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  2. Thanks, their stats show properly so I wasn't too concerned with it, but fixing descriptions is no trouble at all.
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  4. I'll record my fight.
  5. Hey Raics, haven't posted here in awhile but I've recently started up another run and the recent updates have been amazing. Loving Vyce being a teleporting ninja, and I've found a workaround for Berserkers and their frailty - SKELETON BERSERKERS! However, I was crafting a few robes for my casters and I noticed that a few of the elemental armor tooltips seem to be outdated or misplaced. For example: The mails and coats still say that they enhance elemental abilities (only resistances) Viraat's Coat and Mail say that they enhance Earth elemental (should be Lightning) Radiant and Fuligin Robes/Titania Mail say that they enhance resistance to the opposite element (the opposite element is the only one they don't resist) Just slight nitpicks of an otherwise incredible mod experience so far. Thanks for the hard work!
  6. There weren't really any, you're pretty much looking at all the modding effort that went into the game recently. My notes are too messy to be useful, unfortunately, I'll try tidying them up when all is done.
  7. I know there are at least two who have beaten her, although neither is on video.
  8. This is what I'm shooting for with Kaiser
  9. Has someone beaten it yet? I want to see someone winning this fight so I can do the same and beat her. I wanna fullfish my dream.
  10. I'd say just rename Stamina to Spirit and be done with it, since it fits better with what the stat actually does currently.
  11. I tend to think of the current implementation of Stamina as a sort of "Spirit" stat already, as I feel most of its uses fit such a theme. I see it as embodying the character's measure of willpower, determination, bravery, resilience, etc., moreso than just a measure of durability as the word "Stamina" might suggest. On the subject of how such a Spirit stat could contribute to healing, I don't think it necessarily would have to be used as the casting stat. Imagine it instead contributing to the amount healed based on the target's score — like an inverse of its current role in magical damage variance mitigation, or an X/256 bonus healing factor, or somesuch. It would go hand in hand with Regen ticks on making high Stamina characters bounce back faster, synergizes with Stamina's tanking role, etc.
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  13. Ah alright thank you for the help.
  14. Once you open the door, the blocks are disabled until you leave the area and come back.
  15. Hello Raics, In your efforts on this extensive mod, no doubt you have acquired significant knowledge of the game's data structures--their locations, field layouts, potential values, etc. Long ago, I did some very minor dabbling in CWCheat with the game to patch perceived flaws. Naturally, I am curious about how your mod works, but the knowledge I have preserved from what was available to the community back then does not allow for understanding of the finer details. Maybe I just have not found the reports of later hacking/modding efforts. Did you use some recent reference material in building your mod? If not, have you compiled any of your knowledge of modding the game into a form fit for public consumption?
  16. The problem is: how do you make stuff harder in a jrpg? More damage? This means more ohko stuff and party wipes that are entirely rng and unmitigateable. Or if they are mitigateanle, it forces the player into a “do this or you can’t proceed” situation. More hp? As has been mentioned, more hp doesn’t necessarily make harder. It also wastes the players time once they figure out the gimmick. More speed is at least a little interesting as it punishes bad decisions without completely upending the balance. It’s not perfect though. The best way is probably via dynamic AI scripting, but it’s a fine line to toe.
  17. So i got to the bit in the ship where you put in the passwords and i put in hatsune miku as my password and fought the bone dragon boss. I went back and found i cannot enter any other passwords? Am i limited to only one or can i do the others later?
  18. I can assure you the fight is not impossible.
  19. Thank you that was the issue.
  20. Let's Play FFVII NT - 9 - Super Boredom World 1 Dang, I know how to attract them viewers with these catchy titles. But seriously, this episode is all flashback. If you're not curious about NT Sephiroth and you aren't excited to see me fight two dudes and a wolf, feel free to skip this.
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  22. I don't post there and would rather not so I wouldn't know.
  23. Pac Man is a great game to this day because you can play it several ways. You can play for score, leading the ghosts into the corners so you can eat them all with one power pellet. You can play for progress, ignoring the ghosts and focus on clearing the table. You can self impose challenges like stop moving after eating a power pellet so you don’t get the bonus points and extra lives. An RPG is boring if there’s one way to play it. If there’s really only one optimal build and anything else is wasting your time. BNW is very successful at this with the Esper system. Bosses are where this can come to roost, though. If there’s only one solution to the boss, it’s a bad boss.
  24. Hopefully this isn't something that's just out of the ballpark of what bnb&co are willing to do at some point. I'd be the first in line lobbing for a hard difficulty here, precisely because it's such a good mod and those are the ones where you really want to push it to the limit, as it were. Not to bash on the mod you mentioned but BNW could probably stand to have a hard more with just a tad more consideration and planning put into it than doubling enemy stats.
  25. thanks for the correction, and yeah I would like a more balanced 1.3 since everything went crash down once CH4 become a thing: Enemies with absurd speed/MA/PA/equipment and special units were a must unless you wanted to challenge yourself (bad idea on 1.3 to be quite honest) , a lot of options are either useless or inferior and finally, the player must play like it was a LTC since getting levels in a wrong class can easily ruin later fights
  26. Yeah don't get me wrong, I have faith that you guys have done a good job with this, but I won't know until I get to play through 2.0.
  27. FFhacktics doesn't seem to be down. What did they tell you over there?
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