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  1. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    Magic Shield increases heal effect. Also, not having FST means that you can exploit Sleep Flower to fullest potential for screen-clearing by killing one-by-one. Single-target tech also hits harder, and you won't get annoyed by Warrior Monk's throw cuz it is single-target anyway. Evil Shaman also has Single-target summon to nuke them down, and AoE to clear trash if necessary.
  2. Maybe try to farm at least one Revive Armor so that there will be someone survive to throw Angel's Grails? Well, if you have a Light-Dark class in your party, of course. Otherwise, good luck.
  3. Leaving Wood God-beast until monsters get to above lv60 is a right choice. Almost every single monster in Wood dungeon has a chance to drop W/A seed. I got my final weapons now. Archmage's final weapon is amazing at nuking. Dervish's final weapon, for some reason, is not the one that stops him from using throw, but the one that gives him stronger wolf form, thus double his damage output during nighttime. Vanadise's weapon is kinda meh for my party cuz lacking of Saber buff, save Moon/Leaf/Dark, and summon doesn't benefit from elemental-weapon rings. Giving Rune Earring + shorter-cast-time helmet to classes that an multi-target heal (either default or Whitelight Ring) is kinda fun. They basically never run out of HP to cast healing and other spells, and they can just heal up with item if necessary, which is cheaper than walnut. Give them Moon Saber/Dragon Ring/HP-drain weapon, and let them use the revive armor cuz they never use MP is a nice combo. Talking about Revive Armor, does it help you to keep the buff on your dying character? Or the character just go back to a clean state?
  4. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    Yeah, Black Curse costs a lot and it will require Walnut. Also, you will want AGI weapon and Leaf Saber/ring, so that you can recover MP quickly for another cast if you take control on Carlie. Or you can equip Rune Earring which makes you cast from x5 HP amount, consuming 75 HP/cast, and wear cast-time reduction helmet to balance the longer cast time. Cast from HP also means that you are free from MP worries and have more choice to heal up with items than just Walnut, like a single chocolate will give you enough HP for 4 Black Curse. Fenrir Knight can be a good healing class if you are good at doing counter-attack with Lv1 Tech during their casting stance or after their attack, giving party more leeway with MP. Summon gives sleep mean you can damage and crowd-control at the same time, let you leisurely pick monster one by one. Also benefit from Invert Armor as all stat-buff.
  5. Does HP/MP drain ring/weapon works together with Leaf/Moon Sasber, or with each other?
  6. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    Yeah, Sage sounds like a good idea. Paladin'S Turn Undead depends on PIE/INT/Level, so the higher your level the stronger. Edit: I think that Necromancer is actually cooler than I thought: -Black Curse with Invert Armor = full buff on single target. Maybe a bit MP hog, but as long as you stock up enough Walnuts. Also, if a boss anti-magic, or a character die, you won't need to waste time casting back the buff on the unlucky. -Cover all elements except Moon and Leaf with her single-target summon. Can still clear screen with Black Rain (which is boosted by AGI, unless it works not like Hawkeye's Black Rain). Cannot go wrong with Dragon Master. --Can make use of AGI/VIT-based weapons. Both are good: AGI makes Charlotte casts faster and more evasive, while VIT makes her tougher physically. So, a party combo will full-buff Necromancer is: -Necromancer with Invert Armor. Your friendly single-target nuker with some Light/Dark AoE. -A debuffer: Dragon Master vs Ninja Master/Rogue. I prefer Dragon Master cuz Anti-Magic, Lunatic and poison Summon that kill monster for breakfast, though Ninja Master can be as relevant in normal encounter with multi-target Jutsu. Nightblade is not a bad choice either for screen clearing with Black Rain, silence magic/tech monsters, and debuff boss. Rogue is simply a self-sustainable nuker/debuffer who never worry about MP, but lacks of Power Down. -A class with heal: If you go with Light-path Duran/Kevin, you don't need to worry about healing. If not, you go with Grand Divina, who can give multi-saber buff for like 4 MP with final weapon, and care less about elemental weakness with Double Spell, but this is at lv38+ so be prepared to be item-reliant. Personally, I think Paladin is a good healer and undead-killer, while Warrior Monk has Leaf Saber and Power Down, which pair wells with Rogue.
  7. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    Party Combo: Paladin, Warrior Monk and Dragon Master Pro: -An all-fighter party that does not shy from anything. -Duran will instant kill any Undead, while Riesz will poison the rest. In late-game, Duran will also become a nuker with Turn Undead dealing non elemental damage, along with his full-screen tech. -Kevin will heal even better with his final weapon. -Kevin and Riesz will deal better damage on single-target thanks to their tech, thus better boss DPS. -Have two AoE healer by default, and are accessed early in the game (lv18+). By focusing on better healing, both Duran and Kevin can use PIE-based weapon for greater attack, and they are very tough against magical attack. -Riesz, meanwhile, can go VIT and PIE to become tankish. After 2nd class change into Dragon Master, she will also hit stronger with summon thanks to higher PIE. Her summon also cause poison. -Have Leaf Saber, which I consider important in long boss fight. Since the party are all fighter, they will quickly regain MP through hitting. Thanks to Dragon Master's super anti-magic, Leaf Saber will hit pretty hard, especially on Dryad Day. -Cover important buff (Mind Up, Defense Up*, Power Up*, Magical Shield for better healing, if stack with Mind Up), and all debuff (Lunatic, all stat-down). These buff are all spread out across party, so you will not need to worry about MP burden on single caster, and you can finish casting many buffs for bosses with long entrance. Cons: -All of them are physical hitters. Those pesky physical resistant monsters are gonna be a pain if your Riesz runs out of MP. -Kevin being a single-target tech user for lifetime. Riesz too for her level 3 tech. -Duran needs to access to his final weapon to nuke, thus lv60. Otherwise, your party will go brawling for most of the time, unless you meet some unlucky undead. -Since you go all PIE, you get stuck with PIE-based weapon for Duran and Kevin for pretty long, thus not being able to use Duran's AoE tech at fullest (unless you go STR and use tech-boost equipment, but it will become a pain to rise PIE/INT for his Turn Undead later). And Riesz don't have a PIE-based weapon (either LUCK or INT).
  8. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    Ah I see. I thought it made the debuff/buff you receive to be reverse, instead of it is the caster who cast inverted buff/debuff. With this knowledge on Invert Armor, I think of a team with: Reisz, Hawkeye, a healer Riesz: +Dragon Master using Invert Armor: instead of debuff, she just buff the party, while maintaining super Anti-Magic that spread weakness (if any) to all elements. She also has a very useful summon. I assume her Lunatic can do HP boost with invert armor too. Hawkeye: +Rogue: self-sustained caster who never worries about MP and can deal defense/m.defense/speed debuff. He can also multi-target casting, but it requires his final weapon, which means lv60+. Thanks to Dragon Master, he never worries about resistance and just nuke the heck out of the boss. +Ninja Master: good replacement for Dragon Master who dons in Invert Armor. Or he can be the one who wears invert Armor and cast debuff, but not recommended cuz he will also damage your party. His final weapon is cool to tag along with Dragon Master's spread-weakness anti-magic, forcing enemy into counter-able state to eat even more damage, and the weapon itself has the highest counter damage. Also has exclusive debuff on critical resistance. For normal encounter, he can just throw cast mind-down Jutsu and let enemy play with Poisonous Dragon from Riesz, and throw some Shurikens if necessary. +Nightblade: he is fine during boss fight cuz he can still debuff. A shame that Whitelight ring doesn't help his jutsus to be multi-target, but can still clear screen with Black Rain. Have deadly weapon for HP reduction which will replace Dragon Master's Lunatic who wears Invert Armor. He has a final weapon that forces him to be below 300HP to deal more tech damage, which sounds dangerous. Unless I misunderstand how the weapon works. A healer: +Bishop: multi-target saber buffer. Thanks to Dragon Master, it is not matter which Saber she needs to buff. Can kill undead and hit as hard as a fighter beyond lv60+ thanks to PIE-based final weapon. +Sage: Have Leaf Saber which means the party will never run out of MP to cast something. Can also nuke the screen with either Saint Beam or Dark Force. Have a passive-HP-regen weapon for party that can heal up to 12 per second, which is helpful when the game starts to queue screen-freeze attacks and takes ,ore time than usual for everything to cast. +Paladin: have Saint Saber to pair with Dragon Master's weakness spread. Can nuke the screen with either his tech or his final weapon with Turn Undead, and instant kill Undead. +Lord: have no Saber, but can help inverted Dragon Master to cast two party-wide buff Speed Up and Defense Up. Have Energy Ball. Have stronger tech lv3 (cuz single target) and tech-damage up for Final weapon, making him good for boss fighting. +Godhand: need Whitelight Ring to heal party. Have Moon Saber for more party self-sustained. Can cast Mind Down, which pair wells with Rogue to reduce magic damage +Warrior Monk: Have helpful Leaf Saber, and is the best healer-fighter class thanks to his weapon that boosts Heal Light. Can cast Power Down if pair with Rogue to reduce physical damage. +Grand Divina: late-game buffer/healer, so it means you gonna go through 38 level relying completely on item healing. Gonna need Whitelight Ring. Can multi-cast Saber of all six elements on your own party via damaging spells to take advantage on Dragon Master's anti-magic, though it will hurt a bit. Having Double Spell being non-elemental means she is good at screen-clearing without caring about weakness, but a bit weaker at boss fighting.
  9. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    I think the combo are cool. If you use buff/debuff-invert armor then Carlie/Rogue will cover all buff the same way they cover all debuff. And you're practically immune to all debuff cuz enemies will not bother to "buff" you up, and the only thing they can do is anti-magic you and status effect. His Leaf Saber is neat got for both himself to heal/debuff/buff, and for Carlie to cast her spell. Evil Shaman also has weapon that reduces stat, so it make screen clearing faster. Rogue is a self-sustained physical caster, so he never worries about MP, which is niche. For Warrior Monk, it is a nice choice cuz Light-path Kevin accesses to Heal Light at lv18, which will replace Carlie dark-path's lack of healing. So your run will 100% fully-heal from the get-go. Warrior Monk also has strong Heal thanks to final weapon and several items that boost heal. Both light-path of Kevin/Rogue are accessed to multi-target Tech lv2, so they will clear screen pretty fast. By the time they reach 2nd class change, Carlie will be the main screen-wiper, while Hawkeye just nuke the heck out of whatever stay alive. Kevin has only one job: get into the fray to attract their attention, hold X and run in circle until other two finishes casting. Or go with tech-up weapon and spam tech lv2/lv3.
  10. Sorry, I'm so dumb that i clicked the quote button instead of edit and make another double post >.>
  11. I play with Dervish/Archmage/Vanadise, which gives me access to all buff/debuff/heal for bosses (the day of 43 level relying on chocolates/candies after every two screens have been over!). For normal monsters, I equip six Beastman Collars (a bit tight on money now), and have the +25% EXP bonus armor on all three characters. My screen-clearing consists of holding X and running around in circle while my Angela nukes everything with an element of choice a few times until everything dies I don't know how to use Freya summon properly, though. It is cool to have easier transformed monsters to deal with, but they have reduced EXP and my Angela still have to cast one or two spells to clear the screen, and I get fully healed post-battle, anyway. It is kinda a shame cuz it would be a good screen-clearing magic that I can cast hand-in-hand with Angela spells. Any advice? Also, if I hit a physical resistance monster with a saber, will the damage be full or physical resistance still counts?
  12. Sorry, double post cuz network problem.
  13. I assume party-wide accessory effect like increase gold gain/rare treasure chance, enemy level up/down... can stack, right? Like I run around with 6 Beastman Collars for x6 effects of gold gain/rare treasure chance.
  14. Thanks. Another dumb question: Does Magic Shield stack with Mind Up for stronger magic resistance? Or Magic Shield is just Mind Up without magic effectiveness increase?
  15. Oh I didn't know that. Thanks By the way, what stat raises the non-elemental damage of Paladin's Turn Undead with his final weapon equipped? I assume it is PIE?