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  2. Hi NGPlus community. It's me again with another difficulty modification. This hard mod is called "Grace" and it's for the NTSC-U version of Shadow Hearts: From the New World. This mod ups enemies' HP, Str, Mag and Agl values. You'll need to be higher level than normal in order to progress in the game. You will receive more exp, cash and soul to help in that. In order to beat the game it's recommended to do all possible sidequests. When you have done all sidequests you should be around 72 levelled. I did the final boss at lv75 but it was hard as hell. You can level up further if you feel it's too hard but it can definitely be done 75 levelled even if you don't use any Seals. v1.0 has everything else modded but the Purgatory special dungeon enemies. Basically you need to play the game through once in order to get there cause you need to take Snaps of the final boss. I'm working to get there but it's gonna take a while. That dungeon is meant to be entered 72 levelled and Envious Jealousy is probably meant to be done maxed out. But yeah I gotta work my way there. You will need "ppf-o-matic" tool to patch your original game image with the one in the zip. If you can't open the zip file you will need to get "7-Zip" tool. I hope you will like this mod. If you have any questions about anything that has to do with it or just want to discuss it go ahead and comment, I will be here. Here's the download link for the mod:
  3. It's probably a better choice to use the patching method from moddb, you can use it on any iso version and it's perfectly fine to update an already patched one. With the patch I'm uploading here you need to keep a vanilla backup in proper size.
  4. I'm pretty sure that TWUE also runs on an expanded rom, which BNW is not. The rom expansion moves the text to an entirely different location IIRC.
  5. When DK sees all of this he's gonna cry.
  6. A few not so important bugs to report. Dying on Smilax moves you to a Rose's Way map to be greeted by Rosalina and then get kicked out of the map. Dying on Birdo moves you to Sea map. Another thing I noticed once is that a Pinwheel enemy in the left corridor from the main entrance in Nimbus Palace has a glitchy animation.
  7. Thanks for the answer.
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  9. also... i was playing in full screen in that moment i think its my pc ... i dont know
  10. Unfortunately, the way BNW modified the rom moved a lot of shit around compared to vanilla, especially related to the dialogue, making this very difficult to do, and definitely not something you can do yourself without some significant hacking. My suggestion would be to wait until 1.10, because it will include a Woolsey-ish dialogue patch that will be compatible with BNW.
  11. sorry for those who quoted my 'bug' its that my sight fails sometimes
  12. I was curious if it'd be possible to use the Woolsey Uncensored Mod with the "Vanilla" version of this mod, and if not would it be a difficult task to make it work?
  13. "If the program reports ‘cannot open the specified PPF file’, that means there’s a size mismach between your ISO and the correct one. If the size difference is small, load your ISO in UMDGen, hit ‘Save’, pick ‘uncompressed (*.iso)’, wait for it to get rebuilt, then load the new one and try again. " Had to do the added step. Why did you change the patching method? Also, can we apply upcoming patches on already modded ISOs? Update's really good btw.
  14. And the fact that you're not playing in fullscreen.
  15. The small dot is a part of the last number before the K, fyi.
  16. Overall, we have a class with enough skills and item/spell access for three separate classes and it's easy enough to see which should go to fairies, which to gremlins and which ones to punkins. Since it isn't one class that can do everything anymore they will be able to get a bit more specialized and stronger at what they do, haven't outlined it fully yet but the faerie class would be light aligned with some ranged weapon options, gremlin would be a dark melee and pumpkin a neutral heavy melee.
  17. That's 20K, there is a small dot between the zeros, so it actually says "20.0K" I don't mind which games are you into or which wallpaper are you using for your desktop. The only thing i am concerned is the low res pic you are using for wallpaper lol
  18. . . . 200K damage? uhh... I don't understand (dont ask why i have that things in my pc, im from uruguay
  19. I must ask, what is the overall plan and details for splitting up Familiar from being homogeneous to being theit own thing per the three races that can use it? I am very curious about that aspect after reading that post.
  20. The first bug was a result of being able to target Yarid on the first turn on which his drill bits come back after being killed at least once. The second was due to having a bad rom. (It's supposed to be .sfc)
  21. Right, sorry, that part is somewhat offset by weight, if you make your clerics tanky so they aren't attacked much they will get slower. Getting greedy and going for enemy clerics can expose your ranged units and/or flankers or disrupt the frontline, they don't go down too easily either.
  22. Can anyone answer this last post?
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  24. Hey all! I'm new here, so I apologize if I'm doing this wrong or posting this in the wrong place, but I have a couple of bugs to report. First bug I encountered was during the Yarid re-fight in the boss rush. I used Thunderstorm as Mallow and defeated all except one Drillbit, and Yarid as well. Upon defeating the remaining Drillbit, the battle did not end. I could do all actions, but when I chose to attack with any of the characters, they would zoom off the the right side of the screen indefinitely. I did find a work around using Mario's jump to attack a single target which remedied the issue. Second bug was during the FF Boss Rush. After the first fight, the game softlocks. There's no specifics to that one though in terms of gameplay. The only thing I can note really is that I'm using a USA, .smc ROM, but I don't know if that's the cause of the lock. That's all that I have to report for now.
  25. Thanks for the update
  26. This might be relevant: "Future Plans The most immediate future plans for this hack are to do a quality control sweep of bosses and full kagatsuchi encounters. I would say more than half of both of those could stand to be improved. I also want to see if there's anything more that can be done to make randomized skill inheritance from fusion less painful. My secondary plans are to consider adding/changing more skills and mechanics. Some of these additions and changes (such as Heat Riser and the 1/2 turn cost on Summon and Swap) have significantly altered and broadened how this game can be played, admittedly to a larger extent than I expected they would. So having more of that would definitely appeal to me. My more distant (and less certain) plans include: -Completely rebuild demon conversations from the ground-up -Allow the player to choose their inherited skills Both of these would be tons of work, and I generally don't see them as being as important as the other changes, but they'd certainly be neat to have. Timeline Unfortunately, the odds of any of these plans happening soon are slim. I am currently working on the battle design for a commercial game project, and that will have to be my primary focus for the next 9 months or so. The evenings and weekends may give me some time for hacking, but that time has to be shared with things like relaxing, having something that could arguably be called a social life, and working overtime on the commercial project. And then even for whatever time is left after that, one of my other hacks could wind up getting that attention instead, depending on what sounds the most appealing at the time. So yeah, just wanted to let everyone know what's going on with this project right now. I'm trying to increase my level of community interaction for all of my projects during this time period "away" from focusing on hacking. I tend to have a bad habit of basically just finishing a project, posting it, and moving on to the next one with minimal promotion and outreach. It means a lot to me when people comment, post, stream, etc. their experiences and thoughts about the projects I create, so it would be behoove me to do what I can to foster it." Full post:
  27. I gotta say I've been playing since 1.4 or 1.5 and I feel like there's still a lot of things I'm unaware of that at this point, I'd rather just read about so I can take advantage of them on another playthrough
  28. You have to go defeat smithy and once you do you willgo to the usual places like in version 8 of this mod.
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