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  2. Recomended lvl.

    Perfect. After like 8 months i have time today to play. I know that the game can be beaten with knowledge of the mechanics at really low levels, but yeah, like that, im underleveled. The highest lvled char is umaro at 35, but the rest are max at lvl 30. Half are mid to high 25-30. And the party im using to foght the boss is a good strategy, but those are the lower leveled characters, line lvl 25, 26, 28 and 30 i think. So yeah, i'll grind a little. I don't like it a lot but in here it's more fun since its more steategic and if i grind gold i can reset the esper points to try diferent builds, so i can have some fun experimenting while leveling. Thanks for the reply
  3. Shadow Hearts NTSC-U - Imbroglio v1.3

    Hey hope you're having a good day. My "modding process" is nothing special. just simple stuff mostly having to do with changing enemy stats tbh. I'm at grassroot level when it comes to modding these games.
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  5. Shadow Hearts NTSC-U - Imbroglio v1.3

    @zedorfed66 I would like to ask you some questions about your modding process over discord. My discord is Dawnbomb#3408 Even if your really late to seeing this message, i will still be interested. Hope to hear from you.
  6. Recomended lvl.

    Intended level for the final battle is probably between 30-35. I think it's expected you start the tower at around 30. As for Meteor, it could be helpful to know that this spell respects Magic Defense and Shell, so its damage can be mitigated significantly with some setup. This spell also comes out on certain triggers during the fight, so it can actually help to pace yourself a little less aggressively sometimes. If you still feel the need to grind, Fanatics Tower is actually pretty great for GP (Tinctures sell for decent cash and you can get a lot of them really quickly here, plus they're nice to have for the final dungeon anyway). For something safer, I'm told the forest near Jidoor is good, though I've never tried. Best XP grind is Dino forest, though it drops off hard if you're over leveled — IIRC the enemies start to flee at level 40 or something.
  7. Recomended lvl.

    Hi there - you have a valid but difficult question to answer. Any answer will be highly subjective and could spur you to play the game in a way that wouldn't be of maximum enjoyment. I am on my second (full) playthrough. First was solo, this time - I'm doing a multiplayer game 3 of my mates. We are making our way through Kefka tower now and most of our characters are level 30. Acknowledge though, since 4 people are playing any given team... we take extra hits from enemies or play sub-optimally. But the difficulty 'feels' right with our current playthrough on multiplayer.
  8. FF8 Remastered - Extreme v7.3

    Hey, I just uploaded a new version of this mod. v7.3 takes away Spr Ignore from enemy Apocalypse. I had it implemented with Spr Ignore before but I feel it's better this way.
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  10. FF8 Remastered - Extreme v7.3

    Well done on beating Elvoret. Yeah the remastered version has save/load cheese that can of course be used to make things easier to get certain enemies. There are points where u need to grind some but also lots of parts where only 1 or 2 levels are required. It took a bit over 90 hours for me to get to Ultimecia's door fully prepared playing the fixed version. Then again I didn't play any Triple Triad. One thing to note though, the bosses from Lunatic Pandora onwards all have fixed levels even in max level mod so there will be more leveling required if you're lower level before that.
  11. FF8 Remastered - Extreme v7.3

    So I tried this at least three or four times and it always happened, but if you exit Dollet Tower and go onto the main scree (not the screen with the doors) you will first trigger a random encounter with a solo Galbadia Red soldier/officer, then the next battle will be 2 Geezards and an Anacondaur. This always happens. This is great because it's the best source of AP and EXP at this point. Just to be safe, I always saved, quit the game, reloaded, and then exited the tower again. So it might only happen when you first load up a game but it always worked for me. Finally beat Elvoret with a Level 19 Squall, Level 17 Zell and Selphie. About 3 o4 4 or 5 Limits from Squall were needed, though. I think this is a bit too much grinding this early on. Then again, there is always the other version so I dunno.
  12. Added a new optional patch to fix up/make the costume menu sprites look better for 3.0+, but it can be used on 2.9.4 and 2.9.7 as well if using the Laurel_portraits patch (can use one or the other or both, Laurel's just changes the default costumes, as does what Tsushiy did for 3.0). This patch uses the style of what Laurel/Tsushiy did. Thanks to Gens for his hard work on adding these in! Some examples of the changes:
  13. FF8 Remastered - Extreme v7.3

    Yeah Elvie is lvl 22 cause of the many soldiers u have to kill in Dollet to get the best SeeD rating. Basically you can take him on average level of 19. Bosses can be taken on 80% of their level so for example you are able to beat Brothers 30 levelled even though they're 36. The 80% cause of the game's mechanic of having enemies and bosses either 80% or 120% of your party's average level. I forgot to mention the Revive ability in the change list which now has Mega Phoenix properties. It's now listed there too.
  14. FF8 Remastered - Extreme v7.3

    Elvoret at Level 22? I doubt I have to grind all the way up to that but it's pretty gnarly. Especially with Storm Breath which wipes out my entire party unless they're at max HP. Squall is Lv 13, Zell Lv 12, and Selphie Lv 10. Don't really have much in the way of Junctions to help right now, either. You don't have to tell me how to win the fight, just curious if some level grindage is mandatory here.
  15. FF8 Remastered - Extreme v7.3

    You couldn't put the cards to good use even if you grinded early. I changed the GF abilities so Card Mod is learnable by Alexander instead of Quetzacotl which means u can only start fusing the cards starting from disc 3. You can also beat the game without playing Triple Triad but it also helps in getting useful items and spells. Having that option at disc 3 isn't making anything too easy at that point.
  16. FF8 Remastered - Extreme v7.3

    I gotcha. I'll keep taht in mind, then. I usually use Rinoa, anyway. And I played up through Ifrit on Max so I'll restart with Fixed. I also meant to ask if this requries Triple Tirad grinding? I dunno if you ever played the old Requiem mod but it sure as fuck required A LOT of TT grinding and immediately. So far things seem much more reasonable in your mod.
  17. FF8 Remastered - Extreme v7.3

    Hey, the Angel Wing change can be applied to the dll file at any point and it changes the game mechanics immediately so it's more than fine adding it later. It's actually just a small line change in code that can be applied on the dll with any hex editor tbh. The Fixed version is harder cause u need to be on right levels for the bosses. I also recommend playing on that cause that's the version i tested the game on. Max level version hasnt been tested yet but it should be fine as well.
  18. FF8 Remastered - Extreme v7.3

    I did try it with 7.0 but still got the same error. I checked the file and Read Only isn't checked. If all it changes is Rinoa's Angel Wing, though, and she doesn't get that till end of Disk 3, could I start the mod while this is all being figured out? And hey no rush. Thanks for the reply and help and all the effort you put into this. EDIT: Also which would you say is more of a challenge, Fixed or Max Level version?
  19. FF8 Remastered - Extreme v7.3

    Sorry didn't pay close attention to your message. You're right. I just tested and the EFIGS file indeed does not patch. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I tried the 7.0 version's EFIG patch and it works though so try patching with that. Make sure to have 'read only' off from the file otherwise it may not work. It's only the 1 change in the EFIG file and it hasn't been changed with the later versions so it shouldn't matter if you patch with the 7.0 version.
  20. FF8 Remastered - Extreme v7.3

    Hey sorry for taking so long. that other patch is for the "FFVIII_EFIGS.dll" file u can find in the game folder. Let me know if u get it patched as well. To be honest that file is only to make Rinoa's Angel Wing deal 3x spell damage instead of 5x but it's still what i intended. And thanks for trying out my mod btw!
  21. FF8 Remastered - Extreme v7.3

    So I finally saw he instructions in the OP...but now I'm getting this error mesage when I try to follow them: The Main Patch says it was applied successfully but I've tried this multiple times and it always happens.
  22. FF8 Remastered - Extreme v7.3

    So I'd like to try this but I have no idea how to apply the patch. The mod comes with Xdelta patch and nothing else. I dunno what to "patch" the patch onto... I'm sorry for being clueless about this kinda thing.
  23. Narshe defense is kicking my butt

    You solved it, and nice work, just putting some other info here to answer the questions you asked and for anyone else seeing this or struggling: I believe the reduced to 1 HP is a vanilla thing, as the only game over is if Banon is reached. It's the same with the "Protect Terra!" scenario at the start with the Moogles. You could in theory cheese/abuse steal on Kefka with Locke to farm him for Elixirs and Hi-Ethers if you wanted to. As for Kefka, the strategy all-around here is do a 4 man party and focus on using just them. Put the other characters in the 2 groups and forget about them. If you decide to use Cyan, the trick to keep him up is have Celes use Runic, THEN have him do Bushido and she'll take the Bio, and he's free to continue damaging without retaliation. Bring Celes and have her solely focus on Runic. Sabin or Edgar as a heavy hitter to go with Cyan and have Gau do Mandragora for Sunbath healing, or have him do a damaging rage while you have Sabin/Edgar/Locke focus on healing only. Give people confuse/toad resist also if possible. Should be able to win no issues here with this method.
  24. Hi. It's been a lot of months since i started this journey and got stuck at fighting the last part of kefka. The thing is that i played with lots pf different strategies but ended dying all the time from a meteo ( the unblockable one that uses the whole screen woth meteors coming from the background to the screen). So, since i'm doing multiple things in life i had to stop it and leave it on pause. But my achievement oriented mind can't not end this game, so i want to ask what is a recomended level to finish it. I know you can reboot the esper points and it's a thing of strategie and you can get a low level game but i want to just grind, even though i don't like ot thst much. Enough to beat it, but not so much to overlevel to the point of erading the challenge. I don't even remember what lvl i'm at. Ahhh and what place has high exp and money? Because grinding in this dungeon is slow and ir doesnt replenishes your money as you would want it too. Thanks in advance. I tried the dinaspur forest but i saw it's nerfed.
  25. Title. Most of the game's been a breeze so far, but Kefka simply steamrolls me at level 16. Should I grind more, or am I just not using enough brain cells? Strategies I've tried so far: Celes / Edgar / Locke with Celes spamming runic, and the boys attacking and healing when needed. Fails because every once in a while Kefka will focus hard on a single character and kill them. Cyan / Gau with focus on heavy damage. At one try I managed to inflict between 3000 and 4000 before I died, and Kefka showed no signs of slowing down. I'm thinking of attempting it with a party of four, but then it'll mean either leaving one member out, or doing the entire battle with one 1-person party. Also, what's the deal with losing not being a game over? Is this a carry over from vanilla, or a T-Edition thing? When I lost with all three parties I thought the game would end, but instead everyone is reduced to 1 hp. EDIT: 4-man party did the trick. I put Cyan into the fridge, then made one party with Edgar (spamming bio blaster) and Terra (spamming cure) to clear the trash, and another with everyone else specifically to battle Kefka. With Sabin and Locke spamming potions, Celes on Runic duty and Gau doing all the damage, it worked. As a bonus, Edgar and Terra got a lot of levels.
  26. Nahhh, it's okay. You have nothing to apologize for! I did enjoy your hard mod for the first Shadow Hearts. I got very far in it, all the way up to the Amon fight. By that time I got bored of the game in general though, since the gameplay becomes stale and repetitive after so long. But thanks to your mod, I truly did enjoy the game much more than previously!!! I do wish the Grace mod worked out for the better, because I do love and enjoy From The New World, but that's okay. I might just do a playthrough and never upgrade my weapons and/or armor. It's more important to focus on yourself however, and I really do wish you the best!
  27. Shadow Hearts NTSC-U - Imbroglio v1.3

    Life is what it is, i try to get through it. I've also put out Final Fantasy VIII hard mod I put a lot of effort into. If you like the game give it a try if you feel like it. Cya!
  28. I'm sorry about the imperfection of these mods. I wish I had more time for them. I've learned the burden of releasing something unfinished and not being able to finish them. In this mod the exp may be a bit scarce and some other things amiss too. I'm sorry about that.
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