Mega Man X2: Hard Type (WIP - Alpha Release) 0.1.6

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Patch must be applied to a Mega Man X2 (U), UNHEADERED ROM .
Patching into the wrong version of the ROM will lead to glitches and bugs all over the place.

Mega Man X2: Hard Type
Mega Man X2: New Hard Type is a WIP project - rebalance and stage redesign project for Megaman X2 for the SNES. Within its objective is to enhance the difficulty to provide a fresh new experience to veterans of the platform genre.

List of changes for the final version:

Level changes: Every single level will be redesigned from scratch. More enemies, completely new, reimagined areas. Upgrades locations completely relocated and others. Note that while this is called "Hard Type", it's simply a reimagine of the old stages with a more competent difficulty curve, and should not be mistagged with names like "Kaizo". Such concepts are out of this project's scope.

Note that this is an Alpha release. Further development of X2 will be done after its sister project, Mega Man X: New Hard Type gets to its final version.

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  • Xeeynamo, for creating the MMXE 0.7.1 Beta editor. This project wouldn't have even started without this wonderful tool; huge thanks to you. Xeeynamo's website:
  • justin3009 of the Megaman X9 Forums, for his great help in ASM hacking.
  • Red Guy, for improving the MegaED X editor to levels I didn't even believe were possible. Thanks to you, the MMX community will hopefully be encouraged to release more of these projects. Just... Thank you.
  • BTB, Advent and Stann for their help on improving the dialogue. You guys rock. \m/
  • Every Beta Tester or player who has given feedback for this project so far. (Names in the forum thread)
  • Everyone in Insane Difficulty, giving me support, constructive opinions, suggestions.
  • The crew in New Game +.

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4 hours ago, Apipi said:

There is no change after patching unheadered X2 (USA) (1536K). Are there some steps missed? Thank you!

I will check it today and respond here. Thank you!

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On 2018/1/5 at 2:16 AM, Hart-Hunt said:

I will check it today and respond here. Thank you!

I tried to patch the European Version of X2 using LunarIPS, but the patched rom file can't be run in the emulator. I think that my LunaIPS worked.

Edited by Apipi

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Can you try to make a hard mode for Mega Man X3 and make it work with the zero project? That would be great, mainly because I play that game sooo much. I guess you should call it veteran mode, since many people find the game hard any way. Just an idea

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i did try to patch the rom with the lunar ips but did not worked for me

the rom was already unheadered

i did try Mega Man X2 (USA).sfc and Mega Man X 2 (U).smc and then apply Mega Man X2 - Hard Type v.0.1.6.ips  and it not worked

when i open the rom, the game looks the same as original and not the hard type levels

something i missed ?  or the ips file is corrupted?

Edited by nandobyker

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