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  1. I assumed this was the situation. In fact, adding this kind of feature would run counter to the spirit of the bnw project. I am delighted to know that it is possible to use bnw as a basis for future projects. I will try to ask NHT where to start and how to move. Thanks!
  2. Hi, from when i started to use BNW, for me this is the the only way to play ffvi. When i try to use another hack, i just can not finish it. Recently i tried T-edition, it's not as well balanced as BNW so i lost interest in it, but i love the clothing change system of that hack. I would love to have this feature in BNW, do you think it's possible or is it just a dream?
  3. Hi, i love your mod, it's a much more funny game now. At the moment, i'm trying the 2.0 beta and i've finished the 1.9 in the past. I'm using the beta testing list to find problems on the PSP emulator Snes9xTYLme, and for now the checklist is ok. I'm at the begin of the Kefka's tower now, so quite at the end, and i'd like to report some of my wishes and considerations, for what they're worth: The second boss battle in Narshe is too much simple. What about a nerf to moogles weapons? a bit more health for phantom train and KingBehemoth please WEAPON,the enemy in the ancient caste, is too much rare. It is the most beautiful fight in that dungeon, and there is not a real boss there, so why not spamming WEAPON inside the castle like there is no tomorrow? zombie protect to the memento ring, please (That is not dead, which can rise again). Gogo is pink in Cyan’s dream (when you must find your friends). Crusader is now useless…at all (auto-reflect? mhe…give me 25% of hp or power! a status defense at least. Come on, it’s Crusader!). i think steal is a bit too nerf, especially for Locke (in WOR, Shadow with switchblade can easily do the job). You can obtain only consumable items from steal and some hidden equipment, so why not using the ffx system? you can steal only consumable and hidden, yes, but you can do this multiple times in a battle, with scaling rates of success. In the same way, rare steals are such a pain. is there any possibility to create a new relic, only for Locke, to steal only rare items(just like ffx! god…i love that game)? interceptor, the dog, is quite rare. i know that someone else asked the same question, but i want to try again: is it possible to create a new relic for shadow to increase the chances to use the dog? is it possible to add a weak knife with Mute status (the traditional Mage masher)? what do you think about the implementation of the right and left hand system in the equipment menu (bonus for the main hand of the character, just like ffIV)? it’s just a wish, but it would be very nice if someone created a patch for Celes with Maria dress in the unlockme. just my 2 cents...nothing more.