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  1. Final Fantasy 6 Brave New World 2.0

    For the love of God, don't use the vanilla patch.
  2. I never really considered the fact that since the player is now greatly encouraged to head back north, they might stop by Kolhingen. More likely, they'll chocobo it up there and back, making the Kolhingen stop less likely. I never asked for Shadow to be removed or anything to be changed since it's unnecessary event work and I rather like the easter egg you get if you take him there.
  3. It's a 33% reduction. Safe is multiplicative with the back row. Both are overridden by defense-ignoring attacks.
  4. No Item Command run

    Nobody has. Obviously, you'll need to make an exception to recruit Gau. You'll also have to establish in battle/out of battle rules.
  5. That's why I changed its color to red. It was blue in vanilla >.>
  6. Shadow: Real Ultimate Power

    Plug some numbers into the damage calculator and see
  7. Shadow: Real Ultimate Power

    The flip-side of that is that higher vigor and stamina ups his survivability.
  8. No lores or espers are missbale, and your odds of actually not encountering a rageable formation are substantially low.
  9. Because there's really nothing missable except Water Rondo >.>
  10. Equip/Relic Menu?! Awesome!

    @GrayShadows made it with some input from me. He'd be the one to ask.
  11. Bug? (info below)

    Palidor and Intangir Z are like the peanut butter and chocolate of visual row bugs.
  12. Daryl's Tomb

    I'm a helper.
  13. Daryl's Tomb

    What is Squaresoft now called?
  14. It's also helpful to me when I'm watching streams. I can ask players to show me their rare items screen without arousing too much suspicion as to what I might be getting at.