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  1. Hey, thanks Nesouk! Fortunately I had Rain Man, and that was great advice: Bolt2 let Gau one-shot a MagRoader (sometimes before it one-shotted Gau with Wheelie) and clear the arms on Number 128 pretty quickly, which made the whole thing more manageable. In hindsight I was also making the mistake of having everyone kitted out in rogue gear, so no one could take a significant number of hits and stay standing. Once I put tankier gear on Locke and gave him a Knight Cape, I could keep Gau alive most of the time and use Sabin for targeted damage or support as necessary. This is a good example of what I like so much about this revision of FFVI: there are actual build options that let you really take advantage of the combinatorial possibilities of the huge character roster. BTW, listing what the actions are in the Rage menu is a huge quality-of-life improvement, thanks whoever made that happen.
  2. This is a message to all the Gau friends out there. If you're listening, Gau and I need a little counciling. See, it all started when I thought to myself "you know, I never use Gau. I know he's been all shined and polished up since vanilla and I've seen some forum posters swear he is OP if only you learn to use him... So you know what? I'll give him a chance!" And I gave him a chance. I gave him a chance all the way through the Magitek Factory with his best bud Sabin and he got KOed a lot but everything was going just fine. Until the mine cart ride. Which I just died on five times in a row, playing what I thought were more and more conservative strategies: Locke on heal (shiv) and Life/Fire2, Sabin on Fire Dance and Black Belt/counters, and Gau trying his best with Conjurer for Rerise but he keeps throwing Frazzle instead. Wipe after wipe. And no chance to go back and pick someone I know how to use. So, any advice, thou Gau whisperer? Can someone show me how I'm mishandling the wild child (or the party comp) and help me save this file? I, as an FFVI veteran, of course don't have a backup save. (Edit: this is 2.0 RC27-P, if it matters.)