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  2. I've gotten a chance to play through the three scenarios portion with this patch, and have also done a bit more endgame testing in WoR and some shallow Kefka's Tower dips (I'm still a bit underleveled). The result of this is that I went from halving the battle power of claws across the board (for the most part) to cutting the early game claws closer to 0 and boosting the late game claws closer to the original values to match the original damage scaling better. As adjusted, the changes don't disturb the balance vs vanilla BNW much as the damage output from the newly available setups, while a bit more consistent across weaknesses to what could be had from Sabin's claws before, doesn't exceed what could come from Blitzes, and for Shadow, Cyan, and others affected, doesn't exceed either other weapon setups already available or Bushido output. The tradeoff now is a bit more crowd control potential with the weapon attack able to split to two targets vs. picking up status effects from Blitzes; otherwise the two options are basically equivalent, which I think might be even a bit more balanced than before. And it does succeed in increasing build diversity considerably. So I'm pleased with the changes so far, judge them to be on the right track, and expect the rest of the game to play well. I'll continue playing and noting observations here and any changes that end up being called for.
  3. Has the game been modified or updated since I last played? Heres a video I made where I broke your game in 2018 . I played through that version several times and enjoyed it. I was hoping to play through it again if you've updated it at all
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  5. If i recall correctly, He's on Nimbus Land, on one of the houses.
  6. Seiken Densetsu 3 Sin of Mana - Discussion

    Yes, they are. Duran's shields can also be worn by both Duran and Lise. It's said in the equipment guide (i.e. the file armor_elements_stats.xls), under the rings tab: "all accessoires can be equipped by any character". Since the equipment contain special effects that aren't told by the game in any way due to technical reasons, you should keep the equipment guide open whenever you play the game.
  7. Seiken Densetsu 3 Sin of Mana - Discussion

    yes they are
  8. One other question: are accessories universal? I noticed in the spreadsheets that certain accessories were specified for certain characters; but I've had no trouble equipping say for example, a Vambrace meant for Lise onto both Duran and Hawks.
  9. This team lacks Anti-Magic, which is especially problematic for this team, considering Hawk's debuffs are elemental-based. If an enemy absorbs certain elements, the jutsus of those elements won't be able to debuff the enemy. I find this to be a problem for exactly one boss, Xan Bie. I usually fight him early to keep his attack based on your level down to reasonable amounts, when the neutral spell armor is not yet available. If you don't have Antimagic or a Specter's Eye, you can also just use a Battum's Eye, easy to grab from Rabites in Mana Holyland. Once the neutral spell armor is available, it's a really nice choice for both Ninja Master and Nightblade to level out the jutsus and Black Rain. Agreed; cast it early! But also, Life Booster is great against this boss, your max HP ceiling will be kept at 120 instead of 100, and that extra 20 HP can be life-saving. I tried this for a bit and quickly remembered how annoying it is to run two groups side-by-side, repeating the same parts of the game over and over again; until I have more time, I'll focus exclusively on the Hawk, Angela, Carlie team instead.
  10. Mod Information & Translation

    Small update is up and a sneak peak (this is NOT currently available) at the new spell list and status screen: - Thanks to Serity, all or most of the Yes/No dialogue choices are now in english, including the New Game+ choice in the dialogue at the Narshe School in the WoR. This is an optional patch as it may break something. Below are pictures of the new spell and status windows, now non-truncated, thanks to dn's coding. Not available just yet.
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  12. Mod Information & Translation

    Small update up. - Eidolon text on the summon screen is now readable. - Eqp and Rem are now not truncated under the Relic equip screen. - Final Kefka set up is now translated/readable.
  13. He is an exception for exactly 3 things his special type of max HP damage absorbed damage is increased to 999 (because of the max HP thing he needs a low damage multiplier which would would make natural absorbed spells give him like 100-200 HP, pointless at that stage in the game) fire absorb gets reset when he takes an action (otherwise his gimmick would kill him after anti-magic) That might actually even be the highest number of special hacks a boss specifically for themselves got, not sure. Final bosses don't count since they recycle most of the stuff.
  14. HA I always forget him well he is kind of the big exception (he is a big exception for a lot of thing actually like Anti Magic not removing his Fire Absorbtion or at least only for a few time before he drain fire again).
  15. Well, it can at least be an issue vs Xan Bie if he hits you before you can heal that damage because of the way his maxHP damage works.
  16. Gran Divina spells damage with her Final weapon are extremely reduce when cast on the team, I never saw them exceed 40-50 damage so usually there is no issue. You can get around the problem of ennemy nullify or draining Hawk's Jutsus by equipping him with the armor that make spell neutral, generally you want at least Water and Fire Jutsu to work so this shouldn't be that much of an issue.
  17. This team lacks Anti-Magic, which is especially problematic for this team, considering Hawk's debuffs are elemental-based. If an enemy absorbs certain elements, the jutsus of those elements won't be able to debuff the enemy. By the way, if you have Grand Divina cast elemental spells at your party and she has her final weapon, how much damage do her spells usually cause, i.e. how risky is it to cast spells at your own team?
  18. IMO Beginner caster would be Dragon Master, Magus, Bishop get all the Sabers from Bishop, all buff except Speed Up, all debuff (including Lunatic) once you get Lise's final weapon you can make ennemies that has weakness weak to everything, just do this cast the Saber of corresponding day with Bishop and nuke with Magus (also Profit of Mind Up + Magic Shield on Bishop for insane healing), or if you just want to say "screw this" just LVUP Magus and spam the Deathspell for guaranteed 999 damage every cast
  19. Mod Information & Translation

    Small note I forgot to mention: Due to the new patches, the Dressing Room WILL show english names now, even if you change them to whatever you'd like to name each person. Enjoy!
  20. Mod Information & Translation

    Shoot man you keep updates comin this fast we'll be able to play a full 100% translated version by the end of February. Nice work man!
  21. Mod Information & Translation

    Very big (kinda sorta) update. This is for the moment version 1.2 beta. Changes: With some more work from Serity, we now have 2 optional patches in the Optional patches folder, which are heavily suggested you use. Keep in mind these are still very rushed and beta, but I'm ok enough to call this a 1.2 beta release for the moment. The patches are: kanji_swap_elements_only: This will change the 8 basic elemental kanji into the SNES english versions graphic symbols, allowing you to see what an enemy's weaknesses are and equipment's elemental affinity etc. The downside is this will replace some in-game dialogue but it's a minor thing. Use this if you ONLY want the elemental kanji changed and NOT the stuff mentioned below, however, remember that steals/treasure will be garbled in japanese and you'll have to sort your inventory/search for what you get constantly. kanji_swap_elements_treasure_steal_battle_magic_and_items: This is the big one. Same as above, but it will also now let you read in english what items you find in treasure boxes, what steals you get, and magic/items used in battle. However, the downside to this and why we made it seperate is it garbages up the in-game dialogue. This isn't a huge deal since if you can't read japanese, you aren't missing anything, but it's important enough we wanted to release this so people can have an easier time enjoying the game and seeing what they collect/steal without jumping through hoops. On a professional level, this is extremely rushed and very beta, so we apologize, but until we can polish it up and get something nicer, it'll have to do. To use either of these patches, simply use Lunar IPS included in this download and patch either file onto the english T-Edition and have fun. Note: The font used for menuing is 8x8 while the field font and dialogue is 16x11. Again this is a very rushed beta so excuse any messes for the time being.
  22. Hi all, really been enjoying the new release. I've been playing since 1.9 dropped and this mod has really opened my eyes to what is possible in balanced game design. The new release inspired me to have a go at tweaking some things that have been rubbing me the wrong way about Sabin's equipment and to a lesser extent equipment in general. On the first point, it always seemed strange to me that a monk would be hitting elemental weaknesses with weapons and picking up elemental damage procs. It's too close to what mages do with rods and seems most unmonklike, Yang notwithstanding (who was, in the end, a throwaway character in the original context). I tried to reimagine the monk equipment according to the same themes as monk training ― enhancing certain internal capacities in ways that create new synergies. I also wanted to go further in making different weapons fulfill different roles that remain relevant the whole game rather than lying in a linear sequence of upgrades. So, I took inspiration from how other weapons were overhauled in BNW by associating special properties like dual wielding and two-handed wielding with particular types, and moved X-fight from Kagenui onto claws, usually halving each's power in the process. This makes claws light off-hand weapons that facilitate fast attacking with a main weapon. I then made each claw have special properties that follow its elemental theme (though poison is unchanged, since it made sense as is and so it retains its role as an anti-personnel weapon). Mythril claw, lacking an element, provides slightly better stat bonuses. Spirit claw becomes survivability focused and grants auto-regen. Ocean claw takes inspiration from Jeet Kune Do and grants initiative and evasion. Hell Claw embodies frenzied destruction, and gives offensive boosts and auto-haste. Frostgore tries to establish an inexorable smothering blizzard theme with a mix of initiative, magic boosting, and stamina focus / defensive properties, making it particularly suitable for stamina or magic builds or enhancing fishing for procs from the main weapon (still working on this one; it didn't come together quite as easily as the others). Stormfang pursues a lightning theme and lets its wielder deliver devastating coups with a big vigor boost (but has its power adjusted further downward to compensate). Of course, reworking claws to be support weapons meant Sabin would need weapon diversity. I made his training cover the four traditional weapons of Chinese martial arts: spear (the king of weapons) lives up to its name and is the main highlight, giving options to single wield for punishing hits or combine to give up raw damage for synergies. (Sabin thus becomes the only spear-wielder who can't dragoon; no big deal given all the other options opening up.) The straight sword (gentlemen of weapons) and the sabre (the general of weapons) come in to round out low-mid tier options. (Staves (grandfather of weapons) sneak in via Bone Club and Magic Bone. From there, it seemed fun and thematic to give claws to Shadow as well, giving him back the X-fight option lost from Kagenui, and opening up more synergies. And gave Shadow a slightly weakened equippable shuriken and access to other throwing weapons, so that he can be played a little safer at the expense of some of the other new raw damage options. Throwing shuriken with the command of the same name remains useful for the improved damage formula and ability to split across the enemy group. I also opened up more swords to Cyan to cement him as the master swordsman and create more shared weapon tradeoffs. Previously, Terra, Celes, Edgar, and Locke formed a clique where mutually equippable weapons would have to be allocated carefully among them while, for the most part, other characters lived in their own worlds of weapons. Now, Sabin, Shadow, and Cyan participate more in these tradeoffs, bringing much more of the cast into these calculations without homogenizing equipment nearly as much as it is among the first four. The result I'm aiming at, which seems to obtain reasonably well so far, is more diversity in equipment builds without affecting the exquisite balance of BNW too much. To a first approximation, I think this should happen with these changes since they don't affect either individual item power or the stage of the game at which individual items become available, and the synergies are not of fundamentally new or stronger types; rather there are just more options to choose from, and more ways to allocate weapons across characters. That said, these changes are very little tested, and my main intention in sharing now is to invite others to explore some ideas with me rather than to provide any kind of polished play experience. To that end, find here a bps patch (which you can apply with flips) that you can use to try these changes out. The patch is against BNW 2.0 unheadered.
  23. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    That's true, Sage can do elemental sabers on Archmage in a worst case. Plus both of them also get Dark Force which tears the few holy enemies in game to pieces. With that said, it of feels like a "lazier" version of the party I'm currently running (Evil Shaman, Warrior Monk, Rune Master) in that it would mostly be reliant on Saint Beam spam instead of picking the right element for the job. Plus no Lunatic or Evil Shaman final weapon means bosses will take a longer. Might be nice as a beginner caster party since it seems pretty forgiving though.
  24. Mod Information & Translation

    I'm like a broken record, always saying the same thing, but, another small update: - Config menu has had the unreadable text translated and other things fixed up a bit. This menu is extremely tight on space and work in here is sadly very limited. - Esper names in the status menu no longer get cut off - Auto-equip after changing relics message has been translated and fixed up.
  25. HA Didn't know Relm's Sketch on him could trigger Rasp good to know. Must be a mistake from the scan it is weak to Water and absorb Fire on 2.0 normally.
  26. BNW 2.0, stuck on Wrexsoul

    I finally got him and isn't Wrexsoul weak to fire/holy? I scanned him and got that info. Anyway, what worked was using Rasp since it triggered his special condition weakness and and will reset his counter for Possession so I managed to keep him stunlocked by having Relm using Sketch on him repeatedly to Rasp while Terra / Gau stayed on healing duties. Reducing his MP to 0 killed him, took around 10 Rasps to do it. Didn't know you could ignore his gimmick in this mod but hey, at least I got him.
  27. Have you try killing the little souls ? In this mod you can ignore his gimmick and Wrexsoul and win by killing them. If you want to respect his gimmick then don't you have Amulet or Fairy Charm ? These protect against Sleep to. Having protection against Fire Damage is good idea, alternatively using Reflect could work you could still heal with Items and Regen X and then the only attack for Souls to worry about would be Meteo. Wrexsoul is undead and weak to Water so to me your best way to damage him would be Terra's Storm or Cure 3. Admitadly I think if you try to beat him that way then I think this is the single worst fight to bring Gau in most of his Rage that are usually good for undead get screwed cause they rely on Holy and Fire but unlike other undead Wrexsoul absorb Fire, plus due to his gimmick (if you try to kill him by respecting his gimmick that is) Gau is a pain cause you can't rely on single target move and you can't afford to lose time on useless action, due to the fact he doesn't stay on the field for long, but most of his Rage here would have one good action and then one worthless action (waste of time), you can't even use him as an heal bot cause you need to kill your party member and you can't even use him as Rerise spammer cause Rerise prevent him for appearing even if you kill the correct party member, yeah I really have trouble seeing how Gau could be usefull in this fight, I would gladly like to know if there is a Gau enthousiast would could tell a good way to use him to kill Wrexsoul by following his gimmick (maybe Flan Rage for support).
  28. Keep getting my ass kicked, any tips? My party are Terra, Relm and Gau. I'm having issues with his SleepX and insta death attacks. I only have one Ribbon which isn't enough.
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