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  2. He hits hard and you can't control him. It took me very little time to decide that I need characters who: 1. I can control. 2. Can actually support the team in some way, even a little. He can stay on the airship.
  3. There was absolutely no reason to drag out the Whelk fight, especially considering that the thing he was meant to teach (the active battle system) was coded out of Brave New World.
  4. I wanted to start by saying I beat vanilla FFVI many times over the years, spanning from when FFIII(US) was released. This is my first hack of the game, and I enjoyed it immensely, to the point that I wouldn't recommend the original over this version. I was quite satisfied by the time I beat Kefka. To the topic at hand though, before I ventured into Kefka's tower, I charted each character on a whiteboard (picture attached). I highlighted their strengths as I built them, and this helped me to build an excellent set of three teams for the venture into Kefka, and eventually helped me to build the winning team on the Kefka fight. There are a lot of specialties to keep track of, so did anyone else do anything like this?
  5. Brave New World is, as you can tell already, very different from vanilla. You should not let your first 15 minutes of play time judge the entire mod. This hack is not just a re-balancing of the game, but more like a complete overhaul. As for Whelk's turtling, previous versions did in fact have the boss go into his shell one time throughout the fight; however, this really just wasted the player's time. Unlike vanilla Whelk is not the "tutorial" boss, Vargas is. Many things have been cut back on since vanilla, such as the elemental beams that took up coding space. The game will start to feel much better once you have reached South Figaro as it will provide you with some actual options for your characters. The tutorial school might come off as demeaning to some people, as it emphasizes the fact that if you haven't played the mod before then you are a new player. But here's the thing: the game is right. The tutorial school may be just one big text dump, but it is a very vital and necessary text dump that will provide you with all the knowledge you need in order to play the game "correctly." If you play on you will see that this game provides quite the challenge. Play on until you have defeated Vargas, that should provide you with enough game play to form a solid opinion.
  6. Road to 2.0

    for now I'm going with:
  7. You are. Press on past the tutorial if you want to experience that. The dumbing down of the intro sequence is not reflective of the game at large. You don't have the tools at your disposal at this point in the game for Whelk to be a meaningful battle, and the space required to provide those tools is better allocated elsewhere. Yeah, you might not have a fun time then. A few over-the-top Relm or Setzer lines, gags (like the one you noted here), and pop-culture references aside, the script isn't that bad, and doesn't track all that far from the spirit of the original. The original Woolsey script is, frankly, nothing special; and if you can accept that there's room for improvement and press on with an open mind, maybe you'll be okay. If not, your loss, I guess – I think everything else the mod has to offer would very nearly excuse the rest of the script being plagiarized verbatim from some 13-year-old's FF6 fanfic, frankly.
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  9. I was under the impression I was really just getting a re-balanced game to "improve" things that were lacking. For example it was cool to read that the RNG system was replaced with proper pseudo RNG, and all the other decisions that were made in regard to creating a better set of decisions from the player. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anyway, starting the game..... First thing I do is explore the nooks and crannies. Try to leave Narshe the way you came. "NO! BAD PLAYER!" Okay I get it....but it just pulled me out of the game's atmosphere. I'm expecting the script to keep it the same, not a bunch of touches to it for no other reason than because you could. Then you get to the game's first boss....whelp(Ymir) "Whatever you do, DO NOT ATTACK THE SHELL"------The boss no longer hides in his shell(and the HP was dropped dramatically). I get that the boss is just a tutorial in the OG version, and it kinda drags on with how long you have to wait. This fight however could have easily remained mechanically intact and just changed the boss hp so that you only had to sit through one "turtling". Or further make it so that the fast acting player can kill it before it turtles. (That is to use the menus fast and use the highest damage abilities[missile].....oh but all the other abilities were removed from the Magitek armor in this mod) So, I fear the rest of the game will rub me the wrong way as well.
  10. FF8 Remastered - Extreme v2.15

    v2.15 changes Devour the way now successful Devour will grant perma HP from all 6 monsters instead of just from Ruby Drakes.
  11. Road to 2.0

    I don't. I'm just thinking based on the drafts of learnable skills per class you've posted here. Mainly old ideas for teams I wanted to try, but couldn't get the right balance of skills until 2.0. I'm not considering potential capstones, which will of course effect everything. There are a few of these classes in particular I'm really excited about, mostly Dark Lise, Ninja Master, and Kevin....
  12. Road to 2.0

    Or I can just accidently find a way to fit in the 24 weapon names, that works too... Get out of my head!! How'd you know enough of the changes to plan a team at this point?
  13. Road to 2.0

    I would go for ???, like the seeds, since the effect is different for each class; this will direct the player to look at the docs. Champion and Ultimate are good too though. Also, I want to agree with everyone that the new item names are awesome; this will make it much easier for new players to get into this mod. Im going to do a write-up on my Ninja Master, Dervish, Sage team soon; after playing Angela-based teams for a long time, this has really been a breath of fresh air. And I'm already starting to think of teams for 2.0....
  14. FF8 Remastered - Extreme v2.15

    In v2.1 Forbidden Medicine Refine no longer grants Stat increase items, but gives Hero Trials instead.
  15. Road to 2.0

    Considering the history of this project I should go with something like "RTFMN" as those titles
  16. SD3 Spell Balance patch

    I see. That's too bad then. Oh well. It'd be nice to be able to contact the original translation patch guy, but I was unable to. No contact info (and the info that was posted in the guide no longer exists, since it was university email). Thanks anyways.
  17. Road to 2.0

    You're right. I'd go with something like Unique Effect or Special Effect then, can't think of anything better right now
  18. SD3 Spell Balance patch

    Not possible since the current dev version is already a fusion of translation and my work.
  19. Thats actually really interesting. I didn't realize you were so close to the ram limits. That makes what you have managed to do even more impressive. I can't really think of much else to add with that limitation in mind. At this point I would most likely just focus on quality of life stuff. Things such as a way to skip some of the longer cutscenes of the game; or at least the opening one. It would also be nice to have a way to mute the game's music without effecting the sound effects.
  20. Road to 2.0

    This is fucking amazing.
  21. SD3 Spell Balance patch

    So why not use the following? 1. original 1.01e + current SoM dev version 2. other 1.01e+ + current SoM dev version I mean, you're the SoM dev, which means you have the "current SoM dev" version. And original 1.01e is easy to find, which means you (and only you) should be able to create "original 1.01e + current SoM dev" version. Of course, whatever patch that gets created, it would have to be applied on top of the original 1.01e rom (instead of raw J version rom) in order to be "other 1.01e" rom, but it'll still get the job done.
  22. SD3 Spell Balance patch

    How should that work? I'd have at best: original 1.01e + SoM live version vs other 1.01e+ + current SoM dev version the ips patch would just create garbage
  23. Road to 2.0

    I can only have one and the same name for all of them, not one for each dunno, would be weird to have a proper weapon name and then 4x effect names instead of item names
  24. Road to 2.0

    Well some ideas : Duran : Paladin : Deadly Undead Lord : Free Counter Swordmaster : Critical only Duelist : Proxi Tech Up Kevin : God Hand : Counter Extend Warrior Monk : TP Heal Boost Death Hand : Armor Breaker Dervish : Berserk Wolf Hawk : Wanderer : Full Vanish Rogue : Critical Spell Nightblade : Desperate Tech Angela : Grand Divina : Painful Saber Archmage : Super Weakness Rune Master : MT LV3 Spell Magus : Full MT Damage Carlie : Bishop : Fighting Cleric Sage : Team Regen Evil Shaman : Weaken Ennemy Lise : Vanadis : Sabered Summon Star Lancer : Speed Cast UP Dragon Master : Antimagic 2 Fenrir Knight : Healing Counter No ideas for Ninja Master and Necromancer.
  25. SD3 Spell Balance patch

    Oh. Too bad then. It's still possible to make the ips file -- use the old 1.01e (post SoM patch) as a base, and use your new 1.01e (post SoM patch) as a goal, then use Lunar to create a patch. But would you be willing to do that?
  26. Road to 2.0

    Maybe "Ultimate" or "Unique Effect"? Alternatively just leave the original names since they'll be the only ones left with those
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