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  1. Gracias

    Only classes unavailable to humans can equip anatomy. Same goes for other races, dragon classes can't use draconology, beasts can't use teratology and so on. Racial skills don't work the way they should, so they were limited in this fashion.
  2. Feedback and Suggestions

    Yeah, it isn't right. It's about his soulstrike minor finisher, it converts mp to extra damage.
  3. A bunch of questions

    Of course not, the discord is more lively than ever, you can find it it if you hit 'chat' in the menu above or use this link https://discord.gg/M55rjVUbuA
  4. Having trouble with the installation

    Well that was strange, but as long as it works. In any case, feel free to drop in the discord if you want to talk about the game.
  5. Having trouble with the installation

    Just to check, your psp is patched to be able to run bootleg games? If so, try opening the new cso file with umdgen again and check the modified dates of the files you replaced, it should be recent instead of 10 years ago, then make sure you're running the right cso file. You can also try saving the file as iso, some games have problems in cso format. If you're using discord, you can join and see if anyone else had that problem https://discord.gg/MsQBWPTz
  6. Feedback and Suggestions

    Thanks for the feedback, good to hear you had fun. I had certain reasons for picking those specific status effects, like daggers doing hamstrings or poison being suitable for the defensive nature of fists. Some of those could be shifted around and it would make more sense to some and less to others, but overall it wouldn't really bring anything new to the table, and people are used to these by now so I probably won't be making major shifts to them. It's probably good that I'm hearing about so many different favorite classes, some swear that knights are the best unit, some say it's warlocks or beasts, for some it's clerics or familiars, or maybe still ninja. A lot of those depend heavily on your personal approach and it's nice that the game accommodates different playstyles. Archers could be made a bit less dodgy, though, sometimes they can be a bit annoying to chase down.
  7. Feedback and Suggestions

    Switching to a tanky class like knight is a good idea, with heavy armor, shield, leggings and defense/azure ring you won't take much damage from him, and he will run out of consumables so it will just turn into a battle of attrition. Even one rank of weapon skill will help because you get 10% accuracy, and using your buff items or tarot to get truestrike or dodge, while debuffing him with falsestrike/stagger will help, his and your stats will be high so strengthen or breach won't be worth the bother and the best weapon you can equip will probably be a sword for the accuracy bonus. Another option is spellblade if you have the skill points to learn fated circle and hp infusion, if you don't a knight will be better because he needs no skills to work. You can also do the attrition battle with cleric if you don't have many mend leaves, as he will run out of them too but you won't run out of magic and you will have at least for basic heal most of the time, just equip him to be as tanky and evasive as you can, can't remember if vyce is immune to poison or stun but one of them will probably work so claw or hammer will be a good choice. The battle can be done as wizard but it isn't really worth the bother when you can switch classes freely. You can come to discord too, maybe other players have some ideas https://discord.gg/5vff9HyV
  8. Feedback and Suggestions

    - You can see where all arcana can be obtained in the equipment table in the linked gdrive folder, added that some time ago and it will be updated as I move things around. - The entire forbidden magic drop system will be updated when I rework the temples, it will most likely be some kind of a crafting book with the battles giving you elemental tokens you can use to craft and upgrade forbidden spells. The current system where you have to world back if you want multiple copies of forbidden II is a bit dumb. - The drops in potd will also be much easier to obtain, especially crafting materials, spells and special gear will be a guaranteed drop and the enemies that drop them will always spawn, as is the case with the items I added there recently. - I probably will nerf races with advanced movement a bit. - Some of the things you can do with the game are pretty limited, classes can't have innate resistances to damage types or other passive bonuses, it's pretty much just movement. - Regarding some other things you mentioned, paragon has decent int growth because she can use the first tier of divine forbidden magic. Shaman's nature's touch is an extremely volatile skill you have to be careful with because it adds base damage so it scales with things like fear, spellcraft, rupture or averses which is also the reason she lost summons, damage goes from normal to absolutely broken in a flash. You get one lich during azelstan's quest, which isn't too late, they have the best stats of any generic caster and innate teleport so it's kinda hard to buff them more and giving lich easier mp management would remove the main reason to stick with wizard, as his main selling point is a good skill kit that reinforces his main role, other basic classes are still decent once you get the advanced/unique classes, so wizard should be too. Thanks for trying out the mod, nice to hear you had a good time overall and I'll continue working on it
  9. Feedback and Suggestions

    Thanks for the feedback, it was a good read, glad you liked the experience. You can get some necromancer marks and spell during the campaign, but the number of undead battles in different routes varies a lot so the plan was to add some necromancer related goodies to phorampa, so if you're using undead you have the option to go in there and stock up on some essentials from act 2 onwards, necromancer was indeed meant to predominantly be a 'cleric for the dead' so you need to be using some to get good mileage off them. To rank up and use parry or deflect you need a melee weapon equipped in one of your hand slots, that's one of the fringe benefits of 1h weapon + melee, so a necro could use a book in the main hand for the int bonus, MP boost, and the ability to deflect, and use a crossbow in off hand for some ranged capability. Dragonborn does have empower dragon, yes. No plans for giving patriarch evil eye, the only reason they can technically use the skill is because gorgons share the same skill set. It's hard to hit a good middle ground with gauntlets, as most players love big numbers and everyone would run them on every unit if they weren't such a liability. The current state of using them only on units that can afford to seems ok, honestly. Got a few gear slots left so I could add a few more helms and leggings if I think of something useful. The loot tables are mostly the same for now, you can find the drop list for recipes and arcana here in the equipment table below https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1T7TupkvrKhnH0HtmU2O_-csqQuYQrjHf?usp=sharing and another player is maintaining an equipment drop list for the mod here https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1yZj8sUBp5BVYXK0XQSPR7BIZYGZCKBFb?usp=sharing
  10. I'd like to say there's something to share these days but it seems that the community isn't at that point yet, I'm still using a hex editor and you can already find most of the addresses I have on cheat boards. Thing is, I'm not terribly optimistic that it will change soon and we'll have a ton of mods and scope is probably the biggest reason, I'd estimate that FFT has around a hundred battles altogether, but with branching paths, massive endgame and the way they chose to scale battles with different level ranges being multiple versions of the same battle, this has literally several thousands of them.
  11. Feedback and Suggestions

    Sure, I left assassin with anatomy on purpose, it makes sense. You can't obtain full ward legitimately, it's set to be a free use skill so bosses could equip it when needed, which means that if there was some way to get it on your character, they would be able to use it with any class.
  12. Feedback and Suggestions

    Hi, The problem with racial skills is I can't really fix them, if a human unit equips anatomy it will get a damage bonus vs humans and a damage reduction when attacked by any race, if it equips draconology it will get a damage bonus vs dragons and no damage reduction. The problem is currently circumvented by barring every class from using racial skills for races that can use the class, so you can't ever equip a racial skill that matches your race so the only thing you're getting is the damage bonus, I considered scrapping them altogether, but they aren't doing any harm this way and add a bit of flavor. Steal tables were updated for all reworked battles, which is the campaign and some sidequests, I'm currently working on random battles. A good rule of thumb is - if you see that no enemies are equipped with skills they can't use, I most likely reworked that battle and replaced the steal tables. I'll most likely replace the full ward on ganpp's pets with specific wards, now that beasts got more dangerous removing the option to shut them down is too much of a handicap.
  13. New Grub Plus

    Uzbek Pilaf Ingredients: - 1/2 kg of long grain rice or any kind of rice that doesn't stick much, this is important - 1/2 kg of lamb, beef, pork or turkey - 1/2 kg of carrots, cut in thin strips - 2-3 onions, depending on size - a handful of dried chickpeas or canned ones - 3-4 garlic cloves - 2-3 pepper grains - 1/2 teaspoon cumin grains - 1/2 teaspoon of cumin powder - 2 teaspoons of sweet paprika powder - 1/2 teaspoon of sweet curry powder - (optional) half a handful of unsweetened raisins (may be hard to find) 1. Dip the chickpeas in warm water and leave overnight Or you will break your teeth on them. This step is skipped if you're using canned peas, in which case increase the amount from a handful to whatever you're comfortable with. 2. Wash the rice and set it aside to soak if the rice you're using takes a long time to cook, you may want to give it a bit of a headstart but it usually isn't necessary 3. Fry the meat chunks on hot oil 4. Cut the onions into quarters and add them in when the meat browns a bit 5. Add chickpeas, pepper grains and a bit of salt keep on frying, adding a little water if the juices from meat and onion aren't enough 6. Add water to cover everything when the onion turns glassy and meat is half-cooked, let it simmer for a bit more 7. Add whole garlic cloves, cumin grains and half the paprika powder let it simmer for a few more minutes. 8. Add the carrots so they form a layer above the meat, do not stir the stew anymore after this point, cover and leave it to cook for some ten minutes 9. Drain the rice and spread it over everything carefully so the carrot layer is not disturbed. 10. Add the rest of paprika, cumin powder, curry powder and raisins and stir it carefully into the rice layer, leaving the carrots alone 11. Add water so it covers the rice with half a finger width to spare, let the liquid slowly boil on low heat 12. Carefully add some more water when it is is gone from the surface and the rice starts expanding, you want it roughly level with the rice this time 13. Cover up and let it steam for half an hour more turning the stove down on lowest possible heat, don't lift the lid, don't touch anything 14. That's it serve with fresh or pickled veggies, depending on season
  14. Feedback and Suggestions

    No need for that, there's now an alternative patching method in the readme where you just extract the files and point the emulator to it, everything can be done on any phone.
  15. Feedback and Suggestions

    Haven't really gotten much feedback about names, I assume it's one of those things people don't care too much about as long as they have an idea of what the spell does. If the name of the spell isn't an issue, it was fitting the name of the spell together with 'arcana' for the scroll. Anyway, if we put something most people don't care about against a usability issue, the latter is more important after all. Rogues already have enough advantages over the ninja, they're tougher, have more versatility with full item access and traps, self haste is always good, and their ranged options are much better, as they have 2h crossbows and guaranteed status infliction with bullseye and blowguns, real solid class. Familiar is good enough at doing its own thing, they don't need to be full divine users to be useful.