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My First Twitch Live Stream

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G'day fellow Rom-Hackers, just thought I'd invite you all to check out my first ever Twitch stream next Saturday (August 19th)! I'm aiming to start around 9PM AEST (UTC+10) which is probably early in the morning for any yanks, but I'll be going for at least four hours, and possibly a few hours after that playing Halo co-op with a mate from the US. You can find a link below to my Twitch Channel which I've already filled out with plenty of info, feel free to Follow me to find out when I go live! Below that I've also made a trailer for the first game I'll be playing there. :D Wasn't sure how I could add to the Stream thingamajig. I'll be showcasing my Hard Mode for Langrisser II, which I started way too long ago and need to finish, and then likewise with Warsong. I'm about halfway through Chapter 2 of my Saiyuki Journey West Hard Mode project; bloody tons of battles when you include the copious Dojo and Post battles. :o Once I run out of my own projects to play through, hoping to test out the work of others around here on Twitch, if ye don't mind!

I'll be testing all my new equipment this weekend (mixer/microphone/webcam/etc) and if all goes well I might even have an unofficial first stream on Tuesday, starting my 'Tales of Tuesday' stream where I'll play through the entirety of the Tales of... series, starting with Tales of Phantasia (PSX) Hard Mode! Hope to catch some of you there. Cheers!


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