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  2. Party Suggestions 2.0

    at its core the damage formula is (atk-def) times all the multipliers. endgame mobs should have about 400-450 atk, you around 300 def depending on vit and armor class. so worst case the -15 is 10% less damage taken (450-300=150 => 435-300=135). pair it with evil shaman's weapon and it becomes a bigger share. but tbh VIT is kind of a main stat on everyone so it got a "lesser" bonus from me; I tried to give the off stats better capstones to make the trade offs more worth it. anti-magic, poison; the stuff you'd usually rarely use in vanilla SD3
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  4. Party Suggestions 2.0

    Lugar is one of the easiest boss for me since the update that made Counter "bypass" physical defense, since he is always attacking landing Counter is super easy, and an evasion build with TP on Dodge works wonder on him (whereas it doesn't work on Machine Golem as they have a lot of unavoidable attack) and setting the AI of all party members to use LV1 Tech, and he should never get the Revenge Heal, and barely use any techs due to all the counters. Is even easier if you use a Specter's Eye. Depend of the fight for Bil and Ben and Lugar, I wasn't to bother with the low Defense, High Defense armor is really great early on tough, it lose potency later due to flat defense being less impactfull, but I remember having a super tank Duran that Bil and Ben's first fight couldn't deal more than 10 damage per hit XD. Honnestly Hawk is just my favorite character as an all, all his classes offer something unique and have different build options, I'm never tired to play him, I do have a preference for his Dark Classes tough personnaly, but Wanderer's support is really great and Rogue is definitly a force to be recognize. Yeah probably the better choice overall, I think Angela's AGL capstone is really a good one personnaly, even more if you have character with spells that have a long casttime, the LUC capstone looks promising tough. As for Lise really don't know how impactfull tge -15 attack would be, but in any case I think given this team AGL capstone is probably the best choice here.
  5. Party Suggestions 2.0

    Rogue is my favorite Hawk class to lead with: his spells come out fast so no need to switch characters when casting, his high LUC stat is great for treasure hunting, his build is simple with no real need for INT, and his ability to hit against physical defense with his spells is a great asset when you need it (e.g., Seashore Cave mini-boss). You also get great mileage out of his LUC stat for spell damage, spell bonus damage, and crit chance/damage. Plus his Level 3 super gets a random color which is fun and helps to break up the visual monotony. I think I've decided on the LUC capstone for Angela. AGI would be nice, but 20% reduction just doesn't seem that game-changing to me. The LUC capstone lets Angela ignore STR and improve her physical damage with all weapons, crit chance/damage, and magical damage with one stat. There are some battles where damage casting is just not helpful, so this should help give the Archmage class more of a role when she would otherwise just be swinging for tech points. This also helps her with two of my favorite weapons in the game: YellowDMG Heal and Crit by TP. For Lise, I will probably go for her AGI capstone as it seems more useful than the VIT one in the longterm: -15 attack should become less useful at higher levels as hit points and attack values increase, while -7 weapon cooldown should be useful as long as cooldown values are 7 or above, which I'm guessing should always be true? I want to like the TP on Dodge armor more, but the defense is so low, especially when the alternative is High Defense armor, so when you do get hit with a string of attacks or a super you can be quickly screwed. This strategy is also great for Lugar - counters seem to slow him down and really help keep his damage in check. I have no idea what his listed weakness - "special magic" - means, non-elemental magic perhaps? For me, his weakness has always been counters.
  6. Party Suggestions 2.0

    I really should try a team with Rogue, as for Lise capstone well ince you're skipping Holy Ball and Thunder Saber tha mean no investment in LUK so the LUK Capstone is out of the question, don't see much use for the INT capstone in this configuration, so I would go either VIT Capstone tough I'm not sure if a 15 Attack reduction would have a lot of impact or the AGL capstone which would be good to attack faster (especially for Hawk). As for Archmage yeah could skip Anti-Magic and Rainbow Dust to Aura Wave can be really usefull to get an item fast if you ever need it of fill Rogue's TP faster to maximize Crit By TP effect, that being said her AGL Capstone could be interesting as the team may have to cast quite a lot (especially Angela and Lise), would be interesting if her AGL Capstone could allow Vanadis to cast faster Freya with her Final Weapon to allow Vanadis to exploit elemental weakness with Hawk's Sabers. Well for Bil and Ben in 2.0 Evasion works really well, if you can stack a lot of Evasion Speed Up and Speed Down you're going to evade like crazy, and with TP on Dodge armor you'd have access to items pretty frequently and can set party members on using LV1 Tech to land counter to reduce their Revenge Value and trigger less Shadow Dives, there is some RNG tough as it depend of what Jutsu they uses against you, also having a Slime's Eye or 2 to reduce their attack power is welcome to if you don't have Ninja Hawk (who's in 2.0 is the only class 2 to have access to Power Down though his Spell with Water Jutsu) as Lise's Rune Maiden lost it. Machine Golems are a pain in the ass tough, on Hard I always found it safer to just solo them with one character by focusing on landing counter with the Break Counter accessory, some items to handle the buff/debuff and just revive my party member when only one of them remain. I'd rather not to be honnest, just like I'd love to stop running into glitches and stuff that doesn't work properly just for Praetarius's sanity ^^", but this game is SD3 unfortunatly after spending probably hundreds of hours into playing this mod, it's clear to me that this game just do whatever the fuck he wants to do sometime
  7. FFVI T-Edition - v2.9.4/English 1.0 - 1/19/22

    Did a small bug fix that if you're currently playing you need to update for. If you haven't yet entered Kefka's Tower and fought a specific boss, then you're ok. However, if you did and didn't get a very unique drop, update your patch and then do the following (heavy spoilers below): I had goofed when fixing up the names and the relic in question in hex is right next to Soul of Thamasa. Since the limit is 8 characters, I had written SoulTham. (and didn't catch my error) the key here being the . which is 99 in hex and not valid for the relic graphic icon. I wasn't thinking and didn't catch it (the display for the graphics in hex is a . also but the code for the icon needed is 0C). The next relic after it is what's in the spoiler above, so its icon was not displayed properly and when auto sorted would just disappear from your inventory. Sorry for the mess up.
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  9. Yes, there's been close attention paid to the damage dealt by single and combo Techs. There are some multipliers for combo Techs in vanilla, but they're not applied consistently and as you point out sometimes there's no benefit above using the individual Techs. The changes I made are documented in the Readme that comes with the download.
  10. FFVI T-Edition - v2.9.4/English 1.0 - 1/19/22

    Pushed a small update to both patches for the lua translation. - Item and Rage names in the EX patch were accidentally reverted to an older version prior to me fixing an issue months ago and I just caught it upon fixing another error. While doing this I cleaned up alot of what I could in our EX version's item/Rage list and everything now matches the names from the base patch/mod (names in EX were VERY old). - Berserker Ring's icon was that of a bracelet, this has been fixed to be a ring now. - Changed Attack to Fight, Dblcst to XMagic, GilTos to G.Toss, and SnowSt to Storm to clean up/fix the names even more. - Merit Award's text on the equip menu originally said "Heavy" and now says AnyEqp. Gauntlet said TwoHnd and now says 2-Hand. - The Silence spell not showing if it misses now correctly does (again this was fixed but reverted when I had to fix the patch months ago).
  11. Party Suggestions 2.0

    Death roulette is exactly the same as death spell.
  12. Party Suggestions 2.0

    Would the Death Resist ring protect against Death Roulette, or would you need a normal Resist Death item like the Undead armor for that?
  13. Party Suggestions 2.0

    and make me cry immunity = 0 damage resistance = it deals damage like a normal spell instead of 999
  14. Party Suggestions 2.0

    Also, I'm interested in the Death Resist ring for my Deathless run. I'm confused by the item description in the Excel file: "Death Spell immunity for wearer; party gets resistance to Death Spell". What is the difference between Death Spell immunity and resistance, and is this different from the normal "Resist Death" (e.g. that you get with Undead armor)?
  15. Party Suggestions 2.0

    I'm having a lot of fun now playing a Rogue, Vanadis, Archmage team. I just hit my final class change and am looking forward to finally learning Heal Light in a few levels. With Hawk's PIE capstone, this team gets a boost from previous versions of the game with access to sabers. Vanadis will also get Flame Saber as well that I can use for saber-resistance. Access to all buffs/debuffs will be really nice. The point of this team is to do a ton of elemental damage, physical or magical. I have not fleshed out my endgame equipment, but right now Hawk is loving the Crit by TP weapon with the TP Gain Up ring. Spells to miss: Silver Dart and Speed Up for Rogue, Holy Ball and Thunder Saber for Vanadis, and either Anti-Magic and Rainbow Dust or Body Change and Aura Wave for Arch Mage. I will probably take Aura Wave though due to it's usefulness in several difficult fights. Capstones: PIE for Rogue, undecided for the other two. Archmage's LUK capstone is looking really nice to add some more physical damage to my team. For Vanadis, I really have no idea and would welcome suggestions. I'm playing this time Deathless on Normal, which brings its own sort of challenge. So far, the hardest boss has been Machine Robos x3 - keeping everyone alive requires a bit of luck. My strategy was to charge in, group them immediately with Hawk, and keep them stunned as much as possible by constantly quick-attack double-swinging with a Wind Ring while having my other two team members cast as much as possible to keep them away. Apart from this boss, Bill and Ben are always pretty tough, and the others have been a breeze. The next boss is Lugar - expecting no problem after casting Flame Saber on him with Element Guard armor, Protect Up, Power Down. Deathless on Tough or Hard (single-player) - I'm not sure how I would pass some of these multi-boss battles except by letting my team members die and reviving them right before the end of the battle. Loved your video, Nesouk, and it's good to see that you are still finding ways to break the game :-)
  16. Chrono Trigger: Enhansa Edition

    This looks great! I played Lavos Awakening a while back, and while I liked how it rebalanced the game and made choices in battle meaningful I thought it went too far with difficulty and some battles really dragged on. This looks like a much better approach than that, focusing on meaningful choices in combat and character builds. A question: are you tweaking the nature of combo attacks at all from vanilla? In the vanilla game, for the most part there's never a mechanical reason to use most combos vs. individual techs due to combos not being much stronger than using the techs individually and requiring more setup. One thing other mods have done is add a multiplier to combos to make them more enticing to pull off. Are you doing something similar?
  17. And we now have version 0.1.a 0.1.b 0.1.c posted in response to an update of HD mod, which AH3M is built on top of. Just a reminder that any time HD Mod is updated, you will need to reinstall AH3M, but only rarely will an HD mod update necessitate that I actually update AH3M from my end. In this case, the installer will show the following error: These updates have also addressed a handful of other minor errors, as well as slightly recoding the new Logistics formula (in 0.1.c) to better behave as it is now intended, which is to encourage heroes to include slow units in their armies by removing the penalty for doing so.
  18. Final Fantasy V: Void Divergence - Discussion

    Imagine that a monster would normally do 1000 damage to you and you 2000 to them with a given attack. If you cast Sap Mark on that monster it now does only 800 damage and takes 1600. Same if instead you had cast the mark on your character. If you have it active on both the damage becomes 640 and 1280. Each player has their own yin-yang balance which at the start of the battle is neutral (+0). For each target that a yin spell hits it gives a +1, each target of a yang spell is -1, at most +/-10. Yang/paradox multiplies it by -1. Yin spells get weaker the higher this value is; at +0 they have 100%, at -10 135%, at +10 15%. Opposite for yang. So yes, alternate them. You could also tank your score by doing an aoe yin spell first and then enjoy multiple turns of strengthened single target yang spells. No, it gives the same resistance as if the correct status resist relic was equipped, so it only lowers the stop status build-up. Normally M-Cannon "empties" a field icon per target on use, e.g. 5x fire becomes 4x fire + 1x empty. Or if all 5 are already empty 1 icon instead becomes a broken icon. However if the target is heavy instead of empty the icon becomes immediatly broken, so 5x fire would become 4x fire + 1x broken. Empty icons get just moved along like all other icons and can be refilled eventually. Broken icons are unmovable and stay until the end of battle. Both of those oppose all elements, same way a light icon reduces fire damage. However broken icons additionally hurt the power of your heal spells. Those broken icons can be good or bad depending on how active you manage the icons; e.g. if you rely on summons this is very bad since those get a much stronger effect from matching icons. If you tend to lose control of what goes on with the icons you can produce 2 broken icons and then not worry about bosses producing detrimental field combos.
  19. On a new run for the new year and seeing this update still is always good to see. A few questions though: With Sap Mark, the spreadsheet mentions give/take 20% less damage, does that mean the target but takes less and does more damage? Or is it that enemies would do less if targeted and party members would take less if targeted? Also, Yin-Yang seems strong, but the spreadsheet descriptions don't quite accurately inform me of how the power varies. It just says it varies. Do the damaging spells do more if i lean towards one side? Do i need to interchange them to keep balance to do more damage? How exactly does that work? Freedom says it gives resistance to Stop, would that work if the target is stopped already? And lastly, does M-Cannon just not work on heavy targets? I was a bit curious to know what "Auto-breaks" meant exactly.
  20. Greetings, all! I wrote this recommended WoR sequence guide in a Google Doc for ease of formatting. Enjoy!
  21. Greetings, all! This Google doc contains my review of FFVI T-Edition 2.9.3. I used a Google doc because of its ease of formatting, and I kept 2.9.3 as my version throughout the run even though 2.9.4 was released to ensure there were no breaking changes tens of hours in. Enjoy!
  22. Another Heroes 3 Mod (AH3M)

    Version 0.1.h


    This is a gameplay balance hack of one of the greatest strategy games of all time that's been in the making for several years and is nearly ready for an official release. It is being released as version 0.1 due to the fact that the campaigns are not yet done and there are only six playable maps at present. More will come, but I don't want to further delay the release of what is currently a completely playable (and fun!) hack. Many of you have never heard of or played Heroes of Might & Magic 3, but have played Brave New World and are taking me at my word that it's a game worth playing. Others are familiar with H3's pedigree and are interested in seeing what I have done to improve it. The very short answer for anyone familiar with my previous work is that I gave it the "Brave New World" treatment in that I aimed simply to make the game a better version of what it already was by accentuating what worked best and tweaking what didn't. If you want to know more, consult the Readme and quick reference card (Printme) included with the download.
  23. FFVI T-Edition - v2.9.4/English 1.0 - 1/19/22

    Added a couple of small changes: - The custom stats patch wasn't using the stats I had assigned, it now does. If you were using my patch, reapply it to fix it (redownload the main file in the first post here). The loadme.lua also has had its ips name that it creates for your custom stats changed (this was possibly the error, as it was naming the file the file name for my patch). - The 4 player multitap had an error in the readme for setup, should've said the 5 player multitap not 8 option on snes9x. Also, we confirmed it will work on Mato's, but currently the text option is a garbled mess. It should read "Players 1 2 3 4" but the numbers when highlighted change (just select the number in order of 1 2 3 4 of how many players you want). Just the presentation is off until we can fix it. - A line in the lua that we had added as a note but never put in. Spoiler:
  24. Lufia Hard Mode (Complete)

    Can you upload to a place that doesn't require a google account to access, this site, romhacking, mediafire, all better options.
  25. FFVI T-Edition - v2.9.4/English 1.0 - 1/19/22

    Pushed a small update. - Setzer's chocobo riding sprite has been fixed. It was displaying his vanilla model by mistake. I corrected this while editing the next thing: - Fixed/tweaked my custom Locke sprite a bit and updated the preview pics for him and the Kefka one in the optional patches folder.
  26. For the final battle, I found what seems like a bug in 2.9.3 during the final boss fight. We haven't updated to 2.9.4 due to wanting to finish this run on the same setup. In 2.9.3, I'm pretty sure the Goner ability is bugged: It's a full party auto-dispel that did enough damage to one shot my entire team with Big Guard active when my team was at full HP at level 70ish! By the grace of Christ, I had Mog available to Dance to Wind dance and rewound/reloaded until I got Updraft (mass Jump) to bypass Goner so that my party wasn't auto-killed! Even then, our Life 3 effect from Asura and our Golem effect were dispelled despite being higher than the boss! If Goner didn't auto-dispel, it would be far more balanced! It just seemed like very bad design to reach the final fight and suddenly learn there was only "one true way" to win! Our team still won after a lot of reloading to ensure we got Updraft at the right time, but I mourn for anyone who wasn't perfectly prepared for this fight!
  27. FFVI T-Edition - v2.9.4/English 1.0 - 1/19/22

    Merry Christmas, everyone! I threw up an update to our lua and translation, and did a handful of cleaning up some of the item names and such. One of the new lua features is the following picture (and we also applied it to Mato's patch's lua). The lua itself and setup can now be found in the main download of the first post of this thread or just click here to grab it. Enjoy!
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