Another Heroes 3 Mod (AH3M) 1.5.1

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About This File

Another Heroes 3 Mod, named in loving tribute to AM2R (Another Metroid 2 Remake), is my personal take on one of the greatest strategy games of all time. When I first started working on this little project several years ago, I couldn't have possibly dreamed how far it would eventually come. I've since managed to accomplish every goal that I set forth on a core design level and then some. Future development will focus mostly on the addition of more content (i.e. maps)... or at least that's the plan.

Another Heroes 3 Mod features...

  • Completely re-balanced heroes, skills, units, spells, artifacts, buildings, and map locations
  • New mechanics and abilities which expand directly on existing ones
  • Custom-built maps made with these new design concepts in mind
  • Improved user interface and several quality of life features
  • ...much more!

Many of you have never heard of or played Heroes of Might & Magic 3, but have played Brave New World and are taking me at my word that it's a game worth playing. Others are familiar with H3's pedigree and are interested in seeing what I have done to improve it. The very short answer for anyone familiar with my previous work is that I gave it the "Brave New World" treatment in that I aimed simply to make the game a better version of what it already was by accentuating what worked best and tweaking what didn't. If you want to know more, consult the documentation included with the download or just dive right in.

What's New in Version 1.5.1   See changelog


 • 1.5.1 - Fixed a crash when AI heroes would re-visit Mr. Bones

 • 1.5.1 - Fixed a bug where Dungeon's Void Portal sold Gold Golems instead of Air Spirits beyond month 1

 • 1.5.1 - The Purify and Dispel spell descriptions now indicate the correct element

 • 1.5.1 - Added the missing ownership flag to external Cemeteries

 • 1.5.1 - Fixed a transparency issue with Galthran's portrait

 • 1.5.1 - Fixed passability issues with map objects in Ocean Saga

 • 1.5.1 - Moved the two-way portal in the cavern section of Lake Orion

 • Added new map: Lake Orion (medium, three players, domination, remake of "Beltway" from Heroes 2)

 • Removed hack allowing defending units to retaliate again if a retaliation killed the attacking stack

 • Reverted Defense damage reduction to 2.5% per point higher than the attacker's Attack value

 • Damage modification for attack and defense now caps at 250% and 25% damage, respectively

 • Reverted expert and master Offense to their vanilla values of 20% and 30%, respectively

 • Simplified the Necromancy formula to a percentage of total slain units, eliminating rounding errors

 • Per above, lowered the effects of expert and master Necromancy to 15% and 20%, respectively

 • Non-physical projectiles fired by units are now classified as elemental rather than just "magical"

 • Per above, damage from elemental projectiles is now lowered by resistance spells instead of Shield

 • Also per above, elemental projectiles now respect elemental resistance/weakness instead of O-Magic

 • Resistance is now used instead of Armorer to reduce damage from Mind and Magic Spirits

 • The external dwelling discount for Diplomacy is now 10% at basic and 30% at expert

 • Fixed a bug where units offering to join a full army would not pull up a menu to make room

 • Fixed incorrect morale/luck GFX for hero display in combat and in Kingdom Overview screen

 • Corrected the description for Tactics specialists (both in-game and in the Printme)

 • Changed secondary starting skills for several heroes (Isis, Mephisto, Beleth, Lilith, Korbac, Alkin)

 • Fortress heroes now have Fire Magic as a rare skill instead of Air Magic

 • Per above, slightly edited the availability of several spells in Fortress's Mage Guild

 • Swapped the elements of Dispel (now an Air spell) and Purify (now a Water spell; thank you, Raics!)

 • Lowered the cost of Stoneskin and Weakness from 8 to 6 (swapped with Heroism and Despair)

 • The effects of the Clairvoyance spell are no longer limited to the hero's current map layer

 • Raised the Attack, Damage, & Health of Energy Spirits and Defense & Health of Magma Spirits

 • Earth Spirits are now weak against water elemental spells and attacks

 • Fixed a bug where the Catapult was incorrectly dealing maximum damage regardless of skill

 • Revised turret damage formula to now scale with the Attack power of the defending hero

 • The status bar hover text now displays the correct damage when aiming turrets

 • The Archery skill no longer increases the damage of the Ballista

 • The Medical Tent now only heals 25 HP instead of 100

 • The Dazzling Ring no longer incorrectly provides 1 gem per day

 • Artifacts which boost skills (excepting the Necromancer artifacts) no longer require the skill

 • Abandoned Mines (previously unused) now act as a creature bank instead of a random actual mine

 • Dwarven Treasuries now contain only gold instead of both ore and gold (which Abandoned Mines now do)

 • Rebalanced the settings for creature banks to narrow the disparity between high and low rolls

 • The Leprechaun map object now allows heroes to forget skills (excepting starting ones)

 • Campfires now contain 4~6 wood and 4~6 ore (instead of 4~6 wood and the same amount of gold * 100)

 • Lean-To's now contain 4~6 wood and 400~600 gold (instead of a random rare resource)

 • Wagons now contain 3~5 of two random resources instead of 4~6 of just one (or maybe an artifact)

 • Gold from Mr. Bones is now a random value (1,000, 1,500, or 2,000 instead of always 2,000)

 • Warrior Tombs now contain either 3,000~5,000 gold (80% chance) or a lv. 2~3 artifact (20% chance)

 • Flotsam contents are now more randomized and may contain a small amount (1~3) of a rare resource

 • Castaways now raise a random stat by 1 (80% chance) with a 20% chance of a lv. 1~2 artifact

 • Pyramids now offer 25,000 gold instead of 10,000 and have less guards (100 Mummies & 40 Gold Golems)

 • Added more of most the above objects as well as magic plains/cursed ground to several maps

 • Added loose resources near mines of their type to most maps that did not already have them

 • Heroes on dry maps who normally have Sailing now instead start with their other major class skill

 • Breakout Island is now classified as an "easy" map (Divided Lands is the only other such map)

 • Removed roads and adjusted improper random unit placement near garrisons in Desert Storm

 • Added more resources to the starting zones in No Man's Land

 • Added Ghost Ships to the water and more external dwellings in Divided Lands

 • Renamed the "subterranean" terrain type to "cavern"

 • Completely recategorized and sorted all objects in the map editor

 • Added red obelisks (previously unused graphic in the original game)

 • Fixed layering and passability issues with several map objects

 • Removed the "default settings" button in the combat options menu

 • The "Show Map Messages" option now properly displays right-click information

 • The above option now properly affects messages from Flotsam and Castaways

 • Improved the behavior of the sorting and display functions in the map selection menu

 • The installer will now remember your colorblind assistance preference


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