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Cool hack. The changes are welcomed, and they do make the sibgle battles a littoe more challenging. I ñike that there is more use to the multitechs, but i made some equipment changes to test differences in damafe and some techs do the same wether you have more magic or more power. So that is something to look out for.

The og game had a really easy physical attack way of playing it. You cpuld go on most battles with ayla robo/frog and chrono and just press A.

But now it feels like it's useless. I mean. I would like to be able to customize my fighter to be doing insane damage.

I'm on tye ocean palace and the difficulty amp is a good addition.  I like the fact that there is some new techs, i'm raising marle as a fighter so u want to try sky shot that i hope its phisical. I like the weird change in robo, but i struggle to see the benefit of him being a tank, since there is no indication or way of having him to get more damage, so it works as a proper tank as in most games that have that concept. Frog as a mage is, as much as i love the character, much more usefull than as an attacker. Water dual techs do lpta of dmg and heal is one of tye best healing spells. You amp his magic and he can maintain the party alive pretty well.

Since buffs are moved in order and the attacks of rye enemies are stronger, it would be nice to have tye barrier and shield strenght back. To have some kind of strategy. Specially with the end of time fight. 

I'm afraid of fighting lavos since the last part is hard as it is, so now he must be insane.

Been enjoying it a lot so far.

So much that i stopped playing the other games and just dove into this. I'm a sucker for equipment configurations and customization.

I love that concept.


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