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  1. Ogre Battle Hardtype question

    So apparantly i have them on my hard drive along with the March on Black Queen Archive i can link if anyone wants
  2. Does anyone have the changes to items and class requirements that this mod did? I want to play it but without knowing how to evolve my creatures and fighters it doesn't seem to be a good idea. I tried to look on the insane difficulty website but I couldn't tell which information went to hardtype or lap of the gods.
  3. So i can only use items to cure status effects until i get the heal spell way later. Ouch! lol that makes that Siren fight even rougher with her casting poison all the time.
  4. Hey started playing this yesterday up to the water tower having a good time had a heck of a time with siren and the poison she kept using but fun. That brings up my first point the Pure spell does not seem to cure any status effect i have gotten so far it didn't cure poison for instance, sleep, paralysis those are basically all the stat's i think i have come across so far but i haven't seen it cure anything yet.