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  1. I understand Kevin is nowhere near as powerful as he is in the vanilla game but is he still the best physical attacker by a significant margin?
  2. You tell me. Also, don't know if you were aware but there is a power-leveling area in the Molebear Highlands. Enemies there are level 50 but as early as lv 30, you can kill them easily for quick xp and they can't do a thing to you because they're on an unreachable side of the map. Just spam magic and lv up fast. Dunno if it was intentional and if you do intend on updating it, you might wanna have a look at that place.
  3. >My casual friends When this mod was made exactly because the base difficulty is too casual. As far as I know Praetarius also doesn't intend to update this anymore.
  4. I was reading the weapons excel file and in the "Attack" section they are classified as "light, low, medium, medium-heavy and heavy". What does that mean? Also what do things like "preparation, simple or alpha strike" mean in the Strength and Weaknesses category of bosses?
  5. I've also done a fair bit of research before posting and I believe you have no intention of patching Trials of Mana with this mod, correct? Nor is there any way to make them work together at the moment?
  6. Old thread but I'd also like thank Praetorius as well. It's one of my favorite games ever and with the remake incoming, I felt like dabbing in it for old time's sake. Glad to see there are still plenty of fans around.