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  1. Shadow Hearts NTSC-U - Imbroglio v3.70

    haha yup! Silver hand is the answer here, because executing key to success + 7th key is not easy to do well, but silver hand makes it a garuntee. I am enjoying SH:C so far, I'm about to fight the SG Italy HQ Boss. SH:C feels so good to play.
  2. Shadow Hearts NTSC-U - Imbroglio v3.70

    Happy new years to you too! Yeah I blasted thru it because i love SH1 and ur mod is fantastic. The most hilarious part of the mod for me was the final bosses. I ended up killing both of them in 1 hit. Seraphic Radiance -> For everyone -> Silver hand -> Monkey Paw -> 5th key killed Messiah Seraphic Radiance -> For everyone -> Silver hand -> Monkey Paw -> 7th key killed Metagod Metagod died before my 7th key even finished, cuz Yuri was hitting for 999 with each attack lmao. I already started your Godslayer Mod, i forgot how much more advanced of a game SH2 is comapred to one haha.
  3. Shadow Hearts NTSC-U - Imbroglio v3.70

    Its been a wild ride, definitely the best shadow hearts one experience. Like i said playing on 1.7 solved every single issue. Im currently grinding to 99 on the float so I can go beat Seraphim + ben and get seraphic radiance to fight final boss. Still a bit to go, only level 83 lol. After i finish this im gonna go straight into your SH2 mod. Sadly SH3 aint it for me. No Yuri = No play.
  4. Shadow Hearts NTSC-U - Imbroglio v3.70

    Hey zedorfed, im really enjoying the Mod but I have an issue. As soon as I got to europe after defeating Calamity, some of the ingame sounds stopped working. Specificly when I click an item to use such as a tent, when I open a chest, but most annoyingly of all, the sounds the ring makes when you do attacks or use items. Is there anyway to fix it? I tried 2 different ISO's, and if i load a save from China the sounds work again. I am using latest PCSX2 with default plugins. Updating to PCSX2 1.7 fixed all my issues!
  5. I just equipped my Cyan with Nirvana Band + Power Glove, but i dont really an increase in the damage output after equipping power glove. Do these effects stack?