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  1. I can't seem to access a lot of the older threads on my forum. It's like everything past the first page just isn't there.
  3. There's levels of cracked. And Ragnarok Terra is an 11. And I said, "dude, why don't you just go up to 10 and make 10 more cracked?" And Ragnarok Terra was like:
  4. Carbunkl Terra is cracked and Ragnarok Terra is double cracked.
  5. Yeah, just minor stuff. Haven't really thought any of it through.
  6. Actually, I'd lean more towards classes functioning as a "hidden" mechanic that are only fully explained in the Unlockme or here.
  7. The map event is disabled if you've already gotten Locke, since the event just tells you where to get Locke.
  8. One thing you should consider is the possibility of future expansion with class-specific bonuses, meaning that such classes could actually have an appreciable difference.
  9. In 1.9, Mantra and Aurabolt will be swapped.
  10. Confirmed with Think that the Smoke Bomb bug can be fixed on my end by changing its special effect flag. Apparently it's calling the anti-undead effect where it's at now (which I find hilarious for some reason).
  11. Oh, yeah, certain builds can certainly share a name, but if I'm working with the same space and have the opportunity to use two different names, why not.
  12. So, one rather broad comment I'll make is that if this does get coded (Seibaby and D both jumped on it a lot faster than I thought they would), the logic would probably only be smart enough to check for the dominant esper in a given build at best. Therefore, it's prudent to have a name for every esper, even if it's only a small variation on the same build (i.e. Shiva vs. Siren Celes). Things like 25 Alexandr Celes are stupid, but frankly I think 25 Terrato Sabin is also stupid, but people do it anyway. I'd rather have weird classes coded in and considered, even if they're not builds that people really use. (Also, "Valkyrie" is a personal favorite term that I was bound and determined to get in there somewhere >.>) I'll comment a bit more once I settle into work tonight.
  13. Well, the difficulty running thing is a side effect of nATB and allowing speed to affect your starting ATB did help alleviate that problem from the tests I've seen... your complaint is noted. Similarly, boss HP is an ongoing thing that we look into and tweak as necessary based on player feedback. Finally, I have a standing offer to anyone interested in actually doing a more "vanilla" script where i will gladly provide the source dialogue for them to work with. I've had a few bites so far, but no serious takers. Might I invite you to vote in the MVP thread if you haven't already?