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  2. With BNW 2.0 Beta getting close to the end, I decided to LP it again (my last LP was in French and 1.9 version), however I'm gonna make an effort and do this LP entirely in english, so it will much easier to understand hopefully. Episode 1 : Do remember that this is the first time I do an entire video in English so I of course gonna have to improve a lot on that, but anyway first nothing special, it's just the tutorial, I'm discovering thing that weren't there last time I played, like the new equip menu or the text message for statut effects in battle all neat stuff, didn't know about the switching weapon mid combat yet however will discover it on next episode when I posted it. Still unsure of which build I'm gonna play in this playthrough for most characters. Also my recording glitch toward the end of the episode, and skip a little part, and also cut the end of this episode hence why the ending is abrupt (but there was nothing very interesting in these last seconds that got cut), it shouldn't happen again.
  3. well, you can defend, equip relics with poison element resistance, put fire element icons on the field, etc. to lower poison status chance and then cast pure before too much status damage piles up and the chance gets up to 100% anyway.
  4. So i can only use items to cure status effects until i get the heal spell way later. Ouch! lol that makes that Siren fight even rougher with her casting poison all the time.
  5. pure cures HP leak and status damage not status effects directly. status damage is what you take when it status spell or skill hits but does not yet inflict a status effect - it makes follow up status attacks more likely to succeed.
  6. Hey started playing this yesterday up to the water tower having a good time had a heck of a time with siren and the poison she kept using but fun. That brings up my first point the Pure spell does not seem to cure any status effect i have gotten so far it didn't cure poison for instance, sleep, paralysis those are basically all the stat's i think i have come across so far but i haven't seen it cure anything yet.
  7. You must be overlevel, Heat Beam does more damage the more you are overlevel compare to Xian Bhe.
  8. For the Fire God Beast is there any defense against Heat Beam? It's kills one of my characters and than sets there max HP to 100.
  9. No, I'm not. As Praetarius said, the method is not a spell. However, one of Star Lancer's spells makes the method much easier to execute.
  10. ftfy the only half sane (and non-cheat) way I can imagine is all other 6 gbs beaten and then max monster level up gear - though as with fmh above I expect something to be amiss tbh. when getting stopped by a single obstacle the first thought should never be to just go max level >.>
  11. How the fuck did you get LV99 at that point ? O_O AH Good old Dolan's insanity when you fight him for the first time ^^
  12. Yeah, the Minotaur is too powerful in the current version. Bosses in general. The next update will fix that problem. Also, the changes made to blade combinations will be unmade. Like this one: Might as well post the last video update: Release date: probably early next year.
  13. hint 3: it is not a spell also Dolan is not weak to tree element
  14. Are you talking about protect up spell? I tried it but it's doesn't working. "Weakness - Tree (Posion Bubble, Posion Breath, Pumpkin Bomb, Leaf Sabre)" I tried to throw pumpkin bomb into him and the damage is really small, every spell i tried on him take a little damage, the only thing work is BTL ! P/s: I tried to start the boss fight with Dryad day, but it's doens't give me extra damage !
  15. The Spiral Moon effect is a puzzle. Notice that Dolan begins the fight by casting Spiral Moon, which doesn't kill you, so it doesn't automatically kill you. You'll need to figure out a certain method to make Spiral Moon deal less damage. Hint 1: the method is available for every party. Hint 2:
  16. @praetarius5018 Well, i give up. This god beast keep killing me with Spiral Moon. The boss can casting magic after another magic like combo , i can't press X button when he is casting ! Save files: P/s:spectec eyes does not work, don't know how to prevent the spiral moon effect ether
  17. As in Dark Souls: one mistake on minotaur - and you SUCK. Go to save point, loser! Amazing...
  18. Hi, i love your mod, it's a much more funny game now. At the moment, i'm trying the 2.0 beta and i've finished the 1.9 in the past. I'm using the beta testing list to find problems on the PSP emulator Snes9xTYLme, and for now the checklist is ok. I'm at the begin of the Kefka's tower now, so quite at the end, and i'd like to report some of my wishes and considerations, for what they're worth: The second boss battle in Narshe is too much simple. What about a nerf to moogles weapons? a bit more health for phantom train and KingBehemoth please WEAPON,the enemy in the ancient caste, is too much rare. It is the most beautiful fight in that dungeon, and there is not a real boss there, so why not spamming WEAPON inside the castle like there is no tomorrow? zombie protect to the memento ring, please (That is not dead, which can rise again). Gogo is pink in Cyan’s dream (when you must find your friends). Crusader is now useless…at all (auto-reflect? mhe…give me 25% of hp or power! a status defense at least. Come on, it’s Crusader!). i think steal is a bit too nerf, especially for Locke (in WOR, Shadow with switchblade can easily do the job). You can obtain only consumable items from steal and some hidden equipment, so why not using the ffx system? you can steal only consumable and hidden, yes, but you can do this multiple times in a battle, with scaling rates of success. In the same way, rare steals are such a pain. is there any possibility to create a new relic, only for Locke, to steal only rare items(just like ffx! god…i love that game)? interceptor, the dog, is quite rare. i know that someone else asked the same question, but i want to try again: is it possible to create a new relic for shadow to increase the chances to use the dog? is it possible to add a weak knife with Mute status (the traditional Mage masher)? what do you think about the implementation of the right and left hand system in the equipment menu (bonus for the main hand of the character, just like ffIV)? it’s just a wish, but it would be very nice if someone created a patch for Celes with Maria dress in the unlockme. just my 2 cents...nothing more.
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  20. the intended method to differentiate between quick and strong attack is if you hold the attack button or only tap in short. this worked ok as long as there is sufficient lag; but if you are facing only 1 single small sprite enemy and have 2 dead allies (way less lag) the time between you pressing attack and the game needing to know what attack type it'll be is about 1-2 frames - 3vs3 is more like half a second. lets say normal player wouldn't be able to get quick attacks under that circumstance with 100% success rate. getting quick attacks via direction button is just a crutch for that situation. and inverting the direction thing wouldn't work in that scenario: hold direction? get strong attack press attack for more than 1 frame? also strong attack how to get quick attack? yeah, good luck with that. could I get that switch to work by removing the original design? maybe but if I want to do that is a different question.
  21. From my experience, those characters can keep enemies away just fine with reduced attack speed, it's missing the attack that's the problem. Meanwhile, every time I'd like to wail on a boss to build tech points fast I then need to keep moving around for no reason.
  22. Let's Play FFVII NT - 20 - Death by Math This episode centres entirely around one boss fight: Lambda Calcule. I could probably have done better than I did at forming a good strategy, but all's well that ends well. I didn't abuse the second Vaccine in my inventory because I may be able to pull off some Vaccine abuse against a later boss that would be even more helpful. In hindsight, I also probably could have slowed the physical Calcule with a Molotov before dropping the Vaccine on him, leaving him with permanent Slow. That would have helped a lot. I'm also not sure what effect draining their MP has. I really should have tried that. If draining the Magic guy's MP allowed me to avoid seeing Ruin3, it would have been all I needed to win on that second run. It wouldn't even have taken long to pull off with Iris' staff.
  23. Dunno about that version of SoM but I'd say here it makes imo more sense the way it is now; the units that move around the most would probably be tanks and those need more frequent stabs to knock enemies back from your allies - and not infrequent but stronger attacks. So if you had to always let go of the dpad when you want to attack with a quick jab you'd be more prone to accidentally get the strong attack and then leave your party open for attack.
  24. It's gotta be the Poison. I can't wrap my head around anything else. Overleveling, even to this extreme, doesn't save you from Poison. Also, I get why you made standing still the strong attack and moving the weak one Praetarius, but now that I think about it, the reverse like in that other mod is more conducive to gameplay. Might consider also reversing it.
  25. Well if that's the intention it does work I happen to miss my timing on the Heal Light because of Dolan wasting time by faking defense wasting 9MP for nothing, which mean Magic Walnut if Grand Divina doesn't have at least 18MP OK That's good to know, will not get it yet tough cause it cost quite a lot (32k Luc is no joke). Also on subject on trying stuff out, I try equipping Earth Armlet my goal was to make monster pop up at LV60 earlier to get W/A Seed earlier, it does work 6 Earth Armlet increase monster's LV by 12, don't have the exact LV but this mean could get W/A Seeds this way maybe even before the first God Beast, to bad I didn't think about that earlier now they are LV62 jump at LV74 with Earth Armlet as a side effect however monsters gives massive XP, I'm LV62 and I get 50k from just 1 LV74 monster, which make me think of my issue with Vanadis's Freya this could solve the issue and possibly turn Vanadis into a good character for Levelling and farming W/A Seed early getting half XP for such high value isn't that big of a deal as oppose to turn ennemies into Chibiko to reduce how much damage they deal while doing damage at the same time, next time I'll play Vanadis I might try doing this.
  26. actually this fake defending is his aggro reaction - theoretically meant as a way to buy some time before spiral moon status effects, buffs and debuffs should still stay active
  27. Well Dolan beaten still the cheapest boss of the game wasn't worse than with other team tough, thing that can screw you over are the same : -His physical attack with the HP Reduce from Spiral Moon, his instant-kill if it crit. -His Half Vanish + Spiral Moon combo if guaranteed death on the target if the game doesn't let you open the menu. -Still possible to die due to the game not loading your LV3 tech So since he resist everything and I don't have Anti-Magic I decide to just give up on magic casting and focus on melee damage, I must say giving the weapon that take AGL for Damage calculation on Necromancer was definitly a good move, Agility is so important for her for Black Rain and Cast Time so I invest a lot a lot in it as a result she currently does better physical damage than Lise (was hitting Dolan for 50-60 per hit and around 220 for her LV3 tech which is pretty good for a suppose mage), and thanks to having a Shield Lise is always the target from Dolan's Physical and Half Vanish so at least who is probably gonna die so my strat as follow : -Lise set Power Up, Mind Up, Protect Up and Aura Wave on herself and Carlie, I control her at the beginning while Carlie is casting Black Curse then I take control of Carlie. -Carlie end up being the main damage dealer once she has set Black Curse, thanks to Lise's shield I know she isn't gonna get caught in the deadly combos mention earlier so she isn't gonna lost her buff soon. -Angela was my main healer, for Howl and Graviton Press a single Item Seed with the Druid Cane is enough, one good thing is Dolan act pretty much in a set pattern so Spiral Moon is predictable the challenge is to star casting Heal Light a little before Spiral Moon and the Heal Light should be cast a little after Spiral Moon. Using Tree Spirit Ring for MP management and she is also my emergency tech user if Dolan happen to do Energy Ball then in guard stance. Using Angel's Grail when Lise die (she then as to rebuff herself), and keeping track of Dolan's patterns which are as follow : -Pattern 1 : Energy Ball > Howl > Spiral Moon -Pattern 2 : Body Change > Physical attack/Graviton Press > Physical Attack/Graviton Press > Energy Ball > Body Change (come almost instantly after Energy Ball) > Half Vanish > Spiral Moon (come almost Instantly after Half Vanish, mashing Menu Button might give you chance to save Lise with Item but not guaranteed) -Pattern 3 : Energy Ball > Guard > Spiral Moon Sometime in the middle on Pattern 1 and 2 he put himself into a guard stance but isn't actually protected, also cast Moon Saber at around 20-25% HP left, but that doesn't matter it's really just to indicate you that you're almost done. Yeah I lost so much time on this fucking boss that I ended up knowing him by heart. EDIT : Have a question about the armors that revive at the cost of all your MP, when your character survive an attack this way, does he keep the buffs he had before the fatal attack ? Cause I think of giving this kind of armor a shot especially for my Necromancer since I give her Rune Earring she doesn't use her MP for spell casting, but I would like to know if getting revive this way still require to rebuff or not.
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