Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Promise Rewritten 0.9.7

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About This File

Did you have fun trolling the AI, abusing combinations of jobs or abilities that could make you feel like a new god in Ivalice or abusing any other interaction that this game offers to make you get a temporal high self-esteem? Well, NO MORE -I hope-. On the other hand, did you want a new challenge for a journey in the region of Jylland after a rebalance of any aspect possible in the hands of new modder that brings new jobs, new abilities and new mechanisms to finally make you feel rewarded for your decisions toward becoming the best clan of Jylland and maybe save the world in the attempt? I'll explain briefly some of the main features:

  1.  Level cap of 75
  2.  New MP system:
    -Units start with Full MP.
    -MP Regeneration will be 50 MP per turn.
    -Attack will consume 20 MP on hit.
  3.  Neutral Skills: New abilities available for a entire race regardless of the job you are using and just restricted to the use of old Trinkets of Summoning awarded in Cups or Story Missions.
  4. Auctions reward with crafting loot.
  5. Luso can be removed from Story Missions.

Much more in the spreadsheet!

1. The broken MP Channelling clan privilege have been disabled, looking to disable MP Efficiency as well, don't use it unless you want no fun at all.

Currently doing for next patch 0.9.8

Probably Enemy Formation, Descriptions, Feedback changes 

Instructions to patch

- Download a fresh Final Fantasy Tactics A2 rom and my patch.
- Download Delta Patcher here:
- Open Delta Patcher and select your original file, and FFTA2 Promise Rewritten patch.
- Press Apply Patch, and now you can play!

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