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      On November 23rd 2022, Nowea, a prominent member of this community, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. He was a good man, a close friend to many of us, loved helping others with games and sharing his passion for gaming with anyone that would listen. To help his family with the unexpected costs of his passing, a charity stream is being planned. The link can already be accessed if anyone wish to help out: https://streamlabs.com/llandrastall/tip He will be missed dearly.

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  1. Yesterday
  2. Hi long time since I posted...Mr praetarius I think I found the answer to how I got a 31st job level...when you don't switch jobs immediatly after mastering one it still builds points towards other jobs when you do switch(I don't know if that's intentional or not.. not the point)...those left over points can go over the needed amount to level up as shown here and carry over...I assume that's what happened before and I held on to so many points that it gave me a non existent level when I changed?
  3. Last week
  4. An update for v3.0.4 and 2.0.5 EX are now up. A handful of bug fixes were addressed: - Status menu display for stats and certain character slots were displaying the wrong info on the party select screen, as well as an instance of the game crashing. - Cerberus's blank name in Soul Shrine has been fixed. - A status menu oddity only briefly seen if you check the menu once starting a brand new game on a brand new file with no save data has been fixed. - Costume freezing was addressed again in EX and had its code revised. - Gold Needle in EX was performing the Teleport Stone item data during battle and causing a soft lock; this has been fixed. A few minor lua fixes were also done, including wrong Steal results for certain enemies only affecting the lua version.
  5. Dokapon Kingdom Randomizer

    Hello I am experience a crash anytime I enable seriously randomized monsters. any fixes for this? It works just fine when that option is not selected
  6. Earlier
  7. Current Known Bugs/Issues

    Pop onto Discord if you could (CHAT button at the top of the page). I need more info as that's not much to go on. Thanks!
  8. Current Known Bugs/Issues

    I'm encountering a bug in the Soul Shrine where Terra, Celes, Relm or Strago will be almost entirely drained of MP for no reason. Terra's equipped with the Economizer so I'm defintely not using up magic that quickly and it can occur early as the 2nd or 3rd battle of any of the phases
  9. Another small update is up. We added the elemental icons to replace the shoddy rush job we had previously done (Fi, Ic, Th, etc). Update is in the first post along with a newly updated lua file.
  10. Question about Base Stats templates

    There isn't, everyone has the exact template that is set for them in that battle. Ghost rogues are kinda rare, but if you run into a ghost warlock that has counterhit equipped, that ghost is in a hybrid setup and they have either a dex template or balanced template. You can't really know which is the case so it's easier to look for a ghost rogue, one can spawn in boulder sands, that's probably the easiest place to search.
  11. Hello is there anyway to make Base Stats templates random instead of fixed on class? Because i'm trying to find a Ghost Rogue with no luck. Thanks
  12. Another update up; we fixed the status screens and all the job titles. Update your lua for the 3.0+ version found in the download above or the first post.
  13. Minor update, the lua was slightly broken for EX and both ips files are now fixed.
  14. A minor update is up just for the EX patch. A small bug was fixed that when changing costumes in EX 2.0.3 the game would crash. Link for the download is the same as the one above or in the first post.
  15. Lua 3.0.3 is up and available. Please read the history html and readme translation files for a rundown as to find out what's new (or check below). Please also read the first post here (just the top part). Here's the download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ss7ec4pc0uuyu7z/FF6+T-Edition+English+3.0.rar/file
  16. Current Known Bugs/Issues

    Confirmed the bug above, but not what's causing it. Pinpointed parts, but not all. An update and solution was made to Mato's download and info can be found in that bug readme file only, as this isn't an issue with lua or JP.
  17. Thanks for clarifying, I wasn't sure! I'm playing v2.1.
  18. Current Known Bugs/Issues

    Redownload the mod and patch it, that final Kefka thing has been fixed as per the update notes. As for sharing, I don't know personally. I don't use Linux or Higan. You're welcome to use Discord and troubleshoot there.
  19. Current Known Bugs/Issues

    Oh, wow. Thank you -- I thought I had this set to notify me if someone replied -- anyway, I didn't realize till now that you did. Sorry -- you see the level I'm operating at. Well, I'll try not to waste your time. One, no, I didn't do any cheats or edits. Two, since then -- I just got to the final battle with Kefka, and when it gets to the part where you arrange the party-order, the game glitches and gives me garbled text, or else a gnarly red screen.. At that point -- music still plays, but I can't do anything. I attached screenshots. Three, I can try discord another time, but till then -- I use "higan" on a Linux-based OS. The save file looks different from what I remember on Windows, back in the day. It's SFC, but it's a folder, not a single file, and that's got a bunch of stuff in it. Not sure what I'd be sharing. Any clues? Ah, well, Time for a new game plus, I guess??
  20. If someone is KOd, petrified, or zombied between phases, they'll get subbed out for a random character from the reserve list. If you have live characters swapping out, that sounds like a bug that I haven't heard of before. What version of the mod are you playing?
  21. Just finished my first playthrough of this mod and loved it. My question is about the final climb to Kefka and the three boss fights before him. I only vaguely remember how it works in vanilla so I'm not sure how much if anything BNW changed, but I'm confused about what happened. On the special choose your party screen, I see all 14 of my guys in a vertical column on the left. It says "choose your party" and there are four numeric slots on the right. I put in my team, which happens to be Terra - Locke - Cyan - Strago. I fight the first boss, big demon guy with the two arms. A few deaths and rezzes during the fight (lol poor Strago) but when the boss dies all four party members are standing. The game transitions to the second boss fight. For some reason Locke and Cyan get swapped out for Shadow and Setzer. I roll with it and beat Kefka with that party. No other swaps occur despite several more deaths and rezzes. What was the mechanic that swapped out two of my characters? I remember vanilla had a mechanic where you would sort your whole team into a queue and any characters who died would be swapped for the next in queue, or something like that, but there was no "choose your party order" in BNW. Nobody in my playthrough ever swapped out when they died - live characters just got automatically replaced when transitioning to the second boss and at no other time. Was that a bug, or did I miss something?
  22. Current Known Bugs/Issues

    Which version are you playing on? And have you used any cheats or edited your game in any way? If you can, upload and link your save file for troubleshooting. You can find us on discord via the CHAT button at the top of the page here.
  23. Current Known Bugs/Issues

    Hey, I appreciate all the work that went into this game. I created an account to ask this question, if you would. I am near the end of the game, went to Kefka's Tower, was equipping espers, and noticed -- the Phoenix esper disappeared! Near as I can tell, a couple hours of gameplay back, I used it (Eureka, fighting one of the bosses). Now, it's gone. Is that a bug, or is there some feature where it disappears after a certain number of uses. Any way to restore it if it's not a feature? Thanks!
  24. Shadow Hearts: Covenant NTSC - Godslayer v6.05

    This is somewhat important announcement from me: I'll be getting back to modding after being sucked into the toxic soup that is the popular online games. I'll not be stopping them or anything but I'll be putting at least 1 hour everyday for my modding efforts from now on. It really wakes me up after looking up my mediafire stats. You guys are really downloading my mods. I feel like I have responsibility to perfect them as long as I'm still interested in the games and I still can. Thanks for all the interest you've shown in my creations over the years. I'll start working on my Shadow Hearts 1 improvement mod and then get to SH: FtNW.
  25. V10 Bug

    I do believe its an bug that existed in the og smrpg as well, ill join the server to explain things further
  26. V10 Bug

    That's quite the weird bug you found. I'd recommend discussing it in our Discord server to see if there might be something wrong.
  27. When you set the level to 20, you should also set the XP to the correct value for level 20.
  28. A few random effects. I leveled down to 20 and turned off the code; after confirming that at level 30(where they got stucked) they were receiving Exp. After a story battle the active units leveled up from 20 to 30. In next battle they were still receiving Exp. In next few battles the active units went from 20 to 30, the previous got more exp accumulated. Then few battles later no more 20 to 30 even having everyone in party on 30 except one unit in 20, they all received Exp. Still haven't made anyone level up to 31, busy. I'll keep reporting. Oh, active codes was only the one that shoots up skill rank.
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