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  1. Thanks for the input, it's always welcome 1. Sure, I can pinch it a bit, maybe remove the ward altogether. 2. That would make sense, I'll likely do it in some patch. 3. There's a consolidated changelog linked in the readme, that might be easier to read but there were too many changes to list every little detail. 4. Some like their vartans in different elements (lightning usually, maybe fire), and that would nudge people a bit towards air, I don't like element locking unless that's what the class is about, like necro or cleric.
  2. They can't fire through destructable obstacles, they would go through a wall or set of stairs but not through anything with a HP bar, sadly, vertical tolerance for line attacks is hardcoded so there's nothing I can do about it right now and you can't just slap piercing on it. The whole system is pretty limited as a lot of things are implemented with one specific use in mind, it isn't very modular and modding-friendly in general. It's a situational weapon of sorts and I can't relax the conditions but I could try increasing the reward when you are in a situation to use it, I suppose.
  3. Right, about those 1. Charm and Bewitch are very powerful and cheese-prone status effects so there's a chance the target will snap out of it on its first turn, that's intended. 2. That's the way that interaction works, not much I can do about it. 3. Slow in sludgebind is the same as all other sources of slow, other effects that it inflicts are separate from it. 4. That's because if float gets cancelled by leaden you just drop down into the water, if you drop into the lava you'd probably die so it's understandable that it works this way. 5. Formula is same as area spells, however they also have a crushing damage component so are resisted more easily by heavily armored units (which is also why light burst doesn't do extra damage to undead and dark is still able to damage them), they're mostly intended to finish off a unit near death and hit another one so they aren't meant to be stronger than normal attacks. Properly covering the whole game with just two spells isn't the best scenario so the first burst will get outdated by the time you get the upgrade, not much that can be done about that either as the ability space is very limited, especially so for spells. 6. Yeah, there were a lot of complaints before that they aren't worth the trouble. 7. The AI was a bit glitchy with it so I ultimately reverted it close to what it was in vanilla. 8. Beast master is a heavily specialized class, fairly simialar in that regard to dragoon. However, if you haven't been looking at guides you have no knowledge or control over whether the next battle will have any monsters or not so I made dragoon more widely useful, bringing a beast along is your choice so it's perfectly fine if using a beast master is pointless if you don't. 10. Sure, I'll add more if I get any good ideas but the space in equipment list is very limited too. Thanks for the feedback, it's always welcome
  4. No, only the first X ability slots are indexed in the spell list and there's no room left for more.
  5. Yeah, I think they switched that around, should be 'strong defender and capable attacker', and they're pretty capable, just not amazing and I don't think they should be. The customization in this game happens on a different scale than in FFT, over there you got a 5 man squad of versatile units, here you got a 12 man squad of more specialized ones so there's no need for every class being able to do everything. I've been asked fairly often 'why are spellblades weak' or 'what should I do with my warlock', as the classes whose role isn't as clearly defined tend to stand out a bit.
  6. Something like that, I've been doing a bit of thinking today and most weapons that make sense for each class seem to already be available. If I, dunno, gave spellblades more bladed weapons as in daggers or 1h katana it wouldn't really do that much for them.
  7. It's about expectations, when you see a knight you're expecting him to be annoyingly tanky and hit not as hard as a terror knight or swordmaster, if I lower his stats so he doesn't do as much damage with 2h weapons, then he will do less damage with 1h than, for instance spellblade, and that isn't good. And it's the whole purpose of a knight, you're using that unit so you could have something that will always be standing and shield others, using 2h weapons goes against their core concept. Weapon restrictions are also a part of the overall balance, some classes don't have access to powerful weapons because that would make them too strong, a good example for that is warlock that would kick too much ass with his dragon magic if you let him use a 2h axe or hammer, and some have access to a lot of weapons because they're very specialized otherwise, like dragoon or beast tamer, so it expands the class a bit. I could extend the weapon choices into similar weapons where it makes sense, though, rogue or warlock don't have access to 1h swords because they're dexterity classes but maybe I should just let the player make the wrong choice if he wants.
  8. That's no bug, the 1h sword sidegrades are bastard swords. They still use the same skill but require both hands, not quite as strong as a real 2h sword but it's lighter and faster, can be handy if the class is already sturdy so it doesn't really need a shield and you want a bit of extra damage.
  9. I don't think so, unlike portraits, it isn't specified anywhere which faction uses which palette so it's likely hardcoded.
  10. It's semi-intentional, as it's the lesser evil out of very few choices, and it kinda makes sense. High spell evasion is a side effect of sorts, as their avoidance scaling is different from humans, this probably doesn't fit their archetype that well so it will likely get tweaked later.
  11. The version 0.93 is up on moddb, there are some problems with the version I'm uploading here so it will most likely be up tomorrow.
  12. Actually, yes, it was supposed to be this evening so that's quite a nose you got carrying that monocle, sir.
  13. Flying beasts have enough advantages as is, and they're a bit anatomically inadequate to toss rocks. There's something I have planned for familiars, their current setup is just for compatibility. I think it's a good thing, it gives tanks a selling point in endgame when strong damage dealers start edging out.
  14. The goddess sword originally comes from a book, it was then implemented in Path of Exile (which the author generously supported) as a trio of swords but the idea later had to be scrapped after the game got restructured and it's currently two swords and an offshoot, it's mentioned in the readme. It was a good idea originally and I'm keeping it in as a homage of sorts, they're also fairly close to specs in function, for instance the first sword is heavy but costs no RT to swing, which is mentioned in the book, the second one has no physical damage component and pretty much disables casting and the final form is a hybrid weapon with a unique ability similar to its original effect. The names look fine in item list and when you equip them so it isn't much of a problem. The point of something+board casters is you want to use a shield to be more durable, not to have whatever a 1h handed weapon offers, I can't have it compete in raw power with the 2h option in any way. More books would be nice but the item table is currently topped out, can't fit a toothpick in there and there aren't nearly enough books to cover the progression and also endgame options. Coats and mails are strong defensively and can make you really resistant to an element with a focused setup but they could use something, got that one noted in longterm list but don't have anything good currently. Two reasons, fusils don't really need it, and they're also a 'tech' weapon so they intentionally have nothing unnatural going on, as the Balboede are mentioned to be uncomfortable with magic.
  15. Yeah, it's using the 1h atk calculation by mistake, I've fixed it in my current version.