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Final Fantasy VII // Project Echo-S

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Project Echo-S For Final Fantasy VII

Echo-S Logo.gif


This mod is still a WIP. A playable demo will available soon-ish for you guys to get a first hand experience of what we are really trying to achieve here.

The demo will be playable up to falling into Aeris/th's church from Mako Reactor 5.

The variety of things this mod includes are as follows:

Full Voice Acting                    Subtitles               

All New 3D Models                    Automatic Text         

Remastered/Metal music choices                    Field/Battle scenes remade by hand

Weather System                    Day/Night System  

Dynamic Weapons


There are also a few features planned for the release but not guaranteed:

All New Movies 

Class system

Menu Redisign


All of these pieces are individually chosen by the player, you do not have to use all of these.

It's very easy and takes no time at all to swap them in and out at any point if you start to dislike one.

No file edits, no nothing. It's as easy as clicking a button



So right now this project does in fact have new movies, but they are used from other sources such as trailers. Naturally is SE do not provide me with them, then i'm stuck.

So why i put them in that section is because what we plan to do is remake every movie ourselves using 3d engines.


The class system is in fact very nearly ready but just not in a position where it can be released yet. Especially in a demo that doesn't exactly go very far yet.



The voice acting provided with this mod is to the best of my abilities. I am the Director of this project and do everything except the actual acting myself.

I have never directed anything before and thus everyone's opinions are greatly appreciated. All i ask is that if you hate it. try not to diss it too much. Give criticism.

 ALL Actors are UNPAID and very, very few are pro's by any means. So naturally this isn't going to be like a standard produced game that a company spent millions on.



The Day / Night System has 6 different times. And will chance every 5 minutes. Naturally as the demo increases in length, so will the days.
This is so you may get to see at least 1 full 24 hour cycle.


There are also plenty of minor changes inside this project just to test out these new features, for example.

When it begins to rain, NPC's will stop roaming around in shorts and either go home completely, or swap outfits to be more weather appropriate.


The Day / Night system also allows me to make certain events only occur at certain times of day.
So many mini-quests may be added to extend this feature.


Shops will close at a certain time and stay closed until the next morning. Whereas Inn's will remain open all night.


We are always looking for more ways to improve on this mod and you guys may be able to help out.

So enough rambling, you can read all you like about it, but the imagination will only take you so far. So here i'll provide you with links to videos of the project for you to see for yourself.

there are also Character Demos available so you can hear some of the actors that won't be making an appearance for a while. 

Please make sure to leave some feedback on the videos if you have a moment to help me and the actors do the best we can.


Episode Playlist

Character Demos



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