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  1. There goes the neighborhood

    Well if it isn't the Handburgler himself!
  2. There goes the neighborhood

    Ha! I forgot about that frog. I'll have to avatar up soon. I seems like so long ago. I played BNW way, way back. I don't know what version but I do remember that they hadn't done anything to the WoR yet. I imagine it's changed quite a bit since then. That might be perfect. It's been ages since I've played VI, too.... I saw that bastard poetry was doing BNW the other day, I didn't realize that was a new 2.0, I thought it was a throwback. I'll have to check it out
  3. It is I, DrBretto! THE DrBretto! I can hardly believe it myself! For real though, seeing a ton of familiar faces. Fonts? It's crazy, like someone just reached back and pulled a portal to 2009 or whatever year is close enough. I thought this whole thing all just went away, what's new out there? I mean, I'll browse the site after this but I'd love recommendations. It's been long enough, I could use a nice excuse to relive an old FF right about now. Not sure which one. Not so much looking to pull both of my remaining hairs out, just looking for something that keeps you engaged.