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  2. Well, at least now I know that lag problem isn't on my end...also got a playthrough on hold cause of it
  3. Tell me about it the last update has been really bad on this, the worst offender of this are Dragon Emperor the fight can last over an hour with how Bulky he is nothing worst than the game softlocking after you manage this guy for dozens of minutes, but at least starting from a fresh load (an actual true reset) and rushing to him up the odds of not getting softlocked significantly....... however fucking Dangaard on the other Hand is probably the worst boss for technical issue, no joke I don't think it's possible to beat him without speeding the fight with Silence without the game softlocking, I've tried 5 times in a row to beat him without Silence reseting my game each time prior and every time it end up softlocking (the First and Third phase seems to be the worst), and even with Silence it can still glitch out and in the worst way possible like getting a Black Screen after his death animation -_-. Whatever Prae tried to do to reduce the lag in the last update, I'm afraid due to this game wackiness it end up making it even worse than before.
  4. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    17 Angels Grails sheesh. Well I still haven't finished my run, I beat 2 GB, stopped playing the game at Mispolm due to the bugs again, like the item ring wont assemble and would freeze the game, happened to me twice in that fight. And it's not the same rom I used before, I downloaded a different one but still similar problems pretty much in all my runs occur. Despite how amazing this mod is, these bugs kills the enjoyment to me at the same time also.
  5. Alright Swordmaster, Warrior Monk, Starlancer run done a good party : -Swordmaster was basically my damage dealer for most of the game with Crit Build focusing on LCK then STR and once they are max out just focus on VIT and PIE (more PIE cause of Crimson Wizard and Dragon Emperor heavily focusing on Magic), altough for the endgame I decided to buy Pedan's weapon that allow to ignore physical resistance/immunity, as I found out there was a lot of mobs like this in the Final Dungeon, so for mobs I was using this weapon, and then swapping back to his Final Weapon. His damage were pretty could reach over 200 per Crit with Saber of corresponding weakness. Use the Fencer Armband for pretty much the all game obviously, since no Armor ehance Crit I just used the High Evade one, and then the Revive by consuming MP one near the end (and boy did this armor save my ass a couple of time on Black Rabite), the high Luck means also not much Crit from the ennemies. -Warrior Monk boy I love this Class for Kevin, a Healer that can debuff is fun by the end of the game with Max out PIE, Protect Earring, Mind Up, Holy Glove with Full TP he could heal the party for 700HP, since I max out his PIE and VIT and get a cumfortable LCK toward the end I decided to max his STR and there you have it a great healer with decent damage capability as well as debuffing, a great partner for Swordmaster with Power Up and Detect. -Starlancer typical Buffer I end up building her as a Tank investing primarly on VIT, PIE and LCK toward the end I also increase her AGL..... just because I needed someone with high AGL for Trap Chest (honnestly if you don't invest in AGL the Ring just get so ridiculous and he take forever to stop once you press the button, so really yeah having a character with AGL high is more than welcome for that), in any case typical buffing, Marduke is still an excellent crowd control spell thanks to Silence, Aura Wave synergise well to maximize Warrior Monk Tech Gauge fast in order to max out his Final Weapon effect, and Energy Ball allow for Swordmaster to not with having to cast it. On various subject : -LUCK importance : outside of Swordmaster which I obviously max out LUCK, I ended with 25-26 LCK with Starlancer and Warrior Monk, with Steel Bracelet to be safe and it paid off the Ennemies critting wasn't nearly as bad as my previous run and did say much less Crit from physical focus fight like Black Rabite, so I guess on Hard investing in LCK to around this value is very much welcome (until 2.0 bring the accessory to disable Crit at least ^^). -Black Rabite without Thorn Damage : I wanted to beat this little bastard without Thorn Damage from either the Armor or Curse, gonna say it this fight is really tough with Reflected Damage, but first off having invest in Luck he doesn't get nearly as much Crit this already help, then I used rpschamp strat of casting Saber of the Character Resistance, since Swordmaster and Warrior Monk are both resistance to Ice I cast Ice Saber on him he still deal a lot of damage but not nearly as bad, I ended up having to use 17 Angel's Grail, killed like 7 LV99 Great Demons (fuck this bastards seriously), Duran only died one I have some close call but the Armor that resurrect upon Death save my ass, this is a real rough fight without Reflect Damage but at least now I've done without it (next time I'll try Bigieu without it). -The Sabers on character resistance tend to work specifically on bosses that rely on Physical it was really good against Darkshine Knight notably, I guess I could have use it on some other boss like Dolan (since if you have a character with a Shield he will always target that character with his physical might be good to give him the Saber of this character resistance). In any case fun run, think I'm gonna redo a run of Dark Castle with the last update, I'm thinking of picking Lise, Hawkeye and Carlie and go Fenrir Knight, Wanderer and Bishop.
  6. Lufia Hard Mode (Complete) Leads to Google Drive, where there is a Download button near the top-right of the screen. Enjoy!
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  8. My playthrough log

    Blitzes are pretty balanced against other options for most of the game. The fact that you have Fire Dance during Sabin's scenario suggests you are ahead of the level curve by a fair bit, so that may be skewing your impression of the balance a bit. It usually comes online when others are getting access to things like Bolt 2, etc. Nothing was changed about their ease of input, though there are some Blitzes with different input commands than vanilla. And yes, all the Skill/Item/Esper/Spell descriptions were hand-tweaked by BTB. Basically every bit of text you see was tweaked to some extent.
  9. Mod Updates

    I have two minor suggestions for the DQ8 hardtype. Firstly, I think you should increase the starting area monsters EXP (before getting Angelo/being able to farm metal slimes) to make it a smoother experience and less grindy. Second, I would make the first Timbrel of Tension available earlier to facilitate the harder boss fights. Only other suggestion is I wish this was a hardtype of the 3DS version instead, but alas I imagine that isn't possible. Also just wanted to say thanks Landon for the mods over the years, played a lot of them!
  10. Lufia Hard Mode (Complete)

    Hi! I've been trying to download your mod of lufia with no succes. It is my best childhood game and I'd really like to be able to play it. His there any way to help me plz.
  11. Is this the PSP version? Where are the addresses posted? I can maybe whip up a spreadsheet you can use to edit some tables in the game.
  12. My playthrough log

    Stopped to grind on the Veldt. Cyan's tech gauge speed boost and new skills are a welcome change. A free hp/mp absorb is very useful and will probably be a godsend once I can learn spells. The MP damage tech was useful for Soul Train (lol I just got the reference), and I appreciated the color names gag - especially Cyan's wife's and daughter's names. Shadow dies pretty often and doesn't hit especially hard, though his throws are great. I had to switch tactics and gear several times from the start of Sabin's scenario to where I currently am, and even very early monsters are kicking my butt. I appreciate the increased difficulty and balance. I managed to pull off Fire Dance on my first try, and other than not having them written down on paper next to me it does seem kinda OP to have a lot of useful, infinitely repeatable skills with little downside. Were Sabin's Blitzes made easier to input, or the controls made more forgiving? Not saying that I want them to be harder to input (a cooldown on Blitz makes more sense to me, sort of opposite of Cyan's warm up to Tech, if of course someone has already created a hack to do so). Gau's Rages are so much easier to use now, but I hope for your own sake that you didn't need to manually input those descriptions. I'm getting back into the story, so my inner cynic is quieting down, but then again Cyan and Sabin are two of the better done characters. Your script changes are nice, and the cheeky jokes spice it up.
  13. I'd like to say there's something to share these days but it seems that the community isn't at that point yet, I'm still using a hex editor and you can already find most of the addresses I have on cheat boards. Thing is, I'm not terribly optimistic that it will change soon and we'll have a ton of mods and scope is probably the biggest reason, I'd estimate that FFT has around a hundred battles altogether, but with branching paths, massive endgame and the way they chose to scale battles with different level ranges being multiple versions of the same battle, this has literally several thousands of them.
  14. New Grub Plus

    I read this whole thing before breakfast and now I'm inspired. Thanks for the post Raics, lets keep fighting the good fight against stereotypes that "gamers" can't cook. My personal specialty is cheesecake. But I also burn rice sometimes.
  15. Hello, First I would like to thank you for all the effort and work you have put into this mod. I am a big fan of your work and played Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together more than once using your changes. I still have a itchy for playing this game again, and I would like to know if you have plans of sharing with the community your methods or tools for editing the game. I know you have no obligation to do so, but I would greatly appreciate if you did. Maybe one day we can have several different mods for this game, similar to how FFT have a community dedicated to creating tools and mods for the game. Best regards,
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  17. Appreciate your thorough input!
  18. Here be my review, all prettied and stuff!
  19. New Grub Plus

    Bah, I really should start documenting my shit. It would be fun to share.
  20. It still take Strength into account for Crit and Tech.
  21. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    So a question when it comes to Ragnarok does it take the STR stat into consideration (since it does 1 damage regular attacks)? Or is it a purely LCK reliant weapon?
  22. My playthrough log

    You'll probably get no argument around these parts when you say that the characterizations and story in FF6 leave a bit to be desired. The worst part of it all is that they cobbled together a massive ensemble of 11+ characters, all with their own tragic backstories, and then made half the game let you use whichever party you wanted, making it borderline impossible to explore their personalities in sufficient depth. Something more FFIV-style would have done the cast more service, with characters weaving in and out of the story as huge, developmental events occur (like chunks of the WoB do). BNW doesn't really try to be a content mod though, so outside of some in-place script refinements to give characters more distinct personalities (see: Setzer's WoR recruitment scene for a common favourite), you won't see much expansion on characterizations or story, or any other new side-content you brought up such as quests, dungeons, treasure locations, or bosses (except for one late-WoR boss, who isn't so much "new" as "undummied and given teeth").
  23. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    I copied a save file just before doing the final class changes, Level 38 Ninja, Valkyrie Gladiator. I will try both Nightblade and Ninja Master with Swordmaster at some point, for Ragnarok max potential you would want Ninja Master with Analyse I feel. While building Ninja Master to use Counters since this team lacks anti magic, while Hawk's spells are physical. Silence is really a valuable tool tho as well and Deadly Weapon. Will try both anyway and see which one I fare better with, never used Swordmaster before this should be fun.
  24. Also you could do Swordmaster, Vanadis, Arch Mage similar to a team I played just replacing Duelist, Arch Mage keep Power Down and Mind Down the 2 most important Debuff, but also Anti Magic and Aura Wave usefull for ennemies resistant to physical and enabling more Tech from Swordmaster, having access to all Sabers mean Swordmaster can increase damage of every spell that Angela has combine with her Final Weapon the team got good damage both Physical and Magical. Vanadis being the buffer, healer and can do some Magic Elemental damage with her Final Weapon and Duran's Saber if ever needed. Or could go Swordmaster, Vanadis, Nightblade get access to all Debuff as well as HP Max reduction with Deadly Weapon, Silence with Blow Needles which is usefull for ennemy with Strong Tech (Knight and Bee type come to mind) and Spellcaster like Wizard, can also set Curse with Blow Needles and Black Rain and Leaf Coat with Poison Breath (could be use with his LV3 Tech, Fire Breath or Vanadis's Final Weapon + Duran's Flame Saber).
  25. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    Yeah I was thinking to try Swordmaster and do a build around his final weapon, Warrior Monk Seems like a perfect partner for him. Swordmaster, Warrior Monk, Wanderer so it can do also some magical damage mainly when you get his final weapon via Half Vanish, but also got Anti-Magic, Lunatic, Magic Shield. Kevin heals, debuffs. Swordmaster got all sabers, self speed up and energy ball. Team lacks a def down reducer tho, and a def up so you would have to use Duran to draw agro and have Hawk to cast Magic Shield on him when fighting mobs. Or use Transshape on him Swordmaster, Vanadies, Ninja Master - similar to a team I used with Duelist instead but this time focusing on crit build for Swordmaster. You have no heal light till after the final class change (level 43 or something), you really want to use have those weapons that heal HP till you get Heal Light. And no Anti-Magic. But besides that it got Buffs, debuffs, Sabers, Transshape for your agro user. If it comes down to spells and you really have to use it on a certain boss then it might be a good idea to get Lise's final Weapon just in case for those few fights, Duran with sabers would allow her to attack with any element using her summon. But most of the time she will be the healer/tank role preferably, with the few exceptions where you need spells like one of the two Zable Fahr heads for instance.
  26. Mod Information & Translation

    Another update, with another optional patch: - A brand new costume system (OPTIONAL) has been added into the Optional Patches folder. This is a rewrite of the costume stats that adds a bit more fun/replay value and strategy to the game, making each costume now more viable based on your play style with some beefy stat boosts. 60 points have been allocated per costume. Please check the read me file in the folder within for a better explanation to the new patch. This does NOT replace the base game, as it's an optional patch and you can even revert the changes at any time. We just wanted to give a new outlook and some options for most of the costumes to see use and to make you feel like unlocking them was more worth it. The stats may change at a later date, as well as we release a "do it yourself" method to customize the stats to your own liking, further adding to the gameplay value, but for now, please enjoy!
  27. Yeah but since I did him as my second God Beast that Armor wasn't available yet ^^", I had Mind Down on him wasn't enough reduce the Damage to around 130 maybe Evil Shaman weapon and Life Booster would help possibly.
  28. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    it ignores defense and is non-elemental so I can only think of magic power debuff and evil shamans weapon (well, and difficulty setting). if all else fails you can use the armor that lets you defy death at cost of mp
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