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  1. Learning of Cyan's Dream's MagiTek's removal made me post in disapproval.
  2. Based on these listed patch notes, my only complaints so far are thus: -The Reflect/Rflect change. I liked how it worked on a timer. (|=^( -Death Ward/Quartz Charm no longer blocks instant death. Arg. -Royal Jacket is no longer fireproof. -Big frowny face to Ribbon nerf. I also understand this is done in the name of balance. Mind you, this is a small list compared to the stuff I liked changed or didn't object to being changed.
  3. Such an amazing work

    Back in the day, the pseudo-open World of Ruin was my favorite part of the game. I eventually made a save on my cartridge at the start of WoR or getting the airship so I could experiment. (I finished FFVI from the start a buncha times. I even played through WoB in one day without saving, then let the game destroy that data after turning off the system so as to preserve my 3 better save files.) And letting Sabin (my favorite character at the time) learn everything was, to me, a feature and a perk!
  4. In previous versions I played (1.0ish to 1.6ish), I loved Sprint Shoes due to getting to act sooner, taking less damage, etc. Sprint Shoes were a standard relic on each party member: Rarely would I swap out the shoes.
  5. Greetings, all! I was curious what other finished FFVI hacks existed and found this board. (Despite its name, it doesn't feature only finished FFVI hacks.) I haven't played any of them yet and have only minor familiarity with some due to videos, articles, etc. -The T-Edition (Japanese ROM) has New Game+, a music player and more! -Guest Adder Patch: Expand the maximum roster size to 16 to include Banon and Leo as full-time party members. (Meant for modders.) -Return of the Dark Sorcerer: Changes the party sprites to characters from other games (FF and otherwise), modifies some events, and maybe does else. May these be interesting, inspirational, and otherwise helpful to you. Enjoy!
  6. Well said, BTB! Alleluia! Modding something familiar into something better means understanding what went poorly in the original, what went well in the original, what should change, how, and why. Also, remember people, that at least as of today, modding is people donating time, effort, and talent to make something, usually for no monetary charge to the consumer. This is time that could have been allocated toward other things, like working longer for more money, being with family, or more thoroughly meditating on life and its meaning. Regarding Brave New World for FFVI, it removed some of the easy wins like using Phoenix Downs on Undead foes to auto-kill them ("life them to death") and Vanish/Doom or Vanish/X-Zone on all foes//bosses after its acquisition to auto-win. Part of making anything (especially with mods) is to determine what each thing should be and how it should or will likely be used. Thankee for your long-term support of this project and making Brave New World as a personal point of comparison for overhaul mods. I anticipate in a positive sense what 2.0 and later shall bring.
  7. BNW Randomizer

    I asked about this, but the devs said they wouldn't handle it. Thankee for making this and sharing it with us! Alleluia! May we have a version (or at least a link to it) included in official releases now?
  8. Back in 1.6.x, our group (since it was multiplayer) used Edgar with Flash, Setzer with Slots, and two other party members. We walked around the overworld with the battle Memory option on and, with the game playing at doulle speed or faster, we just farmed things. Slots guaranteed the Blackjack or Mugu Mugu results and Edgar's Flash did lots of damage.
  9. Greetings, all! I know FFVI already has some item randomizers, but, to my knowledge, Brave New World changes things such that an official item randomizer option would be best. I'd like to have an official item randomization option (with adjustable parameters like likelihood of obtaining things way too strong or weak) for chests, shops, fights, and steals. Plot items and likely each character's starting gear would be unaffected.
  10. Behold, Pants!

    Cat Hat Relm: Or remake the sprites.
  11. Plans for 2.0

    Multi-party floating contenent: I'd like at least the option to have magitek here for one more opportunity since the base game so rarely used it and I liked it.
  12. Plans for 2.0

    I like the multi-party floating continent and multi-party optional endgame content ideas. ROM expansion, anyone?
  13. Behold, Pants!

    i've preferred the originals since they seemed like Japanese 'magical girls' in appearance and effect. These sprites never bothered me that much. Good on you for preserving these though!
  14. We could theoretically use things like Google Cache (and the cache of other search engines like Bing) and web.archive.org to find some things.
  15. All the more reason for a future version to expand the ROM.