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  1. Emmy, you beautiful genius. I love it.
  2. Podcast Review of BNW

    Other people have already pointed out most of the things that I would have said, so I'll just add in one more point: the posts you're citing aren't particularly recent, and the people who wrote them were themselves citing older versions of the script. What are BTB and Synchysi supposed to do with complaints that are both unfocused and outdated? Of course it shouldn't be impossible to give useful criticism of the script (eg. I think that lines ABC aren't very good, this is why, here are a couple ideas of what they could be changed to) but I can't recall the last time someone actually tried to do that.
  3. Podcast Review of BNW

    The script might have been a legit concern a while ago, but I think the handful of people complaining about it now are just looking for things to be upset about. As it is now the script is both very faithful to the original dialogue and significantly better writing than the original translation (sorry Woolsey). Good to hear about Hidon though, that fight did get a little silly.