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  1. I'm afraid it is a 'no', you'd have to make room in character data to save experience and even restructure the save file so it records that instead of class exp.
  2. Thanks, their stats show properly so I wasn't too concerned with it, but fixing descriptions is no trouble at all.
  3. There weren't really any, you're pretty much looking at all the modding effort that went into the game recently. My notes are too messy to be useful, unfortunately, I'll try tidying them up when all is done.
  4. The game doesn't really give them anything, the way it works is this: - The battle has a list of units with fixed racial templates, class, loyalty and alignment. There are battles where all units from the list are assigned, some where you always get several and the rest are picked randomly from the rest of the list and some battles where all are random. For example, those castle fights with reinforcements start with a very long list, some are fixed, some are randomly picked from the starter list and when the game has to spawn another unit it picks one from the reinforcement list. - When they spawn the game assigns them a name from a list and a small amount of stat points at random on top of those their racial template comes with. Also, it checks their skills and assigns them gear according to their autoequip setting (same as your autoequip options on party screen) with some randomness, it won't always go for the best option if it can use multiple weapon skills. So, what's random there is which units spawn but they're preset. The default lizardman template is 32str and 30dex, the warrior template has 36/30 and the rogue template is 32/34. so the best outcome for you is finding a battle where a dex lizarman spawns and run it a few times until he rolls 3-4 extra points in dex, but if the battle doesn't have that template on the list it will never happen. And ignore which weapons they have equipped, it doesn't matter. When I get to adjusting battle data I'll also tweak which templates are on the list so you at least aren't getting warriors with a mage template. Some have requested to be able to recruit humanoids like lizards or fairies in certain towns and I'll do that if possible, you will be able to get the desired template easier that way and give them custom names.
  5. It would be best to make a CWC code, that way it will still work when I update. There's quite a few addresses to change and they're all over the place so it might take a while, I'll see what can be done.
  6. It's fairly easy to do with a multiwrite CWC code that disables the skill for use by any class, I'll make one when I got time and send you a PM. If death timers can be removed, I wouldn't know how to do it.
  7. Sure, I'll send you a pm with the KC code later.
  8. Yeah, that's exactly it, once you get Lans you will be able to buy the classmark at deneb's
  9. I certainly haven't tried, hard to say how hard would it be. I suppose it depends on the encoding that psp can work with, if file size can't be tweaked with bitrate there might be problems with maintaining the original iso size.
  10. There's a workaround of sorts, Warrior has a Squash skill that can instantly destroy any object on the battlefield, once you learn it you can use it with most strength-aligned melee classes. Not many people request it because very few treasures are worth the effort, buffing them is a low priority goal because they're most likely a part of battle data and that's all over the place, but it should eventually happen.
  11. I assume you tried to do it in training, if a guide lists the items that can be picked up during the story battle that's when you should do it.
  12. It's a 7zip archive (better compression than zip or rar), I'm not using mac but there seems to be a free Unarchiver app you can use to extract it. The one on moddb uses a different patching method, it's a recommended option because it's more compatible and easier to update later. The method here exists because ngplus can't directly host modified game files.
  13. Was it the only buff on the character? It's dex for all ranged weapons, I'd note it on sidearms category description if it was str for thrown.
  14. Good to hear you like it. More demihumans might not be a bad idea, but I'd have to think of some way to edit warren report first.
  15. It's a fairly common question, the two things to look out for is Lanselot having golden armor at the start of the game and the other is being able to buy 1h/2h katana in shops, that means two main files patched correctly.