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  1. So are castor and pollux supposed to be so buffed up in this or do i have a bug or maybe i'm supposed to grind some levels? i got there with everyone at level 7, and first attempt each of of them took 3 turns consecutively(6 consecutive total), comboing and killing off two characters without much trouble before i got a single turn, leaving me with only yuri and karin. after yuri and karin take their turns, they again had 6 turns which was basically a game over. tried another time and it was a little better it was more like 4 turns at the start and then 4-6 turns after my characters got a turn, which was still pretty brutal. i think even if i had all my characters spamming luck talisman/healing items/cure they'd still be out damaging all my healing. When i get some more free time i will try again after hitting level 8. I took the water dress on the logic that hail breeze is the best level 1 spell and i though I't give gapeto a bit of an edge in the boss fight since I could focus down the water one with karin's fire sword arts, yuri's fire fusion rage, and gapetto using the fire crest magic, blanca healing. edit 1: as a side note, one of my first subway encounter was an with an enma(?) with like 5 rats i think too. and i think they all got to go before i did. was incredibly painful Heh. it seemed alright after that, with only one more particularly brutal "you are surrounded" encounter Edit 2: wow, what a difference a level(8) makes. that little extra hit point buffer and probably one or two extra turns i gained made all the difference in the world.
  2. Feedback and Suggestions

    I haven't played LUCT in quite sometime, but I recall something about losing skills on recruited characters/monsters if they had more than 4 or 5 skills. Something along those lines. If the skill was in the 5+ slot then they would lose them after the battle, right? Maybe my brain isn't remembering right. But there was something about that happening.
  3. Shadow Hearts NTSC-U - Imbroglio v3.70

    Ya, I certainly plan to try them all out eventually here. Obviously having all the games for the PS2, I was also a fan of the series back in the day. Koudelka I only played once at someone else's house it seemed absolutely nothing like the shadowhearts games, though it was funny when the characters would suddenly break out into this expansive professor-like dialogue about whether Immanuel Kant's position X was in agreement with Voltaire's position on Y.
  4. Feedback and Suggestions

    Have you considered making a version of this with a raw sort of difficulty increase, something like increasing enemy hp/damage by 25% or more? Nothing too complicated, but a decent bump up in difficulty across the board. I think a lot of people who wish to replay these older games want to have a little extra challenge thrown at them.
  5. In the past I used landonray's punishment mod for FFX, though I'm not 100% what version i used though. It worked fine. Now when I try to use 2.6 with the same ISO I used before (ntsc-u) it doesn't work. It seems to mildly bug the game too. Like some of the enemies are facing backards and then spin around as they attack you. i've tried downloading different 2-3 different ppf-o-matics and they all appear the same size and obviously have led to the same results. I'm really getting frustrated because you have to play for a half hour before you can even find out if the patch worked or not. i have noclue what could possible be wrong unless there is some error when I unzip the game(and i've re-unzipped it several times, too). it's the same iso and I think the same difficulty patch that worked in the past so I'm totally confused. Also anyone know a fast way to determine if the patch is working or not? No cutscene skip is really driving me nuts and completely sucking my desire to even touch this game again. Edit: ok apparently the monster facing the wrong way thing is just related to emulation not patch bug. edit 2: I had a partial hard drive failure awhile ago and I have a sneaking suspicion some of the FFX files got hit. I noticed the unzipped version is a couple thousand bytes smaller than it should be. And when patching it with 2.6, the file becomes even smaller. I guess I'll see if i can find the CD tomorrow or when I have the energy to sort through a bunch of old stuff. Edit 3: whats up with the name of the file here : FFXPv2.6bd02 why the bd02 on there?This isn't just for the second disc or something is it?
  6. yep it was a corrupted zip file. I soon found out the sound files were also corrupted and some sounds/music would make an earsplitting noise on some portions of the game. Patch seems to be working fine now though.
  7. Shadow Hearts NTSC-U - Imbroglio v3.70

    Awesome. I just did a bunch of box-searching for my old ps2 games and have all the shadowhearts games. That's cool it looks like you've made mods for all of them. Have to try them out when i have time.
  8. Ya, I's in a pulled from zip file I've had for ages now. pretty sure it was corrupted in the HD failure at this point though. only thing that makes sense.
  9. http://ngplus.net/InsaneDifficultyArchive/www.insanedifficulty.com/board/index631c.html?/files/file/61-final-fantasy-x-punishment/ Hrmm. that's not what it says on the download page though.