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  1. For example: while in the spreadsheet it's still !Aero. Geomancer also does not learn CQC-Magic as his first ability. There were more abilities that did not follow the spreadsheet, but unfortunately I did not note them down. I noticed this in my playthrough of the previous version.
  2. Changes look quite substantial. Are the .xls files updated with the new data? The classes.xls seems out of date, but I might be wrong. I'm excited to start playing this again
  3. Following up on the discussion regarding Lord/Law, I have to say I was impressed by the skillset. It is very original and fun to use. Any such addition to the game is welcome if you as me. Order is also very interesting, especially Insurance and Denial which is very useful when enemies resist or absorb more than one element. I am still puzzled why Order/Geoform increases the damage by so much. I am currently in the world 2, so here are some more oddities I noticed: I got into an encounter with the Zombie Dragon inside the Sealed Castle. It seemed nigh indestructible. It seriously took me more than 15 min to defeat it. It didn't pose a huge threat, but I kept doing 9999 damage with Blue/Crusher and 'normal' respectable damage with my other units and it just would not go down. Unfortunately I didn't have Scan on any of my characters to check its HP, but it seemed very strange to keep doing a lot of damage and see no effect of it, considering also that it was a random encounter and rather underwhelming with the amount of damage dealt to the party. Does it just have a lot of HP or is it something else? A similar thing happened to me in the first world: when I was fighting Shiva for the first time. I had Scan and got her down to 1 HP and 0 LP. She just wouldn't go down to any of my attacks, and the battle went on for quite some time until I inflicted Sap (or was it maybe Poison) on her and she died because of it. My difficulty is always either on 2 or 1. Does that have anything to do with it? Chemist's Science/Grab Item occasionally executes some seemingly random commands, like Dragoon's Lancet. It does not happen often, but enough to make one wonder. How is Assassin's Hide-Ambush extra damage supposed to work? Once my hidden Assassin gets an active turn, the only selectable action is Show, there is no way to select Ambush while hidden. Am I supposed to show, and then select Ambush on the following turn? This might have already been answered, but do the effects of passive abilities such as Crit up, Steady MP and Evade stack? Will I regenerate even more MP with 3 Steady MPs? I assume not, but just wanted to check to be sure.
  4. Alone. There were other encounters with regular lamias, which was slightly confusing at first.
  5. I found Hi-Lamia on the Flying Ronka Ruins as well, she was level 40.
  6. Not fixed 32k, but they are a LOT stronger. I have been able to cheese all the boss fight since i got geoform. I try not to use it any more, as it feels like cheating.
  7. I am currently in the first world, just entered the Lonka Ruins. Here are a few things I've notice so far that seemed a bit off: In Lix, there is a dead Stella on the floor in Bartz's house. I guess she shouldn't be there, as she crashes the game. After getting the steamship, the random encounters on the open sea are waaay more tough the the battles just before acquiring the ship. The brown sahagins are a moderate rise in difficulty, but the lamias and the stingray-looking enemies are waaaay too strong for the current part of the game. I didn't mind it too much because it was a nice challenge, but it didn't seem consistent and gradual. The Lord Order/Geoform is extremely overpowered for some reason. Under normal circumstances (before Geoform) my units would do 500~2000 damage with their abilities. With geoform they hit fo 32k. ???
  8. Feedback and Suggestions

    Ah ok, I didn't know it was that limited. So you can't really extend or modify the functionalities much, but only make combinations of existing ones? One other addition that I really liked was the new use for Trajectory. Small but meaningful changes to skills used by many units are very welcome, if you ask me. Regarding sprites and portraits, I am happy to see Donnalto reverted to the original. I have nothing against having new portraits and palettes for semi-generic or semi-unique units.
  9. Feedback and Suggestions

    Good point, it didn't occur to me. I have also been trying to use the crossbow sidegrades (the ones that have 14 range and can't shoot diagonally). They are really bad. The trade-off of having a longer range is worthless, mainly because the vertical tolerance is so poor. I believe that improving the vertical tolerance a bit or adding a pierce effect (like spears have) would make them more usable and much more fun. Or even maybe adding a new gimmick to it, like status on hit or something. The documentation mentions that they can fire through some obstacles, but it does not seem to be the case with the usual obstacles found on maps. As they are now, it is necessary to come to an almost melee distance of the target in order to shoot, unless the map is very flat (there are maybe a couple of such maps) and there are no friendly units in the way. By comparison, a fusilier with a 2H fusil and course correction does all of the above and much better. The skill is cheap and allows the unit to safely snipe from afar, saving RT on move and gaining insane amounts of TP every turn.
  10. Feedback and Suggestions

    Hi raics, thank you for your continued work on this mod. I've been playing it for some time now and I really enjoy it. Here is some feedback and some questions and wishes for the future: 1. The charm debuff wears off immediately at the start of the unit's turn. I have tried using it in different circumstances, and the result is always the same. Is this a known bug? I have not noticed it happen with other statuses. 2. stun disables mind's eye (this might be the case in the original as well, not sure). 3. the slow in sludgebind does not increase rt like a normal slow spell would. 4. floating units can stop onto water tiles and poison, but not lava. I know it's not a big deal, because there are not as many lava maps, but would be nice to have for consistency sake 5. How do burst spell work exactly, what is their formula? I have tried using them with different units, but they always seem to be much worse than just attacking with the equipped weapon, or casting a (low tier) projectile spell. 6. End game classes (buccaneer, and paladin and astromancer in particular) seem waaay overpowered and simply better in every regard than any other similar unit. I understand that they are meant as a reward to the player for making it that far in the game, but they make classes such as knight and wizard pale in comparison. 7. In the previous version, pumpkin bomb exploded bushes and other obstacles, but this seems to have been fixed in 0.93. 8. I like the new support abilities on beast tamer, however would it be possible to modify the class a bit to make it more desirable to use without pairing it with a monster unit? I tend to not use monsters very much, and it's hard to justify using a beast tamer in a monsterless party. 9. Walrocks/witches, on the other hand, got a LOT of love. I love the class, I have several different units in this class performing various functions, and they all have their niche function, which i really like. I would love to see such an evolution on other classes as well. "Smaller" versatile skills, such as mindblast and the warlock-specific instill skills, are the way to go in my opinion. At least, I've had most fun playing around with those. 10. I really like the end-game equipment, which defies the norm (two-hand 1-H katanas, 2-H fists etc.) and would love to see more of that. It allows for some interesting builds. This is all what I can think of at the moment. Not sure if it is helpful to you, just wanted to share my thoughts on the subject Cheers!