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  2. It's mostly a more offensive knight, probably a bit stronger than terror knight but won't match a berserker. They potentially have very strong skills later on, time of need is good anywhere and fervor is borderline broken in undead maps. Their light spells are indeed situational, he's no cleric so you won't use them all the time but they can save your bacon and won't slow you down much so it's handy to have. One of the reasons I can't make them super good is because you can get so many of them.
  3. Hi Raics! Great mod, really brings the game to life. Recently had some time to play around with white knights but felt they were really weak so I was wondering if i was missing something. It seems their divine light spells are all situational debuff clears (dont know if they get something else later) and they only have melee weapons and slow speed which means they almost never get any action. Would it be possible to give them some kind of skill they could use when theyre not fighting, like aoe defense buff skills or something? I hardly ever find any use for their divine light spells. They just feel like slow melee characters that just lag behind everyone else atm and I wish they had something they could do more consistently.
  4. I edited the cell d25e3 instead of e4. Stupid me. No idea how you do it so perfectly, across so many entries. xD
  5. Maybe you did something wrong, I'm positive it's the right address. Which number did you put in?
  6. Raics - I did as you mentioned, and it works. I made a mistake at first that resulted in it not working. Thanks again! I get what you mean about having the entire team composed of unique classes being possibly too much better than generics - on the other hand, attempting to use unique classes for ALL members of a roster also places some restrictions on the player - for instance, it necessitates the player carefully thinking through how each unique class will have to be built to play with other unique classes (e.g. Knight Commander with 2 White Knights?), as opposed to simply using flexible generics to fill whatever role is needed.
  7. If you're really curious what each character is capable of, there's a Character Discussion subforum at the top of the BNW board – though I encourage you to wait until you're mostly finished your first run to dive in there in earnest. You needn't worry too much – the characters who end up with the really potent spells you mention are limited, and most characters with access to any of those only get a couple of them at most. Pretty much everyone has ways of contributing outside of Magic spam in this mod; and even those capable of Magic spam, with a couple of late-game exceptions, still need to pay heed to elemental affinities, magic defense, and MP management to be effective. Also, don't underestimate the effectiveness of non-capstone spells in this mod like Ice2, Cure2, Bio, and especially status spells like Haste, Slow, Shell, Sleep, etc. Unlike in vanilla, any one of these can contribute quite meaningfully even later on.
  8. I did try to make unique classes that take more effort to obtain stronger, Astromancer and Songstress are probably worth it now and I might give some others a little boost. The problem with unique classes is you don't get only one, or three or five, you can have your whole team composed of unique classes in best case scenario and if I make them too good that will be the absolute ultimate team and generics will be kinda pointless, ideally I'd like a situation where getting unique characters is worth it but if you're feeling lazy you can go for generics for their accessibility and not feel like you're shooting yourself in the foot. Might have talked about that before, if I can, I definitely will add kill all condition to more battles. Adding more ext to PotD might be trickier, we'll see, I'll keep it in mind. Giving your Lord the Shadow Walk skill is easy, however, just go to the address d25e4 and change the number from 255 (can't learn or use) to whatever level you want him to be able to learn it on.
  9. First off thanks for the great mod. I beat this game at least 20x as a kid, and i am going through it again now using your mod and i just want to say that i really love the changes done to the combat system, that the "classes" are more defined and that the general difficulty is so much higher. I have died a few times but that doesnt bother me, i enjoy the challenge. I am currently at the part where Figaro takes you under the mountains, in pursuit of Esper Terra who flew off to Zozo. My only hesitation going forward is that i hope the mod doesnt make "magic" god mode if you know what i mean? Making just Terra or Celes the heavy magic users who can use the Ice3/Bolt3/Fire3/Cure3/Ultima/Meteor/Merton and everyone else is confined to their "Class role" [with magic being at best Cure2/Ice 2 etc with no meteor or ultima] would be great, though Strago i suppose would make sense to be given Meteor and Life/Cure 3 since he is a mage. I didnt see much info on that posted, though its not a game breaker either way. Anyways, i mostly just wanted to give the thumbs up the mod author here...
  10. What do you mean?
  11. While we're here, and I feel dumb asking - but what exactly does randomizing the RNG do? I'm not really sure I understand.
  12. If by fast, you mean I clocked an embarrassing amount of playtime hours over the weekend... There were other enemies that I had to try different things to beat them, like the various flying gremlins where it makes sense only to hit them with magic. I never ever used magic in vanilla. But none of that was troubling. With Rosencrantz, I was just insanely fixated on defeating him with a single handed sword... because I always did it that way, I guess?? Kali (or is it Asura? whoever is at the bottom of Kiltia on the way to the cathedral) went down easily. Maybe in part because there are so many organic opportunities to raise human affinity? I had really high stats. When does Ashley pick up AGL up? I somehow missed that on this playthrough. Thanks for the directions! Have you given any thought to when the game drops grimoires to learn higher level magic? Or was this worked into the mod somewhat already? My last playthrough was maybe 4 years ago, so when items drop are fuzzy. I enjoyed the somewhat limited magic offerings in the mod - in vanilla, did grimoire avalanche, foudre, etc., not drop until the Cathedral? In the Cathedral, the game also gave another grimoire flamme drop, which took me up to flame sphere level 3. Not sure what your thoughts on level 3 magic on the first playthrough were? In the modded portion of the game, having easily affordable magic - but a limited variety of low level spells - was balanced really well. Not sure if this is even possible or desirable, but have you given any thought to changing the stats of the various metals for equipment? Another reason I never pursued damascus was that the stat difference did not make it remotely worth the effort. The difference with silver being weaker but having higher affinities, or leather being skewed to magic, is interesting in theory, but useless in practice.
  13. Finished this game over the weekend. Good fun. I ended up never utilizing the ELs. My final levels were in the 30s for everyone. By the time I got into the WOR, I figured I should wait until I gather the rest of the Espers. Then once I grabbed them all I was nearly complete, so I figured I might as well make it slightly more of a challenge. Used Celes, Locke, Cyan, and Edgar for the final battles. Celes and Locke helped keep the HP maxed out while Cyan used Eclipse on the first two tiers (while back rowed) and Tempest on the last two tiers (front row). Edgar did his damage with the Jump (and Dragon Helm, of course). The attackers did backup healing and revival when necessary until everyone was back on their feet. Loved the new dragon sprite that was used. Was not expecting that! I'm not sure if things just got easier, but the first few dragons I faced seemed like their AIs changed as they lost HP, but the others didn't really seem to change all that much. Might have just been me. I liked the minimized Rage list, though I still tended to lean towards just a few of them. (Conjurer, Adamantite, Dragon, Behemoth) Strago's Lore list seems ... worthless almost. He has 2 water based Lores, 2 fire based Lores (one with added poison). Nothing ice (yes, Shiva), no bolt. No wind or earth. Raid didn't work half the time for the MP. Ninja type enemies were just plain douchebags. Counter disappear and chuck swords quickly for OHKOs. I was definitely disappointed that some of the hardest bosses had no item rewards upon their defeat, including the statues. Had to look up how to get the ???. I really thought I had to do something akin to Shadow's dreams based on what the kid says in Thamasa. Never did end up using it, though, since I was at the end. I do agree with others that Relm is over-the-top in her language. She's 10, and where in that village would she have learned to talk like that? Nobody else seems to... Definitely love the concept this mod brings to the game. It indeed made things harder, but not impossibly difficult. Thank you for the great mod. I had actually made my own mod years ago (difficulty and dialogue, not the extent and mechanics like this), and this one is up there for me too!
  14. Hey Raics! Thank you so much once again for the mod. I finally finished a full play through with your mod (restarted a campaign at the last boss after i couldn’t resist a particularly juicy update that also broke my save), and I wanted to share my thoughts on the gameplay. I love the new crafting and stat gain system. It really keeps the game interesting and somewhat more challenging than the original. I also love how you attempted to remove most of the otherwise tedious grind necessary to try out your cool new equipments! I do have some doubts though regarding class balance - i get that we wanted to make generics more on par with specials and uniques. On the other hand, I do feel that the effort spent toward obtaining and leveling a unique should carry commensurate rewards - for example, Deneb’s Wicce class is still quite a pain to obtain, and it can only go towards filling out *one* character in your party roster, whereas obtaining and leveling a wizard can be used to occupy all 12 slots of one’s roster if one so chooses. Balance-wise, i think the effort that goes into obtaining and leveling a unique class that can only be used by one character should necessitate that that class be stronger than generics. I do feel that requiring the defeat of all enemies would be a welcome enhancement of the gameplay. I know this may be hard to code, and I’m just putting this out there to let you know that it’s a feature that some of us would really love. Finally, is there any way you might enable decent exp gain for POTD? I feel this would lessen the grind post-game by increasing the rewards the player obtains in exchange for the time invested. As an aside - I am keen on adding the Blinkwalk skill you gave Vyce to the Lord class. Do you have time to share with me how this might be done via the hex editor? Thanks again for your great work!
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  16. Fixed.
  17. And his only rom hack
  18. Softlock is "easy" - the ghostship+volcano sequence resource management on hard is a bit easier and harder; easier because chest drop rate is higher easier because a bad streak sends you to the title screen instead of into the reds harder, well obviously because of how fast the bad streak can happen
  19. I think the most important thing would be to ensure that the players won't end up soft-locking the game. If you end up in a situation that you're unable to proceed until you spend several hours to grind for gold to restock your healing items, and even after that, if you're not able to proceed until you can afford some the of the newer equipment, that's just weak game design in my eyes. I've never encountered this problem on the Normal difficulty level, since you usually won't use so many healing items during dungeons that you'll have to spend all your money to restock them (also, I never buy Angel's Grails until late-game, and I don't buy equipment that I don't need). However, I'm not sure how badly resource management becomes an issue in early/mid-game on the hardest difficulty.
  20. The default difficulty being the hardest was a conscious decision. Basically you are 99% certainly required - thanks to limitations of both the base game and my hacking skills - to interact with the documentation, if only to find out how to open the menu now... so the default difficulty being the highest is my little test (a.k.a. dick move): did you understand what you read. If I would set it to a different default, it'd be easy since that is closest to what vanilla would be. Well, money is a topic of its own; since you can spent money only once, either on new gear or consumables, those that "know" what they need are clearly at a huge advantage here. Though the items (or money by selling them) you get from chest is supposed to be counted into that as well, so... dunno, I'd probably have to make equipment super-cheap across the board and reduce boss gold? but then you can just buy the perfect gear setup for each boss which is something I don't want either. The money game falls apart mid game from increasing gold gains (mostly bosses, mid game is a huge boss rush), less need to buy new equipment since 90% of the stuff was already available and the increasing chance that you have someone that knows heal light to cut down on healing expenses. I see no good solution for this.
  21. For anyone wanting to play around with various (almost) even-levelled character build options for the FC, here's an Snes9x savestate with all characters at level 17-18 with 8-10 unspent ELs. If anyone wants an SRAM, I can try to make that happen too, though my setup seems to be mighty finnicky with persisting SRAMs for some reason... Throughout this run, I fought no more battles than necessary (applied the the Random Encounter patch and used Chocobos where possible), with the exception of hanging around Zozo until I had two Healing Shivs and a Mystery Egg after the Dadluma fight. I was regularly about 1-2 levels behind the expected level for any given point along the way, and chronically low on cash and Phoenix Downs. Under these conditions, most of the game felt like a decent challenge – some slip ups or rough RNG could mean dropping a character or two, but for the most part I felt like I was in control of my fate and didn't have to employ any fancy tactics. There were a few points where the struggle was a little more real, however: Dadaluma: at Vaylen's request, I deliberately gimped myself a bit here with party composition. I brought along Cyan, Gau, Celes and Shadow. This party was well suited to dispatching (har) randoms, but really struggled with the big guy. Celes hadn't learned Slow yet (everyone was about level 10 here); and while Cyan and Gau could both theoretically set Sap to counter the Regen from Slim Jim, the add-ons made it tough to reliably land it. In the end, it came down to RNG – if Big D KOd Gau before he had the chance to set Rerise on himself, the resulting recovery spiral would generally result in a wipe. On my 4th try, I pulled through. I wonder if going Hornet with Gau would have been any better – but keeping Gau on his feet was the hardest part of the fight, and Conjurer definitely made that possible. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I brought Cyan and Sabin for the IMTRF segment, and that went fine. Had some really close calls with the Cranes and the boss on the tracks (I forget his number), but no wipes here. The battle on the bridge at the Sealed Gate was another close call (IIRC, Edgar finished it off with a Bio Blaster with 1HP remaining), but again no wipes. The Ultros fight by the statues was the hardest part of this run, but it was my own stupid forgetful fault. I savestated after the chitchat by the statues, and didn't feel like reloading an earlier save, so I was stuck with the loadout I had – and neither Terra nor Strago knew Shell, and I forgot to pick up Zoneseek prior to this segment. Party was around level 15ish here (maybe a 14 on Strago). Tentacle was a 1HKO for Strago and about 75% of Terra's max HP, and El Nino was knocking off about 80% of Locke's max HP, so it was too easy to find myself in a losing recovery spiral here. This one probably took me about 8 attempts to get past. Though again, probably would have been much different with access to Shell to take the edge off of El Nino. The only segment along the way that felt too easy was the Opera House; but maybe that's just Sabin's Hell Claw talking?
  22. Oops, nevermind, I've downloaded 2.51b from ID archive, and turns out it was not the last version)
  23. First of all - big thanks to Emmy for an amazing mod for a great game. I've just started it and encountered a problem in Zeklaus desert - South random fight. Whenever enemy Mindflayer casts Hyperbeam - ePSXe crashes with the following error (attached)
  24. Just beat the game. Near the end, my Hawk was being so broken with his shurikens. With maxed out Agi and spirit + faster cast helmet and increased spell lvl armor, he was dishing out like 3 shots that do 500 dmg each in the time it takes for duran to swing once. With walnut spamming, i would throw 6~9 before the boss can even make one move. I had another char that was wearing the hate reducing armor which probably worked into how that was possible. I have to say, this romhack was really good. The boss battles were very unique and varied. I really support your decision not to spoil all the boss mechanics in the text file. Equipment options were great and I could think of lots of different combinations that would be fun to try if i ever decide to play again. The only thing id like to point out is that equipment prices scale way too much compared to gold drops. It seemed like high lvl monsters dont even drop more gold and it just all comes in bulks from bosses. Seemed a bit weird that they cost so much since all equips were basically side grades. The side effect of this was that you have so much gold near the end from god beasts and selling the unneeded seed equipments that you could buy any number of expensive consumables. Thats a stark contrast to the mid game where you had to grind gold just to buy a few pieces and couldnt waste too many consumables. Oh and the default difficulty should probably be set to normal. Its still quite a bit harder than vanilla sd3 while not being so frustrating, especially in the early game. I didnt realize back then how comically bad the story in this game was lol. Your party including the fairy are utter morons. [spoilers**] Oh lets open the gate to the holy land. Oops, it was a trap. Lets take the sword which supposedly makes you a god. Oops, it was a trap! Lets not use the power of the sword to do anything and give it to the bad guys. Lets kill the god beasts. Oops it was a trap. I mean its probably hard to make a coherent story with 6 possible main chars but they didnt even try lol. The "emotional" scenes fall flat due to their abrupt nature and how little you care about any of these characters. Like when the pink girl serving the dark prince suddenly reveals her motivation before dying (cue sad music), all im thinking is 'why should i care about you or some villain thats mentioned about 2 times throughout the game?' Umm.. i dont know why Im ranting about the story here though. The game has always been purely about cool class changing and combat which the hack makes way better! Thanks for the nice work.
  25. Yeah, I can't imagine that this random handles the MagiMaster well...
  26. Congrats! That was pretty fast, too. Did anything give you trouble, besides Rosencrantz and the Lich? The next version of the mod will take a while. A few months, at least. So I'd say go ahead and play. Since you're focused on Godhands, you could simply ignore the other NG+ areas. It would go something like this: once you defeat the Ogre at Abandoned Mines B1, return to Town Center West, cross the river, go to Glacialdra Kirk Ruins and open the Rood Inverse door. Enter it and navigate the segment of Undercity West that leads you to The Crumbling Market (check my yt channel for "path to gold key - no escapeway"). Collect the Gold key, then go back to TCW and proceed normally to Snowfly Forest, then Rosencrantz. From there it's a sprint to Abandoned Mines B2. Once you defeat the Sky Dragon, the exit will take you to The Crumbling Market again, by the save point with the Dullahan. Now go ahead to Tears from Empty Sockets, there's a door locked with the Gold key. Enter it and one of the paths will take you to Godhands.
  27. I cleared the game! (The Cathedral was lulz. ) All my loot remained intact with no issues upon starting a second playthrough. I am dying to get to Godhands, but should I wait for the next version of the mod to keep playing? I forget how far in I have to play before it becomes accessible, and if lots of other cool rood-inverse-only areas are accessible before that, I'd rather wait and suffer appropriately for the treasures they contain. I also kept a save just outside the Cathedral on the first playthrough. FWIW, the phantoms in the Temple of Kiltia were LOTS of fun to fight. I love how magic and affinities are rebalanced. I never had to bother with elemental stuff before. I am scared but excited to see what happens to the last boss's final form.
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