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  2. BTB, thank you for the reply. I can see where you are coming from in all of your comments. And again, thank you for your great work. I look forward to playing BNW over and over throughout the years, and happy that FF6 is 'back' in my brain as a great game. Something similar for FF7 would make that game amazing too, I felt that FF7 took a step even further and made ALL of your characters blank slates from the beginning.
  3. Setzer's Dice is a known bug with 1.8.5 - there is a hotfix patch for it linked in several threads here, and it will be fixed in 1.8.6 soon. The only fight in BNW that was intended as a gear-check fight is MagiMaster, for obvious reasons. As for the dragons, I did make the primary elementals more powerful because their elements are easier to negate with equipment, but I didn't necessarily intend for said equipment to be required in order to take them out. As for the red dragon specifically, I do intend the Phoenix Cave to be done in the mid to late-WoR, so it can definitely be a hard fight if you go there sooner. Same goes for the Silver Dragon at Narshe. Boss HP has been an ongoing thing that continues to be addressed in each update as seen fit according to player feedback; Hidon in particular was recently addressed by lowering his magic defense. Keeping the original script is the sort of thing that just isn't going to happen unless someone goes to the effort of re-translating BNW. I will gladly give the source dialogue to anyone who feels like undertaking it. Changing the in-game logo is not easy for technical reasons that I can't explain really well since that's not my department. Same problem as above for displaying more information on Gau's rages; there *are* hacks that try to do this, but screen real estate is at a premium and there isn't sufficient space to display all of the relevant data. When faced with the decision to give the player some information or none, I will tend towards the latter so that anyone so inclined can get the full picture from the Printme. For weapon descriptions in the equip menu, again there's just nowhere to put them.
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  5. This was my first time playing, and I made a note of a couple of issues. Let me get into the positives first. Positives: This will be a shorter section because I'm not talking about anything specific. I'm still smiling from my playthrough and I'm looking forward to multiple playthroughs in the next few years, probably at least once a year. Simply put, Final Fantasy 4 used to be my favorite FF game. I really liked Final Fantasy 6 as a kid, but I found it had lesser replay value because of the problems that the devs of BNW explained. Once you get espers, the game shifts into a much easier game (easier than it already was). As you get more espers, your characters shift from being unique and cool to being faceless ultima casters. I've tried multiple playthroughs throughout the years but I always get bored midway through; easy games don't interest me. Final Fantasy VI: Brave New World is my new favorite FF game. I loved it from beginning to end, and despite some of the flaws I'm going to point out below, I cannot emphasize how they pale in comparison to the overall positive experience. So for positives, I like "everything else". The characters were balanced, and there are a lot of tactics that I never used but will next time I play the game: I didn't know Shadow's smoke bombs were so cool. Negatives: Setzer's Fixed Dice Whenever I attacked with Setzer's Fixed Dice, he would attack with a seemingly random weapon, and several of my party members would get several random status ailments and the game would often freeze. Needless to say, I think this is a bug. Certain Dragons When I fought the Red Dragon the first time in the Phoenix Cave, he wiped my party with S. Cross. I had to return after I had gained a few levels with a party specifically put together to fight the dragon. I think backtracking is boring and bad game design. I also don't think 'gear-check mechanics' are good; requiring that your party either be prepared to deal with fire damage, have easy access to shell, be overleveled, etc... should be required. While on future playthroughs I might keep this in mind and make sure one of my Phoenix Cave parties is a red-dragon-fighting party, but for a first time playthrough I thought that the 'gear-check attack' was unfair. The easiest resolution for this is to move the dragon to the beginning of the Phoenix Cave so that players don't have to slog through an already-completed-dungeon to challenge it again. I had a similar problem with the Ice dragon in Narshe. Kefka Kefka's Goner requires your party to either be overleveled, or keep Shell and Reraise on everyone in order to survive. The latter is all well and good, and provides an additional layer of preparation required for the fight. The problem I ran into was Kefka kept spamming "purge". As Kefka has a mostly reactive script, I just had to cease attacking and keep my party healed while I recast Shell, and that wasn't too hard... but then once I was ready to start my attack again, Kefka would 'purge' again. So there were several times over that I couldn't attack because I had to keep re-applying shell; that was frustrating and boring. It wasn't challenging because I knew i had to keep Shell up on my party while I attacked Kefka, it was just annoying to have to keep reapplying shell over and over after he purged it. I think this could be fixed by simply lowering Kefka's chance of using purge. Certain Bosses' HP Ultros, the first time you fight him on the Lete River, Inferno, and Hidon I remember in particular of having an abnormally large amount of HP. The fight with these three bosses seemed to go on FOREVER, even after I had them on lockdown and could react to everything they did. Hidon in particular... I did try fighting him earlier than usual because I wanted Strago to learn Dark Omen, and I found him to be relatively easy to defend against. However, I had Shadow use 30 knives against him while a vigor based sabin wailed away. I ran my party out of MP a few times, etc... before he went down. I thought I was doing something wrong, or maybe there was some weird gimmick I had to use to kill Hidon, or maybe taking out his minions (which I did several times) healed him or something. Nope! Hidon just had a ridiculous amount of HP. Gau's HP Later in the game it's not so bad, but Gau's HP is abysmally low when you first get him. Even if you keep him in the back row and give him the best gear at the time, it really seems like monsters can kill him at will; and you have to stock dozens of Phoenix Downs just for Gau. The Script I'd like an option to either keep the original script, or even better... use the GBA version's script. While I appreciate the humor of the devs during the less serious parts of the game, it's prevalent during the more serious parts... Cyan's Inigo Montoya impression against Kefka was obtrusive, and so was the (redacted - BTB) thing. Other Suggestions -I'd like to echo that I'd love to see Sabin's stamina power his elemental blitzes. Maybe even add an earth and water blitz to add to the 'elemental avatar' theme. Definitely make it so it doesn't outshine his Vigor build. I'm fine with aurabolt being weak... single-target damage is Vigor Sabin's thing. -I'd love to find something (if there isn't already, I couldn't find it) that changes Celes' "Runic" to "Shock". -Change the in-game logo! Rather than Final Fantasy III, I'd love to see "Final Fantasy VI: Brave New World" with the magitek logo as seen in the original. -Make it so you can find the magic bone and that it isn't hidden as a stealable. I think it's important to Gau's build. -I'd love to see information about Gau's rages available in-game, so that I didn't have to look them up on a chart or study an excel spreadsheet to use Gau effectively. The same could be said about Mog's dances. -I'd also like for the weapon selection menu to include the descriptions of each equippable item, so I know special effects while I'm equipping them, and didn't have to make a special trip to the inventory screen to see that stuff.
  6. You went all-out offensive so you really didn't notice. Turtling against him... does not end well >.>
  7. Wait, another hint is needed against Phunbaba? Really?
  8. Here's the official changelog for 1.8.6 (COMING SOON): • Added new hacks to lessen the effect of speed granting faster characters more turns over time and to increase its effect on the likelihood of getting first strike • Added new hacks to allow speed to influence the likelihood of getting rare steals and for successful steal attempts to be treated as "free" actions • Added a new hack allowing Gau to Leap on rageable formations outside of the Veldt (tentative) • Fixed a bug with the "Y-Equip Relics" hack where stat previews for changing equipment would display incorrectly after switching between menus • Fixed a bug where the Quartrstaff and Doomstick would crash the game when using MP for critical hits • Fixed a bug with Setzer's Dice where the animation would display incorrectly and also crash the game • Fixed a bug with X-Fight where the X-Fight penalty and the dual-wield penalty were not stacking • The Kagenui now has the correct stats • Fixed the incorrect attack priorities on the Tumbleweed rage • Fixed the Raiden summon (only accessible via Slots) to be identical to Odin • Made a small change to Tiamat's script • Added a(nother) hint about fighting Phunbaba to Terra's dialogue • Adjusted the encounters near WoR Albrook to prevent solo Celes from getting into unfair fights
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  10. O_o That's.....extremely peculiar. When I first played BNW, I pinned Strago as the person who used X-Magic for status setting. I had in mind Shell & Osmose. I pinned Locke as the X-Magic Healer and Mog as the X-Magic attacker (Quake). One attacker, one healer, one status-setter. I thought it was pretty cool design. Funny how that turned out. This is also peculiar because now I'm really wondering why you've been so adamant for so many versions (since 1.5?) about not letting Mog have status buffing Magic. Mog does have SlowX, SleepX, Muddle, Imp, and Bio, so, yeah, he's got a lot of debuffs. But...SlowX, SleepX, Muddle, and Bio are all ready AoE. Also, there's very limited use to setting debuffs multiple times in one fight - one debuff is enough to cripple a random (unless you're thinking SleepX + Muddle lategame shenanigans); for bosses, what few debuffs work (Slow) stick once they hit. Meanwhile, pairing X-Haste with X-Break gives a pretty nifty reason to use Sage Stone for setting buffs. X-Mog would open boss fights with Slow & Haste before getting to work attacking - Slow, Bio, and Haste for dragon fights, which starts to look more like what you intended for X-Status Setter. I mean, I guess we could wait all the way until 2.0 (10 years from now) to expand boss scripts to make status setting X-Magic more useful. You still run into the trouble of all of Mog's debuffs all ready being AoE, and the other trouble of debuffs only needing to stick once. Maybe you could have Drain set Sap? It's a buff to Ocean Claws, yeah, but then Mog can at least open with Sap (Drain) + Slow (+ Bio). ************ You know what BTB? Just for you, I'll pay attention to X-Mog as a status setter come the late WoR. On top of paying attention to X-Quake and Merton w/ Flameguards x4.
  11. In all fairness, X-Mog was conceived more as a status-setter than a damage-dealer.
  12. Ah thanks for the heads up, we recently did a server clean-up and these must've been moved. I'll get them working again asap.
  13. No. This is not the official 1.8.6 release.
  14. While it is somewhat selfish for me to re-post this idea, there's been some support in the chat room for posting this idea on the main forum. (Mostly discussion from last night and this morning >_>). Also, though a little selfish, it seems like most of the time when this idea is revived, it receives mostly positive support. It is only because of this perception (positive reinforcement from the community) that I feel bold enough to re-post this idea myself. If I'm wrong, I apologize for my arrogance. ************ The idea at its core, according to flavor: Change Fire Dance & Air Blade to be stamina-based attacks, just like Aurabolt. All of Sabin's elemental Blitzes would now be stamina-based. (He's the Avatar now). So it'd be support Sabin's counterpart to attack Sabin's elemental claws. Also, Sabin's magic stat is the lowest in the game, but his stamina stat is tied with Strago's for highest. This change means all his Blitzes run off of one of his two builds (attack or support), instead of a useless stat. The idea at its core, according to balance: Air Blade (Sonic Boom) is utterly useless by endgame - it runs off of Sabin's worst stat and has low BPow to boot. It's a wretched combination, with pitiful results such as "1000 damage to all enemies in Kefka's Tower, but oh, that guy is immune to Wind, whoops." OTOH, stam Sabin's Aurabolt really falls off by the lategame. It has 24 defense-ignoring BPow - that's a tier-2 spell; the Nirvana Band can only boost it be so much. (Did I mention that Chakra & Mantra aren't boosted by Nirvana Band? So, is Aurabolt even receiving the Nirvana boost by endgame?) Support Sabin is all about that Chakra / Mantra spam, but even support dudes have off turns where they'll wanna pitch in with damage. So, it's a match made in heaven - Air Blade becomes useful, and stam Sabin gets some extra oomph. ************ To avoid being op, Fire Dance would need its spell power nerfed, and Air Blade would need split loss. To give some idea, the current numbers for Fire Dance & Air Blade are: Fire Dance - 48 BPow, 24 Magic, Level 15 - 283 damage, all enemies Fire Dance - 48 BPow, 43 Magic, Level 15 - 448 damage, all enemies Fire Dance - 48 BPow, 24 Magic, Level 20 - 353 damage, all enemies Fire Dance - 48 BPow, 43 Magic, Level 20 - 572 damage, all enemies Aurabolt - 24 BPow, Defense-Ignoring, 80 Stamina, Level 20 - 1216 damage Aurabolt - 24 BPow, Defense-Ignoring, 90 Stamina, Level 30, Nirvana Band - 2487 damage Without Nirvana Band - 1989 damage Air Blade - 36 BPow, Defense-Ignoring, 24 Magic, Level 30 - 895 (lol) damage, all enemies Air Blade - 36 BPow, Defense-Ignoring, 41 Magic, Level 30, Nirvana Band - 1791 damage, all enemies First things first, Air Blade is the important change here. Let's look at it. Air Blade (stamina) - 36 BPow, Defense-Ignoring, Split Loss, Level 30, 42 Stamina - Vigor Sabin - 1465 damage Air Blade (stamina) - 36 BPow, Defense-Ignoring, Split Loss, Level 30, 90 Stamina, Nirvana Band - 3729 damage Without Nirvana Band - 2984 damage So, 3k - 3.7k damage, vs Aurabolt's 2k - 2.5k damage. It is AoE, so that's a thing. vig Sabin still doesn't get much out of it, even as an AoE, but stam Sabin suddenly has a pretty good looking AoE for Kefka's Tower. It's no Ultima, but it ain't bad. Still, if a strong AoE is undesirable for Sabin, it can always be given split loss. stam Sabin would get 1.5k - 1.8k AoE damage out of it. (vig Sabin would be back to getting 700 AoE damage - plz don't use). If split loss is desirable but we also want Sabin to use Air Blade's AoE functionality to decent effect, having Sabin learn Air Blade a few levels earlier is an option. (Say, level 27?). 1.5k - 1.8k AoE might look a little bit better in Hidon's Cave or Ancient Castle then it does in Kefka's Tower. Personally, I don't think the split loss is necessary. Next up, Fire Dance. Fire Dance (stamina) - 24 BPow, 48 Stamina, Level 15 - 246 damage, all foes Fire Dance (stamina) - 24 BPow, 73 Stamina, Level 15 - 354 damage, all foes Fire Dance (stamina) - 12 BPow, Defense-Ignoring, 48 Stamina, Level 15 - 299 damage, all foes Fire Dance (stamina) - 12 BPow, Defense-Ignoring, 73 Stamina, Level 15 - 431 damage, all foes Fire Dance (stamina) - 24 BPow, 50 Stamina, Level 20 - 327 damage, all foes Fire Dance (stamina) - 24 BPow, 83 Stamina, Level 20 - 518 damage, all foes Fire Dance (stamina) - 12 BPow, Defense-Ignoring, 50 Stamina, Level 20 - 398 damage, all foes Fire Dance (stamina) - 12 BPow, Defense-Ignoring, 83 Stamina, Level 20 - 630 damage, all foes 12 defense-ignoring spell power included because then Sabin's elemental blitzes form a cute progression of 12 -> 24 -> 36 spell powers, all defense-ignoring. Fire Dance's spell power can be tweaked to whatever - there was nothing special about the spell powers that I chose. They just "felt" good. What is noticeable is that, with these stamina-based spell powers, the "lowest damage" and "highest damage" set-ups tend to be similar. vig Sabin with no magic equips (magical Fire Dance) or moderate stamina equips (stamina Fire Dance) do about similar damage with Fire Dance. Meanwhile, Sabin with pure magic equip (magical Fire Dance) and stam Sabin (stamina Fire Dance) are doing about the same damage. IOW, the spell powers insure Fire Dance doesn't get any weaker or stronger than before. It mostly means that, instead of being cute and equipping Sabin with Stat Hat and Cotton Robe to leverage Fire Dance's power, you just play stamina Sabin to leverage Fire Dance's power. ************ Discuss. Oh, and I demand fan art of Avatar Sabin in BNW now. Aang can go eat his heart out.
  15. Umm ... I never used the Blizzard Orb in Mt. Zozo. Gau was smashing things up with Dragon & Defender - spd Defender Gau was a great healer for the Wind Dragon fight. Thanks for the compliment on WoR Rages though. ^ _ ^ I should still have my old notes on what dungeons Rages can be put in - paying attention to which dungeons can have the Rages put into only the very last rooms, or which dungeons have palette swaps of existing Rages. ******* I did use Sage Stone for Mog in Mt. Zozo. I....I guess for the randoms you could classify it as a veteran move. Maybe, sorta, if you stand on your head, do a little jig, and/or are really concerned about the Colossus random encounter? 8k to Colossus and 3.6k AoE to Scrappers & Punishers is pretty awesome. Problem is that, Colossus aside, the Mt. Zozo randoms are a piece of trash trash. So, the extra damage & reliability over Water Rondo is meaningless. For the Wind Dragon, a better non-boltrod veteran strat would've been Punisher with a Black Belt. As I said, I was mostly being cute, and giving the new Love Sonata a test run. Early X-Mog, sadly, is just not worth it. (I will also point out that single casting Mog's Magic is especially mediocre, except for setting Poison or Slow. I imagine these two issues are related). I mean, sure, I could give X-Break a whirl in Owzer's Mansion if we really, absolutely, positively need proof that X-Mog struggles early on. But I think we both know the answer to that. I did want to use X-Quake in Owzer's Mansion. Muscle right through those stupid forced pincer strikes. But I wasn't about to do two later WoR dungeons just for that. Mostly, I'm a huge X-Mog fan. It's a mediocre to average set-up, but I want to use it, blast it. mag Mog should be the game's premier Wind / Earth nuke, not some weird all-elementalist with pretty wands & girly dances, blast it.
  16. it does the same thing as a certain boss will do to you.
  17. Do keep in mind that Gogo's cave is viewed as a mid to later WoR area, so having the blizzard orb power increase for Gau is definitely a veteran player move. I like the idea of shifting some WoR rages to places deeper into the dungeons though.
  18. The Leech sword was something I added around the time I made the Dark Knight fight an actual fight. I just wanted there to be a couple ways to heal yourself in the event you don't have items.
  19. Cool, cool. ******* Been using spd Gau with the new "Starting ATB" patch. It's a very noticeable difference - Gau starts pretty much every fight with a full ATB Gauge. Don't think I have enough speed yet to tell how well the "Speed Nerf" patch is working. That, and Gau's very powerful at the beginning of the WoR thanks to the new weapons & rages - I'll know more about the new speed balance later. ******* Finished Gogo's Cavern & Mt. Zozo. Actually paid attention to the strengths & weaknesses of the randoms, like I just now did for the Narshe Caves. Makes it much easier when you use appropriate status effects & weapon equips. Mt. Zozo, I decided to be cute and have Mog mostly use X-Bio, even for the Wind Dragon fight because I so didn't forget to properly prepare my characters for a more intense, weakness sniping fight, what talk you?. Not bad. Helps that Colossus, Punisher, & Scrapper are all Poison weak. Also wasn't bad for the Wind Dragon fight. (2k vs. Bolt Rod's average of 3k, though Rod procs hate me and never proc). Only needed one Love Sonata during the fight to re-charge MP; so far, Love Sonata seems to be doing its job of re-charging MP. Desert Aria is still a piece of trash, and I don't understand why people like it. - _ - Terrible Image setter. Couldn't use Morph Wing Edge strats. My full-on glass cannon build for vig Terra (10 Bismark) worked for the WoB - even for Atma - but it's starting to bite me in the butt now. Terra needed babying with heals, Rerise, Shell, and no Morph in order to survive the fight. Otherwise, dual Wing Edge is pretty decent filler for randoms - she's frail, but on average, she's a little stronger than Bum Rush, even without Hyper Wrist or Floating foes. Had to raid Phoenix Cave & Ancient Castle (+ Colosseum trade) to get both of 'em though, so a bit of an obscure filler weapon. ******* After Owzer's, it's time for an early Ancient Castle. Then, stam Strago. ^ _ ^
  20. Last week
  21. If patched correctly, will it say 1.8.6 in the config menu? Edit: the answer is no.
  22. Those are .zip archives. Use WinRAR to extract them.
  23. Thank you for that explanation. What do i do with .7z files like Runic Forever?
  24. I had a feeling that the stat bonuses on gear wasn't exactly 'whatever you like'. Based on the options you listed, I'm pretty sure I can guess how the game stores it. The main thing, I think, to help balance Edge a little better is to tone down the stat bonuses on his weapons, since he gets two of them and shields don't provide bonuses for the other characters. Something kind of like this, maybe? I dunno, dual-wielding is hard and I don't know FF4's numbers too well. And I will admit, if I had to put him in the front row the whole time instead of just letting him touch a moonring once, it probably would've been a bit tougher to keep him up. I figured there were going to be issues either way for the paladinization, equipment-wise. At least you give him starter gear in the first place, instead of a sword and a shirt and calling it a day. Speaking of, the fact that a certain sword is DKN/PLD OK made the fight vs. the Dark Knight (probably unintentionally) hilarious. "oh wait i have to actually fight him, this is a tough fight whatever will i d--" *open items, swap legend for leech* ...I wonder what it means, thematically, for Cecil to absorb his dark side. :thinking: I did enjoy it! Thanks for making this!
  25. Download lunar ips first. Second, download the patch(es) you want to install. Third, double click the ips patch you downloaded and apply it to the src file (the rom not the save). Do this to the same file for every patch in question. Then make sure your rom and save file names match and you're done. If your game suddenly explodes start the patching process over again from a clean rom.
  26. I think the title speaks for itself, but I had to hit the enemies with a barrage of status effects to ensure that I didn't die.
  27. I went with DrkWv instead of Dark to describe it a bit better. Five character limits really suck. The beginner equipment for most characters is just to give you an idea of what they can use. Stats are also only able to be increased by +3/5/10/15 or negatives of those (which only one item has). Edge is pretty decent at clearing flan encounters early-on, but you'll likely need to use MP restoring items. With regards to Edge's power, yes, he is very strong offensively. He is also the most defensively weak (though back row makes him a bit less squishy). It's difficult to buff other characters without making the game feel too easy or nerfing Edge and making him feel useless. I tried to have Cecil's gear stick to his character when he becomes a Paladin, but it lead to issues such at the game ignoring his Paladin starting equipment among other things. I mean, the Excalibur is a giant hunk of metal, so... The Adamant Armor is obtained the usual way. I upped the drop rate on the tail, but left the encounter rare. I'm not too concerned with the readme being slightly misleading for that one piece of gear. Thanks for playing! Hope you enjoyed it.
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