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Other FFVI Hacks for Inspiration Consideration

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Greetings, all!

I was curious what other finished FFVI hacks existed and found this board.  (Despite its name, it doesn't feature only finished FFVI hacks.)  I haven't played any of them yet and have only minor familiarity with some due to videos, articles, etc.

-The T-Edition (Japanese ROM) has New Game+, a music player and more!
-Guest Adder Patch: Expand the maximum roster size to 16 to include Banon and Leo as full-time party members.  (Meant for modders.)
-Return of the Dark Sorcerer: Changes the party sprites to characters from other games (FF and otherwise), modifies some events, and maybe does else.

May these be interesting, inspirational, and otherwise helpful to you.  Enjoy!

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