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  1. RC12, Damage not posting. In this formation, damage to Edgar (position 1), and damage to Locke (Position 2) do not post damage. They are however losing life. Not though, that if Edgar is in the third position and blocks someone it will post damage. Also visual glitch, Locke is appearing in front of Edgar. Visual Glitch. Edgar appears under Locke... Until he dodges with the red cape animation, which sets him infront of locke. It seems to happen AFTER Edgar blocks an attack? In a fight against two Scrappers he started correctly infront of Locke, blockedand attack for Terra, and then ended up under Locke. After further testing, the battles seem to start with Edgar in the correct position; when he blocks for an ally he ends up behind Locke, and then when he evades something he goes back to the front. Also, more failure. I'm wondering if this is unique to me because it happened or RC10-2 for me as well.
  2. RC10, Bushido works but cyan explodes. Using the provided save 19, IAF. Espers obviously have been unlocked Edit: This is RC10-2 Cyan's build at level 19 Iteration One ( killed enemies via counter and then Dragon Bushido). First screenshot is dark because I paused the game to take it. Both times I've fought Leafer formation, reraise was learned and the same glitched graphics happened. Also, after the rerise text appears, it require a button press to move to crash. Iteration two (Cyan killed with regular attacks and counters). Unlike the previous iteration, no button press is required. The game crashes without a button press after the "Status: Beserk" appears. Also while it is part of the emulator, this is when I noticed the FPS counter was dancing by squishing and then reverting back to normal, not sure if that is important or not, so I'll include it here. Also the bugged out screen changes regularly, and music continues to play in the background. Iteration 3 (Using Sabin lv 19 with no equipment or relics, only attack) Iteration 4 Sabin against a formation that I already did with Cyan. Iteration 5, A full party (Terra lv 20, Edgar lv 20, Locke lv 21, Celes lv 17) all without equipment or relics. This time the text box is blank but auto exits like the Beserk text did. Oddly the FPS counter on SNES9x does not do the squishy dance, it just stays squished down. Music continues to play. edit: Tossing espers on everyone changes nothing. Iteration 6 (Going back to nake Sabin and seeing if his character slot changes anything. Didn't seem to change much, the glitch bomb graphics might be a bit different but it's hard to tell. I don't think it has anything to do with what's causing the problem though. Iteration 7, using the save 11 post Narsh Kefka battle. Only equiped kotetsu to Cyan. Use soldier rage. The Fail message with move on to GP without a button press. Battle ends normally afterwards.