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  2. The True Knight layering issue has been fixed, patch is available here.
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  4. Last minute, but I have to push tomorrow's stream back a day. Hope to see you guys on Sunday at 1 pm eastern time!
  5. Cover does weird things with layering.
  6. After Terra covers, Locke stands on her head.
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  8. Hmm..I did some further testing and it appears augments and strengthen DO affect draconic spell damage, just as you said. I suspect I didn't notice it earlier because my most prominent draconic user (Hammer Lord) is always targeting bulky frontline units so it didn't look like either of them were making a difference.
  9. Glad you enjoyed it. A LOT of our players are Canadian, so Narshe is sort of my little shout-out to them.
  10. I had to sign up to say I love what this mod does to FFVI! It takes one of my favourite games of all time and makes it absolutely amazing! I cannot put into words how amazing this is, it is a work of art and everyone who worked on it in anyway, big or small, deserve ALL the love! If I were to rate this game it would be 100/10! PS, As a Canadian I love how Narshe is basically Canada! 110/10! Ha ha!
  11. Yeah, point any of those out to me and I'll fix 'em.
  12. @BTB Can I use this thread to report discrepancies between the Printme.xls and the Character Planner (BNWCP.xls)?
  13. For Sukunda I think that's because Matador use Red Capote which gives him the equivalent of 4 Sukukaja as ennemies still have the 4 limit instead of 2 so you can Sukunda him 4 times. For Tarukaja however I don't have any idea.
  14. Well, if the Matador indeed used Dervish, then we can rule out the "Hardtype wasn't installed" option. Alright, then. Should the problem persist, it might be a good idea to record the fight, so that we can see exactly what's going on.
  15. Alright so after tinkering with this for a full day I seem to have got somewhere with this oddity. What I essentially did is ditch my original iso file i used for the patch and got a new one from the internet and applied the newest version and after a quick hospital test it seems i get limit reached after 2 rakundas. I'll need to get back to matador to see if he's still all weird to make sure it's working 100% right but it'll take me a bit.
  16. I see what you mean, but here's how it actually played out. Turn 1 - he used Dervish on his first turn which let me Sukunda him twice. Turn 2 - Dervish again, +1 sukunda and +2 tarukaja for me. Turn 3 - More Dervish, I cast tarukaja 2 more times and still didn't get "limit reached message" Turn 4 - Dervish, +1 sukunda and normal attacks. Turn 5 - Dekunda + normal attack from him, etc. So i'm quite confused why the 3rd time I cast sukunda or tarukaja they still worked, and why he didn't bother doing anything.
  17. Weren't you debuffed before attempting to buff yourself? For example, if your opponent uses War Cry, your attack is at -2, so you can use Tarukaja 4 times before reaching the +2 limit. Same for Matador: he starts the fight with Red Capote, buffing his agility to +4. (The +2 limit doesn't apply to enemies.) So you can indeed use Sukunda 6 times before getting to the -2 limit, and he obviously won't use Dekunda after only 2 Sukunda, since he's still at +2.
  18. They should be affected, but it's more of the way those effects work than spells themselves. To see any benefit from bonuses that affect the stat overhead (like strengthen or elemental averse) you have to pass the stat threshold first and units that can use draconic damage spells tend to have lowish attack stats, augments add to the stat total, but if you didn't pass the threshold you won't see any effect either. There's a damage calc table in the first post if you want to know more in detail. Thanks for the report on those two, forgot to set the crafting recipe for dynamo and the Steadfast requirement was Knockback 1, which got removed.
  19. I'm not quite sure if this is intended or I've run into a problem. But I just noticed that I can still stack -kunda and -kaja skills up to 4 times before getting limit reached. And they seem to work as usual too, for example Matador did not use dekunda for a big amount of turns until he had 4 sukunda stacks on him. Is this something that was changed in an update or some such? The description of the hack says it only allows 2 stacks but that doesn't seem to be the case.
  20. Finally got around to scaling San Bronsa for the second tier of draconic attack spells, and I've noticed that their damage is unaffected by buffs like spellcraft or strengthen. I suppose this is because of their unique damage formula, but their damage doesn't seem to be boosted by elemental augments either. Is this an intended drawback for their relatively cheap MP/RT cost (compared to apocrypha/summons)? Also noticed two small bugs in my playthrough so far - Dynamo Plate doesn't require any materials to craft (the materials page is blank), and the Steadfast skill can't be learned because its prerequisite is listed as -nothing- It has otherwise been a blast rediscovering all the bonus dungeon loot and dealing with the higher level enemies in the upper floors of San Bronsa (the Titans in particular really feel as tough as their namesake now). Now to tackle the Palace of the Dead!
  21. Last week
  22. Thanks for the feedback. The main idea was to make mages very oppressive and powerful but also very squishy. It's kinda tricky to finetune so it will take a bit, but both of those aspects will be moderated slightly in next patch. There's less things to spend points on now so I wasn't planning of any introducing any method to boost skill point gain. There isn't a quick solution either and it couldn't be done with an item, I'd have to tamper with SP gain formula and that isn't something I'm able to do right now. I suppose there's still the sp gain multiplier cwcheat if you're looking to save on some farming time.
  23. Made an account just for this mod I'm up to Chapter 3 Chaos right now. I will post my thoughts on this so far: What I like I like the opposite-element aversity, it gives me an excuse to use multiple elements on single caster or use different-element casters. Turning Instill Element into an active skill really makes the fights faster and more fun. Increased emphasis on debuffs brings the "tactics" back to Tactics Ogre Heal Rain (forgot the actual name) is useful again! Rune Fencers/Valkyries being a support spellcaster makes them very fun to use. Dragoons can use magic again! I like the shortened animations on some attacks and skills (looking at Meditate here), some of them were needlessly long in vanilla. Crafting system is lovely. I am uncertain why you would keep the success chances at near-100% but not absolutely 100%. Blessing Stones removing a friendly from the battlefield rather than reviving them makes battles less cheeseable. Removing scroll usage makes battles less cheeseable. What I am unsure about Magic seems very powerful. Much more powerful than bows and melee weapons. Uncertain if this is because of the way my units are geared and skilled or not. Skill Point gain still seems very slow. While it's not an issue for units you have had from the start, it does make making new recruits battle-worthy a lot more difficult because the fights themselves are harder while new units are basically dead weight. Thoughts, ideas Would it be possible to create an item to boost a character's skill point gain meant for new recruits? Sort of like an inventory item. Or a skill itself. e.g. Training Armor: +100WT +100% skill point gain. Overall I am very pleased with this mod.
  24. It's a semi-softlock... it'll resolve itself if you hold frameskip for about a minute or so. I thought that was something I'd dealt with all instances of in the past... apparently not.
  25. Generated a soft lock in the WoR's Phoenix Cave. Against 2x Witch 2x Revenant enemy formation. Strago is petrified, Terra is preparing to cast Remedy, Edgar has just used Autocrossbow and is building up his turn bar. Cyan has Auto-Reflect from Alexander. Cyan uses Bushido - Eclipse. One of the Revenants die, the other three enemies remain alive. A Revenant counterattacks Cyan with Raze. It's reflected off Cyan. Battle stops progressing - casting animations proceed as normal, but the ATB is frozen and I can't input any commands. I can pause and unpause the battle with the Start button, and the game is otherwise functioning. I (wildly guessing) suspect the lock is because Raze was reflected onto the dead Revenant (killed by Eclipse). Because the enemy is dead, the spell never resolves and the battle is indefinitely delayed while it waits for the reflected Raze to resolve.
  26. After entering the password, you have to talk to the object next to the door. Doing so should cause the door to open if you've entered Ha-ts-un-e-Mi-ku.
  27. I'm not sure how to start a new thread, I apologize for posting this here.. I'm playing Version 8.0 Hard Version... I made it to the Sunken Ship... After not knowing the answer to the Pop Stars name, I googled it and entered the password.. I saved the game and now I cannot progress.. I know I have the password right, but when I enter it in, nothing happens... is there a fix or am I doing something wrong?
  28. I'd say that's pretty average especially for the first time getting there. Only times where I was lower than that (16-17) was when I really made use of chocobos in the world map and in general tried to be fast. If you just walk your way though the game without real grinding but fighting all the battles, 19-20 is what you'll end up. The battles in the FC itself give a lot of experience, so if you feel overleveled just turn exp off or run after lv21 or so. If the boss kicks your butt too hard, just take what you learned from the fight and adjust your setup accordingly. That's much more important than a few level ups and unless you really grind up, it won't take away from the experience of fighting the boss for the first time(s)
  29. There are experience "humps" at 10, 20, and 30 to keep you from overleveling too much. Expected levels for fighting Atma Weapon are very early 20's at the highest, so you're good.
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