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  1. Quick list of things for an eventual 1.9.1 release: • Soldier rage to Cure 2 / Special ; Rhinotaur to Remedy / Special • Stop hitting yourself, Powerslave • Musn't • Cafe to Pub (maybe) • Random encounter patch (maybe) • Atma Weapon to respect Jump (if anyone decides to try to code it) • Considering upping the random kill rate on the Nodachi/Doom Darts to 33% or 50%
  2. The world's dying, but suddenly there's rainforests everywhere.
  3. Locke actually topped the old MVP poll we had for the longest time. It's really interesting to see how the ides have shifted.
  4. And Leap Anywhere kind of obsoletes that, anyway.
  5. They're missable if you never encountered their respective formations, yes.
  6. Blame @Emmy it was her idea.
  7. Possibry. That sounds like a bug we may have addressed in recent memory.
  8. There's not sufficient screen real-estate to make the last two happen; the first is something Synchysi has explained int he past and could probably do so better than I. I think it's a compression thing.
  9. The multiple-party setup has nothing that affects warping, and while you cannot warp out of the Phoenix Cave in vanilla, we enabled it in Brave New World. And you can warp put of Kefka's Tower in either case.
  10. When 1.9.1 comes around, I'll probably add to it. I just haven't really fucked around much with alternate sprites since I was never really interested in the ones that put more clothes on Celes >.>
  11. It's because the dogs counter magic. I'd consider it a bug, but I'm too amused at the idea of an abused animal turning on its handler to fix it.
  12. The only dungeon I can think of where warping is disabled is Cyan's nightmare, and you can't leave it anyway...
  13. You don't have any Warp Whistles or the spell?
  14. Removing the ability to avoid random encounters altogether was a deliberate design decision because otherwise the game is just boss battles. The encounter rate itself is something that is currently being addressed:
  15. Yeah, this place is pretty much ID 2.0
  16. Just to clarify for anyone confused by the title, this was a hack that was intended to go into 1.9.0, but was removed because it wasn't working properly.
  17. Any familiarity with how Civilization games work at all is half the battle; beyond that it's just the subtleties of how 3 is different. I'd suggest giving the tutorial in vanilla Civ3 a quick whirl and you'll probably pick things up pretty quick. I also rewrote the Civilopedia from scratch to function as a help file, so there's also that.
  18. These will be great for any future testing. If you can grab some WoR saves, as well, that'd be super.
  19. Celes Chere Dog of the Empire BASE STATS Vigor: 36 / Magic: 36 / Speed: 36 / Stamina: 36 HP: 120 / MP: 30 BatPwr: 36 / Def: 42 / M.Def: 30 / Blk%: 12 / M.Blk%: 6 EQUIPMENT Weapons: Swords, Maces, Thrown Weapons --- Shield: Heavy Shields, Light Shields, Elemental Guards Head: Helmets, Veils, Crowns, Hats Body: Heavy Armor, Medium Armor, Dresses, Robes, Vests SKILLS Runic - nullify the next black, gray, or white spell cast by any character (friend or foe) and absorb its MP cost ??? - Stamina/HP ESPERS Ramuh - Vigor+2 ----------------------------- 48 MP: bolt damage (Magic) on all foes Siren - Magic+1/Speed+1 ---------------- 12 MP: sets Bserk on all foes Shiva - Magic+2 ----------------------------- 48 MP: ice damage (Magic) on all foes Phantom - Vigor+1/Stamina+1 ------- 12 MP: sets Vanish on party Seraph - HP+30/MP+15 ---------------- 72 MP: sets Rerise on party Alexandr - HP+60 ------------------------ 80 MP: holy damage (Magic) on all foes Crusader - Stamina+1/Speed+1 --- 99 MP: massive non-elemental damage (Magic) on all foes SPELLS Ice (lv. 6) Ice 2 Ice 3 (lv. 24) Bolt Bolt 2 Bolt 3 (lv. 30) Holy Merton Demi (lv. 18) Quartr (All of Celes's black spells except Demi/Quartr scale with Magic) --- Mute Sleep Slow (lv. 12) Safe (lv. 21) Haste Float Scan (lv. 9) Dispel --- Cure (lv. 1) - Magic Cure 2 (lv. 15) - Magic Life Rerise Remedy - Stamina Regen - Stamina
  20. If I can free up two bytes somewhere to slip a FB 02 into his script, that'll fix it.