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  1. You can't really argue that it's fair or fun at all though- sure, it's the hardest difficulty, but that's no excuse for straight up bad mechanics. Especially when you have to deal with them for the additional content that comes from 99+ void shards
  2. Hi. Great romhack. I've been going in mostly blind on difficulty 1 and expert mode, occasionally checking the spreadsheets to make sure I'm not messing up really badly. My only complaint- why does the HP barrier make it so that it takes at least 4 actions to kill an enemy with 1/1 life bars? This makes fights *extremely* annoying to complete- see this video. Read description for more info, but to get right to it, if you are going to include an HP barrier, that is perfectly fine- but the endure is not. For an enemy with 1/1 life bars (or 2 total, one for the 0/1 and one for 1/1), it should be taking 2 attacks to kill it, assuming you sweep out all the HP with each hit, NOT 4. I had extreme trouble with Exdeath (15/15 LP) for this exact reason, as it would take 32 ACTIONS MINIMUM, not counting any bleed/poison effects I might've had on him to clear 1hp problems, and a fight that goes on that long will rarely ever end in your favor on Expert Difficulty 1 (yeah my video wasn't on expert rules but it was for easy demonstration purposes of frustration). This mechanic is seriously close to ruining my fun with this romhack. I apologize for rambling, but this is a serious flaw.