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    hype For people who grew up playing this game, it takes everything you loved about it and makes it challenging for an adult who still games in the modern era. You will find yourself thinking of the characters in ways you never did before, coming up with strategies you never thought you would think of coming up before, freaking out over dying like you never did before, and eating a lot of chocolate. Not fully complete yet from a features perspective (it's only gonna get better?) but I give this one my full recommendation. PS. find two buddies to play it with and apply the 3-player patch. Trust me now, thank me later. PPS. Play on hard mode. No balls.
  2. BNW 1.8.5 - Esper Cave

    First part of converting my latest playthrough of BNW to try out 1.8.5. Just the esper cave and Thamasa scripted scenes. Nothing too exciting. Not sure if I'll be able to recover the parts from before this one as they're pretty screwed up from technical issues. But, the rest after this point seem alright... depending on my schedule I'll see about posting them. If not to here then at least Youtube. Apologies if anyone doesn't like my resolution, stretch, and filter settings. I play on a large TV on the other side of the room and this is the only settings where I can read the thing with my old man eyes.
  3. Although I would really want to monster AI, maps, and events, I voted for everything that was marked easy because I feel like at the very least that is a great core to work around. You can do a lot to the game just editing those things, so if the new version has at least those, it is enough while the more difficult things are being worked on.
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  5. I've been working on a FF6 Advance editor since 2013 and a first version was released in 2014. A new WPF version is slowly being developed and I got the font editor, monster and item data editor and dialogue editor near completion (overall 90%+ finished). I'm making a poll to see what you would like seeing first. Elements have the easy (E), medium (M) or hard (H) mention regarding knowledge on them and time to code. Nothing music related is include because music editing can already be done with another tool.
  6. Thanks. Looks a lot nicer & cleaner than the one I made a couple years back.
  7. Sabin's winning, I see. Mention this because I am borderline between Sabin & Edgar (currently voting Edgar).
  8. Thank you, good sir.
  9. My opinion will be rather biased considering I haven't fully dived into the options of every character, but here's my rough opinion so far: I was skeptical at first, but after this playthrough, I'm gonna have to go with Sabin. Pump him with Stamina and a Life Bell and you won't even NEED Terrato. Aurabolt hits absurdly hard, and is especially useful on undead foes. Sabin has offense, defense, free healing AND free MP for the party. Sabin can take on any role effectively from my experience. Close contendors go to Locke, since he's fast, hits like a truck, and is a literal life saver, Relm, for easy heals and surprisingly consistent Sketch abillity (2700 damage to Atma every turn! o.O) and Gau for his massive utillity, especially with Griffin (Playing 1.8.4) I also want to give my boy Setzer some love. He is hands down the most effective healer from what I've experienced. Heals for alot, and has MP for days. Even his Slots heal my party a good 700 HP as early as Daryll's Tomb. His defensive options are godlike, making him survive as long as Sabin (if not longer) and his Slot attacks (Solitaire <3) hit for MASSIVE damage. It's especially awesome since even without using pause/slow mo cheats, I can still hit it roughly 95% of the time, and of course, no MP so... Edgar is the man. I pumped him mostly with Palidor and he does enough damage with Jump to make Sabin jealous. Even after neglecting his tools, I still find Flash pretty useful. I've recently come to appreciate Cyan alot more this time around. I kept obsessing over the idea of pumping him full of Vigor and sticking him in the front row only to do not so great damamge till later on. I've found that pumping him full of HP/Stamina and throwing out Dragons and Eclipses from the back row was far more rewarding. Still not a fan of Mog, Gogo, Shadow, and Strago is taking some getting used to (I have high hopes for him) Umaro is fun to use, but moves too slow for how little damage his regular attacks do (Haste barely helps) Terra and Celes are great (Especially Terra) but I find them somewhat boring to use, mostly because they can do pretty much anything. I'm a sucker for characters who are lopsided as all hell (Looking at you, Locke)
  10. No. Patching isn't difficult and BNW even includes an easy to use patching program. We don't distribute patched ROMs as the website stays on the proper side of the law.
  11. Entry 26: Lionel Gate 2 Rankings: 5/10 (First timer) 4.5/10 (Normal Player) 4/10 (2nd Playthough)
    Brave New World is an essential upgrade to an already fantastic game. I know we all tend to look at FF6 with rose-colored glasses due to nostalgia but, it definitely had its quirks. Many, many bugs and balancing issues. A great story put on top of an Attack-Spammable combat system with characters that are all identical aside from their sprites. The system was capable of depth, but you had to ignore large parts of the game to get it. Brave New World aims to fix all of those issues and more.. rounding out a great story with some really great strategic character design and scripted fights. The magicite character lock coupled with the varied learned and equipped boosts gives you the ability to highly tune characters to specific rolls. The revamp of skill bugs helps to round that out. I can't think of anything that hasn't been tweaked at some point and improved. Dance, Rage, Runic, Lore, Steal, Throw.. all character specific abilities have been improved and now they all feel useful and not bloated. This isn't so much of a mod as it is a expansion or upgrade.. it feels like it was supposed to be there in the first place and I can guarantee you'll miss its features if you go back to the original or a different mod. It really did ruin vanilla for me. During my 1.8.4 playthrough I did a run specifically choosing people that were not optimal (too low, not enough esper levels, incompatible abilities, etc) for each fight and it did show a few issues with some characters completely crushing others. Given that the original game had everyone able to fill every role.. I feel like this was an intentional design choice by the developers. My purpose in doing so was to get a feel for characters I never really got to use or didn't know how they'd do in some situations. There are definitely perfect characters for each role, good secondary backups for roles, and rounders to fill whatever you may need in a pinch. This fumbles a bit with a couple characters like Locke always being either one-shot dead, one-cast out of mana, or survivable punching bag. This is in part due to him being underleveled for 90% of the game (if you don't specifically stop to address it) and also because he doesn't really have anything to balance it out like Throw with Shadow or Raw DPS and rando buff-heals like Relm. He's just kind subpar at EVERYTHING and can steal things that have no impact. A bummer (and possibly my misunderstanding of the character) but the rest of the characters are great and keep improving.. like the Gown/Brush update or the Rage updates. The biggest criticism I can find while digging is that some of the new systems and scripts can be a bit overwhelming for first time players and people that come in thinking the old use-anyone method is going to fly. Not that they should expect that.. it's clearly right on the label. It's just a mindset that I see people fall into every time they come in. Not sure that's the developer's fault really. But, definitely something to keep in the forefront while playing if this is your first time. Second would be the heavy reliance on a lot of fights being turtle-friendly (sap and heal). I see a bit of work to try to mix it up with the latest patch and there are a few bosses that stop it.. just a shame there are all these new abilities and major confrontations result in button mashing again. Most of the current fights have two gears.. turtle-sap or random one-shots you have to clean up. There are definitely more interesting ones here than vanilla though.. at this point I'm just splitting hairs. That said, it is still the most extensive and improving mod for a game I have ever played.. and I've been through's entire library of full mods (Unsure if the fact I'm not joking is sadder than if I were or not). It was the mod that introduced me to Insane Difficulty and NGPlus and all the great people here. One of the most important, and usually overlooked, parts of a mod is the community surrounding that mod.. they are the ones that give suggestions, bug fixes, and test the mods that get released.. it doesn't matter how good your mod could be if it doesn't have the people to help get there. BNW has that. I really think it deserves 4.5 Stars but not an option. I can't do 5 Stars because.. that would mean it is perfect the way it is.. but I still want to see more updates! Can't recommend this mod more.. even if you weren't a fan of FF6 before, this would make you one. P.S. I do apologize if this review jumps around a bit and seems a bit scrambled. My 4yo loves FF6 and won't stop jumping all over me to mention things about BNW that are cool. If that's not an endorsement you can trust.. I don't know what is.
  12. Oh, hey, it's Kyozo. Have you finished Tides of Faith yet?
  13. Good thing NG+ and ID are located on squares of the same colour.
  14. Last week
  15. Took me a while to get the chess reference. Nice to have you here, Bishop.
  16. Hey there. If you go to the downloads page for BNW: You will be able to scroll down and you'll see a changelog section. If you click on the change log button you can choose the Version you wish to look at and download. Let me know if this helps.
  17. The only graphics glitches that should remain would be vanilla ones and typically with sprites during battles.
  18. To the best of our knowledge, yes.
  19. I'll record and upload, provided the recordings work. If not I'll probably pull and upload the vods.
  20. Nakar, will everything be streamed, or will you upload youtube videos also?
  21. He does in fact move diagonally. I saw it. The waitress didn't even flinch.
  22. So we just got to Mispolm on our three-way playthrough (Rogue/Vanadis/Archmage), and we don't know what the HELL is going on. This is awesome. Fiegmund was pretty crazy too, nice one. Really looking forward to the AI changes on Bigieu/Jagan/Dark Prince. EDIT: HOLY FUCK CAN'T BELIEVE WE KILLED IT
  23. Until the end of the month, I believe.
  24. Cool. Will he be gone a while? I'll go ahead and just patch if he's going to be away for too much longer as I don't want to delay just because of that.
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