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This review/thank you is long due.

I've played ff6 vanilla once before. And this mod also once for now. Watched others playing it multiple times on twitch. And my opinion is that it's one of the best mods ever created. The amount of thought and heart that went into it is significant and you can clearly see it. Total rework while still staying true to the original concepts. 

There are changes which purists might not like but ultimately you are given a much better product than ff6 ever was so any open minded person should be able to dismiss those little shortcomings if they bother them. All the bugs were fixed. Dialogs make much more sense now. The combat system is much more in depth and all those stats/abilities actually work now, which wasn't the case in vanilla.

The difficulty is fair. Jrpgs are usually easy, this mod is a bit more challenging. But every encounter can be solved in multiple ways. I wish this mod gave even more challenge but that's me and no way in hell I hold it against them. 

I can't praise this mod enough. I can sincerely recommend this mod to both veterans and people who never played ff6 ever before. I am of the opinion this is the definitive version of ff6. I'd never go back to vanilla.


Thanks to all the people who worked on this mod,


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