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  1. Setzer's Dice is a known bug with 1.8.5 - there is a hotfix patch for it linked in several threads here, and it will be fixed in 1.8.6 soon. The only fight in BNW that was intended as a gear-check fight is MagiMaster, for obvious reasons. As for the dragons, I did make the primary elementals more powerful because their elements are easier to negate with equipment, but I didn't necessarily intend for said equipment to be required in order to take them out. As for the red dragon specifically, I do intend the Phoenix Cave to be done in the mid to late-WoR, so it can definitely be a hard fight if you go there sooner. Same goes for the Silver Dragon at Narshe. Boss HP has been an ongoing thing that continues to be addressed in each update as seen fit according to player feedback; Hidon in particular was recently addressed by lowering his magic defense. Keeping the original script is the sort of thing that just isn't going to happen unless someone goes to the effort of re-translating BNW. I will gladly give the source dialogue to anyone who feels like undertaking it. Changing the in-game logo is not easy for technical reasons that I can't explain really well since that's not my department. Same problem as above for displaying more information on Gau's rages; there *are* hacks that try to do this, but screen real estate is at a premium and there isn't sufficient space to display all of the relevant data. When faced with the decision to give the player some information or none, I will tend towards the latter so that anyone so inclined can get the full picture from the Printme. For weapon descriptions in the equip menu, again there's just nowhere to put them.
  2. You went all-out offensive so you really didn't notice. Turtling against him... does not end well >.>
  3. Here's the official changelog for 1.8.6 (COMING SOON): • Added new hacks to lessen the effect of speed granting faster characters more turns over time and to increase its effect on the likelihood of getting first strike • Added new hacks to allow speed to influence the likelihood of getting rare steals and for successful steal attempts to be treated as "free" actions • Added a new hack allowing Gau to Leap on rageable formations outside of the Veldt (tentative) • Fixed a bug with the "Y-Equip Relics" hack where stat previews for changing equipment would display incorrectly after switching between menus • Fixed a bug where the Quartrstaff and Doomstick would crash the game when using MP for critical hits • Fixed a bug with Setzer's Dice where the animation would display incorrectly and also crash the game • Fixed a bug with X-Fight where the X-Fight penalty and the dual-wield penalty were not stacking • The Kagenui now has the correct stats • Fixed the incorrect attack priorities on the Tumbleweed rage • Fixed the Raiden summon (only accessible via Slots) to be identical to Odin • Made a small change to Tiamat's script • Added a(nother) hint about fighting Phunbaba to Terra's dialogue • Adjusted the encounters near WoR Albrook to prevent solo Celes from getting into unfair fights
  4. In all fairness, X-Mog was conceived more as a status-setter than a damage-dealer.
  5. Those are .zip archives. Use WinRAR to extract them.
  6. Ultimately, it's a QoL thing since the first time any rage is available doesn't change whether or not you're forced to backtrack to the Veldt in order to get it. I wouldn't put any rages in Kefka's Tower since that's too late in the game to give the player new attacks. Something like Ultima is fine because it's a singular attack, not a whole plethora of them.
  7. Yeah, it does that sometimes. Consider it a feature. Because it *rocks* you
  8. Developer's note: Seibaby is no longer allowed to name his own hacks.
  9. Expected levels for Atma are 18-21, but it's not uncommon for the occasional straggler to be higher. Because of the type of difficulty the mod tends to employ, grinding will only help you out so much - I've seen people have a hard time in Kefka's Tower even with grotesquely overleveled troops.
  10. Tonight, actually. I'm on overnights right now so it was tomorrow to me when I posted that >.>
  11. I should be around tomorrow night. I'll see you there!
  12. Huh. How'd you work it to where you can only leap on Veldt formations? Also, how does it work with re-recruiting Gau in the WoR?