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  2. I don't think this would really help this problem (even if we consider this to be a problem worth fixing). For maybe half the game total, you can park the airship right next to where you want to enter. Other overworld travels tend to be short, unnecessary to repeat, and/or skippable by chocobo. This might make it less tedious to return to the Veldt to farm Rages at some points though.
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  4. They're missable if you never encountered their respective formations, yes.
  5. I think this would be particularly fun if we could make it work but bnw is so different from a vanilla rom I’m not sure where we’d begin. We’ve discussed esper and character randomization before in the discord.
  6. i'm in the WoR and i am missing: Antlion - Figaro desert Stray Cat - outside Nikeah Vaporite - Mount Koltz Are these Missable rages in the WoR?
  7. I got so excited, i was getting ready to respec some people and farm more of them.
  8. Blame @Emmy it was her idea.
  9. Is there really supposed to be no Economizer? i'm running version 1.9.0 and i just picked up 2 on The Veldt, not sure who dropped it though. (Edit) it wasn't a drop it was a mug.
  10. Hello again people. After an extended vacations from these forums, I finally put myself back into shape and started to play monster tactics once more. I'm pretty sure by this point you may be wonder why I made a new threat and the answer is quite simple: I love Agrias and I hate the fact she was frigging neglected in the overall story after CH2 (All the cast aside of Oersted/Ramza suffer for this, but she's the biggest example of this). SO, without further adds, here's the Prologue: August 5th - Orbonne Monastery August 17th - Public cementery (4/10)
  11. Entry 42: Doguloa Pass Rankings:8/10 (First timer)7/10 (Normal Player)7/10 (2nd Playthough) Story: Gameplay:
  12. I have tried in the past to figure out how to set the parent map for Warp in Ancient Castle/Cave to the Figaro prison, to no success. Not to say it's impossible, but there may be another way; an event driven Warp point like the one in Phoenix Cave.
  13. Well, I tried uploading it so it'd embed but the links don't seem to work... So here's the link to my FF7 New Threat streams:
  14. Possibry. That sounds like a bug we may have addressed in recent memory.
  15. I remember playthroughs where I could not warp out of the Phoenix Cave. Was that changed recently?
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  17. E41: Proxy War Without End Spoilers: It ends next mission, when MGS5 runs out of ideas. But at least the last idea is a good one. This one's not bad either, it's African Backup, Back Down but not.
  18. That is interesting and good to know. Thank you.
  19. There must be a way. maybe the guys who done Eternal Crystals be willing to explain how they managed it.
  20. Thanks, I appreciate it. The Man Festival is totally optional since it will only give boost to Joachim that he doesn't even need. Once you beat Orobas you should have all the crests in the game unless you have missed some from previous dungeons. In order to get Solomon crest you will need to have every single crest collected and placed in the solomon board thing and of course beat Solomon. The Solomon crest is not required either tbh but you WILL need Dark Seraphim. I don't remember if you need all crests in order to obtain it. I hope not
  21. The original FF6 logo is something we could import - there are already patches out there that do this. Adding the lettering for Brave New World is probably doable as well, but I don't have the skills to do so. It's importing the BNW logo that isn't really possible without jacking up all the colors.
  22. There's not sufficient screen real-estate to make the last two happen; the first is something Synchysi has explained int he past and could probably do so better than I. I think it's a compression thing.
  23. The multiple-party setup has nothing that affects warping, and while you cannot warp out of the Phoenix Cave in vanilla, we enabled it in Brave New World. And you can warp put of Kefka's Tower in either case.
  24. When 1.9.1 comes around, I'll probably add to it. I just haven't really fucked around much with alternate sprites since I was never really interested in the ones that put more clothes on Celes >.>
  25. It's because the dogs counter magic. I'd consider it a bug, but I'm too amused at the idea of an abused animal turning on its handler to fix it.
  26. Just wonderin'. I'm playing it quite some at the moment, but I have no in-game friends. D: I play on the PS4, btw.
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