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  1. Until the end of the month, I believe.
  2. When Synchysi gets back from vacation, we'll put out 1.8.6 proper, which will basically be 1.8.5 with these patches applied (the order in which they are applied does not matter).
  3. Another minor bug: the Kagenui is mistakenly set to 0 BatPower. Below patches will fix. (EDIT: see Seibaby's patches below)
  4. Updated OP with links to fixes until we can put out 1.8.6. In addition to those, I will also add another hint about fighting Phunbaba, likely to Terra's dialogue so that the player doesn't miss it.
  5. We're looking into it, trying to see if anyone can replicate it.
  6. Weird. I'll toss it onto the 1.8.6 pile along with a potential Atma/Omega Weapon overflow fix.
  7. 1.8.5 is up! Thanks for your patience, everybody.
  8. So, we were lucky enough that my good friend Leadbeer was starting up a new run just as we got the beta release created and he plans on blasting through the game over the next couple of days, so we're going to play this one safe and wait for him to finish and make sure there aren't any... unexpected surprises waiting for us. In the meantime, feel free to stop by his stream!
  9. I generally stick with beer. If I'm doing liquor, I tend toward vodka.
  10. The bottle ended up going to the party booze stash - I fucking can't stand Jack Daniels
  11. Last year's Halloween outfit.