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  1. Try posting a save file here.
  2. I believe it is, actually.
  3. No worries, I moved it. The Valiance is just a regular attack that ignores defense and then adds the exact amount of HP that Locke is missing from his max to the final damage tally.
  4. There is a way to switch rages, @NiccSucc. Use a Green Gerry on him.
  5. Toxic Frog

    Never really thought about it, tbh. Seems like something I can change.
  6. The description was wrong. Good catch, thank you!
  7. Short answer: no Long answer: an angry rant about how the "extra content" on the GBA is garbage Glad you enjoyed the mod, though.
  8. Ebot's Rock Booty

    At least
  9. Ebot's Rock Booty

    21 pieces of ass
  10. esper points in WOR

    Fanatics Tower is your best bet there. And WoR rejoin levels are static, not averaged. This removes the incentive to delay getting characters back so they rejoin at a higher level.
  11. No, they're intentionally omitted from the Printme. The Imperial is never meant to actually be used and the Club is technically a hidden item.
  12. Yeah, that's definitely an overleveled main crew - and one hell of an oddball team to take to final Kefka. You can guy plenty of stuff for Shadow to throw in Jidoor, especially in the WoR. Did you overlook it or just not think Ninjatos were worth it?