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  1. so I'm at Kaiser right now and after a couple of tries came here to lurk for advice. I have terra mog setzer and cyan right now. So for the Holy element, am i screwed? No way to cast holy, but what if I hit him with the Longinus (holy damage) or another weapon that hits for holy damage, does that count as the element? I guess I will try and see, if he hits me with holy afterward I guess I'll know it worked. On my first try I got him to the purge part without using any holy damage so maybe all 8 aren't 100% required. Edit: geez this guy is no joke. I ran out of MP so fast since my only non-elemental spell is ultima on Terra. And my tintures have all been depleted from all the other dragons and what not. I think I'll have to just exit the dungeon and go back in with a stacked team for this spot. Did get him past two purges though, but my Terra just doesn't have a ton of MP and even cycling through I got hit with an Ultima and needed to heal and start hitting elementals again but was out of options. Tough but I like the challenge. I had planned on leaving before Kefka and coming back anyway so I'll just do that earlier than expected! 2nd edit: question- do you have to cycle through each element in order, or do you just keep hitting him with just any element and as long as you cycle through them all you're ok? like if i went fire-ice-fire does this "reset" anything or impact negatively?
  2. Location of Mana Battery?

    Aw man, Locke's cave? I didn't think I missed anything from there but I guess I gotta head back in edit: oh, the cave under figaro castle. just found it, disregard my dumb comment
  3. esper points in WOR

    ahh ok, thanks for the reply. And I was just going through the fanatics tower and seeing nice magic points just before I checked this board
  4. Hi, been loving this mod of one of my favorite games! I was wondering if there was a place in the WOR similar to the area that had only Cactuars that I found in the WOB for earning spell points without getting exp. I had xp turned off for a while but didn't realize it didn't allow EL points either. Alternatively, is there a place that gives low xp but great spell points/esper level points? I want to get spells learned but don't want to level up my characters any more than they are. Another quick question, My party average is lvl 24 (all are at least level 24 at this time, and I have most of the characters now except Locke and Gogo) but just got shadow and hes level 21 and I really thought he would join at the party average, not well below it. Will Locke and Gogo be the same level on joining too? Thanks in advance! I just signed up on this site after being a lurker for a bit, I apologize in advance if I have made a noob mistake somewhere.