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    I'm about to finish BNW, which I've devoured in less than a week and is probably the best turn based JRPG I've ever played. What other mods for the FF series have a similar enough design philosophy? By that I mean, having to make meaningful decisions taking into account how every move and characters have well defined niches and tradeoffs, with high enough difficulty to supplement them. In other words, no puzzle-like meme fights with one solution and one solution only, and something harder than vanilla. I'd ask for the kind of enemy AI BNW has that makes random encounters interesting, but it's a shot in the dark. Seriously, the closer it is to BNW the better it is. New Threat for FFVII seemed cool but I only gave it a cursory glance, I'm in the mood for some PSX era and FFVII is on sale on Steam for a few hours, is it worth a shot?