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  2. Where's this? There's little BNW content on Youtube, nothing for 1.9 that I can see, and I rarely ever see anyone playing BNW on Twitch.
  3. Yeah man, no kidding. I'll be picking this up again soon. Been on a serious World of Warcraft kick lately.
  4. I'm hype I dunno if he know that but a French modder named Mexico make a really good mod for FFVIII called FFVIII Reloaded (french only tough), that modify many aspect of the game and add some new feature such as new optionnal boss (tough no new models he had to reuse model that already exist), also rebalancing the game making interesting to play at any LV (you can basically either do Low LV, play normally or do everything at LV100 the mod would still be interesting) I think Sega Chief could check it out just to see (not to mention that for making this mod FFVII NT was one of mexico's inspiration ^^), but I'm interest to see what Sega Chief will do with FFVIII. Interesting I will check this. Thank you both.
  5. Hi. I think I remember a few of your posts. If that's the case, you should head over the the FFIX forum that's made for discussing a hack. At the very least, even if you can't necessarily finish your mod, you may be able to supply an idea or two that could make it in. That's actually pretty good for English, so don't worry about it. We have quite a few non-native English speakers. All are welcome here.
  6. That's fine. I remember the original Hard Type didn't. I was just wondering if this one was following the same or not.
  7. I was talking about in the spot that I put in red (hope you aren't color blind). Basically, this part seems kind of strange. Like you're just simply jumping up the wall. No platforms or really anything. If you have a ton of enemies here, it's more annoying than anything else, as being hit in the slightest means that you'll fall back down. I was saying I prefer when it's like a wall with ledges or something. Like every other jump is a jump to maneuver to a different cliff rather than simply jumping up a wall. Because when I think of jumping up a wall, I think of something like this: Which no one likes this sort of garbage. No one. I'm not saying that's what you're going for, but that's what happens when you have pointless jumps. Things take longer than they need to.
  8. Yeesh. This seems like an actually difficult Pokemon game. I'll be honest, the idea of a customized party from Pokemon always intrigued me, but the games were so easy, that there was no point in theory crafting too much, and the Meta game isn't exactly fun to prepare for. So it's nice to see someone else having a hard time with this. Even if it's a challenge.
  9. Hey! Welcome - kinda, since you'll find a lot of familiar faces from ID here. If you liked Requiem and FFVII NT, then I think you'll be hyped to hear that NT's modder, Sega Chief is brainstorming to make FFVIII New Threat! I know I am stoked about that one. Be sure to post your feedback there!
  10. Hello. So I was a member of Insane Difficulty back then tough I wasn't very active, I originally discover Insane Difficulty because of LandonRay's FFVIII Requiem Mod (which was the very first mod I have play), after that I also FFVI Brave New World and FFVII New Threat 2 mods that I have really enjoy, I found this site because I was looking for the Sin of Mana mod (someone that I follow on Youtube was doing it and it looks really interesting) for Seiken Densetsu 3. As for modding I'm not really good at it but I have for project to create an FFIX mod in future I unfortunatly don't have all the time I wish for it. PS : Also English is not my native language (I'm French) so please excuse me if I make some mistake in my posts.
  11. I actually believe if I had had Eclipse in Dragon's place, it would have made Cyan even stronger. In my playthrough, his single-target damage was already excellent, the only thing he was missing was AOE damage. I wouldn't even have really missed Dragon, because with a Power Glove equipped Cyan's Flurry was doing comparable single-target damage. My two cents is that one of three things needs to happen to Cyan: 1) He needs to have less survivability 2) He needs to have less BPow 3) He needs to cover/counter less often #1 would work because right now, he can cover pretty much any number of attacks and be fine even with minimal gearing for survivability. If he were less innately survivable, he would need to gear more for survivability, which would nerf his damage output. #2 would work because the amount he counters would be fine if his counters didn't do so much damage. #3 would work because the amount of damage he does scales pretty absurdly with how often he counters, so if he countered less often, that wouldn't be such an issue. My personal opinion is that #2 is the best option. He is a retainer, so it makes sense that he is innately good at defending. If he wants to also be good at attacking, he should need to actively enhance it. (Note: I know cover/counter has been nerfed between RC4 (what I played) and the current beta, and it's possible that the change that covering halves evasion may have been enough to render this post moot. We will have to test to see)
  12. You Actually Get A Nimbus Ring! A Special Ring Passed Down For Generations!
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  14. I was wondering if you can create an optional patch where you can access the save menu on any screen via a hotkey, as long as there are no enemies or treasure chests left on that screen? I know you can use save states if you're playing on an emulator, but I've now had to restart the Labyrinth of the Ice Walls 4 times in a row. Once because of dying just a couple of screens before the save point, and 3 times I've had to restart because of an incurable Snowman bug. Occasionally if a character is turned into a Snowman at the end of a battle, the status becomes unhealable. Tinkle Rain won't heal it, neither will moving to another screen, or even touching a Gold Statue. I'm getting tired of playing through the same 20-30 minutes again and again because of a glitchy game, and I'd prefer to be able to save more frequently.
  15. I can't seem to access a lot of the older threads on my forum. It's like everything past the first page just isn't there.
  16. I believe you get a weapon for completing that fight, but I don't remember what it is.
  17. Dang, that's too bad. I'm playing v8 easy mode directly from the download on this site. I don't take it there are any special rewards I'm missing out on not completing it?
  18. Edited my original post up top to answer your question Doomsday. Forgot to put that there to let people know the deal.
  19. Was able to get the archive up relatively painlessly. So if you guys want anything else that isn't on here, here ya go:
  20. Nice. Logging in doesn't seem to work, though. Bug? Is it possible to get at the private messages that were there at the time?
  21. may be down, but the archive is now up:
  22. Just wanted to let everyone know the ID archive is up! You can visit the link at the bottom of any NG+ page in the "Affiliates" section of the footer. Or you could just use/bookmark this link: All downloads there are also intact. NOTE: This is a static copy of the website. You will ONLY be able to navigate the site and download the mods. Searching, logging in, etc. will not work. This is essentially the same thing as looking at a web archive.
  23. My apologies this took so damn long to get back to you guys. The other admins and I are discussing how to incorporate these difficulty mods into the site in an organized manner so I'm reluctant to place it in our downloads section right now. I uploaded the mod to Google drive though as a work around. FFTAX Mod: Work at my new job has been pretty hectic so I haven't had time to get to uploading the archive itself. I'll be taking care of that as soon as I get some breathing room. NOTE: I wanted to let you guys know that I am unsure as to why guests are able to post, but I removed those permissions. Please sign up so you can be cool kids with us.
  24. Yup, that fight's impossible in whatever version you're playing. Your only choices are to fix the fight yourself using the Lazy Shell Editor or abandon it entirely.
  25. So while I was just running around the map for a while, I ran into a particular fight, and it seems like (while it should be a super easy fight; I'm well beyond equipped for it) the boss just won't die? I used Psychopath on it, and it showed a blue "0" after I hit it for a while, and say that it had 60,000 HP. I continued wailing on it, but nothing ever changed. At this point I think I've managed at least 300k damage, and I'm nowhere near dying to it, but it won't die.
  26. Do you have a change list for Djinn effects or were they not touched at all? wondering if Gust is still garbage at only 10% chance for double damage. The Drone Bees in Kolima Forest where tret is, are extremely weak for the players power at this point in the game. The games easy upto here other then bosses (they are medium) but this is the first area where the player is fighting totally new enemies and should be prepared. They do ~10 damage and considering the player has HP regen, and PP regen while walking for cure, they pose actually 0 threat. they should probably get +15 attack. either this, or maybe nurf the early gears HP regen, as it honestly carrys you the entire early game. what level is "balanced" to beat GS1 fallen star at for GS2 transfer?
  27. Oh this is serious guys ive been searching so hard. Please upload =(
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