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With the release of Tactics Ogre remake for PSP, this game got a bit forgotten and it's no wonder, the new one looks better, plays smoother, feels more polished and has more content. Which is a good thing, of course, if all remakes outshined the original work, the world would be a much happier place, if nothing else but for the lack of disgruntled fans.

Still, as the remake isn’t just an improved carbon copy of its predecessor, but a vastly different game in many aspects, there is a certain point in replaying this one, besides the obvious nostalgic factor. So, that’s what this is, a tiny side project for those that get a craving to replay it but aren’t quite as keen on revisiting some of its quirks, which were a bit hard to swallow even for year 1995.








Q: Wait, why again?

A: Got curious and wanted to see how much trouble it would be to adjust a few of the simpler things, also, got a soft spot for the game.



Q: Aren’t there already a ton of full-fledged and honestly quite impressive mods for it?


A: Yes, but mostly for the SNES version so that means all of them are in Japanese and fairly inaccessible to a western fan.



Q: Is this fully completed?

A: No, I don’t have the time to work on two full mods and investing too much time into a game very few people play is a bit of a waste, so it’s just a bunch of tweaks that should make the game more enjoyable or at least less of a pain, it’s unlikely to grow into something more.



Q: Does that mean I will encounter a lot of bugs?

A: Probably not, I tested it myself to an extent and removed most major issues, it should be fine now unless I made the last boss too hard to kill or something like that. Tell me if you do, though.



Q: Does this work on all platforms?

A: It does, the archive includes versions of the hack for both PSX and SNES. It should work on all emulators and also on original hardware if you burn the patched PSX image to a CD.



Q: Can I apply the english patch to the SNES version?


A: Yes, just be sure to apply the mod before the translation patch.



Q: Can I use an existing saved game from vanilla?


A: For the most part, the stats of your team will be wrong, but it will work. Just make sure you use a memory card save, not a saved state, see the installation below for details.




Patch Notes




Patch notes v0.2


Class Changes

-  Knights get innate Remedy instead of Vitalize spell, granting an innate spell to a class is a bit problematic because you could keep unequipping it to get unlimited money

-  White Dragon and Holy Dragon get Banish instead of Remedy

-  Golems now get X-Zone instead of Poison

-  Gildas gets innate Banish instead of Heal, so he didn’t need his caster stats anymore

-  Myrdin gets two exorcist spell slots instead of innate ability, his caster stats are now better

-  Gorgon gets innate Toxic instead of Incubus spell

Item Changes

-  Steak now provides +1 STR, +1 INT and -1 AGI on levelup

-  Octoball now provides +1 DEX, +1 MEN and -1 VIT on levelup

Ability Changes

-  The Dragos ability now has the effects of old X-Zone, and is available instead of it on the same items

-  X-Zone now has point blank range and inflicts slow, it doesn’t damage the user anymore



Patch notes v0.1



-  Special characters that previously didn't keep their default appearance on class change (like Presance or Forcas) will now do so

-  Area spells don't hit empty tiles anymore

-  Most classes have higher vitality, they died too fast for a game without knockdown mechanic

-  That also means some rescue missions are notably easier

-  Physical resistance is also higher in general, that makes stacking armor more effective and worth the added weight

-  Agility growth is lower and doesn't differ as much from class to class, things break when it grows too high

Class Changes

-  Stat growth is standardized, so all standard classes get the same total points per level (with a point in agility counting for 2). The exception are soldier/amazon, which have slightly lower totals and hybrids, which have a total point bonus but are never stronger in any area than a specialist

-  Special classes get slightly more points, and it varies for enemies, some get significantly more

-  Male units and their classes tend to be physically stronger and female classes tend to have more agility

-  Starting stats for all normal classes are calculated in regards to their default upgrade path, so if you recruit an enemy terror knight, he will have virtually the same stats as your recruit that took 3 levels in soldier, 11 in berserker and the rest in terror knight

-  Special characters are an exception so their starting stats will reflect their class growth to an extent, with 'special' meaning everyone with a custom portrait. Characters like Sara and Voltare are just named generics and can't have their own custom defaults in this game

-  Beasts are much stronger and faster, you can bring only two so they probably should be worth it. Their elemental resistances and vulnerabilities are more pronounced

-  Undead are weaker in general

-  Soldier has 1 str and 2 hp per level over amazon and she has 1 agi over soldier, they're the same otherwise

-  Knights are a bit weaker on attack but have gotten a true tank defense and have an innate Vitalize spell

-  Berserkers hit even harder but haven't gotten as durable as some other classes

-  Terror knights got better offense, now that knights are covering the defensive role

-  Swordmasters are more durable and can walk on water like ninja

-  Dragoons got more durable as a heavy class and their magic is stronger but their attack isn't as good as before, they specialize in spears now

-  Ninja shouldn't die in one hit like before

-  Beast tamer is still sturdy and a bit stronger offensively

-  Wizards are slightly less fragile but have lost 1 move

-  Warlocks are stronger fighters and specialize in swords

-  Exorcists are stronger fighters and specialize in hammers

-  Lich has higher stats and can teleport but has lower resists and movement

-  Gunner is is a bit less susceptible to attacks but is still very vulnerable to magic

-  Valkyrie is physically tougher and can use the same spells as ninja

-  Archers have less movement and aren't as durable

-  Dragon Tamer is stronger overall

-  Siren is a bit more durable, also faster than Wizard but not as strong and has also lost 1 movement

-  Witch is a hybrid, similar to warlock but more nimble, she can also use dragon magic and specializes in crossbows

-  Cleric is more durable, they specialize in claw weapons

-  Priest is a stronger caster than a cleric but not as suitable for getting hit, she has lost 1 move too

-  Faerie is a bit tougher, has +1 move and gains MP, specializes in bows

-  Gremlin isn't such a powerhouse attacker as in vanilla but is more durable, has +1 move, gains MP and specializes in whips

-  Hawkmen have worse stats than land units, which is true for most native fliers or teleporters, they specialize in hammers instead of axes and are resistant to air but vulnerable to earth

-  Lizardmen are stronger offensively than knights but can't handle magic as well as they do, they specialize in spears instead of hammers and are resistant to earth but vulnerable to wind

-  Pumpkinheads specialize in hammers

-  Ghosts don't have crazy resists anymore

-  All dragons have the same growth totals, their upgraded forms are slightly tougher and stronger

-  White/Holy dragon will gain a Remedy skill

-  Golems can use a poison attack

-  Goblins specialize in axes

-  Sorceress lost 1 movement

-  Vyce's starting Soldier class is stronger than a normal one and specializes in swords

-  High Priest lost 1 move

-  Princess specializes in swords

-  Paladin gained one more spell slot

-  Lord Mancer lost 1 move

-  Eagleman can equip one status spell, his favored weapon changed to spear

-  White knights have innate Heal

-  Shamans are different now as their stats, weapon specialization, movement and resists mirror some of the normal classes (with a special class power boost) but keep the shaman's spell set. Cistina is similar to a Dragon Tamer, Cerya to a Valkyrie, Sherri to a Siren and Olivya to a Cleric

-  Vyce's Warrior class has the same movement as Ninja

Item Changes

-  Item weight is standardized, in vanilla you'd often stick to starting gear because the added weight on upgrades wasn't worth it

-  Equipment gives you a resist boost to their element instead of the opposite one

-  Reshuffled stat bonuses on gear in regards to which items apply their bonuses when attacking and which do when defending. For instance, an INT bonus is useless on body armor, shields, headgear or boots because it's a strictly offensive stat

-  Daggers have a DEX/INT bonus

-  Swords have an AGI bonus

-  2h Swords are stronger

-  All Axes are 2Handed, previously only the starting one wasn't

-  All hammers are 1Handed

-  Baldur gear doesn't give you an INT boost anymore, there are other items for that

-  Claws have a MEN bonus

-  Staves are 2Handed so you won't have to dual wield them anymore, the int loss was compensated by higher caster stats for most classes that use magic

-  Whips have a DEX bonus

-  Ranged weapons are much heavier, let's say it's the ammo

-  Physical resistance on most defensive items doesn't go up anymore, as stacking percentages too high could fully eliminate damage, instead, the previously unused VIT bonus and other stats are used for growth

-  Shields have a small bonus to AGI, MEN and all resists

-  Gauntlets have less physical defense than shields but better spell defense

-  Heravy armor has the highest physical resistance and vit bonus. Some of them, like leather and fairy armor are lighter but less protective

-  Robes have less physical defense than heavy armor but better elemental defense

-  All robes beyond baldur double your mana regen to counter the dropoff in gain per turn due to lower WT later on

-  Helmets have a MEN bonus and some physical resistance

-  Boots have an AGI bonus and some physical resistance

-  Some rings have different stat bonuses

-  Orbs now have 1 weight instead of -10, it probably isn't good if a consumable is providing an incentive not to be used

-  Special gear that had it lost its bonus to stat growth per level

-  Because of that, Warrior gear set was reworked to normal items

-  Steak, Chicken, Burger and OctoBall don't raise your stats on use anymore, they instead modify your stats on levelup by the amount listed in their description if equipped. It was meant as a way to further customize your stat growth. If it proves useful, more such items can be created

-  Basic status removal items cure all status ailments instead of just one and also heal 50 HP but are more expensive than basic healing leaf, Pomme still cures all status ailments and heals 100 HP

Ability Changes

-  Mana costs for most spells were adjusted relative to their usefulness

-  Projectile spells have higher range

-  Area damage spells have lower range

-  Spells that hit all targets can miss. Starion and draconic magic have a lower chance to hit than forbidden magic on account of having additional effects

-  Forbidden magic no longer hits allies

-  Melt affects multiple targets

-  Meteor is a single target spell that can cause stun

-  Poison is more accurate

-  Petrify is a single target spell

-  Iceblast is a single target spell that lowers weapon power and removes 9/10 of the target's MP

-  Acid Rain no longer lowers weapon power

-  Clear spell removes all status effects, not only poison

-  Slow Move affects multiple targets

-  Exorcism spell always hits

-  Vitalize spell affects multiple targets

-  Instead of reducing your MP after use, Charge costs 50MP and charges the same amount to the target, so you can't generate MP from thin air on first turn

-  Tempest draconic spell inflicts stun

-  Wipeout draconic spell lowers weapon power and removes the target's MP

-  Asteroid draconic spell inflicts poison

-  Mute draconic spell inflicts sleep

-  Retissue doesn't turn your undead into a level 1 soldier, it just heals one undead unit to full

-  Dragon breath status effects match the draconic magic of the same element

-  Eddy can be used on land and can inflict slow

-  Faerie's Cute Kiss and Deep Kiss cost MP and scale with INT/MEN

-  Gremlin's Cute Kiss and Deep Kiss cost MP and scale damage the same as other special attacks

-  Sad Song damages undead instead of healing them





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