FF5 FJF - Pure Chaos + Natural

By Hordequester, 06/23/17

Final Fantasy 5 - Four Job Fiesta - Pure Chaos with Natural (http://fourjobfiesta.com/players.php?player=Hordequester)

Not exactly a mod but it plays like one sometimes. Running this charity event with my 4yo as the backseat driver this time. He's not very familiar with ff5 like he was with ff6 so he'll mostly be handling the grinding and easier fights. Wasn't going to do this at first but he sounded excited..so here we are. For reference: Pure Chaos means any class can come up randomly per crystal even Freelancer and Mime. Natural means Bartz must use the Wind crystal job exclusively. Lenna the Water, Faris the Fire and Galuf/Krile the Earth. They must stay Freelancer until their crystal and class are unlocked which aren't always the same thing in Pure Chaos.

Haven't played FF5 in years and even then it wasn't in English. So, this should be interesting.


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