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  1. @ronlyn, that picture is great! Thank you so much! <3 Merry Christmas to you too! And I might as well take this chance to say Merry Christmas to everyone. I haven't been active lately, I hardly know what's going on in the forums or the Discord server anymore. Life does get in the way, but hopefully, soon enough, I'll be able to get back to this. As silent as I may be, I do enjoy this community. But well, without further ado, just on the time limit, I present to you, @SerjTargarien my gift to you! A disclaimer: since I dunno much of what's going on, the people who post, I haven't been online to ask, and I had very few little info on you, I decided to appeal to the first half of your username, since I'm not familiar with GoT. D: Aaaand I don't really know if you like this kind of music anyway, so it might end up being a somewhat decent gift or a really crappy one. Nonetheless, I really tried to think of something appropriate. I also apologize for the crappy camera quality, since I don't own a decent one. :3 Hope you enjoy! It gets kinda repetitive, so it's not the whole thing. But still! It was fun.
  2. You never know. I already had beginner's luck on my side once. Ask @Kjata.
  3. Secret Hitler sounds like fun. I'm interested, but might join later on when I can manage to get ahold of the funds needed to purchase TTS. So, I hope this becomes a regular activity.
  4. Helped as well. Can't say I've talked much to him, but that's not a deterrent to help someone in need, especially considering I regard him as a very important part of this community, and I'm sure he's also seen that way here and in other communities. Stay safe, dn, with both our support and your wit I'm sure things will be alright.
  5. Took me a while to get the chess reference. Nice to have you here, Bishop.
  6. ... lol. The most I've done with silly songs like that is listen to 4 hours straight of this, and I wasn't even gaming. I think I was just helping a friend fix his smartphone, and we were both listening to that as background music while doing that. While on music recommendations, this is something else I've been listening to lately (and even used it as background music for one of my 1.3 videos), which is I guess some jazz fusion progressive kind of thing...
  7. We're family, but he denies me. ...
  8. I can see Freya having a somewhat decent support game, and it could fit a little bit of a "holy dragoon" theme, much like Beatrix's role as a "paladin". I dunno about Zidane, though. True, you're pretty much forced to play with him at all times (you do get to not play with him on Unleashed if you wish to do so, by the endgame in Memoria, which I don't think is possible before that. Not sure if it's possible on Alternate Fantasy as well, probably not.), but giving him both good damage and good support is probably too much, but that would also depend on how the difficulty of this hypothetic mod turns out, I think. I'm just thinking that, while you're usually stuck with him, he's usually accompanied by other support characters (going by your Freya idea, she'd be the support in the Gizamaluke/Burmecia/Cleyra section, for example), and him being good at everything might trivialize the others' roles (again, I think that might depend on how this idea turns out as a whole). I do agree on him at least having good damage, which he already does in vanilla... and since he's got speed, he can be quite the dps, but it's not that important considering how easy the game is overall.
  9. So, this is a mod that was made by Tirlititi on FF9, called Alternate Fantasy (he did post about it in ID at some point, and is also in RHDN and Qhimm. I think he hasn't updated in a while, but might do so in the near future? It'd be nice if he posted about it here as well, perhaps). It's a mod made for both Steam and PS1 versions (with the only perk of being able to recruit Beatrix permanently in the Steam version), and features a lot of changes. The only other two people I know from here that have tried it are @Kjata and @Hart-Hunt. I've been playing intermittently, and I'm mostly trying to tackle it at the lowest level I can. I don't really have a way to organize time for a stream, so I settled for boss fights, where I show what I'm using before the battle (or after, depending), and I'll take this chance to excuse myself for the poor quality of the recordings. I've recently come to a stop because I feel I WILL have to grind to be able to fight Hilgigars... You may have noticed I used the gil booster at some point to be able to acquire the equipment I wanted/needed. I simply decided I wouldn't be bothered by grinding in two of the ways I knew wouldn't affect my party's lvl: chocobo hot & cold till death, or soloing monsters outside of Treno with Marcus (having Dagger and Steiner dead so they won't acquire any exp, although I'm not sure if the Marcus/Eiko thing is still there, and I'd rather not affect Eiko that way). So I feel fine being a cheater in this case, considering I'm only after the strategy for the boss fights in a borderline-lowest-level-possible kind of playthrough. ANYWAY, here it is.
  10. Vicarious, Jambi, and Rosetta Stoned do it for me. Sometimes The Pot and Right in Two as well (the former being the first Tool song I ever listened to), but in most cases I'm more taken in by the flow of the song and the lyrics, though I absolutely love the instrumentals of the first 3 songs I mentioned.
  11. FFIX Steam LLG

    To make things less tedious, I used the speed booster at times. Having done this before on console, and having the speed and no encounters booster, I felt like giving it another go. It definitely felt more casual with those advantages.
  12. FFT 1.3: Mostly Generic Run

    Kinda oldish, but still putting it out there to have something to show. It's "mostly" generic because I believe I used Boco up to a certain point (I was lazy to grind a 5th character, and ended up doing so anyway), and because I think I used Rafa in some battles thinking I needed her low Brave to get some Move-Finds. Made sure to use her as a Chemist (a generic class, to make her seem less special), and she was always underleveled, so it was like a unit dragging me down a bit... Well, watch if you feel like it!
  13. Eiko could probably still be a summoner (so it actually goes with the story), and try to accomodate her white magic skillset to be more like a time magic skillset? I mean, there's only Haste, Slow... maybe a Hastega or Slowga if it's possible? And to actually put Slow in there and not be part of Vivi's command... Or she could keep her white magic and have her summons go with effects of time magic-ish spells (like Carbuncle casting Reflect, but with the other summons). It's kinda late and I can't really elaborate much right now, but I realize that I don't even know how feasible this is. From what I gathered, I take it you want to make sure characters have a little more "orientation" within the preset roles they have (Zidane being a thief, Freya being a dragoon, etc.), with what you mentioned with the stats, and also maybe make more equipment exclusive to certain characters? I agree with what you said about Quina, I didn't even think about the immunity abilities but I can also see that, and of course giving minions to bosses. Hell, I'd even like to see the fights against the other guardians with their respective couple of characters, as opposed to just the Earth Guardian, trying to make sure they're not repetitive for the later counterparts, but fun enough to attempt with just 2 characters each. I haven't actually sat down to think about this, because I'm nowhere near modding a game, but if I ever do it, I'd like to think I'd start with this one. Given the kind of hell it is to mod, though, I might regret those words.
  14. Why am I the evil one? >:c
  15. I see your guitars (and baldness) @Hart-Hunt, and I retort with
  16. Tool is great. I probably enjoyed the 10,000 Days a bit too much. Granted, it's probably the only album I've listened to as a whole. The rest of the songs I know are from different albums and haven't listened 100% to those other albums. I'm also starting to get into Tool's Maynard side project thing... It's got an interesting vibe. I've also been going through a Ghost B.C. phase, and while I don't think I can recommend just one album, I'll still link one of the songs I like the most. ... or maybe two.
  17. The way I see it, I suppose I agree to some extent, if not fully, with both of you. Considering that all the mods of FF9 I've seen retain the very same feeling of playing the same game, even though they're mods (talking pretty much about both Unleashed and Alternate Fantasy), and I would think a more polished product could come out from trying to work out the best aspects of each of the mods' philosophy (reworking the effects of skills and characters' skillsets for the sake of balance, tweaking stats, and increasing difficulty from there). I'm liking it so far precisely because of the changes, but to work this pseudo LLG out, I've pretty much applied the same strategies for a regular vanilla LLG, which... makes it feel samey. The mod wasn't geared toward difficulty either, and it doesn't have to be so that it's enjoyable, but personally I think it would be nice.
  18. I must say you already streamed all the games I wanted to watch (in a row, no less), but I will keep on voting to see which ones I'd be interested to see even though I've never played the ones that are left. :3