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  1. Updated the changerog yet again. This should be the last of any major updates: note the (tentative) updates to status display and the status screen along with finally doing something about how difficult running from fights became following the introduction of nATB. Also, as part of our ongoing efforts to scale back on needlessly-hidden things, Relm will now come equipped with the Memento Ring. Finally, some terminology changes will seek to make things easier to understand: spell points ("magic points" in vanilla) will now be called esper points, while what is currently called esper points will be rebranded to esperXP (maybe). There are a few more additions yet to go into this list, but that should be it for anything particularly noteworthy.
  2. Reflect working on a timer made it entirely pointless as a deliberate defensive effect since you never knew when it was going to wear off and it would often do so before being of much use. Changing it to behave like Image guarantees that it will defend against at least something before going away.
  3. Glad you're enjoying yourself!
  4. Forests on Triangle Island.
  5. Vanilla had an attempted failsafe against this sort of behavior where it basically tacked on another 50% evasion check to everyone hit by it. That... didn't go well in practice.
  6. That or you've got a pit in your basement.
  7. Dude, Letha busted a nut over the regen change. Something about Stamina Strago being "your new god..."
  8. It won't be TOO significant - just enough to be worth considering. I'll let Think talk about it, though, since he's the one working the logic. ANYWAY... more changelog updates. Big one as of now is an update to the Regen formula which relies less on the character's max HP. It's a minor change for most characters, but it's a significant buff to high stamina squishies (Relm/Strago) and a huge kick in the nuts to 25 Terrato Sabin. Also of note is switching the 3/16 step on Earth Blues to Wind Slash so that it's no longer a wasted turn in boss fights, some elaboration on WHICH bosses are getting their HP slashed, and some other stuff I can't remember. Seriously, the changelog is fucking 30 kb of raw text right now. My changelog needs a changelog. Fuck me.
  9. Thank you! That is correct, yes. And Crusader also has Demi/Quartr while Alexandr now only has Holy.
  10. Yeah, I dropped the idea of the Lazy Shell being a mass prevention tool for everyone. On the other hand, setting it to "dark" damage means that the Ghost Ring is a prevention relic that anyone can use. If you're going to go gimmick, go big or go home.
  11. More changelog updates. Alexandr and Crusader are being swapped (details inside), Merton becomes a fire/"dark" elemental spell (instead of fire/wind), and shop edits are elaborated upon.
  12. So, to make up for the increased cost, along with the general enemy defense changes I'm making (which shouldn't include many end-game bosses), Break and Quake both are getting an 11% power boost.
  13. Changelog updated again. Of note is the re-branding of the "poison" element to disassociate itself from the status of the same name (which tended to cause confusion) and move it toward being a "dark" counterpart to the holy element, moving Crusader to a cash gate instead of a boss gate along with swapping Holy and Merton on it and Alexandr, and some changes to the Bio Blaster (now available later) and Flash (now weaker since the "Blind" status will be much more effective). Raze also gets weaker and loses the "dark" element, thus making it more of an all-purpose midgame damager until Dark shows up. Also of note are some buffs to Break and Quake to make up for their increases MP costs along with the fact that "standard" enemy magic defense will be lower in the coming update (although bosses will tend toward the current value, so this is an overall buff in that regard).
  14. You're free to whatever ideas you get from BNW, my friend.
  15. Updated for 1.10. Magic Relm will enjoy the extra MP that Zoneseek provides, Stamina Relm (AKA "Love You Long Time" Relm) will enjoy her new rod (giggity) that's basically a 1-handed Mutsunokami that triggers a stamina-based wind attack and a new regen formula that favors stamina over maximum HP (resulting in a huge buff for her), and pretty much any Relm will enjoy the MP bonus (re-)added to the Radiant Gown. But what REALLY changes for Relm in this update are her brushes. Improved stat boosts aside, brushes now hit twice (i.e. X-Fight) to improve the chances of getting a random spellcast. Further, the Ross Brush now procs Reflect instead of Haste in light of the hack which makes Reflect behave like Image instead of being a "timed" status. (Updated: 09/08/18)