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  1. Rasping Number 024?

    Dispel forces a wallchange.
  2. Zozo clock busted

    There is no "50" on an analog clock.
  3. Boomerangs

    Due to the nature of their damage (high damage from crits), they're always going to look bad on paper since it's necessary to balance them with low attack power.
  4. Mishrak would probably be the best person to ask about this. I'll ping him.
  5. Can't say I really have one, which is probably a good thing.
  6. Technically, yes, but if you just edit the ROM in USME you're gonna break it. The standard advice on this front is that FF6's engine doesn't understand diagonal inputs and will accept, say, down or left for down/left. Thus you can just input the circular ones one button at a time: left left down down right.
  7. Save data carries over without a problem. Just repatch a fresh ROM and replace your current one with it.
  8. Try posting a save file here.
  9. No worries, I moved it. The Valiance is just a regular attack that ignores defense and then adds the exact amount of HP that Locke is missing from his max to the final damage tally.
  10. There is a way to switch rages, @NiccSucc. Use a Green Gerry on him.
  11. Toxic Frog

    Never really thought about it, tbh. Seems like something I can change.