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  1. 1.10 does look really nice. I personally can't wait for the two-party floating continent (e: which is not a part of 1.10). That's the dopest thing I've ever heard. e: Thanks for that, BTB. I forgot to add that since it won't be in 1.10, it isn't as big of a deal to miss out on 1.10 as it would have been if the 2-part FC were included. I think while writing that line I realized how much is actually getting changed in 1.10 and decided not to include it.
  2. Is there any way currently in 1.9.0 or a way to implement being able to view the allocation of our current esper levels? I've been sloppily leveling my characters on my first playthrough of bnw and have lost track of what I've put into them so far. If stat growth that isn't HP/MP is purely tied to esper levels then I can probably figure out how I've been doing things by fully unequipping my characters and looking at the base stats in the printme. Hopefully the dancing mad soundtrack mod will be compatible with 1.10. I know insidious had to make a patch to fix and EL bug with 1.9. I guess that'll depend on how the original bug was addressed and if 1.10 has significant changes to how it was coded. I can't wait for the dual party forbidden continent. That'll really give me a reason to build more characters before transitioning to the WoR. If 1.10 is just around the corner I might put off my 1.9.0 game until it releases and focus on FFT KO for now.
  3. Is BNW MSU-1 Compatible?

    Hmm, I don't think any of the songs I have were updated, since I still used the current dancing mad 2/22/18 release to actually do the installation. The only thing I did differently was patch the rom with newest ips patch. I checked the discord for the link. Thanks! I hope it's a simple drag and drop to replace any of the tracks.
  4. Is BNW MSU-1 Compatible?

    It's on the Dancing Mad github now in the patch directory. I got everything up and running today. The music adds so much to the game! My only complaints with ff6 were the music quality (when compared to ff4) and ultima spam. With the msu-1 patch and bnw, it seems both of those are non-issues.
  5. Is BNW MSU-1 Compatible?

    Nice! I'll dm him on discord later on today after work. Having the link in the meantime would be awesome! e: message sent to Insidious. Seeing if he recommends I wait for the release or to just test out what he already has. e2: release is coming soon! Gonna do the IPS patch for now to test the bnw-compatible version.
  6. Is BNW MSU-1 Compatible?

    Is this still in the works? I'm going to get BNW set up and running soon, and it would be super cool to get the Dancing Mad hack patched in as well. I wouldn't mind testing out the patch Insidious sent you during my playthrough, though it might be better to either wait for him to release the new installer or ask him for the test patch directly.