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  2. I currently have little interest in the Pixel Remasters. I played the new content that FF6 Pixel Remasters boasts with the port to mobile. While it is cool to see a digital face-lift, BNW has spoiled me because it (dramatically) improved the game play. With that being said... if there was a way that BNW could apply it's superior gameplay to Pixel Remaster of FF6, the amount of praise and bribery I would heave upon the devs would be staggering. Unity is a pretty friendly system but I wouldn't be well suited to start figuring out how to translate between old/new or if you would have to mod/build from the ground up. I would be willing to throw in what I can to help on this endeavor because I love BNW that much.
  3. Having just played through the first 3 Pixel Remasters and knowing it won't be too long before I'm playing through 6 I do hope that the modding scene for these versions takes off more before 6 does release. I've always wondered what the BNW team could accomplish if you all were not so hugely constricted by SNES limitations. It's also gonna hurt playing through vanilla FF6 because, frankly, I think it's a pretty god awful game without the care modders spend tinkering with it. I, for one, definitely would want to see BNW (and T-Edition) hit the Pixel Remaster of 6. For all the faults the games have, they do feel like the best overall release yet and I hope some serious modders take notice and we move away from font replacement after font replacement after font replacement.
  4. Cave on the Veldt WoR

    Ah yes! The old "talk to an inconsequential NPC in order to trigger an event flag even though it was right there and I should've just been able to activate it" Thanks. I'm absolutely obsessed with this mod.
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  6. Having trouble with the installation

    Well that was strange, but as long as it works. In any case, feel free to drop in the discord if you want to talk about the game.
  7. Having trouble with the installation

    Got it working, for some reason my psp only recognized the changes on a .cso; it wouldn't recognize a .iso under any circumstances that I could find.
  8. Cave on the Veldt WoR

    It's for a quest, once you flag said quest, hitting the switch will open a door way. Try searching Narshe if you haven't already for a quest hub, or check the new event.html file for the quest check list.
  9. I have absolutely zero interest, but I don't care if anyone else tries. Unfortunately, "tries" is going to be the operative word here. Anyone with any real interest in the game's mechanics works with the SNES version; the modding scenes for the various ports are largely concerned with the graphics and last I checked have made very little actual headway into the mechanical side of things. You'd basically be rebuilding BNW from the ground up rather than porting it.
  10. Having trouble with the installation

    I tried it again, paying attention to the dates this time. They didn't change. So, I dragged over the files, got the prompt to replace all duplicates, and then nothing happens. UMDgen is ver. 4. My psp is homebrew enabled, it already has a bunch of stuff on it.
  11. Hello! The Pixel Remasters for the first three FF games are out, and have already cultivated quite a mod scene. The games are apparently made on Unity, and are easily moddable, and people are just going at it, which has been super cool to see. The games themselves are also fantastic, and are pretty much the ultimate versions of these games, and that's not even taking into account the modding possibilities. Considering this, I have two questions: 1. Would the authors of Brave New World be interested in porting the mod to the upcoming Pixel Remaster release of FF6? 2. In the event of a negative answer to question 1, would the authors of Brave New World approve of someone else doing that? Thank you!
  12. Final Fantasy V: Void Divergence - Discussion

    the misc_number_madness.xls screams "pick me, coach, pick me!"
  13. Having trouble with the installation

    Just to check, your psp is patched to be able to run bootleg games? If so, try opening the new cso file with umdgen again and check the modified dates of the files you replaced, it should be recent instead of 10 years ago, then make sure you're running the right cso file. You can also try saving the file as iso, some games have problems in cso format. If you're using discord, you can join and see if anyone else had that problem
  14. Is there a list of what spells0and skills do anywhere?
  15. Hey all, I'm trying to get this set up, and I can't get the patching software to work right. It seems like I'm doing something wrong with UMDGen. I drag and drop the folders like the readme specifies, select replace all, and a loading bar appears as if it is doing something; I then save the (allegedly) altered file as a .cso on my psp, but when I open the file, no changes are evident. I haven't even been able to get the banner to change by replacing the image file. Is there a video guide somewhere, or a magic spell, or something?
  16. Last week
  17. Right before the room where you meet shadow in the cave, there's a save point. Directly above the save point, there's a switch. When you activate the switch the character says something about hearing water and a water-rushing sound is heard. I have no idea what this or what it does. Has anyone figured it out?
  18. Relm Painting Room

    Is one of them how to correctly pronounce "PTerraTaCelese"? I'd wager whatever patch added that non-standard font either assblasted the dialogue bank, screwed up some character encodings, or both. As for what to do, make yourself a new clean patch job of just BNW without whatever other whack stuff you've got going on here, load your save up in that, and power on through it.
  19. Relm Painting Room

    I have several questions
  20. Relm Painting Room

    What in the heck... Did you do anything new to your ROM recently? What patches/versions are you using? That font doesn't look quite right either...
  21. Hey so I'm at the part where you find Relm and a haunted piece of art, and for some reason everyone just talks by saying CYANLOCKETERRA and other broken words. When I try to pick up the magicite from the bookshelf the game just freezes, anyone know what to do?
  22. FF8 Remastered - Extreme v5.3

    Another ff8 update: v5.3 makes Rapture & LV? Death probability abilities instead of 100% hit/miss. Since enemies have high death and expulsion resistance these abilities now sometimes work and sometimes don't. I also upped enemies slow and expulsion resistance by 5 %. Also removed 'Vit 0' effect from Quistis Bad Breath (yeah I noticed it only just now, baka me).
  23. Mod Information & Translation - v2.9.3 - 2/5/21

    Just a small update, but we currently (thanks to Sir Newton Fig) have a working 4-player mode for T-Edition. This will allow for multitap and Parsec (program that allows for 1 person to host a game, and others to connect to them) play, letting 4 people control 1 character each in FF6 now. We're still in the process of testing it to make sure we don't run into issues from when we tested it with Brave New World, but from light testing, it does work with T-Edition. This'll open up a lot of fun I feel for people who want to get friends together and each control someone in a MMO-style gameplay, tackling the game while working together. I'll make another post once we've finalized it works perfectly and release it to the public. Below is an example of what we hilariously referred to as "Figaro Drift" from our Brave New World run of the patch (as well as the T-Edition menu with the patch applied and you selecting your # of players). That's why we're testing it out before I release it
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  25. Relm Arrowny: Age Is Just A Number

    Updated for 2.0. Biggest change, really, is adding in a list of good Sketches (as well as Sketches to avoid). I considered separating mag Relm from spd Relm, as "build spd Relm" is a fine strategy. However, like with Shadow's or Gau's espers, I considered it instead to be more of a continuum, so I simply opted to explain the choice in more detail within her Sage build.
  26. FF8 Remastered - Extreme v5.3

    Hi again. I've been busy updating my ff8 mod lately. v5.2 makes the final dungeon enemies scale above player's average level (same deal as Deep Sea Research Center) making the fights more exciting and give out more exp. Another change is Granaldo and Raldo are now weak to Gravity damage. They're really almost impossible to defeat at high levels cause of their crazy Vit and Spr values so now they're fixed. I looked up all other enemies and there shouldn't be any more problems like that. Another past boss the sorceress from the future likes to throw at us is Oilboyle which does have high Vit but can be dispatched with magic.
  27. Strago Magus: Get Off My Lawn!

    Updated the guide to reflect 2.0. Blue Mage is updated to reflect X-Dark strats, but the nerf to Raze's damage means that I'm seriously recommending the player lean into Rod fighting for neutral st damage prior to learning Black Omen / Dark. I've updated the stamina build for 2.0 (beefy regen ticks, Wind Breaker), but I'm still rather harsh on it overall.
  28. Terra Branford: The Power Of Love

    Ah. Yeah, Zantetsuken's not bad, but it ain't no Apocalypse. I can then see why you wouldn't care for vig Terra.
  29. The problem is I generally prefer to pick Illumina for Celes over Apocalypse.
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