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Anyone know of a Let's Play that has been done with the most recent version? This game is kicking my ass but I really like it. I just happen to not be very good at it I suppose. Looking for some tips and strategies for some battles because. I'm at Lionel Castle with the Geomancers up on the battlements and just their first turns take out half my team. I would also just like to watch some updated Monster Tactics videos as well.

Edit: I have watched some videos already, but none I've seen are the version I'm playing, as I see different enemy units and what not. I also probably grinded a bit too much unintentionally, I'm around level 32 at Lionel.


Edit 2: got past Lionel, and found CT5Holy's YT channel (his version looks pretty close to the most recent) and some other videos in another thread, but any more would be great to watch!

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