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  1. I suggest modifying the VIRUS status. I can understand if you're KOed or petrified, but to get no EXPs and APs cause I feel sick? That's absurd. It also nullifies EVASION wich actually makes sense, you are sick you feel heavy therefore can't dodge. Instead of no exp/ap, it could work as the MP version of poison, cause being sick drains your energy. What do you think?
  2. That's why you don't stack on magic If you can steal magic, and magic can be stolen from you, no point in stacking. Also, if stacking is inefficient, you can't exploit the broken junction system, so you can't get massive stat bonuses and "easy win" fights
  3. The major issue about levels aren't actually enemy stats, but drops. Higher level foes drop higher level items? Neat! You may think... annoying is the reality. Commit the mistake of getting too much exp and you are gonna swear and a lot. In ff8 there are plenty of skills that let you convert enemy drops into spells or other useful items, the problem is that when you need a certain drop from a monster, you often have to spam skills that raise/lower the enemy's level just, to increase the chance of getting the right item. Sure, there's the card command, but still. Now, to talk about what really bothered me when I played the game: DRAWING Drawing is way to slow, it takes hours to get the spells you need to make your build, but that could be a matter of point of views, to me it's an issue, to others not. The real fuck up IMO was that in the game I never, I say NEVER saw an enemy except for the final boss to draw magic from my party... and that's a very sad thing. Think about it: the game lets you raise stats by boosting them storing magic, let's say you meet a boss that's vulnerable to physical attacks, good! If I was to develop the game, I'd make it so that boss was such a cunning bastard, that he would draw from my party the same magic I put into strenght, to lower my attack and strike me down at the same time. How cool would that have been? And consider many enemies you encounter in the game are actual soldiers specifically trained to draw and use spells. I think it would be very cool if that feature could be added to FF8, it would be a major improvement to the game.
  4. 1.08 look neat with the atb and all... but there's a bug that's bugging me lol Whenever a battle occurs, the battle bgm doesn't start, the map bgm plays instead
    There's a bug, whenever a battle occurs, the bgm doesn't changes... the map bgm plays instead
  5. Quick question: I'm playng BNW 1.9.0, when the 2.0 will be released, will I just need to repatch my game and keep playing from where I was, or will I have to start a new game?
  6. As an expert on the matter, I can assure you dual wielding knives/swords is way more difficult than throwing a knife Very few martial artist choose that option due to how difficult/impractical it is, so it's logicak to think that a dual wielder might be able to effectively throw
  7. Sooo... On the name of "diversity" Shadow can imitate Locke by stealing, but Locke can't imitate Shadow by throwing knives, a kind of weapons he's adept with? Yeah, your logic is flawless
  8. Can I give a suggestion? Recently I tried FF6 - the eternal crystals... while the hack is absolutely unbalanced to the point of Reeeeeeeeeee, it had a cool feature, Locke could throw knives. To me, it makes perfectly sense that a thief treasure hunter can throw a knife, and given that a lot of enemies carry mithryl knives, and stealing refills Locke's atb, it can be a very nice strategy to steal an enemy's knife and then "give it back" to the owner LOL. Also it makes sense due to Locke's dual wield that gives him something in common with Shadow, the only issue would be making Shurikens and scrolls inaccesible to Locke cause he's not a ninja.