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  1. It's been a while since I read it, but if iirc, this hard mode/v9.1 is going to be the last installment/upgrade of Armageddon, right? Maybe this very final mode could be given a special name with a DON, and be "SMRPG: Armaged-DON Mode" or something to that effect, ;p
  2. To be fair, I figured out most of the same things on my own. The only things I gleaned from your Rosy fight were pumping str instead of int, and being reminded that I totally forgot about the Magus/Schala fight before I went after Rosalina... > x >; (And subsequently not knowing about the Angel Tiara for 90% of post-game...)
  3. Mario: Ultima Hammer, Shirt of Light, Choice Scarf Peach: Shadow Ring, Dress of Light, Angel Tiara Mallow: Iron Duke, Paladin, Speed Bracer
  4. Put Paladin on Mallow. Angel Tiara negates status for Peach already. Soul Dew on Mallow/Mari is fine all the way up to Rosalina. Only time I put haste on Mario before her was for the Doom Cake to two-turn it.
  5. Oof, that sucks. Morning Star is what Lucifer means, and its easier to type out. Shadow ball is what Peach attacks with when she has the Shadow Ring. It's not named in the game for us, but the attack the bosses have is called that in the editor I think? What is your setup for those fights?
  6. Hah! Noooo thanks. Remember what I said about the frog in the well? I'm happy with this. I know my limits. I'll try Hard Mode when it comes out, but no matter how far I make it, I'm pretty content with myself.
  7. You won't believe it! I don't believe it! But I woooon! In your face, Space Coyote! /collapse Is that it? Can I go to the farm and watch the sunrise on a grateful marioverse?
  8. I get a few misses and bad crits from Rosy, so I had to use the Dark Matters, but they're essentially backup anyway. Also, sorry for the loud music for the first 50 seconds of the fight. Too much adrenaline, didn't notice was so loud. o . x
  9. So here's a 100% surefire way to deal with Rosetta Stone. Turn 0: Go in with a F.Illusion at full Turn 1: Hyper Guard, thunderstorm, full hammer holy luma, intentionally mistime hammer elec luma Turn 2: Celebi, thunderstorm, thunderstorm, hammer holy (dead) hammer elec or pass, lucifer, shadow ball Turn 3: ATTACK Turn 4: Cola or Final Elixir with Mallow (if Mario is disabled), attack with everyone else Phase 2 starts and you're at full hp to take the blow. Turn 5: H.Guard and F.Illusion, double spank with Mari, cola and shadow ball with Peach Stars come back, start over from turn 1, except use elixir or cola instead of h.guard. Do this 3 more times and you win. I came in with three Found Illusions in my inventory and one active and she died a turn or two after I ran out. So to be safe, have 4 when you enter the fight. Edit: Trying to upload a vid
  10. Huh, that's... queer... Well, as long as you have one going into the Booster fight and are near/full hp/fp off the nimbus gang, you should be fine on Booster. Use Celebi at the end of the nimbus fight to be full and Star in the Booster fight on turn 2. Turn 1 thunderstorm, lucifer, lucifer and that should kill all the snifits. Then if Booster wrecks your two members (he really can't clear the field by himself) you use the G.Star then, and then clean him up.
  12. I would request that if anything be changed about this fight other than crits (which I would love gone, but I don't see it happening) is making you unable to target Rosalina if she has any Luma. So annoying to accidentally target her in the heat of battle. :/
  13. Think I found my smooth mcgroove. Turn 1- Hyper guard and thunderstorm, attack holy luma and elec luma once with Mario, double lucifer with Peach. Turn 2- Celebi, double storm, attack holy and elec again, lucifer, then attack Rosetta. This gets to phase 2 and all the stars come back. Now this time I have to not eff up. Rockin' this song to fight:
  14. So upon my first try fighting her with the right damage setup, I don't know what the hell I did, but I got into an amazing groove, then I mess up and attack the wrong star and the cycle is off and the fight is a failure. Now an hour later, I can't remember what the hell I did so perfectly the first two turns... I came into the fight with a full illusion on, since Exor doesn't get to attack, so I have an extra move on the first turn because I don't have to set that up. And then whatever I did that first time I used Celebi on turn 2 to get FP back as well as auto-res. And then it went sooo buttery. But now I can't even reliably get a good entry into phase 2. Blargh, ーx-
  15. Celebi and Galaxy Star both come back after "real" checkpoints. After the Magikoopa fight - After the Booster fight - After the Yaridovich fight - After the General Guy fight (not 100% sure so leave one item for Exor just in case) - After Exor (definitely) - So you can use them as much as you want, and they'll be there for Rosetta. Well, not the star, of course, ;p