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  1. Gogo Slave to the Power of Death BASE STATS Vigor: 30 / Magic: 30 / Speed: 30 / Stamina: 30 HP: 0 / MP: 0 BatPwr: 16 / Def: 24 / M.Def: 24 / Evade: 24 / M.Evade: 24 EQUIPMENT Weapons: Knives, Rods, Brushes --- Shield: Light Shields, Elemental Guards Head: Crowns, Hats Body: Light Armor, Hides, Parkas, Vests SKILLS Mimic - repeats the last action taken by any ally --- Gogo's command list consists of Mimic and three of *any* other command/skill ESPERS Gogo cannot equip espers SPELLS Gogo can use any spell that anyone else in the current party can use
  2. Updated for 2.0 Not much to see on the surface except for a doubled MP cost for Fenrir; like Setzer, Shadow's major changes in 2.0 are a significant overhauling of his weapons. Of particular note is that the Kazekiri/Mutsunokami procs are now stamina-based and the Kusarigama is now an anti-human "net" weapon available in the Zozo era.
  3. Shadow Real Ultimate Power BASE STATS Vigor: 42 / Magic: 36 / Speed: 42 / Stamina: 36 HP: 24 / MP: 0 BatPwr: 24 / Def: 30 / M.Def: 30 / Evade: 24 / M.Evade: 24 EQUIPMENT Weapons: Ninja Daggers, Knives --- Shield: - Head: Light Helmets, Masks, HatsBody: Medium Armor, Light Armor, Vests SKILLS (Throw) Ninja Stars - physical attack (Vigor); ignores defense, may target multiple foes Knives - stronger physical attack (Vigor); ignores defense Scrolls - Fire, bolt, or water damage (Magic) to all foes (split damage; more effective vs. a single foe) Smoke Bomb - sets Image on a party member ESPERS Phantom - Vigor+1/Stamina+1 --- 16 MP: sets Vanish on party Fenrir - Speed+2 ---------------------- 48 MP: sets Image on party SPELLS Haste HasteX Float Warp Dispel --- Regen - Stamina Rerise (???)
  4. Updated for 2.0 Not much on the surface here - just a new option for Sap (and AoE Poison) through his magic and higher MP costs for Shoat and Seraph. The big changes for Setzer in 2.0 are improvements to his weapons, namely the Tarot (now slightly stronger than an Avenger vs. undead bosses) and Viper Darts (now use MP for critical hits instead of being an insta-kill weapon)
  5. Setzer Gabbiani The Angel & The Gambler BASE STATS Vigor: 36 / Magic: 30 / Speed: 30 / Stamina: 24 HP: 60 / MP: 0 BatPwr: 24 / Def: 36 / M.Def: 24 / Evade: 12 / M.Evade: 12 EQUIPMENT Weapons: Casino Weapons, Knives --- Shield: Heavy Shields, Light Shields, Elemental Guards Head: Helmets, Hats Body: Heavy Armor, Medium Armor, Vests SKILLS (Slots) Solitaire (3 diamonds) - Magic damage to all foes; sets Blind Trifecta (3 chocobos) - Magic damage to all non-floating foes; sets Sap Blackjack (3 airships) - Magic damage to all foes; ignores defense Roulette (3 bars) - summons a random esper Jackpot (3 7's) - revives all fallen allies & restores HP to live ones; Magic determines amount of HP restored Go Fish (losing spin) - restores HP to entire party (Magic) --- GP Toss (replaces Slots) - throw GP at one or multiple foes (Stamina); ignores defense, damage is reduced for each additional target ESPERS Shoat - Magic+2 --------------- 48 MP: sets Stone on all foes Seraph - HP+30/MP+15 --- 80 MP: sets Rerise on party Starlet - Stamina+2 -------- 80 MP: restores party's HP to max & lifts *all* bad statuses SPELLS Sap - Magic Poison - Magic Doom --- Cure 2 - Magic Cure 3 - Magic Rerise Remedy - Stamina Regen - Stamina RegenX - Stamina
  6. Updated the changelog again. Clarified some of the tentative/unclear points about enemy stats and behavior, finalized all of the rage changes (hopefully), and swapped around the Poison/Bio (now "Sap") spells.
  7. Updated for 2.0 Loses Bserk/Rasp and gains Stop/Mute, but that's about it.
  8. Terra Branford The Power of Love BASE STATS Vigor: 30 / Magic: 42 / Speed: 30 / Stamina: 30 HP: 60 / MP: 45 BatPwr: 32 / Def: 30 / M.Def: 36 / Evade: 6 / M.Evade: 12 EQUIPMENT Weapons: Swords, Maces, Thrown Weapons --- Shield: Heavy Shields, Light Shields, Elemental Guards Head: Helmets, Veils, Crowns, Hats Body: Heavy Armor, Medium Armor, Dresses, Robes, Vests SKILLS Morph - 50% bonus to all damage/healing output, double damage taken (Stamina reduces incoming damage penalty to a minimum of 25%) ESPERS Maduin - Magic+1/Stamina+1 ----- 48 MP: defense-ignoring wind damage (Magic) on all foes Unicorn - HP+30/Stamina+1 ------ 36 MP: restores HP to party (Stamina) and lifts most bad statuses Carbunkl - MP+25/Stamina+1 --- 24 MP: sets Rflect on party Bismark - Vigor+2 ------------------- 32 MP: water damage (Magic) on all foes Tritoch - Stamina+2 --------------- 64 MP: fire/ice/bolt damage (Magic) on all foes Phoenix - HP+30/MP+15 ------- 80 MP: revives all dead allies to max HP Ragnarok - MP+40 --------------- 99 MP: 9,999 damage to one foe SPELLS Fire (lv. 4) Fire 2 (lv. 10) Fire 3 (lv. 20) Ice 3 Bolt 3 Break Storm Ultima (All of Terra's black spells scale with Magic) --- Muddle (lv. 6) Mute Imp (lv. 8) Stop Slow (lv. 16) Shell Rflect Scan --- Cure (lv. 1) - Magic Cure 2 - Magic Cure 3 - Magic Life Life 2 (lv. 20) Remedy - Stamina Regen - Stamina RegenX (lv. 30) - Stamina
  9. ...and that is why we don't do superbosses. @Reiker RE: Stamina Sabin, it's basically Chakra/Mantra, to be perfectly honest. The new Mantra formula is a fairly notable buff.
  10. The answer to this one is pretty easy: working with smaller numbers is exponentially easier than larger ones, and balancing within a smaller range of possible levels is easier than with a larger one. I didn't "lower the cap" so much as I just shrank the total range I was working with - consider level 50 in BNW the equivalent of 99 in vanilla. Although the level cap is advertised as 50, players will generally never see it. I'm a firm believer in that the player should never *see* the invisible boundaries, so to speak, so you're generally not going to get very far into the "soft" cap that starts at the late 30's.
  11. ROM expansion isn't necessarily the magic bullet that everyone thinks it is. Practically speaking, the primary tool used to accomplish it only creates more space in the enemy AI bank (which I presently just freed up 500 bytes and counting from in script rewrites) and the dialogue bank. I have refused to expand the ROM needlessly because I'm a firm believer in that restrictions breed creativity and I can assure you that a lot of what's currently in Brave New World would never have been thought up if infinite free space gave me carte blanche to shit up the AI bank with anything I wanted.
  12. Both of the things that Ecclesiastes mentioned are known bugs with no way (as far as I'm aware) to resolve them.
  13. Updated the changelog again, most notably with some more rage changes (which have been affected by me working on - and also renaming quite a few - enemies) and put in mention of a few new hacks courtesy of Seibaby and Think. Also put in a note about a little save point we added before a certain optional boss fight...
  14. Oh, yeah, I also wanted to respond to this. Although I went back into examining vanilla for the sake of the article I wrote, the honest truth is that Brave New World hasn't been about fixing vanilla's mistakes for a *long* time. With each passing version, it's less about looking at the original and saying "what were they thinking?", it's about looking at the last version of BNW and asking, "what was *I* thinking?"
  15. Well, as you've seen, my solution has been to marginalize it. I can't make the fights interesting, so I don't try. Instead, I tried to make the trades interesting.
  16. Yes. It's not happening.
  17. Simply put, I've watched a *lot* of Brave New World streams. And anywhere where I almost universally see the "fast forward" option being enabled and players being bored out of their minds is something that needs to go or be reworked. The idea of the Colosseum, while fun in theory, becomes pure RNG in practice. It may have a place in vanilla FF6, but it just doesn't fit here.
  18. Mobile-accessible? What, you mean like a cell phone? Never owned one of those damned devil devices in my life, but I'm pretty sure they can read Excel spreadsheets. Or failing that, just ask that Alexa bitch or whatever the hell her name is, "Hey, Alexa what are the stats on Banon's Codpiece?" so she can give you some bullshit answer. See, that's the problem with you damn kids today - one minute, you're taking sass from computers and the next you're sending Kyle Reese back in time to boff your mom. Anyway... Good review. Some good points, some not as good. I'll bring a few of 'em up. The high cost of Tinctures is fairly deliberate. While magic is no longer the only stat worth a damn, it's still a resource-consuming attack in a game where most of the other ones are free and it should therefore warrant that resource usage. Further, considering that there are at least two characters (Sabin and Edgar) with builds focused on manage that resource consumption, making it easier to mitigate it through more conventional means would greatly diminish those builds. You may have also noticed the high cost of black magic compared to the *very* low cost of status magic, which is again deliberate. Status magic is the type that warrants the most experimentation to see what works and doesn't work on random mobs, while the player is generally meant to reserve their most powerful directly offensive magic for boss fights. RE: Slow on bosses, nothing in this game gets more than one turn at a time (although some bosses and enemies do have the possibility of tacking on an extra regular hit or two to their standard command). What probably has you confused is that every boss has a chance to counter-attack, meaning that if you just rush in you're liable to eat a lot of damage even if you've slowed it down. Earlier versions of Brave New World had an issue where "turtling" was more often than not the best strategy, and little by little I'm working to code bosses (such as Phunbaba) that strike a balance between the two extremes. The Colosseum... is just a mess. Because the fights are uncontrollable, there's very little strategy that goes into it - it's pretty much just a house of RNG. That's why most of the fights there (and as of 1.10 - ALL of the fights there) are token formalities and the *real* decisions are what you're trading vs. what you get. Making it a place to upgrade things would just, as Nowea put it, turn it into a place where you mindlessly do your thing and move on. Calling Atma Weapon a gear check is something I see a lot and I know exactly why. One, the only pieces of gear that really do make the fight a lot easier are status protection relics, and two what generally happens is that players will fall back, change their party, come back and win. And they often assume that it's the levels they gained in the interim that made the difference, but it's almost always the fact that they changed their approach going into the fight. Atma Weapon is actually a very good example of a boss where strategy is more important than leveling since a *lot* of his attacks don't really care what level you're at (i.e. fractional damage, status ailments, avoiding Quake/Magnitude entirely via Float). Other bosses being damage-spongey is something I'm aware of. I even have a note here already that says Hidon is terrible >.>
  19. That's a known bug. I want to say it was also present in vanilla, since we didn't do anything that would have caused it.
  20. Generally speaking, no. One issue is that I have filled up every data bank I was given to work with, and expanding the ROM isn't the magic bullet people think it is since it doesn't necessarily create that space *where* you want it. Even if you could work around that, the second and more damning issue is a simple lack of real estate to display data on. As it stands, things are already pretty cramped, and I've rejected rage description patches for awhile on the grounds that there's no real way to fit all of the relevant data into the allotted space.
  21. No clue. As of yet, we're not even sure if the hack is doable. I'll let @GrayShadows field it.
  22. All right, I've gone ahead and updated the changelog with a few more notes, mainly the bits on enemy AI and repurposing the Auction House as a secondary Beginner's School along with a few new hacks that D and GrayShadows have come up with. (Note: all tentative changes are in purple)
  23. @Reiker So, Aurabolt respecting row is kind of a culmination of several factors. Sabin was designed to be a high-strength character regardless of build, but the fact that his main attack option for his stamina build ignored row effectively invalidated all of his physical options and Stam-WOW Sabin's offense game devolved into "spam Aurabolt". I've also spoken with several players and concluded that people who do backrow him are typically running him as a Mantra/Chakra bot and aren't even bothering with the Nirvana Band, so that build isn't necessarily losing much (although it does eventually get Sonic Boom as a long-range attack option). It's finally worth noting that Stam-WOW Sabin's Aurabolt damage is equal to or better than Slap-Chop Sabin's Suplex in the early game, so there's no need to sell the build as a defensive one until he picks up Mantra. As for Eclipse, I think I already covered this one earlier, but it's because I switched the Mutsunokami/Kazekiri wind damage to stamina-based (keeping things thematic with having done the same to Sonic Boom), and I specifically did not want both those procs and Eclipse keying off of the same stat since they're Cyan's only "true" AoE options and they'd just end up stepping on each others' toes. The main effect of setting Eclipse back to "magic" damage is that it scales the same for either Cyan build, and I intend to push the blind effect as its primary benefit. Blackjack is the only real "buff" to Slots, and it ultimately does depend at how reliably you can hit them. And it's still just MT damage - GP Toss is still the superior ST damage option by a significant margin. The lowering of boss HP hasn't actually happened yet; I'm currently in the process of overhauling a LOT about enemies. If you want a more detailed response, I'd direct you to an article I recently posted on the site, specifically the section about "damage sponge" bosses. The Colosseum is a tricky beast. Because of how it works, there's a thin - and often jagged - line between trades that make things more interesting and those that don't. I look at end-game equipment availability and make sure that the player will have everything they need no matter what, and then try to make as many interesting choices as possible within the constraints of the Colosseum setup. The Skull Cap is kind of an outlier here since it's a powerful piece of headgear that I only wanted there to be one of (and that one is in Kefka's Tower) - everything else should be a little bit more freely-available than before.
  24. The wallchange bosses are going to be getting a bit of an overhaul. I was particularly unhappy with them in my last playthrough.