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  1. I'll be honest and admit that I've not given physical rages much of a chance, and I hear they are strong. The biggest drawback in my opinion is the counterattacks.
  2. Gau's strength lies in his unparalleled versatility. No matter what weakness the enemy has, he can do it. If you need a status applied and have no other way, he has some way to do it. If you build him for speed, he comes out as decent dps with magic attacks through sheer turn economy, and he can always hit the weakness if there is one. Couple this with a variety of status or elemental immunities and he can render some enemies, even some bosses, helpless against him. If you don't want him as a fighter for various encounters, his support rages require no maintenance, for instance Conjurer. He can cast Rerise constantly without needing to have his MP refilled. It's imprecise, but with speed ELs his crapshoot has a decent chance of giving the other team members more valuable turns.
  3. General Leo

    Edit the cutscene to add a couple minutes of Kefka repeatedly stabbing Leo and kicking him around.
  4. Discord Shenanigans

    I have it on good authority that Stann has eaten his own semen already.
  5. PREVIEW: Tournament Brackets

    Flawless victory. Fatality.
  6. NG+ Member Pictures

    As mentioned in my posts, they are Ratman and Bobin.
  7. NG+ Member Pictures

    Yeah they're pretty awesome. What are your rats' names?
  8. NG+ Member Pictures

    And this is Ratman.
  9. NG+ Member Pictures

    Meet Bobin. He and his brother Ratman were recently adopted by yours truly.
  10. Interest check - 1.3 Tournament 2017

    I'll find them sometime soon. For others who are unsure, the standard rules include total jp limits, br/fa limits, duplicate item restrictions, and so on. For the modified ruleset all that is still intact but I was also thinking of allowing one enemy-only class per team, for example. Other ideas are welcome.
  11. Hi, all. I know it's been a while and interest in 1.3 has dwindled over the last few years, but I'd like to get an idea of how many people would be interesting in participating were I to run a 1.3 tournament in the near future.
  12. 1.3 Easytype plus Complete - anyone have this?

    A note on version naming: The old versions of 1.3 were labelled 13034, 13035, etc. and with a large revamp came the new version number scheme which began with The differences between and aren't equivalent in magnitude to the changes between 13034 and, and you can get away with playing and still enjoy the mod in a fairly polished state. I'm not a fan of the Content version because it removes a lot of what gives 1.3 its fluidity: Level scaling, and enemies with proper RSM and weapon choices. Ultimately it's your choice. Chapter 1 of both is roughly the same in difficulty, it's just that Content doesn't progress to higher difficulty like 1.3 does, but nor does it progress to an adequate level of complexity.
  13. 1.3 Easytype plus Complete - anyone have this?

    It's essentially an entirely different mod since that version.
  14. FFT 1.3 - Inherit all skills intentional?

    I am of the assumption that this is less a bug and more shitty wording on the text box. You always learn all skills, and I'm pretty sure it was intentional.
  15. 1.3 Easytype plus Complete - anyone have this?

    For what it's worth, the version number you quoted is an absurdly old one, and the newest version of Content in existence is, which is far more polished. Not sure about you, but I feel it wouldn't be worth sacrificing game quality for slightly different dialogue.