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  2. It really is a matter of personal preference, though here are some thoughts. If I'm mathing correctly, Steal will reach a 100% success rate at 72 Speed. Out of the potential stealers Locke and Shadow are the only ones with access to Speed ELs (and in Shadow's case, if you know you'll never equip a Switchblade on him, can be disregarded). I don't recall any other quantifiable benchmarks for Speed. Regarding Stamina: Characters resist Sap damage better for each 8 points of Stamina. So raising from 39 to 40 has more significance than a boost from 40 to 41. I like my characters to have an even multiple of 8 in Stamina when unequipped for maximum equipment flexibility. Mog likes Stamina unless you never plan on using Dance. 37 Stamina gives about a 2/3 chance of success on non-native terrain. Terra likes Stamina when morphed. 64 is a nice round amount to aim for though in practice, I'm more inclined to allocate ELs to 44 or 48 so I have more ELs to devote to HP, MP, and the offensive stat of choice. Like many others, I find that status preventing Relics are preferable for status resistance. 96 Stamina would be enough for me to skip the blocker but getting there sacrifices too much for me.
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  4. Cheers, bud; I'll have arrange sorted out to handle the new .exe modifications at some point. I've got a graded unit project to finish up early June then I'll have some time to sort things out with the mod. The prototype can be found here:
  5. @Gi Nattak Yes, I do plan on streaming it. I'm finishing up my youtube tutorials on Super Mario RPG Armageddon, and then I'm going to switch to ROTDS... but I was really hoping to play ROTDS version 2.0, but it doesn't seem like it's ever going to come out.
  6. Cool man! Sorry for just tuning in here to read this. Gonna stream it?
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  8. awe... maybe I'll find a better way for you!
  9. Nice tutorial. Too bad it doesn't help for the SNES Classic P.S.: Weren't you supposed to stream today?
  10. I have another question regarding skills: Zombero, would it be within your abilities to give a skill more effects than it was intended to have in the original game? For example, let's assume we want Death Flies to include a Debilitate effect on top of the almighty damage and insta-death. Or let's imagine we want to create a boss-exclusive skill that would combine Focus and Heat Riser into a single move. Would that be possible? If so, is there any limit to the amount of effects a skill can have, or could you theoretically give any skill as many effects as you would like? (As you may have guessed, I've been daydreaming about how to rework a few late-game bosses.) Thank you; have a good day.
  11. I've added captions to the above video which includes a special shoutout!
  12. Newest tutorial - Please leave a thumbs up, leave a comment, and subscribe!
  13. In cases like these, I don't mind you describing my strategy. Just credit me somewhere
  14. Hey no probs! I hope you are having fun playing my mod.
  15. Doomsday, I'd like to make a Rosalina tutorial but being as your strategy is optimal I'd like you to voice it. Is that possible or weird? Lol
  16. smrpg:a

    I had the same question during my speed run as I was highly confused lol.. You have to beat Valentina then that flower chest will be hidden and something new will pop out.
  17. I can look it up later, all of them are together except for the cursed one. To make them available to a class you need to see in which one of those five entries is the class and which is the number you should add, for instance, white knight is in field 5 and you should add 4 to it to enable the item, for a shaman it would be 8.
  18. So if I understand you right, in order to add a weapon type to a particular class I need to go to every entry of every weapon of said type and mark them as belonging to said classes set? If that's the case would you remember offhand the address where crossbows start? (assuming they are all together that it)
  19. Right, the RT advantage is almost cosmetic in the mod with 6 being the most a unique can have over a generic, with ~150 on the counter every turn once the battle starts and some classes getting close to 200 it isn't really a significant factor but it's probably worth tinkering with if you want to level the field even more. As for the weapon accessibility the game does both, every class has a number for the equipment set it uses (some sets are shared) and every item has five entries with 8 sets each that mark which ones it belongs to. I gave it some damage up front for the next patch, that will probably deter the AI from casting it so much as it does less than aoe spells. The removal of racial skills means I can do some tweaks to the recruitments, for one the skill will show its actual range because racials gave it a miniscule chance to work outside of it. Books will provide a +2 bonus which means they will have visibly extended range and higher chance to work, and I also removed the limitation of one recruitment skill per character, so you can have a mediator of sorts with every one of them if you wish. Which version are you using? The trap crash should have been fixed in 0.90a. The only thing a patriarch can't do is healing, they're a jack of all trades among casters and can even take a few hits so the tradeoff was lack of access to top tier stuff.
  20. Thanks for the answers, clears everything up, much appreciated. Is this March 2018 prototype .exe released yet, as I didn't see a posting of it on the forums, unless I missed it.
  21. smrpg:a

    You have to save Nimbus Land first.
  22. Hi again, I've been advancing through the game, I'm now clearing the shrines after my first clear (by the way, I found the last battle in hanging gardens before the final boss with to be very deadly, the damage the boss could dish out with the warlock spells and the 2 handed weapon + high accuracy would almost one shot any non tank unit, very scary considering the extra units in play, in comparison the last battle felt easier to handle because its only one enemy, so even if its big damage as long as its not a one shot you can handle it). I was overall very pleased with the difficulty, and it was lovely to see some necromancy spells from the templars (had never seen paranoia or some other control spells cast). Still wish poison cloud was removed from the game as it feels like a cheap trap the AI can't stop falling into. On the removal of -ology skills, while I understand as a player you will always level anatomy (because the campaign and most battles are fought against humans) and they make an big difference in damage once they are leveled, I'm worried how the removal of said skills will affect recruitment, as having a high anatomy or whatever skill makes recruitment easy/possible from some units, and for some parts of the game recruitment is the viable way to get gear upgrades. If the recruitment is tinkered I think, at least for me, that it won't be a terrible thing. I also found some rogue traps would crash my game (the MP recovery one didn't, but the air damage+charm did crash my game, it was on a bad weather and a dragon steped on it, don't know if this is helpful), so I've been avoiding the offensive ones, but the support ones are good. I love how the non humanoid classes have a more specific role, though I found the limitation on summon tier 2 spells to be odd to say the least (maybe its my love for patriarch spellcasters clouding my judgment), but the familiars felt really good as a kind of hybrid caster/healer with good mobility and evasion, will probably try to squeeze one of those fairies into my team. Finally, despite all the nerfs, archers still feel very powerful, only used my rogue with a one hand bow as a limitation of some kind (less range and less damage), and while knights and dragons couldn't be killed without big trouble (specially TP fed dragons+heals behind), any non tank units would have 0 chance, mages could squeeze in one spell but usually that was it for them, don't know if archers with double shot/tremendous shot would make it even more absurd. I don't know if gunners should be included in the discussion, as they are late game units and guns appear very late, but imho the damage they dish totally out of control for the range the guns have, and barricade is a very powerful control tool. Haven't witnessed one handed gun damage yet, hoping this one will be a bit more tame. Outside of this I really like the balance of all the magic schools, with the buffs/debuffs available making some elements that I wouldn't have used before really nice (like ice and water) and making other schools which I felt were too good (like dark magic) fall more in line. Thanks again for all the work you've been putting into the project.
  23. Thanks for the info before, I've always liked my generic units to be borderline with unique ones and the rt change let me do that. Out of curiosity, if I wanted to change what weapons a class had access to what would I need to change? I'm guessing it's ether in the class data itself or attached to each weapon?
  24. Welp, I guess me and my ass are going to normal then: 7 hours in and I like arrange mode as my first run, but if endgame is hell I better put myself on normal to avoid ragequitting there Edit: BTW great mod sega chief: I have never played FFVII and I don't have any reference to the vanilla version but so far I love this mod
  25. Right, so a long time back I made an .exe to go with the mod that introduced some changes to Limit Breaks and Materia Equip Bonuses/Penalties; it didn't turn out too well balance-wise as Limits in general were too weak and the new penalties stacked too heavily on Materia so I scrapped it. Fast-forward to March 2018, I returned to .EXE modifications and produced another prototype using the 1.5 build that again adjusts Limits & Materia, but also other things like MBarrier not affecting Cure magic, Poison status & element no longer being tied to each other, things like that. The plan going forward is to have .exe modifications be part of the mod as standard as there's a lot of features and formula changes I want to make that will require it. One thing to note is that this version (March 2018) is a prototype so there's still some adjustments to make, particularly at end-game as the Materia penalties make Arrange mode tougher than intended. Limit Break changes on the whole try to factor in multi-hit Limits versus single-hit Limits with the Lv.4 Limits having effects like Ignoring Defence while the multi-hits were reined in a bit. They're still strong, but the single-hit Lv.4 Limits should also be dealing good damage as well now in addition to their other effects. The other Limits also had adjustments, such as Breath of the Earth restoring HP in addition to Esuna (so a stronger version of Healing Wind to account for the longer charge Limit time), Clear Tranquil restoring MP instead of HP, Braver being stronger than Cross Slash, Howling Moon giving more buffs to account for Berserk, things like that. Arrange Mode is the hard mode of the mod, but I purposely didn't call it hard mode because I worried people would play the mod for the first time on that setting and be turned off it. Arrange is less balanced than normal mode and has some bugs with events, particularly the Bizarro fight. I'll be fixing these in June when I've got some more time.
  26. smrpg:a

    So I was looking for chest number 52, and it seems pretty straightforward; go to the room with three doors in a row, find the chest in the top-left corner next to the bird cage... But it's visible when you enter the room. And when I checked beforehand, the guy says there's 9 chests left. And when I checked afterward, it still said 9. My only guess is that it might not be the right one, since the guide says a Frog Coin comes out even though it's actually a Flower. Otherwise, it might just be that this is the same thing with Chest 36, and it requires me to save Nimbus Land first so it can be in the right map. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  27. Honestly......yeah, get rid of the -ology skills. They really aren't worth it. Frees up another slot.
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  29. This bug is only in the content mode.
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