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  1. I had something similar happen, except Locke was using a healing shiv which healed the only damage I'd done so far.
  2. Oh geez. Welp, no matter how thorough I think I am, I always miss something easy. Thanks!
  3. Hi everyone, I'm back to the community and finished my PhD! On ID and Twitch I'm Bluerobin427, on Discord and here I'm just Robin because it's what people called me anyway. Glad to be around again!
  4. So, I'm back to BNW with 1.8.5 and a new raspberry pi RetroPie setup. My problem: I get weird menu glitches. Excuse the awful picture, but one version of the bugginess is in the attached picture. I'm using the new(ish) default window color. Instead of the gradient, though, I get to this buggy looking block pattern in the save menu and when I'm naming characters. The other half is that during battle the battle window flickers to black periodically. I can't nail down what's triggering the flickering, I can't get it to happen reliably, but it happens often enough that it's multiple times per battle. I tried the patched ROM on my phone (SNES9x EX+) and it's fine. I've tried the unpatched ROM on my raspberry pi and it's ok. So, does anyone happen to know enough or have a similar setup and have the time/willingness to help? If there's a setting or group of settings I need to fiddle with I can do the legwork from there, I just don't really know where to start. I could just play on my phone again, but I'd really like to play on a big screen.
  5. Hm. I think I picked Locke last time for his durability, healing, and versatility, but the lack of MP self-sufficiency might make me switch. Cyan, Setzer, Celes, Mog, and Gau would be good for the same reasons plus they have MP-free healing or MP recharging. Celes was a bit unimpressive last time I tried her out because I didn't focus enough and went stamina heavy. Mog and Gau aren't consistent enough for MVP status for me, even though I love them now. Unfortunately Cyan does physical damage and I just like magic more. Setzer it is!