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Another Heroes 3 Mod, named in loving tribute to AM2R (Another Metroid 2 Remake), is my personal take on one of the greatest strategy games of all time. When I first started working on this little project several years ago, I couldn't have possibly dreamed how far it would eventually come. Released as version 0.1 at the beginning of this year simply to get what I had out there, I've since managed to accomplish every goal that I set forth on a core design level. Future development will focus exclusively on the addition of more content (i.e. maps)... or at least that's the plan. We've all seen how well that assumption ends up in practice, so please feel free to let me know how it can be improved!

Another Heroes 3 Mod features...

  • Completely re-balanced heroes, skills, units, spells, artifacts, buildings, and map locations
  • New mechanics and abilities which expand directly on existing ones
  • Custom-built maps made with these new design concepts in mind
  • Improved user interface and several quality of life features
  • ...much more!

Many of you have never heard of or played Heroes of Might & Magic 3, but have played Brave New World and are taking me at my word that it's a game worth playing. Others are familiar with H3's pedigree and are interested in seeing what I have done to improve it. The very short answer for anyone familiar with my previous work is that I gave it the "Brave New World" treatment in that I aimed simply to make the game a better version of what it already was by accentuating what worked best and tweaking what didn't. If you want to know more, consult the documentation included with the download or just dive right in.

What's New in Version 1.3i   See changelog


 • 1.3i - The Archdevil Pain Reflection ability should now work correctly

 • 1.3i - Some changes and fixes

 • 1.3h - Fixed a rare crash on day rollover related to tavern advice

 • 1.3h - Some changes and fixes

 • 1.3g - Fixed a bug where Magic Wells/Springs were not properly functioning on some systems

 • 1.3g - Replaced the Tabard of Celerity with the Cape of Velocity (graphic/name change only)

 • 1.3g - Some changes and fixes

 • 1.3f - Fixed a bug where the Catapult was not loading properly on some machines

 • 1.3f - Removed an improperly-placed obstacle from Divided Lands

 • 1.3f - Some changes and fixes

 • 1.3e - Fixed a crash when using whirlpools with HD+ mode enabled

 • 1.3e - Re-sorted the artifact list in the editor

 • 1.3e - Some changes and fixes

 • 1.3d - Fixed a duplication bug on the Fortress build menus that was overwriting the Cage of Endurance

 • 1.3d - Some changes and fixes

 • 1.3c - Fixed a crash when visiting Sirens on the map

 • 1.3c - Some changes and fixes

 • 1.3b - Fixed a bug from the previous update that made Rampart towns unable to build a Mage Guild

 • 1.3b - Corrected an issue with the installer file incorrectly detecting the wrong version of HD mod

 • 1.3b - Some changes and fixes

 • 1.3a - Fixed a duplication bug on the Rampart and Inferno build menus that was overwriting other buildings

 • 1.3a - Added hotkey annotations to the status bar hover text for interface buttons

 • 1.3a - The installer now defaults "always show hero info" in HD Mod settings to on

 • 1.3a - Corrected an incorrect description in the Printme

 • 1.3a - Some changes and fixes

 • Renamed Chokepoint Island to Breakthrough Island and slightly reworked its premise

 • Added hero specialties for Leadership, Luck, and Tactics (replacing Ballistics specialists)

 • Changed several other hero specialties and secondary skills in support of the above

 • Added new graphical displays for luck and morale bonuses to accommodate their new maximum values

 • Adjusted the odds of several class skills, most notably for Overlords (Scouting is now a major skill)

 • The Scouting skill now increases the combat bonus on native terrain in addition to map view radius

 • Reduced the effect of expert and master-level Scouting from +6/+9 visible tiles to +5/+7

 • Reduced the effect of expert and master-level Archery from 25%/50% damage to 20%/30%

 • Increased the effect of expert-level Learning from 25% to 30%

 • Increased the minimum unit speed for Logistics by 1 per level (5/6/7 -> 6/7/8)

 • Logistics specialists now get +2 minimum unit speed instead of double the skill's effect

 • Slightly adjusted the speed of several units (Centaurs, Elves, Gogs, Fiends, and Swordsmen)

 • Movement points are now based on a hero's fastest unit when beginning their turn in a town

 • The ballista and catapult are now targetable without the Ballistics skill

 • The ballista and catapult now always deal 2x damage at basic Ballistics and 3x at expert

 • Heroes no longer come equipped with a catapult by default (they are now sold by all town Blacksmiths)

 • Per the above, catapults are now shown on the Kingdom Overview screen instead of spellbooks

 • The odds of statuses set by units now vary depending on the number of units in each stack

 • Reduced the physical damage taken by petrified units from 50% to 25%

 • Slightly adjusted the Mage Guild spell odds for Tower, Dungeon, and Fortress towns

 • Dungeon's "Void" Portal now produces random elemental units weekly (no external dwellings needed)

 • Added a second horde building for Conflux (+1 growth to Mind & Magic Spirits)

 • Reduced the resource cost of Conflux's Magic University in response to the above

 • Slightly changed a few build requirements, most notably to the Oblivion Portal (now Order of Fire)

 • The 7th-level Inferno dwelling now correctly requires the 6th-level dwelling to be built

 • Moved the Oblivion Portal to a more visible location on the Inferno town screen

 • Swapped the GFX for Necropolis's Death Converter and Blacksmith (which is now the old Resource Silo)

 • Re-arranged most of the town build menus into a more sensible layout

 • Made some minor touch-ups to Conflux's siege battle background graphic

 • It's no longer possible for the "Artifact" stating bonus to give an Ass of Legion to Conflux heroes

 • The Mystic Eye of Power is now properly set as a minor artifact instead of treasure level

 • The Holy Alliance now only allows mixing of good units (excluding Stronghold/Fortress units)

 • The AI no longer needs to find every obelisk to dig up the grail on Hard (>75%) or Very Hard (>50%)

 • Fixed a bug where clicking the "activate" button with no hero selected would crash the game

 • Fixed an outstanding bug that allowed exiting the level-up screen without choosing a skill

 • Expert First Aid skill now properly allows medical tents to remove the Enslave status

 • Mr. Bones now only has a 1/4 chance of an artifact which is now set when the map first loads

 • Fixed AI heroes getting "stuck" on whirlpools and other possible unexpected teleporter behavior

 • It's no longer possible for Universities in random maps to have "blank" skill slots

 • It's no longer possible for the final game score to be reduced to less than zero

 • Moved all of the "blank" artifacts in the editor to the bottom of the list

 • Some changes and fixes

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