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    You can buy them in Seaside Town.
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    Episode 2 : Doing Mount Koltz and Lethe River, experiencing with the swap weapon for half a turn option, also didn't realise while I was recording but upon rewatching I saw that Defend command also cost half a turn, interesting never use the Defend command so it probably was in BNW since a long time and I just never realise it XD. Game is still straight forward for now, Vargas is litterally a tutorial boss, Ultros only threat is if he single target Banon with Tentacle, manage to make Banon contribute with his Thunder Rod (don't know why I say Lightning Rod XD).
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    With BNW 2.0 Beta getting close to the end, I decided to LP it again (my last LP was in French and 1.9 version), however I'm gonna make an effort and do this LP entirely in english, so it will much easier to understand hopefully. Episode 1 : Do remember that this is the first time I do an entire video in English so I of course gonna have to improve a lot on that, but anyway first nothing special, it's just the tutorial, I'm discovering thing that weren't there last time I played, like the new equip menu or the text message for statut effects in battle all neat stuff, didn't know about the switching weapon mid combat yet however will discover it on next episode when I posted it. Still unsure of which build I'm gonna play in this playthrough for most characters. Also my recording glitch toward the end of the episode, and skip a little part, and also cut the end of this episode hence why the ending is abrupt (but there was nothing very interesting in these last seconds that got cut), it shouldn't happen again.
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    While BNW 2.0 isn't yet "officially" released, the beta version is currently largely finalized with only inconsequential changes left to be made and we've reached the point of steering all new players towards playing it. So with that, I unveil the brand-new MVP thread for a new version, now with more voting options! Please do take a minute to vote for your favorite character(s) after playing (and please do actually finish the mod before you do) since it's more than just a popularity contest - it's extremely useful feedback for gauging how well the characters are balanced.