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  2. Hey mister Kirby2 did you ever notice that you're in the game?
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  4. I was spamming Psycho Blade, which is definitely what blinded him. He must have been blinded the first time as well, but since I never attacked him the variable never incremented to begin with.
  5. Loving the Humor!

    Glad you're having fun!
  6. Setzer's re-recruitment scene is my personal favorite. They say "write what you know" and apparently drunk and depressed is... pretty well-worn territory for me >.>
  7. Editing the mod

    Yeah, we need to break the ROM so that USME stops recognizing it. This keeps happening.
  8. Hi BTB and other BNW modders, Thank you for putting so much work into the BNW mod, and especially for adding humor! I just discovered this mod and was cracking up going through the readme yesterday, which got me very excited to play. I have just started the game (now at the Returners' Hideout) and whenever I come across an added joke in the dialog, I have to pause and collect myself after laughing so much. I like to take my time with RPGs, talking to everyone. I look forward to finding all the other fun changes in dialog and learning about the other great changes you've made, so thank you again.
  9. So sorry for the trouble and the late response, the latest version of the mod available to download should take care of that freeze in the burning house.
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  11. I loaded an older save and tried to go into it with different equipment, levels, and party order. Just trying change any variables I luck. Guess that's game over for me.
  12. I'm wondering if there's a way to alter the mod. I tried FF3usME but when I stepped on the first save point the game froze.
  13. I could see Aurora being a smoker. Either cigarettes or crack cocaine. I don't mean to criticize whoever wrote this line but in Ultros's letter he uses the phrase "non invertebrate" which really sticks out to me as an odd phrasing. I don't know if this is supposed to just be part of how Ultros writes, but it would be simpler to just say vertebrate instead of using that double negative.
  14. Holy crap. It's in the original. To think that I've never had that happen before. On another note, major kudos to whoever wrote the dialogue for the mod. The jokes and memes aside, more serious moments were clearly given due respect as it should be. Especially the dialogue between Locke and Celes, Terra&Leo, everything on the FC, and Setzer rejoining in WoR come to mind; absolutely brilliant and vastly superior to the awkward, quite child-like character dialogue of the original. This is so much more cinematic&mature yet grounded and real.
  15. Well, I suppose this is a testament to how much of a pain in the ass saving him was in the original game.
  16. Problems started in Barheim. With the HP boost SFF gives to bosses the Mimic queen is impossible to defeat without the charge running out. Anyway i am not here to argue about whether it's right to balance something or not, i am here asking to do something that will make me enjoy the mod more. If not then the mod is useless to me and i will have to remove it.
  17. No, James is the White Mage and was there before SNES drunk's NPC, so he get's the honors lol. And no, not really... I mean we have Oboro's 'friend' smoke during one of his dreams, but that's about it. None of the main cast besides I guess Otis would be a smoker, but his thing is alcohol of course. Well I guess Oboro as well, but he has the highest speed and cigarettes and quickness don't mix!
  18. Evade is halved when Covering character.
  19. So is Cid staying alive a new twist in the plot as well? Sure didn't expect it, seemed bugged at first because his dialogue looped multiple times and I just kept feeding him fish over and over expecting him to die but eventually he actually got better. I was pretty thrilled to see something new but then again I missed out on seeing one of the most memorable and tragic moments of the game(the cliff scene), it's pretty much the emotional climax of the game.
  20. My Shadow usually has 94 or 104% evade, and yet when I give him Knight Cape or Hero Ring he seems to get hit a lot more often when guarding the other characters. Is the evade calculation different in that situation, am I very unlucky, or is it a bug?
  21. Did you ever consider instead of having James heal the player in the learning house they could be healed by drinking from Snes drunk? Also did you ever consider having any of the main cast be a smoker? You could use the animation of throwing the coin for them throwing away their smoke.
  22. Thanks brother, I'll look into that AI quirk. I see here in his AI: FC 0D 03 03 ; If variable VAR003 is greater than or equal to 3 F1 44 ; Targeting: random ally AE ; PrimalRoar FC 09 36 00 ; If target self is not affected by status Dark F4 16 16 16 ; Rand. cmd.: Jump or Jump or Jump F8 03 00 ; Set VAR003 to 0 FE ; End If and reset targeting FC 0D 02 03 ; If variable VAR002 is greater than or equal to 3 F1 44 ; Targeting: random ally AE ; PrimalRoar FC 09 36 00 ; If target self is not affected by status Dark F4 16 16 16 ; Rand. cmd.: Jump or Jump or Jump F8 02 00 ; Set VAR002 to 0 FE ; End If and reset targeting It looks like maybe if Dark status is set on him, he'll do that? Like skip Jump and the clearing of the VAR, keep casting PrimalRoar... Did Avalon maybe use Havoc on him and set Dark status? Again I'll check it out firsthand here in a bit, just waking up! EDIT: Yeah that seems to be it, he has a rather quick buildup for VAR002 and VAR003, then if he has dark status applied will not Jump and reset the VAR... Could use a little work!
  23. Man, I just realized how hard it is to give a list of great JRPG mods without just listing off everything in the forums section of this site. >.>
  24. So far this is mostly just going to be a possible bug report for the Sasquatch fight. On the first fight I had with him, he never used Primal Rage at all. I restarted because I wanted to use fewer items, and on the second fight, he used Primal Rage every single turn (after the first couple of turns). The only thing I remember doing differently was using some physical attacks on him to mug him. Does that increment a variable that isn't set back to zero or something? I haven't fully played through this game in while. It's amusing that it ends up being more nostalgic than a vanilla playthrough for me. If there are any specific aspects of the hack that you want feedback on, feel free to ask.
  25. I wouldn't seek for balancing around the bosses of Lhusu Mines, they are 4 ennemies so of course they take longer than most bosses that are alone, and they are optionnal bosses (you are suppose to run away from them as Balthier say in the cutscene prior) so they are meant to be harder than regular story bosses if you choose to fight them.
  26. i love everything about your mod EXCEPT the double hp on bosses, just finished lushu mines and I think they just take way too long to kill. i wanted to ask what tool did you use to edit the bosses? Is it on the nexus? If so, after i download it, what file(s) are the boss hp values stored in? I also know how to do basic hex editing so if you tell me what files i can try doing it that way too. I think with boss hp only x1.5 instead of double your SFF mod will be PERFECT.
  27. No problemo at all, James actually saw the post here and said he'll work on it some more -- feedback is good! Ah yeah the HP healing does not take place in any towns either, or basically any place there is no random monster encounters. Just to give INNs a purpose still and to balance the whole thing out slightly. It's a risky feature to have without breaking the game lol.
  28. I don't want him to think I'm criticizing his work. A lot of these sprites blow me away with how amazing they look. I think the reason it stands out to me is partially just because he has bigger eyes than most characters. Oboro, Serin, and Ronan all have tiny slits for eyes. I'm so sorry to be a bother but I since I learned about the hp regen while walking I have been trying to pay attention to it. Fraust and Rogue city both have npcs who comment that you won't gain health back in those places but I'm not gaining health back in Stardust Village or Sunset city. I will go back and check the castle. Is one intended to be able to regain health walking around in these areas?
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