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  1. They should be affected, but it's more of the way those effects work than spells themselves. To see any benefit from bonuses that affect the stat overhead (like strengthen or elemental averse) you have to pass the stat threshold first and units that can use draconic damage spells tend to have lowish attack stats, augments add to the stat total, but if you didn't pass the threshold you won't see any effect either. There's a damage calc table in the first post if you want to know more in detail. Thanks for the report on those two, forgot to set the crafting recipe for dynamo and the Steadfast requirement was Knockback 1, which got removed.
  2. Thanks for the feedback. The main idea was to make mages very oppressive and powerful but also very squishy. It's kinda tricky to finetune so it will take a bit, but both of those aspects will be moderated slightly in next patch. There's less things to spend points on now so I wasn't planning of any introducing any method to boost skill point gain. There isn't a quick solution either and it couldn't be done with an item, I'd have to tamper with SP gain formula and that isn't something I'm able to do right now. I suppose there's still the sp gain multiplier cwcheat if you're looking to save on some farming time.
  3. Those bombs aren't really doing much on the grand scale and they're kinda cheap, I'll see what to do with those. Maybe the simplest thing would be to make them single target so only using them with lobber makes sense, which is what they are intended for.
  4. Don't worry, this is a feedback thread, not a praise thread so it all helps. I already adjusted unit resistance and endgame spell scaling a bit for next patch and I'm planing to raise the RT values of spells in general, as part of the problem is mages being way too fast compared to other ranged units when they stick to low level spells. If they aren't able to nuke to opposition instantly anymore they won't benefit much from extended movement because there will be a high chance they will get bopped if you get too greedy and break the line. Berserker does have two abilities that sacrifice his HP, one of them shouldn't be able to kill him because it removes half of current HP and the other does only 5% of max so the chance of boss killing himself with it isn't high. I can just switch the latter to 10% of current HP and remove the other one from bosses when I get to doing that. Some of those ranked skills are very strong so going from 30% to 100% is a huge power upgrade, yes, I'll likely switch some to a mid-way fixed percentage like 60% and scale range with rank on some of them instead.
  5. Thanks for the extensive feedback, I'm still working on some of the things you mentioned so they will probably change at some point. White knights will get more tricks, likely as soon as next patch and I'm careful in keeping them from stepping on normal knight's toes, vartan currently works as a flying skirmisher but will probably be tweaked as I'm not 100% happy with him either. Monsters are intentionally squishy, if they take more damage they can use their abilities more and their high HP keeps them from getting offed too soon, but I was thinking of making dragons and golems a shade sturdier. The point of 1h katana sidegrades is mostly lowering luck so they're less likely to crit when dual wielding, the intended use is sidegrade in first slot so you get the parry bonus and a normal katana in second slot, I might give them a small damage bonus on the account of being reinforced, though. Thrown are the heaviest ranged weapons because you're assumed to carry a stack of them, but also cost the least RT to use of all ranged weapons so it cancels out if you're using them a lot, and their damage is good. I'll be tweaking the items further for sure, it's a recent addition so they're still a bit rough around the edges. I could make you the code to switch voltare's sprite color to gold easily, I'll send it on pm some time tomorrow.
  6. It's a gaze ability, so it works only from the front if nothing is blocking the line of sight and the target doesn't have a shield equipped (and is not Hobyrim, he's immune for obvious reasons).
  7. Always good to see more people playing the game, it deserves the attention. Drop by the feedback section if you got anything you want to get off your chest.
  8. Sure, feedback is always welcome, the mod has been playable for quite a while and most of the major features are there. In a nutshell, what I can do is modify races, classes and availability of skill and spells. I can modify which effect a skill will do but not what that effect does, I can change which formula will a damage ability or a weapon use, but I can't alter those formulas. Considering the lord is capable of much more in this version his stats have to suck a bit to even it out, they aren't outright bad, though, just unimpressive. Angel knight is mostly buffed indirectly because having a flying heavy-ish unit that can heal and exorcise became a pretty big deal which is why a limited weapon selection has to stay. Lich has the best caster stats in the game that are on par with astromancer and can teleport, I kinda had to make his other stats a bit worse and keep his abilities toned down. The goal isn't to have advanced classes that can replace the earlier ones like in ogre battle, that's why an Angel Knight can't hit harder or tank better than a warrior, be a better offensive caster than spellblade or a better healer than cleric, it's enough if they have a valuable combination of abilities you can't find elsewhere. Yeah, we're used to Donnalto's usual look so he did feel a bit odd to me too but it does click as you use him more so I left it in.
  9. The only two skills that can exorcise undead on kill are currently Crystal Pumpkin and Requiem, both have a fixed 50% chance to do it. There will be some improvements to exorcising options in next patch. Songstress already does that with her Superstar skill and it kinda fits, I don't want to take it from her and Relay is pretty unique itself, if you can cover multiple units it can raise your active character count after you've had some losses, no other skill can do that. The selling points of Spellblades are frontline casting and utility, they do the first part well enough and I'm improving a bit on the latter with the next patch.
  10. 1. There's always an upcoming patch, the next one will be some more finetuning of spells abilities and stats most likely and there doesn't seem to be any major bugs with this one anymore so you can go ahead. 2. Just a hex editor, there aren't any specialized tools. Not really complicated but it's tedious as hell.
  11. You probably tried to use it on a unique unit, they can't be zombified.
  12. Also Lighting, which is good because of Valkyries. But I'm not giving them Boon of Swiftness or Paradigm Shift, too good, there will be other options.
  13. I probably won't bring back straight resurrections, warlock's Sacrifice got a small buff in my current working version but it will still knock the user down. There will be an option for handling multiple status effects in next patch without being a cleric or familiar available to some classes. I'm fairly happy with the way spellblades perform, they're tanky enough, can deal decent but unimpressive damage with both attacks and spells and have a good utility value. They will get a few indirect utility buffs and I might give them access to more buff spells, though it will skew their spell selection towards certain elements but that isn't necessarily a bad thing as some other classes do it too.
  14. It would be fitting, but I've got space issues in name section and greatswords can't fit
  15. That one usually appears if the target iso isn't the right size, the readme lists which iso size is the correct one for each patch and what to try if it doesn't match. Alternatively (and preferably) you can just use the version from moddb, it's a more reliable patching method I can't host here because of terms of use.