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  2. Back so soon huh? I felt bad for making ppl wait so I released version 3.0 which in itself is not 100% tested yet but most things should be exactly how I want them to be. Almost all bosses have been tested and random encounter enemies are like they should be. The enemies give more cash and soul power compared to the exp multiplier but still not too much so optimality is rewarded while playing. If you play through the Purgatory dungeon in this version I recommend going through the doors in this order: Dark, Earth, Light, Water, Wind, Fire. In this order the enemies give more exp cash and soul like they're meant to. I'll be changing the rest of the Purgatory enemies for next version along with other possible changes. Thanks and see ya!
  3. I don't know anything about modding, so I don't know how difficult or possible it would be, but it would be really nice when you loot the menu item icon appears next to the item's name
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  5. Hello people, I don't know if there are anyone interested in this mod anymore but I've been working on the new version for long time and it gets better everyday. I've had to start over couple of times when I've had new realisations but it's going forward everytime I work on it. It's looking really good at this point but I'll still have to run through it to make sure everything works well. The new version is probably gonna have survival elements when it comes to cash and soul power and the more optimized gameplay will lead to better results. both random encounters and bosses should provide good challenge while grinding doesn't feel like a chore since I've made sure there's not too much of it like in the incomplete version i released before. I can't give any deadline but I'm working on the mod approx 1 hour everyday.
  6. thzfunnymzn edition of Brave New World

    Loved the mod so far, however I've run into a problem. This happened earlier in the game but a reset managed to fix it, but two items aren't being received after finishing off a boss. I can't recall the first one, but it was in WoB somewhere. Second one is a big deal, i've smacked down Kaiser and I am not getting the Crusader magicite. It shows the message and sound effect of getting it, but it isn't in my esper list.
  7. Shadow Hearts NTSC-U - Imbroglio v3.20

    Thanks for playing through my Covenant mod! All the best for the new year for you and the rest of the community! <3
  8. Shadow Hearts NTSC-U - Imbroglio v3.20

    haha yup! Silver hand is the answer here, because executing key to success + 7th key is not easy to do well, but silver hand makes it a garuntee. I am enjoying SH:C so far, I'm about to fight the SG Italy HQ Boss. SH:C feels so good to play.
  9. Shadow Hearts NTSC-U - Imbroglio v3.20

    Sorry for another quick reply. I looked up the items of Shadow Hearts and it's only the Silver Hand that kills it all making user hit everytime. The other applied things only work so efficiently cause you hit everytime using that item. I might change that item's name and make it give mana for all party members for example. I'm sorry for being so clumsy and realizing this just now.
  10. Shadow Hearts NTSC-U - Imbroglio v3.20

    Yeah I've heard before how op the items in sh1 can be. I havent used those myself. I used 3rd keys cause they're purchasable. I might make some adjustments at some point. Thanks for the feedback and enjoy Covenant!
  11. Shadow Hearts NTSC-U - Imbroglio v3.20

    Happy new years to you too! Yeah I blasted thru it because i love SH1 and ur mod is fantastic. The most hilarious part of the mod for me was the final bosses. I ended up killing both of them in 1 hit. Seraphic Radiance -> For everyone -> Silver hand -> Monkey Paw -> 5th key killed Messiah Seraphic Radiance -> For everyone -> Silver hand -> Monkey Paw -> 7th key killed Metagod Metagod died before my 7th key even finished, cuz Yuri was hitting for 999 with each attack lmao. I already started your Godslayer Mod, i forgot how much more advanced of a game SH2 is comapred to one haha.
  12. Shadow Hearts NTSC-U - Imbroglio v3.20

    Wow you've really blasted through sh1 fast i know where ur coming from with not wanting to play ftnw. It IS kinda different. It still has demand though and I like it too so I'll be working on that. I really put lots of effort into this sh1 mod. Maybe even more than for Covenant by now so I'll gladly take any critic about these mods and especially the Covenant one. Happy new years to you and the rest btw! Hopefully next year's gonna be better than 2023 was.
  13. Shadow Hearts NTSC-U - Imbroglio v3.20

    Its been a wild ride, definitely the best shadow hearts one experience. Like i said playing on 1.7 solved every single issue. Im currently grinding to 99 on the float so I can go beat Seraphim + ben and get seraphic radiance to fight final boss. Still a bit to go, only level 83 lol. After i finish this im gonna go straight into your SH2 mod. Sadly SH3 aint it for me. No Yuri = No play.
  14. Shadow Hearts NTSC-U - Imbroglio v3.20

    Haha glad you got things under control! Hope you'll enjoy the rest of the journey. I use PCSX2 v1.2.1 on all Shadow Hearts games and they all run well. I appreciate all feedback. They give me outlook from other people's perspectives and not just mine. They also may make me think if I should change stuff even if I think the mod is in good standing. I'm currently working on my Shadow Hearts 3 mod but I've been sawing back and forth thinking on how to handle the dungeon exp and other enemy stats stuff. But I'm making progress everytime I work on it.
  15. Shadow Hearts NTSC-U - Imbroglio v3.20

    Hey zedorfed, im really enjoying the Mod but I have an issue. As soon as I got to europe after defeating Calamity, some of the ingame sounds stopped working. Specificly when I click an item to use such as a tent, when I open a chest, but most annoyingly of all, the sounds the ring makes when you do attacks or use items. Is there anyway to fix it? I tried 2 different ISO's, and if i load a save from China the sounds work again. I am using latest PCSX2 with default plugins. Updating to PCSX2 1.7 fixed all my issues!
  16. Manall's FF1

    Version 3.1

    1 download

    Documentation | Version History Latest version: v3.1a (February 18, 2024) This mod brings you a fresh, tougher Final Fantasy with a modernized feel and greater depth. I want you to immerse in burning nostalgia, while falling in love with something brand new! It's the same story and world, with enormous creative changes and optimizations, including an addictive new combat system. The aim with this project was to deliver massive and polished with a twist. Visual, combat, magic, equipment & balance overhaul Difficulty increase; more dynamic enemies Archer & Green Mage replace Black Belt & Red Mage Loads of niceties & fixed bugs Numerous customization settings New secrets Bonus classes and content
  17. Installing onto a SNES Classic

    Can someone help me with steps on getting this armageddon mod to work on Android. I have downloaded the v10 file, I got a super mario rpg rom and snes9x but I can't for the life of me get this to work with the mod at all. please help.
  18. V10 Bug

    I downloaded the V9 armageddon file on my android and I already do have the super mario rpg rom and the she's 9x emulator. How do I play this game on my android phone?
  19. Shadow Hearts NTSC-U - Imbroglio v3.20

    I'm sorry about the frequent updates lately but I gotta do this. I feel nerfing Margarete's Diving Bomber wasn't a good idea since it's her only powerful all-enemy ability. So v3.20 reverts that ability back to og damage. The element remains non-element though so it's useful vs all foes.
  20. Shadow Hearts NTSC-U - Imbroglio v3.20

    Small fix: forgot to put mention of Paralyze chance in Thunder Roar description. It's fixed in v3.15.
  21. Shadow Hearts NTSC-U - Imbroglio v3.20

    Hiya! Small but important update on this mod. v3.1 switches places between Zhuzhen's 'Corpse Arm' and 'Thunder Roar'. He now learns Thunder Roar at lvl 23 and Corpse Arm at lvl 70. Corpse Arm is now his earth element damage/party heal ability while Thunder Roar regains the wind element and previously Corpse Arm's chance of getting enemy paralyzed. Corpse Arm's paralyze chance was removed with this change. This change also adds variety with Zhuzhen not having same element party damage as Keith at the start of Blue Castle. Keith's 'Bat Dance' remains at same power as in v3.0 so he still has earth and wind option early. This change takes effect immediately so there's no need to start over or anything. Have fun!
  22. Shadow Hearts NTSC-U - Imbroglio v3.20

    Hi again NGPlus! I've come up with new version of this mod. v3.0 is very important update as it will make Zhuzhen, Margarete and Keith potent characters in later battles and bosses with the abilities that will damage enemies and heal the party. These abilities are different elements so they will inflict more damage on certain enemies while healing some characters more and some less. I will go more on details below. There are lots of other changes too. So details? Here we go! ______________________________________________________________ Zhuzhen: 'Thunder Roar' - Zhuzhen learns this ability 70 levelled. It will be Zhuzhen's damage/party heal spell. It is Earth element so it will damage Wind element more and Earth less. It heals Halley more and Keith less. Margarete: 'Bazooka' - Margarete learns this ability 68 levelled. It will be Margarete's damage/party heal spell. It is Wind element so it will damage Earth element more and Wind less. It heals Keith more and Halley less. Keith: 'Apsaras' - Keith learns this ability 67 levelled. It will be Keith's damage/party heal spell. It is Water element so it will damage Fire element more and Water less. It heals Zhuzhen more and Margarete less. Ailment removal was taken off from this ability. Halley: 'Healing' - This will be his ultimate single target healing spell that has its' healing power doubled. It is Fire element so it will heal Margarete more and Zhuzhen less. Alice: 'Arc' - Alice learns this ability 63 levelled. It has been changed the way it doesn't heal whole life but partially based on Alice's Int stat. It is Light element so it will heal Dark element more and Light less. The good thing about this ability is that it can't miss since you don't target enemy with it. Yuri: Amon's 'The End' - I've added party heal to this ability in addition to the damage so Amon will be more usable. This ability remains Almighty so it will damage all enemies and heal everyone the same amount. It has damage increased as well. ______________________________________________________________ Other changes from previous version: - Margarete's 'Diving Bomber' is now Almighty attack and it has its' damage decreased. - Keith's 'Bat Dance' has its' damage increased and mp requirement doubled. Keith's 'Gift' has its' death success decreased. I forgot to change that in previous version. - Halley's 'Shock Max' has its' damage increased. - Yuri's lvl 3 Earth and Water element fusions have their healing power doubled. Seraphic Radiance's 'For Tomorrow' has its' damage and healing increased. Sandalphon's 'Revive' has its' healing power increased - I tuned Europe's enemies' magic stat too high so they go down a bit. However their strength goes up. 1.7 x agility was too high in late so it's x 1.5 now. Some dungeons' enemies have higher HP than others though they give more exp and cash. I've taken careful look at exp and cash amounts and they should reflect more on how demanding the battles are. ______________________________________________________________ I hope I didn't forget anything. I will come back with new version if I see something I want to change. I try to make these mods as perfect as possible cause this is my favorite series. I want to thank everyone who give my mods a go, it means a lot to me. See ya!
  23. Shadow Hearts NTSC-U - Imbroglio v3.20

    I'm sorry for praising this version of the mod so high. I set the values of some late bosses too high and the random encounters in europe have too high magic stat in general. I'm gonna come up with new version of this mod at some point that's gonna be way better. I'm gonna tune the europe enemies strength up and lessen the magic. I'm changing Zhuzhen Margarete and Keith into characters that're able to take on later bosses with Yuri all having their pros and cons with different character combos. I'm doing the testing on final boss right now and I see I had it tuned too high. There will be lots of changes for the better in next version overall.
  24. Final Fantasy V: Void Divergence - Discussion

    Triggering the sun field effect hasn't been removing swamp damage for me. For expert level scaling, is the monster level used or the "Tier" listed in the misc. number madness?
  25. thzfunnymzn edition of Brave New World

    Posting because there's been a major update to Lol New World. The odds of Gau's Rage is now stamina-based. Base stamina Gau now starts at 59/41 odds for rages, and fully built, can get up to 92/8 odds for Rage. I removed the stamina-based damage Rages and even nerfed the stamina-based heals, because that is some NICE consistency coming from stam Gau. Rage Belt is there for static 50/50 Rages (like vanilla FFVI); a speed built Gau could perhaps play with that to gamble on Rages with good secondaries. I've also imported even more of Nowea Hard Type AI/boss edits, as well as extensively re-designed the elemental dragons. On top of various other minor and modest changes (as listed in printme). Enjoy.
  26. Hi and thank you for playing my mod. That old FtNW mod is grindfest and you've probably been constantly lower level than intended. I've seen plenty of problems in the past mod as I've worked on it and are working to make it much better overall. But I've also started working on new version for my updated Shadow Hearts 1 mod. The existing updated mod is great as it is but there are some things I wanna better in it. Most notably giving Zhuzhen, Margarete and Keith group damage / party heal to one of their later abilities to make them actually considerable characters to use in later battles/bosses. What a concept, right?!
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