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  2. Hahaha. I LOVE this rendition/cameo from FF7
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  4. Sure, we're doing both counters and crits, it's just a matter of which one we'll be gearing up for. Also nice thinking on the inverted Lunatic, that armor + the targetting option opens up so many strategies it's crazy, I'll keep that in mind for future playthroughs. It'll probably take a while before we get to the final weapons since we don't play that often, but I'll remember to comment about it when we do!
  5. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    Those level 1 techs are perfect for a counterattack strategy; plus, it's more fun to try to time your counterattacks than just attack away racking up critical hits. I also find myself making decisions more on what interests me than what will necessarily work out best, but Dervish also gets Leaf Saber which Ninja Master will love, so not a bad choice at all, good luck! (Also remember for the future that Death Hand's multitarget Lunatic can be flipped with invert armor, leading to the only multitarget Life Booster in the game! I don't know exactly how useful that would be but it sounds kind of awesome.) Remember to come back and post your evaluation of Dervish's final weapon once you get a chance to try it!
  6. Interesting, I'll have to see in practice if it's worth it though We didn't choose our final classes yet, we're at Ninja/Bashkar/Knight, so no light Kevin. Lead character is Hawk and my friend is playing Kevin. He doesn't like stopping the action all the time so I tried to make a team that revolves mostly around basic attacks and lv1 techs, that's why Dervish seemed the logical choice. Death Hand with Lunatic and elemental sabers seems very appealing, but Dervish does have Moon saber, and I also wanna try out that final weapon so I guess I'm going with Dervish on this one.
  7. Secret of mana Steam

    If you want to play the game more difficult, mod is for you! Just read the information file to install the mod and tells you mod changes for the moment. With examples of normal enemy and boss. -------------- 1- First take the rar file and extract the file part then at least make a copy of the game file, which is named ene_data in the AI folder of the program. Two- Take the Media folder from the mode folder and have it copy and paste to the same folder that is in the folder where your installed game is and then play! --------------------------------------------------- Here is a mod that increases the difficulty of the monsters so closer. To the version, even if some ennemy have higher score than in the original, that does not mean that it is so hard that its, because on computer movement is more equal even seeing for easy some boss. ------------- The version 1.1_ All magic costs One more point in all. Max MP is 251 at 99 levels ! Change the maximum experience to level 99 from 14 million max. Change max HP Value =!= 1- Hero 999 to 2350 2- Girl 800 to 1813 3- Fairy 800 to 1714 ------------------------------- Version 1.0 _ Info it is In this version the monsters have for each of the following six attributes a good improvement. Only easy three formula add for new stats. --------- All monster some more HP, MP and other stats, but exp and money is down. The new value use new formula. Change value for more new nice stats- 1-HP and MP add + 10 and + 100% the new stats for reel new value. 2-STR and SPD add + 2 and + 25% the new stats for reel new value. 3-EXP and Money the half for new value. --------------------- Exemple one- Blat = 55 HP 18 MP 6 STR 10 SPD and 7 EXP 10 Money it is normal version. To change- 130 HP 56 MP 10 STR 15 SPD and 3 EXP 5 Money Exemple two- Iffish = 140 HP 18 MP 17 STR 17 SPD and 35 EXP 29 Money it is normal version. To change- 300 HP 56 MP 23 STR 21 SPD and 17 EXP 14 Money Exemple three- Evil Sword = 125 HP 24 MP 18 STR 23 SPD and 64 EXP 60 Money it is normal version. To change- 270 HP 68 MP 25 STR 31 SPD and 32 EXP 30 Money Exemple four- Kimono Bird = 160 HP 48 MP 17 STR 25 SPD and 145 EXP 125 Money it is normal version. To change- 340 HP 116 MP 23 STR 33 SPD and 72 EXP 62 Money Exemple five- LA Funk = 100 HP 20 MP 23 STR 12 SPD and 265 EXP 190 Money it is normal version. To change- 220 HP 60 MP 31 STR 17 SPD and 132 EXP 95 Money ---Boss !--- Exemple one- Mantis Ant= 150 HP 20 MP 8 STR 5 SPD and 10 EXP 100 Money it is normal version. To change- 320 HP 60 MP 12 STR 8 SPD and 5 EXP 50 Money Exemple two- Tropicallo = 315 HP 0 MP 15 STR 9 SPD and 80 EXP 132 Money it is normal version. To change- 650 HP 20 MP 21 STR 13 SPD and 40 EXP 66 Money Exemple three- Spikey Tiger = 520 HP 21 MP 19 STR 18 SPD and 210 EXP 288 Money it is normal version. To change- 1060 HP 62 MP 26 STR 25 SPD and 105 EXP 144 Money Exemple four- Biting Lizard = 770 HP 6 MP 24 STR 31 SPD and 210 EXP 348 Money it is normal version. To change- 1560 HP 32 MP 32 STR 41 SPD and 105 EXP 174 Money Exemple five- Fire Gigas = 850 HP 66 MP 25 STR 1 SPD and 326 EXP 360 Money it is normal version. To change- 1720 HP 132 MP 33 STR 3 SPD and 163 EXP 180 Money -------------- Thanx for playing it me mod ! The link to download Only 8.16KB
  8. Feedback and Suggestions

    No, but you can look for the location of "Assassin's Dagger" in vanilla guides.
  9. Feedback and Suggestions

    Btw do u hv a complete drop list of all dungeon like San borsa, potd, and woods. I'm looking for this mordred's song (dagger)
  10. Oh wow nice. Once 2.1 drops, am I going to have to start ALL over again? Or can I patch over my existing rotds rom?
  11. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    I love the idea of the Sufi "whirling dervish" applied as a berserker form, an attack state of religious ecstasy beyond concern for self-preservation. Good job with this one!
  12. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    much more attack than regular wolf form at cost of defenses.
  13. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    I think I someone said it’s just an attack bonus but I’ve never used it so I’m not sure. You’ve already chosen your final classes, correct? If not, I wonder if Death Hand for Kevin might make more sense since Lord already offers Energy Ball and Dervish’s debuffs are already covered. If you’re still early in the game, you might also consider Kevin’s light path; God Hand gets both Power Up and Counter Magic to cover your magical defense (it does not reflect spells in this game) while keeping access to Saint and Moon Sabers. The cool thing about your team that you can try both critical hit and counterattack setups and see which one you prefer. If Duran is your lead character though, the counterattack setup should work well against his sub-bosses who I think require counterattacks to beat them.

    Yeah his eyes were altered ever so slightly. as will arcs be for 2.1 when that drops soon. with alt looks for all 18 characters (including pig and leo)
  15. Save Game

    Yeah, he probably has a more recent one.
  16. Save Game

    Thanks, man. Guess I'm going to play all of it again. While at it, I'm gonna try to ask the same thing to Coffepotatto.
  17. Save Game

    Sorry, don't have a current one and the the characters in the old ones have wrong stats.
  18. You're right, I didn't even check the Lord's final weapon against the Paladin's...Sure seems a lot more useful, since I was already planning to use Fireblaze along with Ninja Master's final weapon to force counterable state, but the Lord's looks much easier to proc (could always use both though). I was thinking mainly about going crit setups with energy ball+analyse, but this'll make me rethink that... By the way, do you/anyone else know what the Dervish's final weapon effect actually do? Just an attack bonus for the wolf form, or? (Surely it doesn't actually turn Kevin berserk/uncontrollable?)
  19. Also, did yall change the ronin pic?
  20. This is my first playthrough of 2.0(6).. I'm not sure if this reference was in the previous 1.86 version or not - but I played through that version 5 times and didnt see this one. Thought it would be cool to show the community how far yall have gone in creating an amazing game I thought this was such a great reference from matrix, by god I hope Leo is usable later!
  21. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    I would go for Lord, if only for Tinkle Rain and Life Booster which are always useful; you can keep some Papa Poto's Claws for Saint Saber during important battles, Turn Undead is most useful when you're overlevelled and least need it, and Antimagic is only necessary against one or two bosses. But the main reason is that Lord's final weapon opens up counterattacks on level 2/3 techs, and both Ninja Master and Dervish are awesome Fireblaze/counterattackers due to their double hits. Fireblaze chips away at defense, -25% per hit against random enemies, and -Strength/2 per hit against bosses (except the few that are immune). Set Hawk and Kevin on their level 1 techs with Fireblaze and their counterattack weapons and you should be set. The main advantage I see to Paladin here is Magic Shield, which can raise your magic defense and healing power, potentially important for this team.
  22. Yes, that's what I was thinking on doing, thanks for the heads up. Also I'm kinda torn up between Paladin and Lord (we didn't get to the second class change yet); we're going for crit and evade on our guys (Duran with a shield and geared for evade plus the AI evade bonus makes for a very durable tank against random mobs), so MT Speed up (and a second energy ball caster) from Lord would be very nice on this team. However, not choosing Paladin means I don't get Saint Saber/Turn Undead (which are huge on Hawk's route), and also Anti-magic which is expensive at the black market. Maybe choosing Lord just for MT Speed up isn't worth it since Ninja Master already has MT debuffs, but I dunno. Thoughts?
  23. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    Demon Neckband can only be bought from the cats when you're fighting the God Beasts, so not yet. With your team, since Duran is a Paladin, I would stick with Protect Up for most situations since that gives a 25% reduction on all physical damage without the extra equipment. But for those heavy melee/tech damage situations when you want the extra defense, your easiest path is through Dark Saber: Duran can wear Swordsman Armor or Demon Neckband, Hawk can wear Demon Neckband, and Kevin, who naturally resists dark, has the option to wear Whitelight Ring if you want to target all enemies.
  24. I'm playing with a friend right now a party of Ninja Master, Dervish and Paladin, and that strat intrigues me, but I'd need a Demon Neckband to turn Hawk resistant to dark (and it lowers defenses), so I'm wondering if it'd be worth it. Don't remember if that can be bought before Lugar (I think the cats only appear when you're doing the god beasts?), but I think I'll try it against Bigieu (looking forward to but also fucking scared of that fight)
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  26. Save Game

    Hey, Raics Could you give us a save game file with the requirements to play CODA? I'm playing the game again after some years and I'm struggling just thinking on the huge ammount of hours I have to put to get there again.
  27. If you want him pure support/tank Light Duran should focus on VIT, PIE and INT (INT is for the cast time) if you want to really focus on Healing and support definitly go for the increase Heal Light + Items weapon once it's available, if you want him to heal but also do some damage when he doesn't need to heal use either the PIE weapon or the Fill Tech Bar x3 Tech weapon (since you need to invest in INT and INT add damage to LV2/3 Tech this can be viable to do damage).
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