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  2. I was able to get a video of the out of bounds glitch happening although it doesn't show anything more than just the scrolling. Would you be interested in seeing it?
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  4. I honnestly Feel like end game scales just aren't good compare to just have à caster, not because of the money and/or time require to farm them, but you might struggle if the boss love To debuff you (worst being Dragon Emperor I seriously don't see how you can beat him on hard without someone that can cast Mind Up). Also yeah that's why I suggest Light Duran To not get a one dimensionnal party, both Paladin and Lord would be good here, the Paladin is a good support that get anti magic and with his Final Weapon can be a good nuker with Turn Undead, Lord could however be pretty good with his Final weapon for a counter base strategy (also better if you have Kevin as a God Hand and his final weapon that increase the counter window, in fact now that I think of it Lord and God Hand could be an awesome team with Fenrir Knight).
  5. I'm sorry to bother everyone. I am playing on a psp emulator, which I know is not great, and am having an issue where the game soft freezes when I run away from battles. Other versions of the hack I try with the same emulator do not have this issue. I tried with 1.4.1 and then 1.7.4 and I was able to do everything without any problems. Thank you all for your time.
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  7. I might just bite the bulette (!) and stock up on scales for bosses. It might be well worth it for the avalanche of critical hits this team could dish out. But I just remembered that Sword Master's Energy Ball is stuck on self-cast, so Lord might be a better option anyways. However you slice it, the sausage party is going to be pretty one-dimensional. At least Hawk can cast some damage spells.
  8. I should have assumed you would have already tried this. But actually, a casting cancel might be useful as an optional patch, if only for the character that you control. I would assign it to the select button so it's not likely you would accidentally trigger it. Partners' spells could be cancellable with L/R, but this would not be as useful. I'm thinking of those times when you accidentally choose the wrong spell or when you start casting but then Bill & Ben start kicking the shit out of your teammates and they need an instant chocolate to avoid dying. My coding experience does not extend to hex editing, which I assume is your primary tool, so I don't think I could be much help at the moment.
  9. If you take Swordmaster and Ninja Master I don't think Kevin is a good choice, as you need Def Up, Mind Up and Heal Light no way to get Def Up and Heal Light, you can get Mind Up and Heal Light with both God Hand and Warrior Monk but not Def Up, you can get Def Up with Dervish but not heal light or Mind Up.
  10. with pleasure, can you provide the code for that? I tried that once and I could only manage to make it so that using L/R cancels the casting, obviously not what you'd want.
  11. Version 0.9.7


    Did you have fun trolling the AI, abusing combinations of jobs or abilities that could make you feel like a new god in Ivalice or abusing any other interaction that this game offers to make you get a temporal high self-esteem? Well, NO MORE -I hope-. On the other hand, did you want a new challenge for a journey in the region of Jylland after a rebalance of any aspect possible in the hands of new modder that brings new jobs, new abilities and new mechanisms to finally make you feel rewarded for your decisions toward becoming the best clan of Jylland and maybe save the world in the attempt? I'll explain briefly some of the main features: Level cap of 75 New MP system: -Units start with Full MP. -MP Regeneration will be 50 MP per turn. -Attack will consume 20 MP on hit. Neutral Skills: New abilities available for a entire race regardless of the job you are using and just restricted to the use of old Trinkets of Summoning awarded in Cups or Story Missions. Auctions reward with crafting loot. Luso can be removed from Story Missions. Much more in the spreadsheet! Recommendations: 1. The broken MP Channelling clan privilege have been disabled, looking to disable MP Efficiency as well, don't use it unless you want no fun at all. Currently doing for next patch 0.9.8 Probably Enemy Formation, Descriptions, Feedback changes Instructions to patch - Download a fresh Final Fantasy Tactics A2 rom and my patch. - Download Delta Patcher here: - Open Delta Patcher and select your original file, and FFTA2 Promise Rewritten patch. - Press Apply Patch, and now you can play!
  12. Star Lancer's extra spells would certainly be wasted (and Archmage already gets Aura Wave), but Marduke is so good, she's worth considering, and her armor slot would be freed. Still, shield-bearing counter commander seems to be the natural role for Fenrir Knight, and all her spells here (except Mind Up) would be unique. The only other character who would enhance her role would be Ninja Master with his final weapon; subbing out either of the casters for him would lead to interesting teams as well that would play differently but are certainly worth trying out (with the guaranteed counter recovery, you may even be able to forgo Heal Light and run with a Rune Master, though Grand Divina, Bishop, and Sage seem like more natural choices). I'd like to see a sausage party with Sword Master and Ninja Master focused on critical hits to take full advantage of the former's final weapon. God Hand or Warrior Monk would be the third pick, but I don't play Kevin often so I'll leave that to a specialist to decide.
  13. Star Lancer could cast Marduke Very fast if you stack up INT the helm that reduce cast time and her final weapon, problem with star lancer here is that Aura Wave and Energy Ball are wasted on a magical team. By the way just curious has anyone try the opposite a man power team with Duran, Kevin and Hawk, I don't think it would be hard To find a good party for this team (I think something Lord, God Hand (with invert armor) and Ninja Master could be effective).
  14. Celes still get my vote for MVP, going in a Full HP build (with Seraph then later Crusader) she is an amazing tank, has so much HP that she won't die unless hit by statut effect, she can still dish out high damage with Illumina Proc with Cover/Counter set up against single target or ??? for AoE as ??? now scale more with HP than Stam (and take note that when I played the beta last time ??? was still glitch, so I was only able to test it against Final Boss) and can still use her selection of spell to do some decent healing and buffing, and you can adapt to do whatever you want her to do with her vast selection of equipment. As for honorable mention I would say Sabin with a hybrid build of Stray and Terrato, yeah Stam Build is now good he gets a lot of HP and Stam to strngthen both his Regen Tick and his Mantra and Chakra blitzes, Aurabolt is an excellent offensive option especially if the ennemy happen to be weak to Holy, later in the game with Lazy Shell and other equipment to bump his Defenses and Nirvana Band and Auto-Regen Relic he can perfectly stay safe in the back row and heal his allies that are in the front row attacking or give them MP. And for a second honorable mention Shadow with a Phantom Build, thanks to the Wind Katanas being Stam base Phantom Shadow has now a great AoE option that rely on a stat he can get EL from and isn't a consumable, late game Mutsonokami's Aero Damage are impressive and with Kagenui Shadow can potentially proc Aero twice, add Counter or even Cover/Counter possibility for even potential proc and he can clean the screen very fast as long as their is no wind immune ennemy, and everything else that define Shadow is still true he still have the Scrolls for some good elemental damage, Image, Haste X, Regen, Rerise and Phantom and Fenrir.
  15. Setzer ends up being my MVP for ultimate meme Slots. Triple-BARs has a lot of potential; even if you don't get what you're looking for, the result can still be super useful. Edgar gets an honourable mention for taking 51 damage from Havoc Wing and ~250 damage from a single target Bolt 3 from Kefka...or something. Not dying is a useful trait.
  16. Last week
  17. After some play-testing and thought, I've decided to start a game with a femmes fatales crew of Fenrir Knight, Archmage, and Sage. I took an earlier crew with these characters (but different classes) up to the God Beasts and was amazed at how well they performed, especially against the multi-melee bosses Bill & Ben and Machine Golems. A shield bearer can do a lot to distract, leaving the two casters to bomb away. The hardest battle up to the God Beasts was probably Jewel Eater, and this was mainly because I forgot to account for Carlie's weakness to earth (incidentally, this was the first time I used a Matango Oil in many many games). Archmage and Sage compliment each other well: they can both cast level 2 holy and dark, and Sage can power up the Archmage's other elements and the attacker with her sabers. Archmage gets the two most important stat-downs for a magic team, Power Down and Mind Down, so all that is needed are the stat-ups and a way to distract melee mobs. While Dragon Master may sound like a good idea with empowered Anti-Magic to boost the casters, Archmage already gets normal Anti-Magic, and the casters have enough elemental variety that at least one of them can almost always find a weakness without it. Fenrir Knight looks like a great alternative, providing an alternate source of HP and MP recovery that doesn't require casting, especially important if you're playing solo and want to keep your main character free to control your other characters! (N.B. Praetarius: the ability to control your second and third characters with L and R while casting would be a great gameplay update for solo players!) Lise's light classes would be interesting choices for this team as well and wouldn't require invert armor to achieve the stat-ups, but they don't seem to add as much value as Fenrir Knight with her final weapon (Star Lancer would be a strong contender if Marduke could be insta-cast). This team has two heavy bombers and a shield-bearer to keep them safe, three forms of healing including Sage's final weapon (and not counting items), all the sabers except holy and dark, Anti-Magic, Life Booster, and all the important stat-ups and stat-downs. Vive les femmes!
  18. Ok, so that leaves the mystery of the out of bounds menu.
  19. I tested it again, and she has 13 base mp and is getting 87 from the ether so yeah exactly 100. Cursor is reset.
  20. Did Faris' current MP plus the gain from ether sum up to exactly 100 MP? At least it sounds like it. I doubt the predict issue has anything to do with the area... do you use memory cursor or reset cursor option?
  21. Version 1.0 Build 1.1 has an ETA date. (See change log via Nexus). Functions added to the tool version 1.0 build 1.1: -Updated VBF Browser (Allows adding assets to the .vbf) (It is its own vbf browser) -Updated Mod loader (To load mods and add new assets to the .vbf as mod(s) contain new assets to be added, such as textures, etc.). (It is its own mod loader) -FileSizeTable patcher -Text Editor for all texts in the game -.ebp unpacker/repacker -Script decompiler/recompiler -Robust Texture Editor (for editing all textures of the game including .dds.phyre, .tm2, .efx/.efx sprites, .efb and many more). Future build version 1.0 build 1.2: -Phyre compiler (.dae.phyre) -Phyre shader compiler (.fx.phyre)
  22. An incredibly rich and overweight Jidooran noble who looks like a clothed Jabba the Hutt, likes showing off his collections of 'art' to people in order to socialize and impress, and doesn't mind underaged girls hanging around his place (especially if doing work for him) for long periods of time. That the underaged girl in question draws mostly nude artwork (coughStarletcough) makes things even better in Owzer's eyes. So basically your standard noble with too much time and money, along with Relm being Relm (and of the two, there's an honest question about which one is skeevier here given that neither underaged girls or nudity showed up as part of things until Relm became involved).
  23. As for the issue with Faris when she uses an ether on herself she immediately gets another turn with 0 mp and when her turn comes up again she still has 0 mp. Does not seem to happen if someone else uses the ether on her. For the issue with predict it happened to me with Lenna as an oracle against the 8 octopus enemy in the underground cave before the moogle village.
  24. the correct weapons are simply stronger, or rather the other weapon types get a penalty to their attack power. and this is not from her using 100 MP to get the extra turn? has someone reproducable steps for this?
  25. I think I'm clear on everything now except what equipping the correct weapons for your job does. I am experiencing an issue with Faris as a vampire where having her use an ether on herself causes it to remove mp while other characters using it on her restores it. I also had an issue once where it let me scroll up and down the predict window even though one is not supposed to be able to do that, and it showed stuff like white and time magic. Exiting out and then casting a prediction caused a different spell to be cast instead of the prediction.
  26. Btw... who IS Owzer, anyway?
  27. After a long time trying to prepare a more playable version than I did in my previous patches on FFHacktics, I'll be releasing version 0.9.7. The update 2 of the testing version is available and the update 3 will probably be just 0.9.7 unless I get any good feedback this week. I know it is not a mod of a popular game but I hope some people in this amazing community can give it a chance at some point.
  28. I made a randomizer for an already stupidly random game! If you played Dokapon Kingdom, you already know what to expect, only I made it more random. Things that can be randomized: Equipment Stats (Weapon, Shields, Accessories) Magic Stats (Offensive, Defensive, Field) Item Money Values Class Base Stats, Level Up Bonuses, Salaries, and Carrying Capacity Monster Base Stats and Drops Loot Space Drops Shops' Item Stocks There's also some toggles for SERIOUSLY RANDOMIZED stats, which I recommend avoiding unless you want the game to be completely unplayable. Your choice though. I made this in ~6 days, so it's not great, but it gets the job done. I also made it in Python 2.7, which is near end-of-life, so once I get it working, I'm not updating it more than I have to. I've already got a compiled build ready to upload whenever I'm allowed to. I've also attached screenshots for your (and my) enjoyment.
  29. I meant the magic tab in the xls, it has several tables in it. What specifically do you try to figure out?
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