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  1. Best I can tell, it's related to large enemy sprites.
  2. It probably wouldn't hurt to have one of the d00ds at the base of the tower not-so-subtly imply that room isn't there anymore.
  3. If we did anything, honestly, we'd just have Mog learn it automatically at the start of the WoR. Part of my 2.0 plans involve an area where Water Rondo can be learned, but we all know how far off THAT is.
  4. Coding it in really isn't a problem. Putting it in in a way that doesn't seem completely hack-assed is a bit more complicated. It's not something we were ever really against, but it never really became enough of a priority for us to look into a good way of implementing it.
  5. Relm does get Interceptor in BNW - you just have to kill Shadow.
  6. Yeah, you're thinking like a human, not a computer. Rounding "down" in this case means dropping the remainder, which would be negative 0.5. Dropping that remainder gives us zero, not negative 1.
  7. Hmm... somehow I was assuming that the resist count wouldn't be cut in half if it was already negative. It definitely shouldn't be.
  8. And claiming that Merton needs 4 Flameguards to be usable is a bit of a stretch since it assumes that nobody is willing to damage their teammates. If players don't mind that Celes hurts herself to use Shock, it makes no sense to assume the contrary about another attack.
  9. All that and you miss probably the most obvious effect, which is that you can hit Wallchange bosses with multi-element attacks.
  10. That is exactly why I requested this patch.
  11. This is not at all true; I designed encounters with every *potential* character in mind and specifically avoided to the best of my ability there being a "best" choice. Any characters which are forced will have that reflected in the stage design, such as there always being monsters with Runicable attacks when Celes is mandatory. In fact, this is one of the main things I was trying to prove when I was streaming Brave New World - I was letting the chat dictate my party comp.
  12. Just 120,000k. I addressed him during the last round of boss HP tweaking by lowering his magic defense, so the fight goes by quicker if you take advantage of his fire/holy weaknesses. (Since he's no longer undead, I should probably remove his poison immunity so that Raze will be effective.)
  13. Not upset, just very confused. I do see a lot of players grind at the end of the game, but this is unexpected behavior for me.
  14. How... high have you gone
  15. Just out of curiosity, how long did you have to spend grinding to get to level 10?
  16. It's not an anti-grinding mechanic - it's a way for early-game enemies to still pose a threat when you encounter them later on (and, more specifically, it's my way of justifying them having powerful attacks when Gau rages them by having them ACTUALLY USE said attack).
  17. If you've grinded to the point that the opening enemies are using Poison, you are overleveled as FUCK.
  18. The short answer is that leapable mobs are the ones that consist only of enemies that appear in the Printme's rage list.
  19. Against a typical enemy, Dark is roughly equivalent to spamming Black Omen. The MP cost is roughly the same, but there are a few other factors. One is that Dark respects defense, so can be stronger (or occasionally weaker) depending on the target. It can also hit a weakness or a resistance. Black Omen is the "safer" of the two because of this, but Dark is frequently the more powerful. (Of course, Black Omen is also MT, so it wins hands down as a sweeper.) I try to avoid having too much specialized equipment because that begins to wear down at the possible different combinations of equipment setups in the endgame. For example, if everyone's equipment was completely specialized, then the best final setups would be a lot less interesting than if more or it was shared, or at least that's the philosophy I approached it with. Also, stamina is useful for any character since it acts as a defensive stat. There's some debate as to *how* useful it is, but it's by no means a wasted stat. In fact, the cover/counter changes in 1.9 were implemented specifically because I wanted to see more meaningful synergy between vigor and stamina (specifically with regards to Phantom Celes).
  20. Each character's spell list was created to compliment their special skill, and in Strago's case his special skill is "more magic", so it ends up in an odd place. Like Nowea said, his offensive spell list is pretty sparse since Lore mostly fills that role and assumes the use of the Sage Stone in order to be competitive with Lore. The rest of his spells - like Shell/Reflect/Osmose - are perfectly serviceable without the Sage Stone. I classify the Genji armor set as "medium" rather than heavy armor, which is why the list of users also include Locke and Shadow. It's a solid defense option for them, but it sacrifices evasion in turn - and these are two characters built around dodging attacks rather than taking a hit (well, Shadow at least. Locke is a different story.) I'll answer any other questions you have, but it would be better if you just posted them in that initial thread you made instead of making new ones.
  21. Jump's damage can be mitigated by defending, and the time he spends in the air should mostly ensure that you have enough time to react.