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  2. Ogre Battle Hardtype question

    I have played to Milano so far and I have had a great time. I would encourage others to play it regardless of how much information you have. That said, the classes seemed similar to the original. I surmise that the trickiest part of upgrading is still managing the alignment system, and maybe the CHA stat as well. For instance, to upgrade to a mage a wizard must still have their alignment be very low, but not zero (i think it must be like between 10 and 20 or 30). Warning: Hardtype is really frickin hard. But I love it.
  3. Hmsong's non-SoM patches

    I changed the code before entering. I even tried it by changing the ROM address permanently, for both addresses (I changed the value to 80, from 87/85). No changes in EXP gain after the battle (didn't kill anyone on the way). I even tried with and without changing the class, to see if that makes any difference. Nope. As for Dangaard, it seems they're actually different enemies. One is the front view Dangaard, and the other is side view Dangaard. Only side view Dangaard drops EXP (which means 8A is 0 EXP no matter what level).
  4. Hmsong's non-SoM patches

    as alternate ids I have: Bill/Ben: 63, DA Lugar: 69, D7 Koren: 6F, AF Deathjester: 70, B4 Jagan: 71, B2 Heath: 74, B5 Dangaard; 78, 107 make sure you change the exp value BEFORE you enter the room.
  5. Ogre Battle Hardtype question

    I'm looking for this information, too. If anyone has this to share it would be greatly appreciated!
  6. I've played Brave New World many times and I've never been able to find the Chainsaw.
  7. Hmsong's non-SoM patches

    Ohh. So I guess that means Lugar and Machine Golem does that too. What are the codes for those guys? It seems pretty random (Bill/Ben's ID was DA, but now, apparently, their other ID is 63?). Once again, thanks. Edit: I just tried the code for both 110DF6 and 111EB2, but neither seem to affect the Desert Bill/Ben EXP. Uhh, please help?
  8. Hmsong's non-SoM patches

    They should use 110DF6 and 111EB2 for that. For the human sized bosses there always seem to be 2 full stat version and it is chosen randomly which gets used.
  9. Short answer: no Long answer: an angry rant about how the "extra content" on the GBA is garbage Glad you enjoyed the mod, though.
  10. Hi! i played FF6 like 20 years ago, and now that i wanna play it again, i just found this great version! thanks in advance. As i research for all the versions available, i found out theres extra content, like Dragons Den on the advance and stema version, i guess that this is missing on this version, since is based on the SNES, but still i wanna ask if there is a way to play this extra content with BNW. Best Regards and thanks for the great work!
  11. Ebot's Rock Booty

    Ah, I feel dumb now
  12. Ebot's Rock Booty

    Pretty sure it's glitched. I have well over 21 pieces but I can't go in. Do you need to have Strago with you?
  13. Ebot's Rock Booty

  14. Ebot's Rock Booty

    21 pieces of ass
  15. Ebot's Rock Booty

    How much Booty do I need to deposit at once in order to get to Hidon?
  16. Hmsong's non-SoM patches

    Hmm. In addition to the question in the previous post, do you know how to edit the EXP of 2nd Bill/Ben boss? (fought in the Scorching Desert) The EXP of first Bill/Ben (fought in Rolante) can be edited at 111EB2, but for whatever reason, it doesn't seem to affect the 2nd Bill/Ben. Could you please tell me the address for the 2nd Bill Ben EXP? Thanks.
  17. For the last month or so, I've been working on a 1.1 beta update to the Lua script and putting it on Discord. I'm tentatively posting it here for now. The main theme of the 1.1 update is major bug-fixes and Quality of Life features such as rage preview, toggle sprint, betting preview, among others. Most, if not all, of these features can be toggled off near the top of the Lua if you feel anything detracts too much from the "authentic experience". However, everything here is designed to "enhance" the user experience, reduce the reliance on external documentation, and make tracking various things easier or stop wasting your time. For example, the bet preview is something you can easily know just by betting an item. The rage preview prevents you having to memorize/document everything from the main menu, and even if they weren't listed in the main menu, you'd know just by using it in a random encounter. In contrast, something like a "steal preview" won't be implemented due to knowledge requiring external guides or trial and error with Locke using precious turns, often in dangerous situations. By downloading this "beta version", you accept that there may be instabilities with this version and some things may not work right, since I may add little-tested features on a whim for Discord or other users to test. If the Lua stops working, you can usually just click "Restart" in the window and it should work again. How to install the beta, after reading the above: Download the latest version in the first post above, following instructions (such as installing the music fix or VWF font fix), then instead of using the .lua file provided in the first post, use this one. Please provide feedback or bug reports on the NGPlus Discord in #scripting-development. The current change log (as far as I remember to update it) is as follows:
  18. Mod Information & Translation

    Quick little update to the English version. Nothing major on the ROM front, just some fixes if you re-download it: 09/21/20: Adjusted the item sort order - Shadow's scrolls are now sorted above knives so they're at the top of your throw list instead of the bottom, and hair relics have been moved down between 'ring relics' and 'cloak relics' rather than being in the helmets (they used to be headgear but are no longer). The sorting bug (from T-Edition JP) where the game will put items with IDs past 0xFF near the top of your inventory has been fixed. Your Black Belts will now sort down near other relics. This should greatly reduce the chance of the "wrong item effect in battle" bug occurring as well, since your relics shouldn't sort near your consumables, though that one hasn't been fixed in the ROM. Garbled text in the coliseum has been fixed. B.Lamia has been properly renamed rather than being a duplicate LamiaQen. The "can't see what rate skills from items are taught" bug has been fixed. Eidolon names have been fixed in-battle. You can download these minor updates individually over here if you've downloaded the ROM previously and would prefer to just slap some patches on instead of re-download the whole archive. Small note on that last one for Lua users: if you were using the Lua 1.1 Beta (not 1.01c) before September 18, make sure you update to the latest version in the other thread - running an older Lua 1.1 Beta and the latest ROM will cause them to clash and (funnily enough) display the wrong Eidolon name.
  19. so I'm at Kaiser right now and after a couple of tries came here to lurk for advice. I have terra mog setzer and cyan right now. So for the Holy element, am i screwed? No way to cast holy, but what if I hit him with the Longinus (holy damage) or another weapon that hits for holy damage, does that count as the element? I guess I will try and see, if he hits me with holy afterward I guess I'll know it worked. On my first try I got him to the purge part without using any holy damage so maybe all 8 aren't 100% required. Edit: geez this guy is no joke. I ran out of MP so fast since my only non-elemental spell is ultima on Terra. And my tintures have all been depleted from all the other dragons and what not. I think I'll have to just exit the dungeon and go back in with a stacked team for this spot. Did get him past two purges though, but my Terra just doesn't have a ton of MP and even cycling through I got hit with an Ultima and needed to heal and start hitting elementals again but was out of options. Tough but I like the challenge. I had planned on leaving before Kefka and coming back anyway so I'll just do that earlier than expected! 2nd edit: question- do you have to cycle through each element in order, or do you just keep hitting him with just any element and as long as you cycle through them all you're ok? like if i went fire-ice-fire does this "reset" anything or impact negatively?
  20. Seiken Densetsu 3 Sin of Mana - Discussion

    Hello, I have tried to run this on the SNES classic (canoe emulator). I seem to get stuck on a black screen when I press (A) at the title screen. Perhaps the SNESC is not officially supported yet. I have tried this on a rom prepatched english translated that has been converted to a SFROM and then have applied the Sin of Mana patch on it. Has anyone found a solution for this?
  21. Mod Updates

    Many thanks for the undub patch. Will try to play it this weekend and once I get over my other lp I would even try to make some showcases
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