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  1. Recomended lvl.

    Perfect. After like 8 months i have time today to play. I know that the game can be beaten with knowledge of the mechanics at really low levels, but yeah, like that, im underleveled. The highest lvled char is umaro at 35, but the rest are max at lvl 30. Half are mid to high 25-30. And the party im using to foght the boss is a good strategy, but those are the lower leveled characters, line lvl 25, 26, 28 and 30 i think. So yeah, i'll grind a little. I don't like it a lot but in here it's more fun since its more steategic and if i grind gold i can reset the esper points to try diferent builds, so i can have some fun experimenting while leveling. Thanks for the reply
  2. Hi. It's been a lot of months since i started this journey and got stuck at fighting the last part of kefka. The thing is that i played with lots pf different strategies but ended dying all the time from a meteo ( the unblockable one that uses the whole screen woth meteors coming from the background to the screen). So, since i'm doing multiple things in life i had to stop it and leave it on pause. But my achievement oriented mind can't not end this game, so i want to ask what is a recomended level to finish it. I know you can reboot the esper points and it's a thing of strategie and you can get a low level game but i want to just grind, even though i don't like ot thst much. Enough to beat it, but not so much to overlevel to the point of erading the challenge. I don't even remember what lvl i'm at. Ahhh and what place has high exp and money? Because grinding in this dungeon is slow and ir doesnt replenishes your money as you would want it too. Thanks in advance. I tried the dinaspur forest but i saw it's nerfed.
  3. Thanks for the input. I'll try with changing gears to see if I can throw cyan into the mix, since he is the other heavy hitter that can tank and I thought mutsonokami was magic based proc, but it seems it's stamina based, so maybe it will help with the espers part. There is another rage that gau uses, mesosaur, that casts holy wind, but if kefka does too much damage it loses the effectiveness, the good part is that the second ability is not runicable either. I don't want to grind, but i'm at that point that i'm about to go lvl up like 4 levels to even the playing a bit. But my ocd won't let me be happy because i will think i'll cheated myself. Will see if i can make an max evade/magic evade party. Or the closest to that. Or up the stamina of cyan and edgar, forgoing some damage potential, but i have terra with a really high magic evade, she can evade the meteo of the demon part. I didn't know the other one could be evaded. Will try your tips. Thanks
  4. Hi. At last I got to the final fight. I'm able to fight through everything, but angel kefka rapes me. I tried to take advantage of runic to absoeb meteor that is the reason my party gets desteoyed, well that and the speed of attacks that is insane. I read that there are two ways meteor is cast. When kefka changes a phase and because of a counter or something. So i think I have crossed the phases, because at first he doesn't attack with train, but after he does, and I fkn hate it. The frustrating part is having to go through all the fight with the three other parts to get there and get killed fast. I have been able to survive for some time, but in the end i'm basically reviving charCters and not attacking. So, a question. I don't want to ask because i eanted to finish the game with no help but this is getting a little boring. Is there a way to prevent meteor, or to slow kefka, or protect yourself from meteor? I have shell on everyone, but since it ignores defense it still hits pretty hard. My party is terra mprphed ultimating everything the first 3 parts. Celes for runic, edgar for slowx and mana battery and gau for non runicable cure with gargoyle rage. It works pretty well for the first three parts. Bit i get to kefka and he starts pummeling the party with magic. And i put the runic but he cadt too fast or uses meteor when runic has being activat3d just before. I want to try a run with gogo and celes for double runic. But then my damage output resolves wirh terra being berserked with atma weapon. Since gau uses the cure or gets runiced for quake, that doesn't hit kefka either because he flies, does he have a lot of hp? I want as little spoilers as it can be done. Thanks in advance.
  5. Nice, then i will try it next. When i kill fkn kefka, that is kicking my ass over and over.
  6. Yep. That one that is in the news section.
  7. This is the topic I wanted. Maybe I raised sabin wrong, but for the life of me 9 can't make him do decent damage with bum rush. I put all strenght raising equipment and nirvana band and he does like max 4.000 at most. And I don't think he excels on anything else but having high hp. Locke is as always a bad character, but I found a strategy to make him cool. Atma, valiance+berserk with haste equipment. Nice dps. I think his really low mp makes him a non reliable mp user. For Celes, Shock was kind of a letdown. I reseted all of the el of celes and put only stamina and then stamina equipment and still the damage is underwhelming. It's nice that she can have the half mp relic to make her a usable mage. Still her magic is not good. Holy does not that much damage and merton is kind of dificult to pull, because you can have only 3 fireguards and ypu lose the iceguards until you get the multiguards, but that is the final battles, so for me it doesn't count. I tried yo make her a fighter but I bet the illumina for anpther item, i dont remember wich one, and ended using excalibur. But i rhink i shpuld have like reseted her els to put only strengh to make her a viable fighter (i think you can raise strenght? I have bad memory and havent checked in a month). Terra is amazing. One of my favpurites. She suffer from the same as celes, low mp, until she comes across with the quarzt charm, and mp raising espers. She basically is an esper for mpst of the game. There is no clear reason to make her a human. Back row and shell/safe and that's it. You can use cure 2 to do 1200 hp recpvery and low mp magic like break flr 5.000 or ultima for arpund 7.000 to all enemies. Ypu still have to have edgar qith her or sabin, basically rendering their offense null. And edgar does amazing damage. Another one of the top 3. Edgar does everything you need and has a great way of surviving everything even if he doesnt use a shield. I love hoy cyan was so buffed that he became amazing. The mutsonokami is kind of useless on him sp i put it in shadow, that without ninja stars kind of sucks, but i wish he cpuld have mahic raising espers to have fun qith scrolls and that sword. A hastened, berserked shadow with the knife that does attack 2x coupled with mutsonokami is a fast way to do good all enemie damage. Mog without dragoon setup kind of sucks, i try to make dancing wprk in wor but it dissapoints, and he has low strenght. Setzer stsrted good and ended really bad. He doesn't have anyrhing good. I didn't use fixed dice plus 2x attack because I just left him along woth mog in the airship. Gogo and umaro are beasts now. The two of them deal lots of damage if they are well equipped (well umaro has only relic options since he has one equip). I didn't find gau as an attacker very good. But his 2 all character healing plus earth attacks amazing with haste. Relm and strago are very good but suffer with bad magic. They do tons of damage for the magic that they have and sketch now is pne of the best abilities. Using flare to atma to deal tons of damage wad amazing. Last fight she kinds of underwhelm since you cannot sketch anything amd flare doesn't do that much damage. Strago on the other hand plus magicx is a best. Dual dark or ice 2 to an ice weak enemy is a lpt of damage. I think grandtrain is nerfed because it doesn't do that much damage as in vanilla for the magic cost. But he is really versatile and his high magic and mp with osmose makes him a great asset. Next, the fights. Ypu DO need to learn how to ply the gme again, but when ypu get the thinking behind fights, it becomes a lot easier. I think bosses need a little more work. I understand the way you want to make statuses usable, but if every boss fight ypu need to use slow and haste, it tends to become old at some point. With that every boss becomes easy. So it's kind of insane high hp. My strategy for basically most bosses is golem, zoneseek, haste, slow. And then profit. Even dragons. Just be carefull with the attack that makes then haste themselves. Translation for me didn't work. There are good parts but the constant references break the inmersion for me. And as an iron maiden fan, understanding every one of them was off putting, I even got the castlevania one. I know that there is the choice to use the other translation, but i wanted to see what this one was about. The last thing is that I understand the thinking behind making magic a scarce resourse, so you can focus on phyisical abilities more, but I think it's a little overdone. At least have more access to mp replenishing items or making the mp replenishing abilities more generpus. Like mog dance. He dies the mp healing really scarcely and it does low healing. You have to go out pf your way to turn sabin or edgar into a mp healer and that's it. If ypu raise stamina a lot it never imrpoves that much of the healing. I want to point out that this is my opinion only. I do enjoyed the hack a lot. I like the way I have to learn to adapt to different rules to use different aproaches to kill enemies and bosses. But the same can be said if ypu go on a low level natural magic vanilla run. You use those mechanics in a creative way. I think the nex time i play this game is going to be the randomizers.
  8. Can i ask ypu something? The chrono trigger mod you posted is kind of a brave new world lite version for that game?
  9. I have an alternate strategy.
  10. wor music

    That's where I meant. Do it myself. I do say in my previous post that I respect the vision, but it takes away from me personally. And that's why I asked to do it myself if I could and get some pointer on how to do it.Maybe it wasn't that clear and i'm sorry. I will download that editor, thanks. I AM enjoying this hack, it's really challenging, a lot of changes. The wor is different and i like that, because is like discovering again what the hell happens.
  11. wor music

    Ahhh cool, thanks
  12. wor music

    Well I think by the lack of responses that my petition was not popular. Well, sometimes you win sometimes you don't. Still bugs me a lot but the ride has been really fun. I'm reading that there a lot of differences on this wor, so I'm really interested in that. Just one question if anybody can answer. What does the defibrilator do?
  13. editor

    Ohhh, it's a lot. I didn't know it was so complex. I think I'll try what you say. Thanks, I appreciate it.
  14. Hi, I wanted to say that I've been enjoying the hack a lot. It's really interesting to see the changes. Some of them i like a lot, some of them not so much. I just did Daryl's tomb and got out of the airship and the music reverted to the sad depressing one before you get the airship. I know it's your hack and your idea of what the game should be and I won't argue with that. Ahh and nice aces high reference there. But for me it just doesn't fit. The good of that music is that it gives you hope, that the worls is a piece of shit but you can help it somehow. And descending from the Falcon and getting the depressing music again doesn't do it for me. Again, I can't ask you to change it because it's your vision and i'm playing it, but I ask if there is a way for me to restore the song to the vanilla way. Maybe it's too much and I lack the knowledge, but at least I have to try. It breaks a little of my concentration. Thanks in advance
  15. editor

    What is the name of the editor you used to do this hack? Or did you went inside the game itself and changed thing manually? I want to experiment with making new locations. Can you change the events happening? Like, could you make the characters appear in albrook and then have an event there? My dream is to male a prequel of ff6 in the war of the magi. It wpuld be cool to make a whple new game with your engine, new stpry, new characters, new map. An ending. Haha maybe i'm too much of a dreamer.