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  1. It's a long-standing known issue. Glad you enjoyed it.
  2. I have absolutely zero interest, but I don't care if anyone else tries. Unfortunately, "tries" is going to be the operative word here. Anyone with any real interest in the game's mechanics works with the SNES version; the modding scenes for the various ports are largely concerned with the graphics and last I checked have made very little actual headway into the mechanical side of things. You'd basically be rebuilding BNW from the ground up rather than porting it.
  3. Relm Painting Room

    I have several questions
  4. When I was designing Celes and Terra, I deliberately played to their dual natures - the player is nudged to build Celes physically and Terra magically - but I also wanted to make sure the inverse was perfectly workable.
  5. I used to think little of dragooning until I hopped in for the multitap game and I was in control of Edgar doing more damage to Kefka than anyone else on the team.
  6. Palidor and Fenrir

    This wasn't a change from 1.9 to 2.0; it's been in BNW since 1.0.
  7. What kind of cookies are we talking, here?
  8. 1. At this time, no. We had to sacrifice the real estate to make room for the equip bonuses. There's theoretically a way to code it back in, but nobody feels like putting in the legwork right now. 2. No. That's been a wishlist item for a long time, but fuck trying to figure out how to code it.
  9. I mean that all of the offensive esper bonuses come early in the game so the player has no incentive to wait for even better ones.
  10. I deliberately front-load all of the offensive esper bonuses specifically to discourage players from hoarding their ELs and waiting for later ones.
  11. A little problem

    It happens a lot for some reason with certain kinds of controller adapters - it'll register up always coming from player 2 unless I disable player 2 or hook a controller into the empty port. Hope you have fun.
  12. A little problem

    On further reflection, I believe what's happening is that you're getting phantom inputs from controller #2.
  13. A little problem

    Sounds like a problem with your controller setup, or possibly the controller itself.
  14. 1. Honestly, it just sounds to me like how people talk in real life. I don't consider any of it vulgar, but then again I'm the guy who wrote it. If you really have any concerns at all, then Clean New World is what you're after, as it was written by me for an actual child. The "vanilla" patch is simply BNW's base script rewritten to sound more bland so that people think it's the original, except it isn't. 2. No more so than the original game. The Beginner's School is still aware that it exists within a video game, Ultros is still Ultros, and the original game had a Beavis & Butthead reference in it. You'll either catch references or they'll just fly over your head 99% of the time. 3. The vanilla patch was written for Redditors and people from Something Awful - people who are by and large too stubborn to just give the base mod a shot and then just switch to it midway through the game if you find that the writing bothers you that much. 4. See #1. 5. See #3.