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  1. The only change I've publicly stated is an intention to maker the Floating Continent a multiple-party dungeon.
  2. It's cosmetic up until the point that the duplicates start bumping actual rages off of the list.
  3. @Synchysi
  4. I'm assuming it's a conflict with either Assassin's alphabetical rage patch (most likely) or D's rage menu hack. I've posted this in the thread on FF6Hacking so hopefully GrayShadows sees it and can offer some insight.
  5. Did you confirm that the two were related?
  6. Honestly, the only issue that concerns me is the rage list, and I'm betting anything it's tied to the spell condensing patch.
  7. It's not a very good feature.
  8. I'm gonna call that one a feature >.>
  9. What versions does this exist in? It's weird enough that knowing exactly when it showed up is the best way we'll have to figure out what's causing it.
  10. So, summary of issues with the current patch: -Spell condensing hack is missing (link to it has been provided earlier on in this thread) -Quartrstaff/Doomstick patch is messed up (Seibaby?) -Random encounter patch doesn't seem to work and I recommend removing it for further external testing -Items may kill undead Gau (existing issue from 1.8; new ROM sent to Synchysi with a fix) -Bug with the Soul Fire script (existing issue from 1.8; new ROM sent to Synchysi with a fix) -Whatever the fuck this is:
  11. Version Squalid


    Sid Meier's Civilization is a series that requires no introduction, and its third offering is, in my humble opinion, the greatest of them all. One of my first major modding projects and arguably what set my modding career into motion was fine-tuning the rules of the base game in an attempt to forget that the expansions ever happened. There's not much to say about this one except that it's as balanced as I feel it's ever going to get; have a glance at the readme or the quick reference sheet if you want to know more, or just dive right in and let the Civilopedia be your guide.
  12. It is my opinion after having observed the latest RC in action that the random encounter patch should be omitted in future builds until it can be further tested independently (and preferably by someone familiar with ASM and a debugger handy).
  13. Yep. Major thing it's missing is the spell menu condensing hack, which Seibaby has posted a fix for.
  14. 1.9 is pretty significant. The current RC is stable; the issues with it are minor and entirely cosmetic.
  15. Go right ahead and start up a thread. Good to have you.
  16. I believe you just got that hack from here: It definitely was in a previous beta, AFAIK.
  17. Plenty of results.
  18. You're talking about the hack that D sent you, right? Should still be in your email history since you never delete anything.
  19. Why would you be missing the status symbols hack...?
  20. It appears that neither the spell condensing patch nor the random encounter patch is in RC11.
  21. Any "donation" from Seibaby I ever spoke of was referring to the work he has put into this project (unless we're talking about the community donation project we set up to send DN a care package). We don't really take in donations... though I can't in good faith turn down any willing contribution towards my "help my broke girlfriend take her cats to the vet" fund.
  22. Relic bug still exists, too. Looks like something in the menu screen got messed up with RC9, and my gut is telling me it's related to Y Relic Equip. EDIT: the good news is that timed sequences seem to work properly. So the lack of a timer is a fun feature.
  23. Brave New World: Stormtroopers vs. A-Team edition
  24. So, for the next RC... • The game will no longer crash when Relm is recruited • The Zephyr Cape will now case Haste on low HP (instead of whatever it does now) • Dog Block will be disabled while covering • The Soul Sabre's BatPower will no longer be hidden in the extended equipment info screen and it and the Blood Sword will no longer be ignored by the optimize routine This *may* get put out tonight, otherwise it may be a little bit.