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  1. It's that bug I found, lol. Looking forward to the new version
  2. I just have a few things to add: About Locke: While he can do a lot of different things in BNW, what really stood out for me was his sheer ability to cover and counter if you build him right. He has access to good & tanky gears, to good espers, and he's fast, so if you pump him with a ton of stamina / HP ELs once you get Atma Weapon he just becomes the game's MVP to me. You can use his turns to lob items at your party whenever needed and then just let the game do your work for you, seriously. About Gau: What worked for me on a cast-based Gau was to rely on stamina-based spells instead of magic-based ones. Enough stamina ELs and you can get absurd healing for some rages, and absurd damage from others (especially Shrapnel, which slaps once you have enough stamina). If you really want him to cast "real" spells, though, you're gonna have to get your magic stat from gear, and that's mostly magic club. Stamina is just better in every scenario, plus what the game intends for him to use.
  3. wor music

    It resurrects a fallen character, like a phoenix down but free and better
  4. Also, you don't have to worry too much about your early ELs because you can reset them on the WoR and respec your characters
  5. Tarot bugged in bnw 2.0

    Please ignore everything I just said before the edit, I just checked the printme.
  6. IIRC depending on the weapons available to you you can use Edgar to hit with Water (Trident) Holy (Longinus) and Dark (Bio Blaster). You can use Locke to hit with Fire and Bolt, and Relm to hit with Ice. That only leaves out Earth (but I think Edgar can use Terrato, so you might have access to Quake as well), and Wind (but Cyan has wind weapons). I could be horribly wrong, though, since it's been a year since I last played BNW. It might be more convenient to simply warp out
  7. Brave New World 1.9?

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_bAj21-9JbsG_tT18DDGiRqfXZyOf22H/view?usp=sharing There you go
  8. Did you read the envelope on the floor of Owzer's house?
  9. Once you finish the game you can see a password that you can use in the "unlockme" archive. In there you can find a .txt file listing every item and where you can find it. I don't think there's a walkthrough for BNW, and since it's so different from vanilla one made for it might not be very useful.
  10. I completely agree with that, it was even more fun than the Kefka fight. I even found two parties that worked on different playthroughs: Party 1 (99% of the actual damage came from Sabin's physicals, as Celes and Edgar had been built tanky and Gau just healed): Celes (Holy and Ice) Edgar (Water, Poison and MP heals) Sabin (Holy again, Fire, Wind and Bolt) Gau (yes, Gau) (Earth and healing with Gargoyle rage, total winner) Party 2 (I did this one without Holy somehow): Tanky Terra (Fire, Ice, Bolt) Magical Mog (Wind, Earth, Ice) Setzer (Fixed Dice and healing, dealt more damage than the other 3 combined, because for some reason Mog got a fixation on casting Mirage during Snowman Jazz) Edgar again (Water, Poison and MP heals) Looking forward to the third playthrough
  11. According to the hints, I think you're safe as long as you pace your elements well and deal enough damage with them. You forgot earth too, though.
  12. Now that makes a lot more sense. I had no idea version 2.0.1 was already out, though
  13. My strategy for him didn't involve grinding, I just came up with a party that could cover all elements and non-elementals, then came up with a rotation. He will become able to use each element when you attack him with it, so you start with those you either absorb or resist, and make sure to complete the rotation quickly. The only thing I didn't quite figure out is whether we need to hit him only once with each element or if there is a specific amount of damage that has to be dealt. Either way, hit him enough times with all elements and he'll reset the cycle. You'll know it happened when he uses purge. Took me a few tries to get it to work, though.
  14. If you mean his Fixed Dice, they are at Kefka Tower. I have mixed feelings about those, because at the same time I feel like we get them too late, but that they are too overpowered for the rest of the game. IIRC the row only affects the physical blitzes and Aurabolt. The rest isn't affected. As for the tools, only Drill and Chainsaw are affected. With rages you can probably follow the rule that if it deals physical damage, it is affected, so stamina rages are clear. Your current level range is intended as endgame levels. Going further is supposedly unnecessary and breaks the game (I wouldn't know, since I never got past that). I suggest you go somewhere and level the others at least to 30, or Kefka Tower will give you trouble. As for the dragons, you can get around them well by learning their patterns and abusing weaknesses. MP draining spells are meant as undead killers, although I only ever use mindblow. As for sap, it's mostly useful on bosses, as almost none of them are immune to it, and while the damage isn't much it does add up on longer battles. In my opinion they are niche spells. They rock in some game areas (like Phoenix Cave, IIRC) and suck on others. You'd have to plan for those beforehand. Nope.