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TO: LUCT is no doubt one of the classics of turn based tactical games, it can boast complex storyline with a memorable cast of characters and multiple endings, as well as a deep combat system with a vast arsenal of equipment, items and spells. Its PSP port can also serve as an example of how such things should be done, with the game getting not only a much needed facelift but also a thorough redesign of most combat elements.

Sadly, the game isn’t without faults, as some of the new features make it extremely prone to exploits which an experienced player can use to fully remove any challenge from the game. The main goal of this mod is to render such exploits more difficult, bringing weapons, classes and skills closer to the level they should perform at, as well as to each other. Its secondary goal is to provide tweaks to immersion, visuals and some of the more cumbersome game systems like crafting and endless skill farming.

This is still a work in progress so all feedback is welcome.


For installation instructions and more info check the included Readme file.


Major features:

  • Weapon, armor and consumable item rework. Equipment is more likely to do what you expect of it, 2H weapons will do a lot of damage and a tank in heavy armor will be hard to kill.
  • Additional items, spells and skills, as well as changes to the existing ones with a focus on improving the more unappealing choices.
  • Skills that grant stat bonuses, like Strengthen or Spellcraft, as well as static choices like Switfoot or Spell Ward were removed and compensated with higher stat differences between classes than in vanilla game.
  • A full Finishing move rebalance.
  • Most ways of gaining permanent stats were removed to reduce power creep in late game and increase options during early game.
  • The power of special characters was reduced across the board, they're about on par with each other now and not overwhelmingly stronger than generics.
  • Generic characters have more diverse templates that split into fighter, rogue, mage and generalist archetypes, their stats can differ a lot depending on which one you hire.
  • Significantly increased the levelling speed of slow skills, like Steal or Parry.
  • Most classes were tweaked, with emphasis on nerfing the strong ones and buffing the weak, many gained new tricks.
  • Monsters don't scale natural armor as high as before. With the changes to skills, their new role is high HP bullet sponges that take a lot of damage and use the TP gained to spam special moves.
  • Many items are easier to acquire, reducing the endgame tedium.
  • Visual changes to some items, special characters, skills and spells.
  • Streamlined crafting.


Consolidated changelist available in feedback thread.

What's New in Version 0.953   See changelog


Patch notes v0.953




This version shifts some of the gear pieces around, so make sure to check all the monsters in your team and remove anything they may have equipped in the weapon slot, because the game will crash if they use it in battle. Also, check your team after first battle, as all gear pieces that are now incompatible with their classes will get removed.



-  Continued with the incremental updates to campaign battles, this time adding Chapter 3 on Chaos path

-  Saving Hobyrim should be easier now


-  High level drop-only weapons will also have a small INT bonus. Caster weapon will have a bonus to the matching elemental augment instead

-  The bonus to Parry and Deflect will stay at +1 for Damasc tier gear and above, those are powerful skills and the bonus from items was often much higher than the ranks they normally have

-  Natural attacks that the beast use can now be directly instilled so there’s no need for Assault tokens anymore and you will be able to maul the enemies with your dragons and haymake them with your golems once again

-  Added a new weapon craftable by secrets of the master. As some other weapons had to be shifted around you might find yourself with a fat stack of Gae Bolg spears, if you had a Bentisca spear or Gae Bolg and you don’t have them now, you will have to acquire them again, they drop in the same spots as before

-  1H katana sidegrades have an AVD bonus instead of Parry

-  Caster staves have a +2 bonus to elemental augment now

-  Instruments are now extended range melee weapons, like books

-  Blowguns were reshuffled to receive more powerful status effects at higher levels and renamed accordingly

-  Added a blowgun that fires healing darts, it hurts just a bit so your units won’t try to evade it. It’s for their own good

-  Boltcaster crossbows will have a crushing damage type again as they weren’t interacting with obstacles properly with no damage type, they also got their accuracy bonus back

-  Icarus bow and crossbow have +1 range

-  Boulders were removed as a weapon

-  Dragon scale shield is a sidegrade so it properly grants deflect now


-  As the gap between defensive upgrades was quite large, there are now more steps added instead of sidegrades, with some of the sidegrade bonuses being baked into the mainline items. These were fairly extensive changes so a lot of items have been moved around, renamed or changed level requirements, so check your characters thoroughly in case they wear something they aren’t able to

-  Some of the endgame crafts now have different stats, and some are former sidegrades

-  Due to shop space constraints and to avoid eliminating the lower level armor recipe books, you can only buy defensive gear up to baldur tier and the rest is upgraded from it. This might be changed at a later date if it doesn’t land well

-  Helmets are now mostly MND/RES items and have three main variants, caster helms with high MND, MP and elemental resistance bonuses, light helms with a high ACC, moderate MND and low HP/RES bonus, and heavy helms with a high HP and RES bonus. Circlets are a middle ground between caster and light helm

-  Body armor has the usual three variants with the sidegrade reinforced vests, power armor and evasion robes available in endgame

-  Gloves have been mostly merged together so there are now mage gloves with a high INT bonus, light gloves with high DEX bonus and moderate LUK/INT bonuses and heavy gloves with high STR bonus and moderate INT bonus

-  Legguards are now strong defensive items with the heavy variant having the VIT bonus that helms used to have and higher tiers of light leggings having a higher AVD bonus. First two tiers of light leggings are merged caster/light types but they have separate ones later

-  Boots with waterwalk, lavawalk and float have small bonuses to other stats

-  Instead of having higher bonuses, stat rings have a small bonus to ATK or DEF, depending if the stat they’re increasing is more offensive or defensive in nature


-  Added Exile’s Mark, it is craftable with transcription for now but will eventually be added elsewhere as a drop


-  Added Alchaka, an active skill that boosts the ATK for the next katana attack and charges a percentage of max MP to the user

-  Infernal Kiss and Vampiric Kiss swapped places in the skill list, so check which one you have learned

Spells and Abilites

-  Active skills that use item effects, like the Warlock’s instills or Status proofs will now use the standard animation instead of trying to use an invisible item

-  Added Soulstrike, a minor 2H Katana finisher that strikes the target for normal damage, removes all of the user’s MP and adds it as an extra hit that can’t miss

-  Added Discord, a minor 2H Katana finisher that strikes all enemies in the area and heals allies for the amount of TP spent

-  TP cost of First Aid is down to 30

-  Shadowbreak now uses the grenade damage formula instead of being based on weapon damage

-  Mind’s Eye will also grant SIDESTEP for until the end of turn

-  Tabula Rasa will now affect the user and a small area around him, the CPU didn’t understand how to clear itself of debuffs

-  TP cost of Agonal Scream is up to 80

-  TP cost of Virtuous Dance is up to 80, as it was pretty much a straight upgrade over Coquettish Kiss it will now heal allies instead of inflicting Bewitch to reinforce the Familiar’s supporter role

-  TP cost of Coquettish Kiss is down to 40

-  TP cost of Lingering Kiss is down to 50, it swapped effects with Selfless Kiss but will now double the target’s TP in addition to clearing debuffs

-  TP cost of Selfless Kiss is up to 60, it swapped effects with Lingering Kiss but will now remove 10% of current HP so you won’t be able to kill yourself with it as long as you’re not at 1 HP


-  Knight, Hoplite and Golem gained access to Counterhit3

-  Hydra gained access to Momentum

-  Octopus gained access to Preempt and Counterhit3

-  Monsters that were able to use boulder weapons can now do so natively again, their RT was increased to compensate but nos as much as equipping them used to

-  Princess gained access to First Aid, she has lost Last Rites but can use the Exorcism spell to compensate

-  Added Blade Knight as a unique class for Hobyrim, able to equip cloth/light/heavy armor, light accessories and only 2H Katana. The class has a similar access to skills as the Swordmaster, with the addition of RampartAura1, but as the class has the MP pool it is also able to use Clarity123, AbsorbMP and Instills like caster classes. Blade Knight can learn Alchaka, while also being able to transfer Mindblast, Preempt, Mind’s Eye and Squash from other classes. Through Art of War command, he is able to use War Dances and utility Ninjutsu


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