 HP: 72 / MP: 0 BatPwr: 64 / Def: 42 / M.Def: 24 / Evade: 6 / M.Evade: 6 EQUIPMENT Weapons: Spears, Swords --- Shield: Heavy Shields, Light Shields, Elemental Guards Head: Helmets, Hats Body: Heavy Armor, Medium Armor, Vests SKILLS (Tools) AutoCrossbow - physical attack vs. enemy group (Vigor); ignores row, can miss NoiseBlaster - sets Muddle on a group of foes Bio Blaster - dark damage (Magic) to a group of foes; sets Poison Drill - physical attack (Vigor); ignores defense, sets Sap Flash - non-elemental damage (Magic) to a group of foes; sets Blind Defibrillator - revives a fallen ally; Magic determines amount of HP restored Mana Battery - restores MP to an ally (Magic) Chainsaw - physical attack (Vigor); ignores defense, may instantly kill --- Jump (replaces Fight) - Fight (Vigor) + 100% damage (spears) or 50% (other weapons); ignores row ESPERS Siren - Magic+1/Speed+1 -------- 16 MP: sets Bserk on all foes Unicorn - HP+30/Stamina+1 --- 24 MP: restores HP to party (Stamina) and lifts most bad statuses Golem - HP+20/Vigor+1 -------- 48 MP: blocks physical hits for party (durability = caster's max HP) Palidor - Vigor+1/Speed+1 --- 24 MP: party attacks with Jump (Vigor) SPELLS Rasp - Magic Bserk Slow SlowX Safe Haste Float Scan --- Cure 2 - Magic Remedy - Stamina
  17. Updated for 2.0 Physical Edgar gets slightly buffed all around, with an increase in his Base BatPwr along with an increase to all three of his physical damage tools to the tune of ~20 BatPwr apiece. He also gains Rasp (while losing Mute) as another use for his magic stat. While a Siren build should be able to fully drain most enemies in a single blow, Golem/Dragoon Edgar will probably need to team up with Celes to get much use out of it otherwise. A few other changes have affected Edgar on the magical side of things: lower enemy magic defense in the early game has necessitated that the already borderline-OP Bio Blaster be pushed back to the Zozo era, and the fact that blind is now universally effective has warranted a slight power nerf to the Flash. Edgar is also probably the character most affected by the cover and row targeting changes in 2.0 due to his love of spears often forcing him into the position of bodyguard.
  18. Updated for 2.0 Mog is probably a little unhappy to lose the discounts he was getting the severely underpriced Break and Quake spells, and that's... really the only major thing worth mentioning aside from the sizeable boost (+36) to his base HP.
  19. Updated for 2.0 Not a whole lot to say here: Celes loses Mute and Sleep to pick up Rasp and Bserk, which largely cements her role as party support rather than a debuffer. Reworked enemy MP values and AI aim to make Rasp actually useful in Celes's hands, both as a means of disabling spellcasters and killing the undead (which she otherwise lacks a good way to deal with). Dispel is now learned naturally at level 15, which should come in PARTICULARLY handy during the 024 fight (hint hint). Also, (???) was a wee bit OP, and so the formula was rewritten to make it ignore defense, but be a bit weaker on average. This gives it a more clearly-defined role alongside Celes's spell collection instead of being a generally-preferable alternative to it. One last thing: Crusader & Alexandr have been swapped in terms of location and stat bonuses, so... there will be some confusion in reading earlier posts in this thread.
  20. Sabin Rene Figaro "Well don't that just beat all..." BASE STATS Vigor: 48 / Magic: 24 / Speed: 36 / Stamina: 42 HP: 144 / MP: 0 BatPwr: 64 / Def: 42 / M.Def: 42 / Evade: 18 / M.Evade: 12 EQUIPMENT Weapons: Claws --- Shield: - Head: Masks, Hats Body: Light Armor, Robes, Vests SKILLS (Blitz) (Note: all Blitzes are untargetable) Pummel (lv. 1) - physical attack (Vigor); ignores defense, sets Sap Suplex (lv. 9) - stronger physical attack (Vigor); ignores defense, sets Stop Aurabolt (lv. 12) - Stamina-based (magical) holy attack; damage halved from back row Fire Dance (lv. 15) - fire damage (Magic) to all foes Mantra (lv. 20) - restores HP to Sabin's allies (Stamina and current HP) Chakra (lv. 25) - restores MP to Sabin's allies (Stamina) Sonic Boom (lv. 30) - Stamina-based (magical) wind damage to all foes Bum Rush (???) - strongest physical attack (Vigor); ignores defense ESPERS Stray - Stamina+2 ------------- 24 MP: revives all fallen allies to 250 ~ 500 HP Golem - HP+20/Vigor+1 --- 48 MP: blocks physical hits for party (durability = caster's max HP) Terrato - HP+60 ------------- 64 MP: earth damage to all does (Magic) SPELLS Quake - Magic Drain - Magic --- Imp Sleep SleepX Slow Safe Float
  21. Updated for 2.0 Sabin is seeing a LOT of changes here, most obviously that Aurabolt is learned much earlier now, pushing back Fire Dance and Mantra and reverting him to the classic "vanilla" Blitz order. Since Sabin's stamina-boosting esper doesn't also raise his HP like Cyan's does, he wants the offensive benefits sooner rather than later, and for the first half of the game Stam-WOW Sabin will hit just as hard on average as Slap-Chop Sabin does with Suplex. However, Sabin was initially designed as a high-strength character who likes his physical options regardless of build, and the changes to Aurabolt now push that: it no longer ignores defense as his physical blitzes do and it no longer ignores row so that he will never be in a position where his physical blitzes are doing half damage to Aurabolt's full damage. He does eventually pick up a ranged stamina attack with Sonic Boom, but it's more of a sweeper than a viable single-target damage option. Perhaps most importantly for Stam-WOW Sabin, the Mantra formula has been greatly improved to favor stamina over HP growth, and is now on par with other "big" healing attacks (on a stamina build, at least - it's serviceable on a vigor build, but noticeably weaker). Vigor Sabin, on the other hand, sees something of a nerf in that Suplex no longer sets Slow since he has regained access to the spell (Suplex setting slow was nice, but confusing to most players who didn't know what it was doing and OP to veteran players who did). On the positive side of things, however, his endgame claws are stronger (namely the Stormfang), and he gets earlier access to both the Spirit Claw (now for sale by the travelling merchant - and necessary to slow the Phantom Train) and Poison Claw (now for sale at Nikeah). The changes to Sabin's spell list are fairly uninteresting because he's, well, Sabin. He loses Mute (which he wasn't supposed to have in the first place - Stray having it was a bug) in favor of Sleep and loses Bserk to get back Slow. While this is an overall reduction in his status coverage, it's worth noting that he retains control over three very debilitating statuses - Imp, Stop (now on Suplex), and Sleep - that are relatively uncommon on other characters.
  22. Strago Magus Get Off My Lawn! BASE STATS Vigor: 24 / Magic: 48 / Speed: 24 / Stamina: 42 HP: 18 / MP: 60 BatPwr: 16 / Def: 24 / M.Def: 36 / Evade: 6 / M.Evade: 18 EQUIPMENT Weapons: Rods --- Shield: Light Shields, Elemental Guards Head: Crowns, Hats Body: Hides, Robes, Vests SKILLS (Lore) Aqualung (18 MP) - water damage to all foes (Magic) Bad Breath (16 MP) - sets Poison/Blind/Mute on a group of foes Black Omen (72 MP) - massive defense-ignoring damage to all foes (Magic) Blaze (12 MP) - fire damage (Magic); sets Sap/Blind, can target multiple foes Blow Fish (0 MP) - 1,000 damage Discord (5 MP) - sets Muddle/Bserk on one foe Holy Wind (30 MP) - restores HP to party by an amount equal to Strago's current HP Raid (15 MP) - absorbs HP/MP from foe (Magic); ignores defense Raze (36 MP) - heavy fire damage (Magic); may set Sap/Poison Refract (25 MP) - sets Image/Rflect on an ally Shield (48 MP) - sets Safe on party Tsunami (64 MP) - heavy water damage to all foes (Magic) --- X-Magic (replaces Magic) - cast two spells instead of one ESPERS Shiva - Magic+2 ------------------------ 32 MP: ice damage (Magic) on all foes Carbunkl - MP+25/Stamina+1 --- 24 MP: sets Rflect on party Zoneseek - MP+20/Magic+1 ---- 48 MP: sets Shell on party Odin - Stamina+2 ------------------ 99 MP: massive non-elemental damage (Stamina) to all foes; ignores defense SPELLS Ice - Magic Ice 2 - Magic Dark - Magic X-Zone --- Osmose - Magic Stop Slow Shell Rflect Warp
  23. Updated for 2.0 Strago's abilities see quite a few changes here, most notably a hard focus on X-Dark (which is now stronger and more expensive) as his best single-target damage while Raze loses its "poison" element along with a little bit of its power to make it a more of a general-purpose attack (that's now slightly weaker than Dark) until Dark is obtained. Refract is more expensive - and rightfully so - due in part to Reflect's changed behavior, but mostly just because it was undervalued before due to how useful the Image status can be. Blow Fish, finally, no longer has an MP cost: a major boon to you LLG freaks out there, but otherwise unremarkable since its damage is insignificant in a normal game environment and the change was done primarily so that enemies who use it did not need MP (and Mute would not prevent it). On the spell side of things, Strago loses Sleep (not that he needed the extra status coverage) and gets Warp back... for what good that will do him. Strago also gets the only EL change in 2.0: an increase in the MP offered by Zoneseek, which previously was of little interest to him since Carbunkl offered more. This increase draws a much clearer line in the sand for Strago's EL options: Shiva/Zoneseek for a magic build and Carbunkl/Odin for a stamina one. And speaking of Stamina Strago... the old man loses his ill-advised ability to equip maces in 2.0, but in return gains access to a new weapon that looks like a rod but is basically a 1-handed Mutsunokami. As the random wind damage from such weapons is now stamina-based, this at last gives Stamina Strago an actual offensive option aside from Odin. Even MORE importantly, the updated Regen formula now favors stamina over maximum HP, thus resulting in a massive buff for "Viagra" Strago's... *ahem* longevity.
  24. Locke Cole Thief "Treasure Hunter" BASE STATS Vigor: 36 / Magic: 30 / Speed: 42 / Stamina: 36 HP: 66 / MP: 0 BatPwr: 32 / Def: 36 / M.Def: 30 / Evade: 24 / M.Evade: 12 EQUIPMENT Weapons: Knives, Swords, Thrown Weapons --- Shield: Heavy Shields, Light Shields, Elemental Guards Head: Light Helmets, Masks, Hats Body: Medium Armor, Light Armor, Vests SKILLS Steal - steal an item from a humanoid opponent (Speed); turn is free if successful Mug (replaces Steal) - adds a physical attack (Vigor) to Steal X-Magic (replaces Magic) - cast two spells instead of one ESPERS Ramuh - Vigor+2 ----------------- 32 MP: bolt damage (Magic) on all foes Kirin - HP+30/Stamina+1 ---- 24 MP: restores party's HP (Magic) and sets Regen Ifrit - Speed+2 ------------------ 32 MP: fire damage (Magic) on all foes Phoenix - HP+30/MP+15 --- 80 MP: revives all dead allies to max HP SPELLS Fire Fire 2 Fire 3 Bolt Bolt 2 Demi Drain --- Cure Cure 2 Cure 3 Life Life 2 (All of Locke's spells scale with Magic except Demi and Life/Life 2)
  25. Updated for 2.0 Locke... really isn't changing much here. He gets a boost to his base stamina in celebration of the fact that people actually run him as full Kirin these days and he likes the reduced summon costs for Ramuh and Ifrit more than the girls do, but that's about it.