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  2. Potential Bug: Terra morph reraise interaction're right. Maybe I'm misremembering what happened. Does either of those monsters have an attack that moves a character? She ended up there somehow, and she just wouldn't go back to her original spot, and I'm certain that involved raising her in some way.
  3. No idea about the bug, but how does Terra have Rerise in this party?
  4. So there I was, minding my own business, standing on the corner wearing my leather, when Terra gets dropped while she's morphed, and has reraise on. She gets right back up, of course, but her positioning was weird, and she stayed flipped around like this for the rest of the battle. Fixed itself after that. Is this a bug? Maybe some interaction with the shawl mod?
  5. Hi I have a new problem when I get in Maia after defeat golens I reach main meaning go to Forcena, the line is I have to talk to some people in Maia the go to the cave and talk to the statue and then use light spirit to open the cave and get in. But when I go to talk to the statue it simply ask me to save the game instead of open the dialog with fairy to use light spirit. I tried everything.
  6. Seiken Densetsu 3 Sin of Mana - Discussion

    This is answered in the changelog of version 2.0:
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  8. Hi I'm playing on Normal mode difficult and I see when in battle I can't use my recovering itens like Candy or Chocolate. Is this a bug? It makes battle some hard to handle against bosses, no problem in normal enimies though.
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  10. Copied from the download file just in case anyone playing doesn't read it, but at least sees it here: Current Known Issues/Bugs - If you open a treasure chest or get an item with ID above 256: Hero's Ring, Guard Bracelet, Dead Spirit, Prayer Beads, Black Belt, Dragon Horn, Celestriad, Master's Scroll, Bacchus's Bracer, Safety Bit, Mime's Dictionary, Bracer, Tetra Elemental, Embroidered Tippet, Soul of Thamasa, Zeidrich, Flame Cape, Wind Corsage, Earth Greaves, Water Cuffs, Maiden's Prayer, Imp's Feelings, Piggy's Badge, Experience Egg and don't open your menu after getting it, then enter a battle and win an item, it will result in you getting a garbage data item (with the lua warning you to toss/sell it asap to avoid glitches). We discovered this bug via a streamer doing a specific battle after picking up the Experience Egg and doing a boss fight, where the boss dropped its item as garbage data. Upon testing, by not getting the egg, he dropped his normal item. Getting the egg again and re-fighting the boss caused the glitch. Checking the memory when getting the Experience Egg before/after determined the bug. I've reported this to Tsushiy so any fixes or updates will happen hopefully soon. In the meanwhile, just check your item inventory (opening the menu is enough) and you'll be fine. Once more, simply just opening the menu screen will fix the issue as weird as it may sound. Failing to do so then entering a battle/winning an item will give a random item not intended, possibly even corrupted things. - An issue where sometimes for unknown reasons you'll be unable to equip espers on a character. When selecting the menu, you'll get a "can't do this" sound effect and you're unable to even enter the esper menu. Simply saving and reloading the game seems to fix this. - Gau only needs 240 of his Rages to get his achievement, not all 255. This is more of an oversight than a bug, so consider it a feature unless Tsushiy fixes it. - Locke's "Sky Pirate" costume is not selectable in EX in the menu with the Moogle. If you wish to have him in this costume, please select it back on the main T-Edition game before porting your data over. This is an error and something Tsushiy will need to fix. - The achievement for 200,000 steps seems to unlock randomly. We don't know the cause of it. I've had it unlock at the start of the game, others have had it unlock between 80,000 and 180,000 steps. It will unlock normally at 200,000, but if you see it before hand, then you know why. - Upon returning to the cave from the Ancient Castle, the music will have beeps and boops in it. This is an emulator-related issue. If using MSU, it won't be a problem. We've no idea the cause of it and since Tsushiy doesn't code for anything outside of uosnes, it's not something he'll fix or be able to. These are just the bugs we've personally found/been alerted to so far. Any others are mentioned in the changes and read me files as per what Tsushiy is aware of. I've alerted him to the above as well, and we're waiting to hear back. In the event he doesn't or can't fix these, we should be able to ourselves, if we can determine the problem (for example, the 256 bug above is fixable by us, but we're waiting to see if he does it as of 3/2/21).
  11. I see. Thanks for the info!
  12. X-Magic counter attacks

    It was a deliberate change, yes. I don't recall the exact rationale myself, but I like it for one main reason: it's harder to game the AI counter script this way. Suppose you want to Slow something that responds by Hasting itself — previously you would just hide your Slow spell with any follow up, and only the second spell would cause any reaction (or potentially none, if it didn't hit a trigger), but now you have to "bait" out the counter with the first spell in order to get your Slow through, perhaps by double casting Slow itself. Mechanically, the way it works is that the first of the two spells to hit a counter trigger will do so, and once the counter is triggered for a given target, there can be no more counters from that target for the rest of that dualcast action.
  13. In the current beta version (2.0.1 b12), the first spell of X-Magic seems to be getting counter attacked instead of the 2nd spell. Although sometimes the 2nd spell triggers the counter instead, so its a bit inconsistent. It can lead to the 2nd spell not happening if the caster is killed or disabled by the counter attack. Is this intended?
  14. I can't be sure whether you were unlucky in the previous version, lucky in the current version, or perhaps a combination of both, but Atma's script has been essentially untouched between 1.9 and 2.0. And the infinitesimal edits that *were* made were wholly unrelated to the attacks that it uses on you. Atma's not programmed to target Terra with Rasp: that's a reasonably expensive clause to put in a script in a circumstance where Terra isn't even necessarily going to be there. It just happened to be the case that it targeted the same character twice in a row. Rasping Atma to death is surely not easier. Among other things, Atma no longer dies at 0 MP, because Atma is not undead, and so, it would be against the current design decisions to allow it to die at 0 MP.
  15. Maybe it's a placebo but it feels like Atma spams meteo less than it did in the previous version (maybe I was just unlucky, but the last time I played the game it seemed like it was using it constantly). Since meteo's very random properties feels like it can whiff entirely or devastate your team, I prefer it better that way That mostly just leaves the rest of the fight as a contest of keeping ahead of Atma's constant re-buffing itself and its applications of slow, sap, and whatever status Mind Blast feels like applying. Mind Blast is another bothersome one but you can at least protect against the worst statuses it applies. I actually wound up having to use a couple of the elixirs I'd been hoarding throughout the WoB, so nicely done there. Question though, is Atma programmed to specifically use Rasp on Terra? It did that twice, both times specifically on her. I do have to wonder if just rasping Atma to death would be easier in the end?
  16. Farming Final Elixirs

    How far into the game are you? They're buyable in postgame at Seaside Town.
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  18. Rasping Number 024?

    Dispel forces a wallchange.
  19. Mod Updates

    The infamous Landon Ray still in the ring? I've missed this entirely. I remember googling Xenogears mods years ago and found almost nothing except your mod, accompanied by woe and lamentation from those who played it, haha. I put it in the backburner but now after all this time it might be time to finally have a go at it, although jugend's impressions do make me hesitate a bit... If the difficulty is quite frontloaded, ostensibly mostly because of the lack of options as is usually the case early on in RPGs, and by the endgame when you'd usually want the most challenge - because you have all these awesome bells & whistles and actually know how to play the game - the difficulty nosedives, then it's really the wrong way around and might not be worth it for me. Any thoughts on that?
  20. Dadaluma might need nerfs

    I am pretty sure D has an opener in the next version to negate the vanish cheese strat, just as a heads up.
  21. Mod Updates

    You may have patched the .cue file instead of the main image file. The other thing, you might've accidentally patched the images with wrong disc patches.
  22. Dadaluma might need nerfs

    I didn't have trouble with him, but he is what I would called the "wake up" boss and the first serious one, there is one way to cheese him however if you have Edgar, you can confuse with Noiseblaster an ennemy formation of 4 ennemies in Zozo, I don't remember the name of ennemies, but when confuse they cast Vanish on you, Vanish your all team, and enter the fight. Dadaluma has only 1 attack that bypass Vanish which is Schockwave, all the other one will be missing on Vanished character, which make the fight a lot easier, Gau has also a Rage that allow him to cast Vanish. Sap and Slow are also very helpful. As for damage you have obviously Cyan with Dispatch, Sabin with Poison Claws also work and Locke with Butterflies are Boomerangs can work.
  23. NPC chatter in Vektor implied that exhausting Number 024's MP would prevent it from using Wallchange. After spamming Rasp to the point that it didn't have enough to cast its level 2 spells (the game announced it had no mp) it was still Wallchanging. I just proceeded to beat it down from there. Just to be safe, I rasped it once or twice more just to be sure if something would happen. To be fair, this DID make the battle somewhat easier in that it lost access to about half its dangerous spells, but I can't help but think I'd have had an easier time just focusing on taking it out in the first place. I just wanted to bring this up, because I might have misunderstood what the chatter was meant to indicate, or that might be some leftover text that no longer applies. Or this might have just been a clue on how to deal with Magic Master, that's also possible.
  24. Mod Updates

    Hello, thanks for the good and sacred work on patching difficulty! I patched Xenogears vith hardtype 4.2 using PPR-o-Matic and the NTSC-US version cue/bin file, but can't launch it on Retroarch or Epsxe. Retrolaunch says Bad Sector. What did i do wrong? Thanks!
  25. V.9 Speedrun

    Been playing since v3. darkkefka, you are amazing. Would love to see a speedrun of this game, if there is any hope of it still alive out there (though I cannot blame you if you give up on running v9 as I can barely get through a casual playthrough
  26. Dadaluma might need nerfs

    I did say "might" :3
  27. Dadaluma might need nerfs

    Yeah, Big D really is the first boss fight that forces you to play more cautiously, and the lessons you learn here will serve you through the rest of the game. I think this is why so many people struggle with him initially. He's that prof you get in the second semester of first year that acts like a gate for all the students coasting on their high school knowledge, forcing them to really learn how to learn or drop out.
  28. Dadaluma might need nerfs

    The only thing I take exception to is your topic title - it's all fine and good to come for advice and/or vent, but it's another thing to jump on the "this needs to be nerfed because I'm having trouble" train straight away. That has to do with everyone playing the mod, not just you, so the claimant's onus is far greater there. Aside from that, the standard fare for boss fights works here, as always: maintain debuffs, keep HPs high, be reactionary - as in if you expect his turn is about to come up, don't get greedy and queue an attack in case he jumps or kills someone because then you'll get in trouble recovering, and when he jumps heal & defend depending on the situation.
  29. Dadaluma might need nerfs

    Yeah, I gotcha. After that incident he jumped at characters who didn't have turns up to have a chance to defend, and I just got tilted from there.
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