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  1. Brave New World 1.9?

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_bAj21-9JbsG_tT18DDGiRqfXZyOf22H/view?usp=sharing There you go
  2. Did you read the envelope on the floor of Owzer's house?
  3. Once you finish the game you can see a password that you can use in the "unlockme" archive. In there you can find a .txt file listing every item and where you can find it. I don't think there's a walkthrough for BNW, and since it's so different from vanilla one made for it might not be very useful.
  4. I completely agree with that, it was even more fun than the Kefka fight. I even found two parties that worked on different playthroughs: Party 1 (99% of the actual damage came from Sabin's physicals, as Celes and Edgar had been built tanky and Gau just healed): Celes (Holy and Ice) Edgar (Water, Poison and MP heals) Sabin (Holy again, Fire, Wind and Bolt) Gau (yes, Gau) (Earth and healing with Gargoyle rage, total winner) Party 2 (I did this one without Holy somehow): Tanky Terra (Fire, Ice, Bolt) Magical Mog (Wind, Earth, Ice) Setzer (Fixed Dice and healing, dealt more damage than the other 3 combined, because for some reason Mog got a fixation on casting Mirage during Snowman Jazz) Edgar again (Water, Poison and MP heals) Looking forward to the third playthrough
  5. According to the hints, I think you're safe as long as you pace your elements well and deal enough damage with them. You forgot earth too, though.
  6. Now that makes a lot more sense. I had no idea version 2.0.1 was already out, though
  7. My strategy for him didn't involve grinding, I just came up with a party that could cover all elements and non-elementals, then came up with a rotation. He will become able to use each element when you attack him with it, so you start with those you either absorb or resist, and make sure to complete the rotation quickly. The only thing I didn't quite figure out is whether we need to hit him only once with each element or if there is a specific amount of damage that has to be dealt. Either way, hit him enough times with all elements and he'll reset the cycle. You'll know it happened when he uses purge. Took me a few tries to get it to work, though.
  8. If you mean his Fixed Dice, they are at Kefka Tower. I have mixed feelings about those, because at the same time I feel like we get them too late, but that they are too overpowered for the rest of the game. IIRC the row only affects the physical blitzes and Aurabolt. The rest isn't affected. As for the tools, only Drill and Chainsaw are affected. With rages you can probably follow the rule that if it deals physical damage, it is affected, so stamina rages are clear. Your current level range is intended as endgame levels. Going further is supposedly unnecessary and breaks the game (I wouldn't know, since I never got past that). I suggest you go somewhere and level the others at least to 30, or Kefka Tower will give you trouble. As for the dragons, you can get around them well by learning their patterns and abusing weaknesses. MP draining spells are meant as undead killers, although I only ever use mindblow. As for sap, it's mostly useful on bosses, as almost none of them are immune to it, and while the damage isn't much it does add up on longer battles. In my opinion they are niche spells. They rock in some game areas (like Phoenix Cave, IIRC) and suck on others. You'd have to plan for those beforehand. Nope.
  9. Missables before WoR in 2.0?

    I can't answer all your questions, but I can answer some of them: Yes, Zoneseek is on WoB, at the same dude you bought Golem from, but he only sells it after IMTRF, so that's maybe why you missed it. The mob you know as Intangir no longer exists. There is a boss by that name on the WoR, but not missable. Yes, Water Rondo is missable as far as I recall. Grenade rage no longer exists, but Stray Cat's does, and it is missable unless you fought it once and made it available on the Veldt. Yes, the Chainsaw has been moved to the WoR.
  10. Nowea Hard Type

    Continuing on version 2.0: Got past Dadaluma. My strategy for the Soul Train battle was to have everyone wear ghost rings, and everyone but Cyan defend. Cyan himself had sprint shoes on and spammed mindblow, which derailed the train in three turns. The Narshe battle was a bit harder, since Terra and Edgar had lower levels than everyone else, but I stocked on dried meats on Nikeah and it proved to be a good idea. Kefka himself fell on the first turn once I stole a tiara from him (was that BNW or a new NHT item? anyway, it was genius). For the journey to Zozo, I picked Locke, figaro bros and Gau. I don't really like BNW's Shadow, probably because I usually prefer to stock on healing items and never have GP left for scrolls. I didn't hire him. Locke and Edgar had Stingers on, while Sabin had the black belt, and once again the counter attacks carried me. Gau did Gau stuff and either healed with the Soldier rage or dealt some AOEs with Leafer. Zozo had a couple of surprises, namely the Beatstick and the Hairspray. I'm really enjoying the added items, and can't wait to try the Beatstick on Strago. Or Relm. Or Mog ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) On Dadaluma himself I admit I cheesed a little and had Gau use the Conjurer rage. Dadaluma got so many counter attacks on his face that he fell before getting a chance to use Spoon, and I stole a number of Slim Jims from his cronies. All in all, a profitable encounter. Now, on to the IMRF.
  11. There is a total of 3 reflect rings in the game. One is in the Imperial Magitek Research Facility, the other is at that small imperial base to which you get access depending on your actions during the imperial dinner, and the third can be found in the colosseum by betting a certain brush (I can't recall which). I also think there are a few other items you can bet for a reflect ring, but I can't remember for sure either. And no, you cannot leave Cyan's dream without beating Wrexsoul, but you can beat it by killing both soulblazers while Wrexsoul possesses one of your characters. You'll still get the drop, but I think you miss out on the exp. As for meteo, it deals magical damage. It also ignores defense, but it has relatively low accuracy.
  12. Nowea Hard Type

    Finally got past Hell Angel. All the battles up to it were a cinch, mostly because of a nice little item that has been added to NHT: the Stinger. What is the Stinger? Only the best sword I've ever seen. It has these properties: Dark elemental May counter attack Allows 2nd weapon May cast Sap May instantly kill It simple roflstomped everything up until now. I've lost count of how many battles I've won by simply countering enemy attacks (which on NHT happen very very often) and the Dark element dealt a ton of damage even to Vargas. But it really got to shine on the Hell Angel battle (which, by the way, is every little bit as hellish as the previous posters said). The strategy that worked on it was this: Steal 2 Slim Jims from those fighters at Mt. Kolts. Get the Black Belt relic in the South Figaro basement. Stock on at least 30 dried meats. Put everyone in the back row. Give Locke a Stinger and an Iron Cutlass, set def relics on him becase he'll need it. Give Celes Black Belt. At the start of battle, immediately use the Slim Jims on both characters and set them to defend. PROFIT Hell Angel might be immune to Dark, but it is NOT immune to sap. The counters on Stinger will guarantee that eventually Hell Angel will get sapped, and whatever damage it may cause you will be mitigated by defend and healed by regen. You simply have to counter/sap it to death. Takes a ridiculous amount of time, though, and you can't really be afk because every time it casts Sleep you will have to set the target to defend again once it wakes. And heal it with a dried meat if Hell Angel casts Tek Laser on them more than twice while they're asleep. Fun fact: it will only cast fire during the very beginning of the battle. Afterwards it's just Sleep and Tek Laser.
  13. Nowea Hard Type

    Now that I've finished BWN for the umpteenth time, I guess I'll try this bad boy for a spin. Wish me luck. Or better yet, pray for me.
  14. Nope, seems you were correct after all. Thank you.