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  2. The Crissaegrim seems to only be hitting once.
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  4. Also the rod bugfix
  5. It is my opinion after having observed the latest RC in action that the random encounter patch should be omitted in future builds until it can be further tested independently (and preferably by someone familiar with ASM and a debugger handy).
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  7. In that case I'll do my best. I've started the thread, hopefully it's something that people will enjoy. And thanks for the nice welcome!
  8. Ring of Red is a tactics game released for the PS2 in 2000 for in Japan and 2001 abroad. It has an alternate history setting that has Japan's creative process all over it. Why else would there be giant walking war machines in World War 2? But mecha aside, the ideas are very interesting to me and have a certain feel of truth and plausibility to them. It's about Japan as a divided country and all the problems that come with it. Remember East and West Germany? In Ring of Red, Japan never surrendered in WW2 so it was invaded and split in a very similar way. We have North Japan and South Japan and you'd better believe that things are messy. It's the 1960s and everything is bad, which makes it a perfect setting for a war game. Let's take a look. As always, feedback is greatly appreciated.
  9. Hey there! Yeah, there's been a lot of missing soldiers from ID since it fell down. Awesome to have you! We need more LPs, more threads, for everything!
  10. Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf are all in different spots throughout the world map, one being in the place you meet Mallow's tadpole grandfather all the way at the bottom right leading to the next room, one in the first place you fought croco and the other I can't remember but it's not too hard to find. Once you find them all you have to go to areas with dark pink rooms that seemingly have nothing in it to fight can catch them. Palkia, dialga, giratina, and arceus are all in the nimbus area. Latios and Latias can be encountered after you find kyogre, groudon and rayquaza and have a chance to find either one of them everytime you encounter a hidden monster. Best way to find latios and latias is to keep encountering amayzee dayzee's at the end of roseway and running from the flower until the pokemon shows up.
  11. some pokemon are hidden in areas you have already been thru or will go thru eventually....... be sure to look all over especially in seemingly pointless passages and in due time you will find them all
  12. Beat the final battles and finished the challenge the other day. It's been pretty interesting (no other Digimon game that I've played has had the same challenge potential), and it's always great when the final boss doesn't disappoint - this one's easily the biggest highlight of the run.
  13. Yep. Major thing it's missing is the spell menu condensing hack, which Seibaby has posted a fix for.
  14. Ah ok. Is this the current RC?: It was posted by Synchysi in the beta thread.
  15. 1.9 is pretty significant. The current RC is stable; the issues with it are minor and entirely cosmetic.
  16. I haven't played BNW in a while and plan on starting a new playthough soon. Are significant changes coming for 1.9? Or is it alright if I go with 1.86 now?
  17. Go right ahead and start up a thread. Good to have you.
  18. Whew, when insane difficulty disappeared I thought I'd never find the fallback website. Hi all, I was first brought here by Final Fantasy Tactics 1.3 but since then have played around with lots of other fun mods around here. Tactics games are my thing to be sure, though I'd be happy to talk about other kinds as well. Also I'd like to start an LP about Ring of Red (PS2 tactics game) on the Let's Play subforum. Would it be okay for me to start a thread there even though I just signed up? Thanks in advance for your answers.
  19. For a series with difficulty curve problems, I'd like to bring up the Fire Emblem series. This is mostly about the standard difficulty settings. I find that the games tend to be challenging towards the beginning and then slope downwards steadily until they are absurdly easy. My best guess is that the developers want it to be beatable regardless of how well or how badly you did in early maps. This means that if you were diligent about collecting optional treasures and leveling a strong core party, you will easily overpower the later parts of the game. It's a shame, because in early maps the devs have a very good idea of how strong you will be and can design the maps with tight control over what you can and can't get away with.
  20. Right. I think I knew and didn't remember. Was just curious.
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  22. Entry 41: Riovanes 3 Rankings:7/10 (First timer)7/10 (Normal Player)7/10 (2nd Playthough) Gameplay: And with that note, we end this here. See you soon
  23. Great to know about that one, sounds like a good reason to use that comety overdrive sweetness. These cursed weapons look really friggin cool. Also really liking the new backgrounds, they're quite nifty. These are all named after FFT Zodiacs, right? Thank You for the magic code that makes cool stuff happen!
  24. I did find the first 3 pokemon, but there are more to find. I looked in the Insane Difficulty for additional info, but some threads crash. Can someone tell me where the pokemon are?
  25. Don't mind the weapon descriptions, still haven't done them yet and they aren't important anyway. I'll probably revisit the power and level requirements of endgame weapons for next patch, they mostly follow the vanilla order but it should probably be the difficulty of obtaining them. I tested the code again on another save and it adds only cursed weapons. Saw you asked about the reason to use Kuiper Belt over Grand Cross, the former also resets RT countdown so it's more powerful if your target is about to act.
  26. HasteX is causing sprite palette changes during its animation, where the top most character in the party goes gray. Example: Comparing HasteX animation data in earlier versions and vanilla; there's one byte difference between Vanilla and RC11. Changing HasteX to match vanilla fixed the problem. It appears that spells were recently rearranged. HasteX was at a different index in 1.8.6, and was moved to be next to Haste in the spell list. Slow was at that index, and the discrepancy between Vanilla and RC11 matches Slow's data. It looks like HasteX's animation data didn't get completely copied over when it was relocated.
  27. The wind and ice crossbows seem to have their bonuses switched. Tried to add all cursed weapons, accidentally got all weapons (I did a dumb). Either way, should be good for testing. Can't believe after all of it the Ambicion is somehow on par with the Christmas sword :-0 (but has lasers)
  28. i thought you already knew it, i'm italian
  29. Alright so this will be my final post here as I finish so basically after all the grind from the previous post I did go fight Baal Avatar the good news now is I had a LV high enough so that Estoma cancel all possible random enconter so let's go straight to the point and start with Baal Avatar. Baal Avatar Out of the 3 bosses of reason this one is definitly my favorite in this mod, there is definitly a lot to watchout for in this fight, between Bael's Bane now working on anybody, Expel attack, Dekunda, Dekaja, buff...etc... however I think her minions should be rework a little because right now they lose to much turn spamming Dekunda and Dekaja and actually barely even attack at all I think a way to fix would be to make so that one of them is a dedicate support (why not giving it Silent Prayer ?) and the other a offensive unit, while Baal is doing kinda both at same time. Anyway so basically I realise that she was always targetting my Titania with her first Bael's Bane so at first I thought it was because of the position and my theory was wrong but without knowing it I did found the counter to her first Bael's Bane, after this record thanks to willing to make a footage of Dante as a fly I realise she actually always target the demon with the lowest LV possible of course in that with my starting team that was Titania, so then I switch Titania by Pisaca so that Pisaca get morph as he is useless in battle I don't need him, other than that the first phase is easy just buff and debuff and attack. Then she summons her 2 allies the Ose and Flauros, they will both heals Baal with Diarahan if she takes to much damage, other than that the Ose can use Dekunda, Dragon Eye, Mabufudyne, Maziodyne and Chaos Blade the Flauros can use Dekaja, Maragidyne, Mazandyne and Hassohoppa and Chiaki will start using Heat Riser, so my first target is of course the Ose because we need to prevent them to use Dragon Eye I try the buff and debuff up to make them use Dekunda and Dekaja, the Flauros the one that hit the hardest with Hassohoppa but since he act last and spam Dekaja anyway he often will not even get a turn, so once the Ose is done I then try to alternate between attacking the Flauros and Chiaki the reason for that is since they have lost Dekunda their agility will be lowered and so Chiaki might miss a lot resulting in the Flauros never act and I want to start the third phase with Chiaki having the least possible HP because she can be annoying with Heat Riser spam since she now have Dragon Eye. So yeah a fun fight it has some flaws but it's really good. And so after this I go straight for Kagutsuchi and we're gonna fight him right now, so time to fight the Disco ball Kagutsuchi Most like Baal Avatar there is some really good change about this fight making the fight way more fun and interesting but I think it's to easy the problem being that for his most powerfull attacks not only they are predictable (first phase he uses Vastly Light when Kagutsuchi is full, second phase he takes one turn speaking some nonsense for preparing the attack) and they consumes 2 turns I think maybe it would be more interesting if they were a little less powerfull but Kagutsuchi gets to act right after them instead of losing all his press-turns. And as you can see outside of Vastly Light and Infinite Light and when he max out his stats there is nothing threatning at all because we have a way to make him lose all his turns for each element, he just take a while because he has a lot of HP. And then we fight Lucifer and..... Lucifer kick my ass Let just say that we the party I had for fighting kagutsuchi he was completly destroying me and so I had to make a final big grinding session before finally take him down and the result Lucifer + My conclusion for the mod I decide to do a commentary at the end for concluding the mod I will write a full conclusion that will be better organise and more precise later. As for Lucifer I basically had to redo my all team as follow : -I had to completly rebuild Metatron and Surt so that they both have the skill I want and their weakness are cover, Surt in particular took me a lot of time because I wanted to make him a damage dealer (Ragnarok with Fire Boost being the strongest spell in the game) so I needed Pierce on him, and to cover I needed Force Repel and Ice Repel all of that with Life Surge I swear I spend over an hour of reseting the fusions just for him but I must say I'm happy with the result, as for Metatron it was a little better i wanted Ice Repel, Dekunda and Life Surge I got them all and Cadenza as a nice bonus, I could have LVUP Metatron so he get Heat Riser but I was tire of all the grinding and wanted to fight Lucifer now -Vishnu is my last addition because he was perfect for this he has Prayer by default and he learns Phys Repel through LVUP and he resists Magic making him an awesome addition to our groupe, I just have to make him with Void Ailments so that he couldn't be inflict with statut effect like Charm or Panic -For the main character of course the Masakados magatama , as I sayed in the video I learn him Life Surge just for this fight so he could survive, I also learn him Rakukaja and he still have Mediarahan for emergency. So I don't really much to what I've said about Lucifer in the video, he definitly put up a big fight and he is what a Final Boss should be in any video game, a final boss should be the final test to see if the player can use all the gameplay to his advantage to win the fight and this is definitly the case here : -He uses all the 4 Elements and also physical attack so the player must be protected against all of them and have enough HP so that every member can survive (everyone has Life Surge) -He drains MP now so the player must manage his MP and have some MP recovery item -He resist everything so Pierce is needed -He has both Dekunda and Dekaja so we must be ready to reapply buff and debuff at anytime -He has statut effect so we better have a team that can void them -His Root of Evil now act as an ultime version of Debilitate reducing all our stats by 4 stages therefore we must have the mean to cancel the debuff (Dekunda) and reapply the buff -And all of that while keep doing him some damage I made some stupid mistake at some points because I was tire but overall a really fun fight and definitly a very good final boss and a really good conclusion to this mod. Anyway I will give my final conclusion on another topic but for now this LP and this boss battle is over, for now I will just thanks Zombero for this mod it was a really fun mod to play and I'm looking forward to what will be done with this mod in the future.
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